Cinq Dessert Boutique

G/F Ceo Flats, 27 Canopus St. cor. Jupiter St., Makati, Metro Manila

Cinq Dessert Boutique
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Most Recent Reviews

Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Cookies and some more cookies.

The oatmeal cookie is the shiz. I loved every bite.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

This charmer is called Ligaya. Cinq's homage to the local lime - Dayap. When i think of Dayap, i remember Ibong Adarna. Don Juan had to drizzle some to his wound to keep himself awake.

Literature aside, Ligaya is one of the best dayap infused pastries i had i a while. The crust doesn't crumble easily - this is a fact as i had the box in my grocery bag for quite sometime whilst walking around. The filling sports a lovely yellow hue and adorned by caramelized dayap slice on top. As for the taste, it is a perfect harmony of sweet and sour. There is enough sugar to tone down the sourness and vice versa. Perfect proportions.

And by the way, they make a mean Pecan Tart too!

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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

If there can be love at first sight between a person and a dessert, I've found it in Cinq.

Cinq Dessert Boutique was brought to my radar recently when my wife brought home a fabulous gift... A big box of Caramel Pecan Tart, interestingly called "Louise" when I checked their menu online. I'd aptly describe it as having a gooey lightly burnt caramel center, mixed with plenty of pecans on a nice crust. Whether cold from the ref or when it was new, it was a wonderful thing to eat, and eat, and eat again. For me, it's a fantastic discovery. The quality is there, and the pecans are crunchy and generously spread. It's priced at P900 according to their online menu... Whoa. 5/5

Then when we were in Salcedo Saturday Market, my wife saw Cinq there, too, and got miniature versions of their Dayap Tart, called "Ligaya," and "Maru," a macadamia nut bar. I loved the dayap tart, nice tartness to it, but balanced creamy and sweetness. Graham crust was good as well. 4.5/5

The macadamia nut bar was rich in taste, great crust. Though I'm not super into chocolate. 4/5

Great dessert by Cinq (my wife said it's pronounced "chinq") thus far. And I like that my dessert brutha, Edwin I, rated this a 5 on looloo back in 2014. Now, looking forward to finding out more of their sweet treats.

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

They were in Glorietta 2 last Sunday night at the Marketplace bazaar, and decided to try some of their offerings. The staff was very courteous and she let me try some of their best selling goodies such as the Ligaya, Aurore and Mayumi - just to help me decide which one to get.

I was undecided which one to choose because all of them were good and remarkable. So, I did the "eeny meeny miny moe" and ended up getting a mini Aurore.

Aurore is a chocolate tart with macadamia and caramel. For Php 170,00, you can have the minified version of this best-selling goodie and the bigger one costs Php 650.00. The addition of macadamia nuts was just delightful to the senses. It's almost as good as heaven and the combination of chocolate and caramel was just perfect! The belgian chocolate on top was a bit powdery though, but was really good and worth the penny!

The Ligaya is the dayap tart or Philippine Lime tart which happens to be their best-seller. The dayap take the lead role in this one but jives in its graham-cracker base. The last one's a chocolate truffle cake with chocolate ganache which has this full chocolatey taste that has the right sweetness.

Looking forward to visit their place in Jupiter st. soon.

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Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

A small and quaint modern looking dessert boutique along Jupiter St that specializes in unique, delicious, and decadent crust-based pastries. This is Cinq Dessert Boutique.

Fine dessert places come dime-a-dozen. A good number of them, having their own specialty/signature desserts. Most though delve of cake based specialities (chiffon, sponge, etc). Some would have similar dessert specialties endeavoring each sweet foodie to have their own personal lists of "favorite" renditions.

Cinq Dessert Boutique , seemingly specializes in crust-based heavenly sweets. They offer a good number of speciality sweet tarts and cheesecakes. Each confection, artfully and elegantly crafted. They also offer a few savory pastries (empanadas, breadsticks, and such). And to hold true to its boutique theme, they also sell nicely packaged specialty local products (coco sugar, raw honey, gourmet salts, coco jam, etc).

This visit, We are loving their Ligaya and Aurore Tarts.

It was quite difficult to initially choose what confection to try. Their counter displayed a good number of different specialty sweets. I loved the fact that their wait staff gladly offered a sampling of each and every pastry. Mini bite-size sampling niblets skewered in toothpicks. We were able to sample some 12 of their different pastries! Funny, this made it more difficult for us on what to choose! A lot tasted really good. Nut based tarts, fruit cheesecakes, coffee based and other chocolate based tart pastries. We ended up getting two of their best sellers.

The Ligaya Tart: this is Cinq's local rendition of Key Lime Pie. The twist, they used Dayap (Philippine lime popularly used in leche flan). A yummy buttery graham crust base, topped with a delicious tarty-sweet creamy Dyap curd, and topped with a thin slice of candied Dayap. We initially thought that the pastry was cheesecake based, but we were told that the Dayap cream curd gave the pastry it's cheesecake-like flavor. We are loving the clean taste of this unique pastry! Perfect pairing with a cup of their Earl Gray tea.

The Aurore Tart: this was a tart with a pie-crust topped with buttery caramel layer, topped with a velvety dark chocolate cream with macadamia nut bits, and dusted with cocoa powder and a macadamia nut. We loved this dark chocolate confection. Perfect sweetness level that wonderfully mixed with the dark chocolate flavor, toasty nuttiness of the macadamia nuts, and the buttery sweet toffee caramel flavor! Excellent with a cup of their brewed coffee.

They sell their pastries per slice or per solo tart size. Price ranges from 100-180 per solo size. Their whole pastries, good for 6-8 people, sell from 650-1000. Not bad at all! The whole pastries would make excellent sweet presents or perfect dessert for home entertaining.

I loved the fact that Cinq Dessert Boutique offers unique pastries. Moreover, their use of local indigenous ingredients in some of their pastry specialties (pili nuts, Dayap, coconut, coco sugar, Tablea , etc) pretty much has upped local ingredients into truly fine confectionary creations.

Highly recommended to sweet tooth foodies and to foodies looking for unique and delicious pastries to be given as presents.

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