City Kart Racing

Circuit Makati, Riverfront Drive, Carmona, Makati, Metro Manila

City Kart Racing
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5.0 Stars

Ready Set Go! 🏎🏎🏎

One weekend we went to City Kart Racing Makati located behind the Makati Circuit Mall, Makati City former Sta. Ana Race Track to have have fun and race with friends.

We need to register first For Php150.00 each. Need to sign up the form through their computer and like their Facebook Page. 128514128077🏼 Well, the registration is good for 1 year. 128515 And need to rent the kart complete with gear like helmet, etc. You can choose for 2 options: Fun Kart for Php620.00 and Pro Kart for Php900.00 and all kart rental is good for 12 minutes ride... Sounds expensive? but it is not. The staff were given us a short briefing before we go to the racing track. After the briefing, five of us start the racing. Brroooommmm... Broooommm... Thinking that I am one of the character or in one of the car of Need For Speed games... Hahaha! Intense ride but it's fun... 128540128663

After 12 minutes, we finished the race with repeated laps. And feel exhausted, tired but want to race more "kasi bitin!" But the 12 minutes is like you're racing 30 minutes or more.... I finished at the 4th spot, it okay at least not the last... Hehehe! 128513

You should try this City Kart Racing in Makati Circuit. It is more fun doing it with your group... Friends or family... 12851510084️128663128661128665


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Mark L.
4.0 Stars

I think we're getting addicted to karting as we frequent this place. gotta go back again.

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Mark L.
5.0 Stars

had a "race" with gaby dela merced and wakkeen (2015 junior asian karting champion). it was fun even if it was just for fun. had a blast. thanks to the owners for letting us do a last lap before they closed for the day.

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Sandra Y.
5.0 Stars

Who would have thought that 12 minutes is so short?! This place is highly recommended, i never thought that carting would be so fun. Yes! I can drive!

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France T.
4.0 Stars

Vrooom vrooom vroooom!!! 128663128168128665128168128661128168

Looking forward for another batch of vouchers. Instead of paying P650 for 12 minutes of karting, I paid P770 for 24 minutes with free sandwich. Although it seems like a catch, I didn't expect that I still need to pay P160 for the registration and P150 for the balaclava.

Anyway, the karting experience was fun. Just don't expect too much, from the helmet's quality to a smooth road. Nevertheless, the crew were informative but a bit strict.

I need not to mention that we got a bit of request regarding the amount of vouchers we can use for the day, they said no. But when Soul Siren Nina, my cousins's girlfriend arrived they were all kind and they suddenly agreed upon our request because they had the privilege of taking pics with Nina. Oh, mentality. Haha.

Additional info: the "license (reg fee) is valid for a year.

Looking forward to another vroom vroom! 128522

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Yina M.
4.0 Stars

Mario Kart nerd alert!! My brother magically got vouchers from i don't know where and has karted with his friends. He has come to the conclusion that our band of cousins would enjoy it. So one Friday night we were prepared to race.

The place is still quite rough what with the gravel around and some areas were not yet well lit. But i have to say that the track is OK. It's not an F1 track but hey, our roads aren't of good quality, too. If you ask me the karts are not as fancy as the ones we see in Nintendo games or Wreck-it-Ralph for that matter. Well, that's the only karting i've experienced anyway.

If you feel the need for speed, I suggest you take a drug. Nah, just kidding. The wind in your face and your distance from the ground makes your adrenaline work. I love how you tend to master the sharper turns and the fact that someone can tailgate you. Driving a go-kart is tough stuff - pawis steering it is! On our first (sige na nga) heat, all the attendants were in their positions waiting to pull you out if you get stuck, all you had to do was raise your hand. By the way, there is no reverse in karting (damn!) for the second heat, the attendants felt that we felt we knew what we were doing and took a chill pill. My cousin was lodged for a few minutes til i had to call their attention.

I don't remember how much the vouchers were but we ended up paying just for the registration fee of P100++ but a few of us went another round of 12 mins and i think it cost P600 per head. Hmmm, it might not be accurate as it was a few months ago when i did this. Thanks Roegan T for adding it up for me!

There are helmets that fit, a waiver is signed so that the people aren't liable for you. You have seatbelts on, they give you instructions on how to run your kart, what the flags mean and if you get through that and make sure your head is in your helmet, you're good to go!

They sell some refreshments since you will be panting after. Circuit Makati also has some bathrooms, but for the ladies, it's a bit of a walk as it is on the other side. You might be able to find your prince charming if you like kissing frogs. But you can also settle for an Azkal because they train in the vicinity, too.

I'd race again if I find another batch of peeps who'd wanna go. So, which nintendo mario kart player are you?

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