City Sleep Inn

JP Laurel Highway, Sico, Lipa, Batangas

City Sleep Inn
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Rufran F.
1.0 Stars

Review of Sleep Inn Hotel, Lipa City

First of, I would like to emphasize that this is a very honest evaluation of our ~16 days stay in this hotel (December 23, 2015 to January 8, 2016). This is very objective with no bias to anyone.


We want to warn other potential customers who might be expecting too much and for the hotel to seek real improvement.

We stayed in one of the larger family suites/rooms (ground floor) and paid a total of ~Php50,000 pesos (including discount of two days). Total bill was Php 66,000. This is around $CAD 152 Canadian dollars based on the prevailing rate at the time. The cost is therefore equivalent to a good room of a three and a half star international hotel like Best Western and Holiday Inn.

The bottom line issue however, is that we did not get the value we paid for. Here are the reasons.

1) Poor security protocol: In spite of our instruction not to accept anyone who might be looking for us, the desk clerk and someone from the hotel showed the list of names on their register to a visitor. They then accompany the person straight to our hotel door. That can put hotel guests in danger. My advise: This hotel should just close and let someone who knows how to run one takes over.

2) Big for nothing. No good size table and chairs inside the room. We only have one laminated table and two chairs. Does not look like a suite at all. No tea table. No sofa. No luggage rack. Only one small mirror in the washroom in the whole suite. One very small refrigerator that could barely hold a few bottle of drinking water. Terrible.

3) No continuous supply of toiletries: We have to buy our own in an outside store or go to the front desk to ask for them.

4) The ceiling is an old painted plywood and is already starting to rot. Fine powdery stuffs from wood bugs infestation keep falling from the ceiling, most pronounced in the washroom. There's always a mound of the wood bug (bukbok) powder on the bath tub and the side wall. Gross!

5) The water pressure is so low that we have to keep closer to the bathroom wall so water could hit our bodies. What's going on with this hotel? Why is it still operating?

6) NO WIFI available in our room. I have not been in a hotel suite with no Wi-Fi for the last 15 years. We were told to go near the reception desk if we want to get a WI-FI signal. What the heck! I did go once and no one even noticed me. All the hotel staffs were busy texting and I do not want to join them in their small congregation. Could not even contact important family members via Skype or FB messenger.

7) No telephone line inside the family suite. Crazy hotel! If we want to get someone address anything, we have to personally go to the front desk even late at night to make the request. No alarm call available. Customer service does not exists unless we search for it. Poor!

8) Breakfast is included but there's no convenient indoor place with good ambiance available where we can be served. Only an open space near the pool where flies, mosquitos and dusts fly around. We don't want to have that so we've availed of their single-menu breakfast only once when I finally got sick that I opted to bring it inside our room.

9) Hotel staffs do not wear identifications and are not in uniform. We do not really know who are actually working there and who are outsiders (security risks).

10) The room has a cheap, old, very noisy window ACU that ushers in a chlorine like smell. It is sometimes overbearing that we have to turn it off. Must be coming from the pool chlorine injection. We don't know what it is. We've reported it and nothing was done.

That's all for now even though there might be more. What I stated here are probably more than sufficient for would be hotel guests making the right decision.

Final conclusion: The next time we pick a hotel in the Philippines, we will pick a hotel that has a recognized internationally recognized name like Microtel or Best Western.

Good luck to all my fellow travelers.
Hope you can avoid what we've gone through.

Of course, if one has no experience being in a good hotel, they can say otherwise.

Rufran (012716)

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