Ciudad Christhia Resort (9 Waves)

Gen. Luna Ave., San Mateo, Rizal

Ciudad Christhia Resort (9 Waves)
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Haezelle G.
1.0 Stars

Rude and Mean people, most to job-seekers. They treat the applicants like they're already employees. Shouts and pointing fingers on the applicants and saying rude things about them. I'm a customer, by the way, and I just heard how the guard and receptionist shouted on a girl applicant. She maybe hurt that's why she fight back. She just said to the guard and receptionist, "Don't worry. I'm not an employee here." She waited for her friend and left. 128078

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Nahna S.
4.0 Stars

Spent a 3 day live-in seminar here for work.

The place is clean and nice. Good facilities. Airconditioning of the session hall and our rooms were working well.

The food is good. They had separate food for me, with a lot of food restrictions now. 128539 very considerate. Courteous staffs too.

Now for the pool. It was so madaya 128529 they won't start the wave for the wave pool unless there are 25 walk-in swimmers?! So even with our government sending over 200 participants, all fully paid and checked-in, they won't start the wave pool? That's just weird.

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Jacque B.
5.0 Stars

Had our MIST Reunion last Tuesday, most of us are residents of Marikina, San Mateo, Montalban and Antipolo, so we decided to have it here at Ciudad Christia.

The place is big with several pools and a jacuzzi. Pool with 9 waves is cool but nagkakapagod din pala, tho feeling mo nasa dagat ka without worrying na madadala ka ng akin sa malayo at malalim.

We reserved a big Nipa Hut that can accommodate 20 people. Good thing there is an area for grilling, so hindi kung saan- saan may nag-inihaw.
Garbage disposal system is great, they placed sets of 3 (biodegradable, non biodegradable and food left over) in all corners of the resort. Since we're not allowed to bring can openers and knives inside the facility, they provided the cutting area.
Sinks are located in every 2 nipa huts with hand soap dispenser installed for hand washing, may nakapost pang reminder to wash your hand with soap para iwas sakit.

Staffs are good, they are always there to assist you. Lifeguards were assigned per pool but still I suggest that your kids should be accompanied by adults.

Restaurant and sari-sari store are available inside the resort but you are allowed to bring your own baon, no corkage. However I strongly suggest that you call the admin for you to know their rules because it's many to mention but honestly they are fair enough for your safety and for their business as well.

I loved the water temperature of jacuzzi, perfect to soak my tired body and it somehow helped me to relax for the meantime.

If your don't want a long drive, clean, cool and safe place to soak your body this summer, I recommend this place to you.

Have fun 128089 under the sun 9728️!

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Janelle L.
5.0 Stars

Perfect place to spend summer :))

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Domino B.
4.0 Stars

Nearest resort in commonwealth area. Good rates, clean pools and rooms.

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Pamela Joyce E.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Fritz G.
4.0 Stars

The staffs are very courteous, good rooms and beatiful pool with waves.

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Lea A.
4.0 Stars

Our annual company conference was held here this year. Some of us were not that happy that we didn't go out of town this time. Afterall, it was held in Boracay last year & Puerto Galera the year before that. Nasanay eh. Lol! Suffice it to say, my expections were kinda low. From the outside, the place looks tiny. I didn't expect that there were 2 buildings, 3 swimming pools, cabanas, a pavilion, zipline & rock climbing wall. 9 Waves exceeded my expectations!

128157 Place
Super clean! Trash bins were everywhere. Every night we see someone srubbing the floors/pathways.

There are 3 swimming pools (wave, kiddie & adult). Their pools are not that huge, it could be a problem during peak days. But, the pools are available 24/7 with a cleaning time of 1-2 hrs daily if I'm not mistaken. More opportunity to swim with less crowd. They also have ample lifeguards on duty.

We stayed at one of their quad-sharing rooms. It was clean and spacious. Each bed just have the basic fitted sheet, a pillow & flat sheet. Another pillow and a comforter would've been better. We were also provided with slippers, tootbrush, soap & shampoo. Really not bad! We didn't have to ask to clean our room and replace our towels. They did that proactively.

Their conference rooms were also clean & well ventilated. I was comfortable the whole time while listening to our speakers.

The comfort rooms were not only clean, but were also stocked with tissues and liquid soap. Not smelly at all.

128151 Food
Food were served buffet style. Each meal includes 2 viands, a soup/salad and coffee/juice. Sure there weren't a lot of viand choices, but the food was good! I would rather have this than be bombarded with so many food choices that tastes awful. Out of the 5 meals we had, I only didn't like 1.

10084 Service
Awesome! Everyone had a smile on their faces and were courteous. Looks like they enjoy what they're doing. Room service were also provided for those who didn't feel like going to the pavilion for buffet.

We were supposed to have team building games outdoors but it rained, so it was held indoors instead. Corny! Di ko tuloy na-experience ang rock climb at zipline.

✴Only thing I didn't like was the construction they were doing just outside our room. Pukpok galore at 8am! This served as our alarm clock for the 9am call time.

Too bad, I didn't get to take a decent photo of the place. We were busy the whole time.

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