Ciudad Elmina Restaurant

Bacayao Norte Rd., Bacayao Norte, Dagupan, Pangasinan

Ciudad Elmina Restaurant
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Gj A.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Aldrick 'chiki' A.
5.0 Stars

This is one of the floating restaurants I easily fell in love with. The interior, the ambiance, and the food are at par with each other. Ciudad Elmina is also one of the more popular restaurants in Dagupan mainly because of its unique concept when it comes to dining. You can even catch your own fish and let the staff cook it for you! (How amazing is that!)

I recommend that you try their house specialty - the bangus sisig and their watermelon smoothie! Also try to dine in one of their "kubo" to maximize the dining experience at Elmina.

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Jovian A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Marvel T.
5.0 Stars

There's alot of great fine dining resto around the city of Dagupan and Ciudad Elmina is one of the best with it's relaxing ambiance, friendly and accomodating staff and of course, good food.

The place is located on a private fishing pond. Inspired by an old Filipino house, the place is built using bamboo and woods as it's frame. The place is clean and spacious, can accomodate alot of customers and they also provide nipa huts for private dining. You can try fishing for hito and there's also a live band at night.

We tried their Barkada Platter and it's good for 6-8 persons, the food was placed on a circular basket with a banana leaf (Very Filipino style). The platter includes Fried Hito/Catfish (not your ordinary hito, the fish is huge), Kilawen na Bangus, Pancit Canton, Platter of Rice, Litson Manok, Buro(fermented rice), and Fried Shrimps. We also tried Sinigang na Malaga in a palayok/clay pot which is my favorite dish in Ciudad!

..and don't forget about their dessert. I really liked their Queso de bola cheesecake!

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Geonne M.
5.0 Stars

Visited here a few weeks back with a couple of my friends! The property belonged to a friend of ours and we were graciously welcomed and served by the friendly staff and owners of Ciudad Elmina! 128522 The place was completely breath-taking and fishing was a blast! Pictured above is something we especially asked for - a boodle fight! It consisted of a lot of the food that the owner recommended and whatever else looked delicious on the menu. I believe they'll start serving this next week as the Salu-Salo Platter, if I'm not mistaken? Being born and raised in Metro Manila with no province to go home to, this was truly an amazing experience for me. Coming from Manila, it took us about 4-5 hours (by car) to drive to the place. The entrance is pretty hard to see but the locals do know it so it shouldn't be a problem to find. All in all, this was one of he most unforgettable places I've been to and, hopefully, I will be coming back happier and with an emptier stomach!! Who knew seafood could be so delicious!

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Scy L.
5.0 Stars

This restaurant is one of the hottest places to go in Dagupan City. It is also known as the Fishing Village because the restaurant is built in a set of fishponds where you can go fishing with your family and friends. They weigh and measure your catch and cook it to your liking. Ciudad Elmima is owned by our former Mayor Al Fernandez. It used to be a private property but now turned a go-to place for dining, events and fun. It isn't hard to get to. Your landmark should be Villaflor Hospital. There is a road besides it and it's a walking distance away from the main road, but you can also catch a pedicab or tricycle to take you there as everyone knows the place already I assume.

Ciudad Elmina Fishing Village Dagupan City, Pangasinan

The design and decor of the place is amazing! It stuck to a nautical and Filipino design as you can notice driftwood for the fences and ceiling. Nipa roofs, rattan furniture and shelled windows and lighting are also contributing elements. I like the idea that it has a couple of rooms for private parties and a space where a stage band may play during events or at night. We went in the afternoon for lunch but I am looking forward to see this at night. I am certain it will look spectacular with all the lights on.

Ciudad Elmina Fishing Village Dagupan City, Pangasinan

Ciudad Elmina Fishing Village Dagupan City, Pangasinan

For more pictures you can view my Google or Facebook Page

My cousins and sis enjoyed fishing with a make shift bamboo pole, but you can bring your own gear. They caught 2 tilapia and mind you they are just young girls. But you can just as much order any dish from their menu as any local restaurant!

Ciudad Elmina Fishing Village Dagupan City, Pangasinan

Too bad I only have 2 pictures of our orders because as soon as the food was served, every immediately dove in! We ordered the following:

• Kare Kare •
This is one of my fave Pinoy dishes and I would be disappointed if it didn't taste as good as I hoped. I wasn't let down! This is something I would recommend!

Ciudad Elmina Fishing Village Dagupan City, Pangasinan

• Fried Catfish •
I love catfish if it is cooked perfectly, and by perfectly I mean I can't taste the "lansa". Unfortunately, you should tell your waiter to note that it should be fried longer in order to be crispy as we returned it back to the kitchen for refrying.

• Buttered Talaba (oysters) •
I love seafood and Dagupan serves a whole lot. It's good, but if I were to be honest, another restaurant serves a better version of the dish in Dagupan.

• Pigar Pigar •
If you have tasted the original pigar pigar, this would disappoint you. Go to the public market in Dagupan and asked for the pigar pigar place. If you haven't tried it yet, then this is ok.

• Fried/Roasted Chicken •
Not sure how it was cooked but it was very unexpected. I never knew chicken could taste this good. I can't place my tongue on what spices they used but this is a win for me! Definitely a reorder!

You could find them on Facebook. And don't forget to visit my blog for more food reviews!

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