Classic Savory

2069 FB Harrison St. cor. Sta. Monica St., Manila, Metro Manila

Classic Savory
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Julia G.
4.0 Stars

Instead of getting the half chicken meal order with 4 pcs spring rolls, 2 cups of rice and pancit canton, I got what I could actually finish when eating with friends who dine like horses:

Combo B3!
1/4 chicken
A cup of rice
Fish fillet

Man, I don't know what they do with their chicken but the skin really tastes like lechon skin! 128563128563128563 Despite my chicken piece being white meat, it still had that juicy flavorful spark in it. Plus the fish was sooo good!!! That small piece was heaven. I wanted more of it than the chicken! The turon was just meh. It was undercooked and lacked flavor.

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Julia G.
3.0 Stars

I've been passing Cash and Carry a lot since HS and I never even bothered to ask my mom what's inside. I just had an idea that it's a grocery store but.. there's more. 128521 And of course a line up of restaurants.

My friends already knew what to order so they ordered for everyone. We were four so 4 orders of the half chicken meal which has four pieces of lumpia, half chicken, noodles and two cups of rice. We opted to order Yang Chow so we told the waiter to change the plain rice to Yang Chow. He told us though that there's an additional 20 pesos charge for it. We had no idea that it was gonna be for EACH cup of rice! Four orders so 2 cups each = 40 per person = an additional 160 to our bill.

On to the food... The lumpia was crunchy! The inside wasn't too oily and the mix of meat and veggies was flavorful. It wasn't over done. The noodles was basically a soupy pancit. Nothing great, I've tasted better. The chicken was huge! Well of course, it is half a chicken. 128517 The skin reminds me a lot of the lechon skin I hoard on during Christmas in Cebu. Crunchy, crisp, thin and light. Although the white meat portions of the chicken were really bland.. I hate white meat! Legs and thighs ftw!!! I wasn't able to finish my order because I was too pressured to eat fast and I didn't want my friends to watch me eat.

We also ordered the Savory Classic Lomi Soup. Instead of the Hot and Sour soup, I told my friends to order this instead cause I didn't know our individual orders will come with noodles. They say the soup is good. For me, though, I've also had better. It was nothing special and it's not something I'd want to order again.

My friend ordered something egg-y I forgot what it was called. It's basically just several eggs formed into a mound with different veggies and chicken mixed with it. They liked it again but the taste wasn't me.

Dining experience was okay. Service was friendly and attentive although I wouldn't want to dine here again if I were given the option to choose.

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Laurie J.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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