Classic Savory

G/F Waltermart North EDSA, EDSA cor. Roosevelt Ave., Muñoz, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Classic Savory
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₱45 - ₱1,150

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Jomarie A.
2.0 Stars

Last week, my officemates and I opted to have lunch at the mall, since the queue in the canteen is REALLY long. We've tried eating together at most of the restaurants there, and this times, we decided to eat at Classic Savory.

Classic Savory offers both a la carte dishes and lunch sets, and so far, I've appreciated how their lunch sets come with 2 viands, rice, and a drink already -- all for around Php 130+. This time though, J had a craving for Chinese Kikiam, so we decided to order two a la carte dishes for sharing:

✅ KIKIAM (Php 235) - 1108811088
Being in a Chinese family, this is one of the dishes I often eat during celebrations. Classic Savory's kikiam is more on the expensive side, but to me, it tasted like it was full of extenders. 128547 It was too oily as well. Not recommended. Get you kikiam fix in Binondo instead. Haha.

✅ BROCCOLI WITH OYSTER SAUCE (Php 245) - 110881108811088
Okay. So this came in a super small seving size. It was super duper expensive for me. 128533 Aaand, the oyster sauce was nowhere to be found. 🤔 The vegetables were crisp and fresh, though.

Service was bad. Waiter was confused all the time, and they served us 2 plates of broccoli. My officemate thought it might be just one order since the serving size was too small. 🤔 But after we asked the manager, they suddenly approached us and said they mixed it up, without even apologizing... Also, it took too long to be served. In addition to that, it seemed like they didn't want to give us our change after we billed out, and we had to follow up our receipt before it was given along with the change. 128533

This might be the last time I eat here with my officemates. 128547


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Jomarie A.
3.0 Stars

Last week, I was so busy accomplishing the requirements for my upcoming job, and it's the same thing for me this week. I had my medical exam yesterday morning, and pre-employment orientation in the afternoon. Before heading to the orientation, I had my lunch first.

I was supposed to try the relatively new dish from Mang Inasal, their version of Grilled Liempo. However, their store in WalterMart was jampacked and it was sooo warm inside, so I opted to dine in the restaurant beside it, Classic Savory.

They had the Affordable E-Meals (Php 128) for a while now, but I used to always dine together with my mom and/or sister, so I never got to try them out. Now's my chance!

They have 6 different options, with various add-ons. (You may check out one of my photos for the menu ad. Photo credit to Zomato.) I chose E-Meal 6, which had Salt and Pepper Squid, Classic Savory Chicken, Rice, and Iced Tea.

The food was okay. The chicken was juicy and flavorful, just the way I like my Savory chicken to be. Once this chicken is dipped into their house gravy, it becomes even yummier! Too bad, the part given to me was the leg part, so it was kinda bitin. 128546 There were 3 pieces of salt and pepper squid served with the meal, and it was paired with the orange-color vinegar that is slightly spiced. The squid was cooked properly and lightly breaded, so it was not oily nor cloying. However, it didn't taste like salt and pepper squid, but more of just a regular fried squid. The rice was okay, not the high end kind, but it was cooked well. The iced tea was super disappointing though! Huhu. I hope they didn't include the drink anymore, since it tasted like water anyway. 128557

The service was good. The servers were attentive and courteous and the food was served after just a few minutes of waiting.

I hope they can include bigger servings of the viands, even if it means they have to raise the price a bit. But overall, these E-Meals are a quick fix to your Chinese food cravings. Best of all, you won't have to worry about coming out of the restaurant with empty pockets. 128076

Tip: If you're very matipid on your ulam, then this is perfect for you! 128513

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