Classic Savory

G/F One E-Com Center, Sunset Ave., Pasay, Metro Manila

Classic Savory
3.5 Stars

7 Reviewers

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  • 7 Reviewers

Payment Options

Cash, MasterCard, Visa

Price Range

₱45 - ₱1,150

Most Recent Reviews

Jonathan R.
4.0 Stars

A good value meal!

•Roasted Chicken
•Spicy Squid
•A Cup of Rice

The service is fast.

The servers are well-groomed.

The place is spacious and clean.

The price is just right.

Sana lakihan lang nila ng konti yung turon. 128514

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Ray G.
4.0 Stars

Max's rival. A meal for two for around P400 isn't bad. It has half a chicken, pancit canton, sweet and sour pork, rice and turon. There are other combinations you can try at or about the same price. #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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Kat L.
4.0 Stars

Went here yesterday after watching Asia comic con in World Trade Center with relatives. Food is good though the yang chow fried rice is so bitin... Too small for 3 person that's why we ordered 4 to fit the stomach of 9. Chicken is good of course. Don't like that you have to order ice tea per glass... Should be bottomless. The good thing is if the mall branch is full they will give a free ride back in fort from their other branch here in sunset drive where it's too far from the mall! Nice idea...

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Shiela P.
3.0 Stars

We ordered buttered chicken, beef stir fry with broccoli and yang chow. The place is okay, crowded so we ate outside. The beef stir fry is okay, the sauce was a bit thick and my brother did not like it. Yang chow is also just satisfactory. Love the buttered chicken. When I smelled the aroma, I could not wait to taste it. BAD SERVICE! We had to wait long for the food, water and bill. It took me 7 minutes just to get a plain rice. I think they forgot the plain rice (2nd serving) because I had to ask again on a different waiter.

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Vic E.
4.0 Stars

Savory chicken is savorap
Service for me ay Okay considering the on/off diners
Patam tim, not ok, should be called Pata pula see photo
Overall i will still give them 4 star.

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Ayan D.
1.0 Stars

Good food BAD service!

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Carter Y.
5.0 Stars

awesome lomi for this windy stormy weather

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