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2/F Petron Square Katipunan, Katipunan Ave. cor. Mangyan Rd., Katipunan, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Clinica Orthodontia
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Tracy M.
5.0 Stars

It's probably weird to "love" your experience at the dentist, but anyway.

Clinica Orthodontia has been my dentist since I was in grade school! I had to have braces put on, and my dad liked them the most out of all the dentists we visited that weren't too far away from our house. Their original clinic was in Philcoa, but moved to Royal Place on Commonwealth (just in front of Ever Gotesco), and finally put up a second branch in Katipunan!

I like their Katipunan branch! It's clean, and the waiting couches are uber-comfy! They also have free wifi for people waiting in the reception area. 128077

What I so love about them is that they're very "light-handed", for lack of a better term. Any sign of slight discomfort—a twitch, squinting the eyes, anything—and they stop. Client comfort and satisfaction is very important to them, which something to admire.

Another thing I like about their service is that their clients get a say. I came in yesterday to have a check-up for cavities, and I had more than I thought! (Eep!) It may have been a small thing, but my attending dentist at the time asked which side I wanted to deal with first (one side had the more complicated-to-deal-with cavities). As opposed to just doing whatever they thought they should, they take into consideration how the patient feels, and explains why certain things need to be done.

While I absolutely hate injections, I didn't have much of a choice to have some anesthesia injected to numb the side of my mouth the dentist was working on due to the sensitivity. Plus points for having topical anesthesia on top of the actual stuff, so you won't feel the needle. I usually close my eyes so I won't see the giant syringe, hahaha.

But my favorite thing about my dentist? The owner and "main dentist", Dr. Dennis Ang, is a super friendly guy. He always greets me with a bright eyed smile whenever he sees me (whether in his clinics or out in Katipunan), and always high fives me whenever I drop by for appointments he didn't know about. He also always says to give my regards to my dad, haha, since my dad was the one who always used to take us to the dentist when we were younger (and would then get ice cream at McDonald's afterwards). 128522

I guess it's all these things that conditioned me to not fear going to the dentist. Now that my braces are off, I don't frequent the dentist anymore, but try to remind myself to go in regularly for cleaning. Oh adulthood!


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