Club Manila East Taytay

KM. 24 Manila East Rd., Taytay, Rizal

Club Manila East Taytay
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Ms Y.
2.0 Stars

I really like that they have wide variety of pools but they are not worth your money...

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April H.
4.0 Stars

I went thru a phase wherein I really wanted to learn how to surf... I think it was the influence of my friend at the time... But being so accident prone, my dad told me to try it in one of the resorts that offered surf lessons first... He heard about Club Manila East because he used to work in the area & suggested that we go there to try to learn how to surf...

We stayed overnight at one of their villas... I remember NOT liking their food, but you can go out of the resort to eat something... I suggest that you do... The villas (at that time, anyway) were well-maintained with adequate amenities... Bring your own toiletries though... It was okay for an over night stay...

But the draw is their many many pools! My first order of business was to kayak in their biggest pool that gives you a view of the whole resort... My family and I tried out all of their pools! I did try to surf, but it's a pretty tricky thing to learn... You can pay for lessons and the instructor will try to each you in a pool that simulates the ocean waves... I stood up for like a second, but I think practice is needed!128514

But it was a fun place to visit overall!128513

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Yna N.
4.0 Stars

My family and my ex bf's family "my husband now" 128525128077 been decided to celebrate our engagement here at CME last june 2013,the place is nice and we really had so much fun..
i would definitely recommend this!! 128516128077 Ok for family, barkadas and company outing!!

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Joanna B.
3.0 Stars

Me and the bf randomly went to club manila east on a weekend. I remember it being a few days after a typhoon because there were just a handful of people.

Since it was just the two of us, we decided to take the motorbike, which was a big mistake 128531. There were no lockers for us to leave our belongings, so we were lugging around our backpacks from place to place which was a hassle. The receptionist suggested that we could rent a 'cottage' which was gated and had a lock, but there was no point as it was just the two of us.

Anyway, the majority of the pools were open and clean. The zip line was fun, but a child got stranded in the middle when we were there. (I'm guessing he wasn't heavy enough?)

There was also an area for 'cliff jumping' which was good. Only downside was that there was no lifeguard.

Overall it's an ok place, we visited a year or two ago so hopefully things have improved. It's a fun place to go if your in a big group 9786.

- Bring a car so you can leave your belongings inside.
- if you're in a big group, you can rent one of their cottages.
- your not allowed to bring food inside, but there are a few food options inside (shakeys,chow king)

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Zia M.
4.0 Stars


Beat the heat: summer 2013 edition 128516

A variety of pools they offer; wave pools, covered pool, they also have kayaking, slides and they even offer surfing lessons. 128077

Cheap tip: Skip renting a room or a table to stay. You can go out and stay in your cars or go outside to pitch a tent. 128076

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Ivory V.
5.0 Stars

A perfect place to celebrate your anniversary within the metro. The resort has a lot to offer. From slide to diving pool, from mini pool to wave pools and from kayaking to surfing. Best to stay here overnight.128675127940127946127754

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Kaye O.
5.0 Stars

Celebrated my daughter's birthday here. We rented a villa for P4700 ( includes entrance for 4 and set breakfast for 2 ).

The airconditioned villa is furnished with 2 single beds, a sofa bed, tv, a dining area, a small kitchen with microwave oven and a mini bar, a bath and tub with hot and cold shower (with complimentary toiletries).

The water attractions are:
🔹Kayak pool
🔹Kiddie pool
🔹2 Adult pools
🔹screened pool
🔹pool with 3-loops slide
🔹beachwave pool
🔹oceanwave pool
🔹lap pool
🔹bean pool (the only pool open 24hrs)
🔹buzzy river

Activities inside the resort:
🔹kayak and watercycling
🔹wall climbing

There are food establishments like Chowking.
They will allow you to bring in good and drinks only after 10pm.

(Photo shows their daytour accomodations. You may check their website at

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