Cobo Tea

UN Ave. cor. J. Bocobo St., Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila

Cobo Tea
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Apao V.
3.0 Stars

Notice: COBO in Taft avenue, please take note that it is not yet recorded at looloo.


Never been a fan of milk teas but I got curious about them, since they've been popular around metro manila. My friends and I went to Cobo Milk tea at Taft avenue near La Salle after we had our adjustment at SDA. I could say that the place is mostly deserted-more on that later- perhaps because vacation is still around.

Place - just like what I had said the place is mostly deserted. According to my friend living near in that place, Cobo usually has a few to moderate people inside their store. Maybe because Mcdo(and some other stores nearby the area) which is besides Cobo is affecting the people going in at Cobo. And for the fact that there are a lot of Milk teas store around taft e.g. vanitea, chatime, tea delight, zentea,simple line to name a few. Cobo is well lit and spacious: They have a cold atmosphere even though there's only few people around, they also has couches and pillows. Ambiance is light and chill same goes to their music that ranging from pop to electro; which-kinda-make-you-sing-while-drinking.

Menu - I think its already a tradition for milk teas stores to be flexible and able to customise their drinks for their customers; they have the options to change the sugar level and type of munchies to put in your milk teas. They do offer few dim sums to accompany you while enjoying your milk teas e.g. Fried siomai, fried dumplings, taiwanese fried chicken, etc. They also offer varieties of desserts to choose from.

Price - hmmm I would say it ranges from 75 to 115 php from 16 oz to 22 oz which i think a normal price range for milkteas compared to sereniteas and the likes.

Taste - I've ordered Taro milktea with pearls which i forgot what they'd called it. I told to the cashier that I want my milk tea to be served with lesser sugar than the regular one( it is called mild in their menu) . My total bill was around 85 php which justify the price Somehow. The taste is good but I think it tasted sweet than what I had expected, a bit let down since I'd ordered 'mild sweet' and it didn't taste what I expected it to be. There's an umay because of the 'sweetness' but in the upside the creaminess was fine not over powering and i love their taro which has a bit bite into it.

Overall experience is okay for me I think they can do better than that. Actually, they have to, because they have a lot of competitors nearby. But I do love that their air con was in full blow.

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April B.
3.0 Stars

Great place for students around the area! It's quiet so it's great for studying.

I you're ordering, order from the bubble tea and milk tea selection. I ordered Strawberry Kiwi Cream and it wasn't worth it. To be honest, it wasn't good at all. Strawberry and kiwi taste so fake. Eck.

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Faith M.
2.0 Stars

I was waiting for a friend somewhere in UN and when she arrived, we searched for a milktea near to us. We don't want to go to Rob Manila because we are too lazy and we only want a place that is near for us, so we found this Cobo tea.

2 stars for this tea house.

1.) I love their place, it's cozy and spacious. Their walls have doodles and the lights give elegance to their place.
2.) Their staff were friendly.

I was like "Nasaan ang milk dito sa milktea?" & "Sana tsaa nalang talaga inorder ko." 128514

For the price, reasonable for the cup size but for the taste? A big NO.

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Shei M.
4.0 Stars

Super fan of Berries and Bananas. However, this time I ordered Berry Mango! 127775127775127775127775127775 stars for the taste of this drink! But, its quite pricey P125 for 22oz 128542 And should've added pearls or popping bobba (bursting whatever) Will try other flavors soon!

Been gone for so long in Looloo! Babawi ako 128522128522

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