Cobo Tea

2/F North Parking, SM Mall of Asia, JW Diokno Blvd., Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

Cobo Tea
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Mc S.
5.0 Stars


It has been a while since i visited COBO. I have been early for work and got a chance to drop by their store today. i was wondering if they would still remember me. as i approached the cashier, the salesman told me "long time no see sir!" hmmm... i was really touched they have this so-called-connection for customers. as always i have utilized my priviledge card (20% Discuount for all of their beverage) I usually have COBO milk tea or Oolong milk tea. but one of the staff asked me to try their Green Apple Mint Blend... I said yes immediately without hearing well what the flavor of the drink was. while they were preparing my order, i saw the girl opened a green apple sinker tub. omg! i hate apple flavored food (not the fruit itself but i just hate apples if it undergone a process, i feel dizzy with the taste - weird me.. lol) i cant change what i ordered so i just let it go. lol when i tried to sip for a try. i was really surprised it was really delicious and you will really go for more. i did not experience the quirky feeling.

5 stars for the Drink and Always 5 stars for the Staffs.


Ha sido un tiempo desde que visité a COBO. He estado temprano para el trabajo y tuve la oportunidad de pasar por su tienda hoy. Me preguntaba si todavía me recordarían. Cuando me acerqué a la cajera, el vendedor me dijo "hace mucho a no ves, señor!" hmmm... me emocioné realmente tienen esta así-denominado-conexión para los clientes. como siempre he utilizado mi tarjeta privilegio (20% Discuount por todos sus bebidas) Suelo tener COBO leche té o té Oolong de la leche. Pero uno de los empleados me pidió que pruebe su mezcla de menta verde manzana... Inmediatamente dije que sí sin escuchar bien lo que era el sabor de la bebida. mientras estaban preparando mi orden, vi a que la chica abrió una tina de platinas de manzana verde. OMG! Odio la comida con sabor a manzana (no la propia fruta pero no me gusta manzanas si es sometido a un proceso, me siento mareado con el sabor - raro conmigo. lol) No puedo cambiar lo que pedí, así que lo dejé ir. lol cuando traté de sip para intentarlo. Me sorprendió realmente era realmente delicioso y realmente irá por más. Yo no experimentó la sensación peculiar.

5 estrellas para las bebida y siempre 5 estrellas para el personal.

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Ace P.
4.0 Stars

It was good, i like fruiteas, one of the bestseller fruiteas is Mango Peach and what is the different from other fruiteas seller, they have free fruit burst instead of sinkers, I choose strawberry burst and it was so cool it melts in your mouth bursting the strawberry flavor. :)

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Kate R.
4.0 Stars

Strawberry Cream!

I tried COBO for one good reason... Their stall/kiosks is KAWAII!! Its so colorful! 128540128525127752

I am happy, despite the fact that they got me because of their colorfulness, the drink that they offer is refreshing, delicious and ofcourse, colorful padin haha 128522 its delightful!

So I ordered this Strawberry Cream Berry Mango 128513 it is consists of strawberry bits, mango balls, mango jam, strawberry jam, blended cream and yoghurt syrup whipped cream! Its jampacked with fruits!! And my fave yoghurt!!! 128522 its yummy! Sweet but not that sweet, a bit sour and creamy! 128541128541

Try it now! 128537

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Irah C.
4.0 Stars

Yay my new fave!

Used to hate Cobo because when I tried their Taro milk tea I think, I tasted like toothpaste. Until Cobo opened at Taft! I tried Topical Berry Tea with Popping Bobba (strawberry flavor)! 128525 I loved it! Definitely a thirst quencher! 10084
Tried this drink last Thursday, went to moa to get a cup last Saturday and had a cup earlier! Hihi

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Jamie G.
5.0 Stars

May I just say I totally enjoyed going to the franchise expo yesterday because I got to try (and discover) different food offers!

Cobo caught my attention because they not only advertised Burstea, their booth was bursting with colors, too! I love it!

I got to try their fruit tea. Ordered Peach-Grapefruit with the bubble burst. The tea was really refreshing, but the bubble burst was AMAZING! It popped even with a light push from the tongue and it had a tangy flavor to it! Reminds me of popping huge salmon roe (only, salmon roe's salty, this one's sweet/sour.)

I totally enjoyed this drink (so did Sheldon G), I wish a branch opens in the South!

Wahahha, looking at the picture now, ang liit ng drink sa kamay mo, Sir! Sheldon G :))

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Carla M.
3.0 Stars

Tried it at the Franchise Expo. My boss treated me for late snack coz we've been working since 7am. 128563

I requested for Taro Milk Tea with pearls. It's okay. Pearls were chewy, I liked it. I liked this better than Dakasi coz the milk tea wasn't too watery.

Ugh. So tired, no more energy for dinner 128532

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