Cobrador Island

Romblon, Romblon

Cobrador Island
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Karla R.
5.0 Stars

Albeit, a bit difficult to get to, this place is one of my favorite islands in the Philippines. The water is so blue and the sand is perfect. Apart from that, the island does its best to promote ecotourism--- they even have a library made of plastic in order to reduce the trash in the area.

The beach is wonderful! So pretty and not so crowded.

Cobrador is mostly suites to either day trippers, or those who wish to camp out in such a setting. There’s barely any accommodation on the island, even though there are people actually living on it. These are tribesmen that are native to Cobrador! The only commercial place here is a homestay that can accommodate a max of only two people. If you’d like to check this out, it’s Php 500 (USD 10) per head with free breakfast. The lack of accommodations would also mean, of course, the lack of those pesky vendors that litter other beaches! You can fully enjoy your day without trying to evade hawkers of overpriced souvenirs. In our case, we stayed in Paradise Dream Resort which is in the Bayan.

This island is really worth the trip. You may have to stay longer in Romblon in order to go around and tour but the beaches in this province are worth it.

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