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Koji A.
4.0 Stars

One of my favorite Asian destinations is Thailand and I love their food, too. It's a good thing Coca is here to calm my cravings.
The star of my meal was the Pacific Sunset, an imposing dish with a live king crab, squid, tiger prawn, pork sausage, and corn, drenched in various spices that give it a strong and powerful flavor. The crab, prawn, and corn are hard to eat, but they’re worth it for the taste of the sauce.

Another favorite was the Squid with Salted Egg, a humble squid dish elevated by the trendy salted egg coating. The salted egg was generous and it was the actual yolk of the egg instead of just a powdered substitute. I loved it so much that I couldn’t count how many servings I had.

Read my complete review here:

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

I've always had a fondness for Coca, called Coca Suki in Thailand, because of my few years working in Bangkok a while back. Props also to the group that brought Coca to Manila... They're also behind some pretty good restos such as Mango Tree, Genki Sushi, and one of my newfound faves, Cocina Peruvia. Though Coca here is more modern looking than in Thailand, plus it has newer dishes and more twists to their dishes than the traditional ones I'd have in Bangkok. There, I'd have excellent shabu shabu, plus simple side orders of noodles, crispy pork belly (lechon kawali), cured pork (ala Chinese asado), and the like.

Here, it's quite different, though the shabu shabu was still there and I enjoyed it, too.

This was a sponsored Looloo Rendezvoos review last September in Coca. My apologies for the delay Peanut D. 128559 Here I met again Betsy, their Marketing officer, whom I met at another Rendezvoos for Mango Tree last July, and a couple of familiar looloo'ers and new ones too. Nice.

First up we had appetizers:
Salmon Grapow Cups (P180 for 5 pieces) - I didn't even know it was salmon until Betsy told me. I think they're trying to make this like a ground pork appetizer, with tortilla cups. But I think it's a shame to make salmon taste like anything but salmon, so this was just okay to me. 2/5

Roast Duck Salad, P380. This was awesome! Loved the crispy skin and well flavored duck, with crunchy cucumber strips and watermelon chunks and a light dressing. Fantastic! Good starter, and price. 5/5

And then came the main dishes:

Their specialty hotpot, Red Fire Platter (P1,400), with an assortment of meat, vegetables and glass noodles. They served us two choices of soup, a more traditional chicken soup type broth and a Tom Yum soup. The former was so mild, while the latter was so flavorful. Slightly sweet, just right sourness, and only a little spicy. Perfect. The assorted meat and vegetables were cooked well. This reminded me of those days I. Bangkok when we'd have Coca Suki almost every day since my colleagues love hotpot. For the tom yum soup, I'd give this a 4/5. I'd skip the chicken soup, unless you would want to enhance the broth with the provided chili paste and other spices. It's not bold enough. Maybe if you have a 2nd choice of soup as most hot pots nowadays feature, try the Yen Ta Fo soup which is described as bold and sweet.

Coca Yang Chow Fried Rice (Large, P320)
Here we are seeing the Chinese roots of the owners of Coca. Well cooked, right balance of saltiness and flavor. But not overpowering the main dishes, such a perfect complement. 4/5

Squid with Salted Egg (P380)
Good price for the quantity. I was liking the salted egg flavor, plus the squid was properly cooked soft, but the salted egg I found a tad soggy. I like salted egg but it could have been executed better. I don't know if this is how it's supposed to be, but it's not my preferred execution. Flakier, some crunch here and there and more liquid than soggy is my go-to way of enjoying salted egg dishes. 3/5

Pacific Sunset (P1,950)
My favorite dish of the evening! Live king crab, squid, tiger prawns, pork sausage and corn in a sauce they describe to be made of a hint of spices from around the world. How appropriate. Loving the spices, like a mixture of Thai and Indian or Malay. Yummy. A bit pricey but with the amount of seafood? Worth it! 5/5

For dessert we tried Galorgee, their signature dessert. It was crispy layers of rice topped with sugar, sesame seeds and peanuts. Though nice in texture, this was okay, but won't measure up with my other fave Thai dessert like Mango and Sticky Rice or Thako. 2/5

Coca is an excellent restaurant that features Thai food with roots in Cantonese cuisine. I like a lot of the new twists they have to offer.

The service was excellent. It was nice meeting new looloo folks like Inna A, Nikki C, Amyxal V, Annechile S and Unisse C (mahaba habang side discussion with Unisse pa on Pokemon Go 128514) , and finally meeting Christina R. And seeing familiar friends Clarissa P and Mary Love S.

Thanks, looloo!

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Visit my mom just last Sunday at Makati then after that we went straight before dinner time at SM Aura to used my GC which I got from the very generous & gorgeous Peanut D and the rest of the Looloo team, thanks for this special token, means a lot to me every time I received something from you guys 128536

Coca Restaurant is located at 5th level Skypark SM Aura Premier. It's a combination of Thai and Chinese cuisine. The place looks elegant.

I had a hard time to choose on the menu so I asked the waiter on what can he recommend, according to him the best seller there is the hotpot. We avail that hotpot for two 127858127858.

128205Blue Ocean Platter.
Marinated Maya-Maya▪️marinated prawns ▪️ Marinated squid ▪️ Squid balls , glass noodles ▪️ egg noodles▪️ Chinese cabbage ▪️ Lolorosa ▪️ morning glory ▪️Taiwan bokchoy ▪️ pumpkin carrot ▪️ black boknee ▪️ straw mushroom ▪️ baby corn ▪️ soft tofu ▪️ tofu skin ▪️ Corn ▪️ raddish

For two is 950+++
Regular with Ojiya is 1,800++

They have wifi and staffs are very accommodating; they are always there to assist you 128077

It's a different hotpot dining experience at Coca with my mom Elaine P, and very healthy to eat. We had a great time. Thank you Coca Restaurant and to Looloo team128536

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

COCA is not a new restaurant but I never heard or read a lot about them (not until the recent looloo rendezvoos). Days after that, I asked my family if we can have dinner here so I can finally use the vouchers given by the awesome looloo crew. 128153

For a Sunday night dinner, the place was not so full and packed with customers. I think only 2-3 tables were occupied. The place is almost similar w Mango Tree but only simpler and more plain. Kind of quiet, as well.

Anyway, we were welcomed by the staff and was led to our table. We had a hard time choosing because we don't know what exactly we want. I wanted to try the crabs but that's too much (and pricey 128517). Good thing, our server was nice and recommended dishes we can try. We finally decided to order the following (not sure with the exact names 128586):

Pork Belly - this is like the usual Lechon Macau in most Chinese restaurants. Crunchy skin with a thick fat and thin meat. 128530 I didn't tried this but I'm not surprised that my uncle who is a hardcore carnivore and who loves all things pork and fatty enjoyed this one. They liked the crispy crunchy skin the most. 128517128055

Shrimp Sunset - around 6-7 pcs of shrimp with corn and chinese chorizo with a sweet and kind of spicy sauce. This was interestingly good and tasty. Best enjoyed with rice. We all just wish that the shrimps were bigger. 128513

Noodles w Beef - this was good. Loved the noodles, it was cooked just right - not too hard and not too soft/soggy. Imagine our usual pancit canton but medyo pina-"sosyal". 128518 There were a lot of beef added!! It was tender and very tasty. And oh, lots of toasted garlic as well!!!!

For our drinks, we each ordered Iced Milk Tea. I enjoyed the milk tea from Mango Tree, so I suggested we order here. We all liked and enjoyed this one. For 90 pesos each, it's very sulit. 128076🏼

Service was good and fast. Servers were all nice and approachable. 9786128077🏼

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Jasyrr T.
5.0 Stars


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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Just about a week after my visit to Coca, I got an invite for a sponsored dinner! Coca x |ooloo - yes and yes! I was a little giddy coz my first visit was pleasant and I liked the food! I was also hoping to try their hotpot this time.
When Abe C., Mary Love S. and I got to the restaurant, they already started serving appetizers to the group. Betsy, their marketing head, who was also our generous host in Mango Tree, was there. I prepared myself for a feast!

We started off with appetizers - Roast Duck Salad and Salmon Grapow Cups.

> Roast Duck Salad for 380Php

I loved the salad! The strips of duck meat were tasty and tender, the crispy duck skin was salty and added texture to this appetizer, the cucumber strips were crunchy and the watermelon cubes nailed everything together! Refreshing and light, such a great starter for the night!

> Salmon Grapow Cups for 180Php

The Salmon Grapow Cups were just okay. I have never had salmon cooked that way. The texture was so different like it was some ground meat of sort - a little tough, maybe because they added salmon skin, too salty and there was just too much of the meat inside the cup!

> Red Fire Platter for 1400Php +++

Then my hotpot dream came true! They let us try the Red Fire Platter that had assorted meat, veggies and glass noodles. When getting this platter, you can choose up to two soups from their list. We got the Chicken Soup which was described as "Mild and Savory" and the Tom Yum Soup which was described as "Hot and Sour."

I love Tom Yum and this version of Coca warms the soul. I love the fragrant and relaxing smell of the herbs and spices used. The characteristic sourness that tickles the taste buds, the fragrant lemon grass, the the spicy kick from the Thai Chili Paste that gives this soup it's orange-red hue and the soothing flavor from the galangal (ginger's sister from another mother lol) makes me want to slurp more. Add in fresh cilantro, MY FAVORITE HERB, and I'm in soup heaven.

The Chicken Soup was okay. It was flavorful but I guess it was overpowered by the Tom Yum Soup.

Also, if you feel that the ingredients included in their hotpot platters are not enough, you can always add some more by choosing from their menu. Each add-on though comes with a price.

> Coca Yang Chow Fried Rice - Small for 220Php | Large for 320Php

Betsy also had us try the Coca Yang Chow Fried Rice. A hefty bowl of fried rice with all things nice - just the right saltiness, bits and pieces of meat, scrambled egg, toasted garlic, herbs and spices. It was pretty good I must say.

For mains, we had some squid and a platter filled with all things seafood!

> Squid with Salted Egg for 380Php

The squid dish was in the form of fried squid rings smothered with salted egg! I was giddy to try this dish since I tried their Salted Egg Prawns last time. Same salted egg goodness but the battered squid rings were a little soggy. Maybe because of the salted egg? Nice flavor but this dish could have been better if the squid rings were a little bit more toasted.

> Pacific Sunset for 1950Php

The star of the night was this magnificent seafood platter! King crab, squid rings, tiger prawns, pork sausage slices and corn in a thick and rich gravy! Can't quite explain the flavors of the sauce because it exploded with umami-liscious goodness from a mix of Thai spices and some dark earthy hints of Indian spices. Expensive but price was well justified with all the seafood in it!

> Galorgee - Small for 250Php | Large for 450Php

For dessert, we got to try their signature offering - Galorgee. I know it sounds happy and gay and how I wished it was a happy dessert ending to a sumptuous meal but nah. It was just okay for me. Deep fried thin squares of glutinous rice topped with peanuts, sugar and sesame seeds. It had a nice crunchy texture but it's not just something I would order for dessert. Wish we had something else for lol

Anyhow, it's always a fun time with |ooloo people! It was so nice to see Betsy again and glad to have met new people from the |ooloo community!

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

It's been a while since my last |ooloo rendezvoos! But I think that's pretty much my fault for missing the last email from Peanut D last August! 128584 I shall now make it a habit to check even my old Yahoo!Mail 128517

When I googled COCA, I saw only two things: THAI & HOTPOT. I ignored the Thai part and just said yes, because I am a sucker for hotpot. It's like a staple for me 128514128055

I was a bit busy with work the whole week so I didn't get to check out any comments or dishes of COCA anymore before the rendezvoos, so I just went to SM Aura hoping for a sumptuous meal. 127860

When Betsy from COCA's marketing team came, the food was served one by one. So, on to the food!! 128055

This was the first appetizer served, and it was really good! The duck was well cooked and the topping of the crispy duck skin hit the spot!! 128077🏼 Add to that the refreshing watermelon!! 128525

SALMON GRAPOW CUPS (Php 180) 128077🏼
At first glance, I thought it was minced meat in nacho cups but we were told that the minced protein in the cups were actually salmon!! 128561 Say what now? Upon further inspection, it did smell like fish and tasted like fish but it wasn't really that salmon taste. Though I did spot a few crispy salmon skin in there! It would have been better if it wasn't so salty.
128681This item is found on their bar menu

SQUID WITH SALTED EGG (Php 380) 128077🏼
A sinful choice... 128565 But all the more we should choose to eat it now while we're still young, alive and kicking! 128514 The squid was cooked well, soft and tender! The serving of the salted egg was so generous!! I mean just by looking at the photo you can see so much orange! What's different with their version though is that they put just the actual egg and it's not really a salted egg batter that covers the squid. Weirdly enough, this didn't taste overly salty as other salted egg dishes would.
128681Betsy's recommendation: Have this with the Yang Chow Fried Rice

PACIFIC SUNSET (Php 1,950) 100841008410084
Before the food was served, Betsy already told us that it would be a seafood fest. A lot of us were delighted by this although there were some who were allergic to seafood. But that didn't really stop them. 128514 When this came out, OOH-LA-LA! A huge king crab, tiger prawns, squid and pork sausages in a thick spicy sauce... 128561128565128525 They served this with huge slices of bread but by the time this came out, I was starting to get full so I skipped the bread and just ate the seafood with that spicy sauce!
🌶 Keep in mind, medyo humahagod ung anghang! I can tolerate up to medium to high spicy levels. So this is a bit tolerable for me, but too much of it would have me sweating! 128514

So, earlier, I mentioned that Google told me COCA was a hotpot restaurant but all I've been talking about are cooked dishes. Since we were a big group, more than 10, we were seated near the entrance of the restaurant in a very long table. It was a regular table and with all the dishes that were already served, a stove with the hotpot just wouldn't fit anymore. 128514 So they had the hotpot cooked on the side by the servers. They had a pot with two soup stocks: CHICKEN SOUP or TOM YUM SOUP. I personally am not a fan of Tom Yum but I have tried it before. Although their Tom Yum looked spicy, it wasn't spicy at all for me. It was just sour with maybe a little baby kick. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the hotpot because I my mind and my tummy ended up comparing it to Chinese and Japanese hotpot which had more sauces and more flavor. I enjoyed the chicken soup though, since it was a clear broth which helped cleansed the palate with all the other different flavors going on.

GALORGEE (S - Php 250, L - Php 450) 10084
This is COCA's signature dessert. Betsy described this to us as a crispy palitaw. 128514 It was served with peanuts, sugar and sesame seeds and I really liked it. It was crunchy and a bit sticky at the same time and it was a good finisher for the meal.

Thank you again to COCA, for this wonderful meal! And to Peanut D and Roegan T for inviting us to another yet successful |ooloo rendezvoos! It was great to meet new people! The only one I've met before was Clarissa P 128514 Hope to see you guys again soon, Abe C, Christina R, Nikki C, Inna A, Amyxal V, Mary Love S, Annechile S! 128513

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

My first Looloo rendezvoos was an eye-opening dining experience for me because I have never tried Thai food before, or even just a fusion thereof as far as I'm concerned. Luckily though, I like spicy food (or at least, food with some kick to it) so I thoroughly enjoyed my first COCA experience. Not to mention a good company of other Looloo reviewers (I'm naturally shy, but I tried my best to just even butt in with a comment hahaha. Besides, I was mostly unfamiliar with the place, feeling ko I was an alien there haha, it's too far from where I live but I made it... This new experience was all worth it! 128513).

COCA's cuisine is Thai-Chinese fusion. I found out wonderful stories behind the restaurant such as the founders of COCA having originated from both China and Thailand. Thus, the wonderful marriage of these two world-famous cuisine ensued. I also learned that they also operate other restaurants such as Mango Tree and Cucina Peruvia.

On to the food! We mostly had a seafood fare. 🙂

◆ Thai Iced Coffee (₱90) - Cos I'm a coffee girl. A more pragmatic reason why I chose this is that I knew it had some milk or cream in it. This (aside from the crushed ice) would help mitigate the somewhat fiery sensation in my mouth after eating those spicy foods. I liked my coffee with a strong hint of bitterness so this was perfect.

◆ Roast Duck Salad (₱380) - At first I thought this was tuna or beef, but it was actually duck meat (all are red meats anyway). I loved this salad -- cool and refreshing made by the watermelon and cucumber. This dish helped cleanse the palate after eating all those spicy stuff.

◆ Salmon Grapao (₱180) - This one was a bit too salty, at least to my palate -- but the lettuce helped cut the saltiness. This was stir-fried ground salmon (ground talaga he he) with basil and a wedge of chili on top, placed on a deep-fried wonton cup. It sat on a lettuce leaf. I ate the chili itself hahaha just to experience the overall flavor of this dish. 128513

◆ Squid with Salted Egg (₱380) - a favorite dish of the restaurant's manager, Betsy. Little wonder -- this was good! It had the right mush but there was some crunchy bits and I didn't know what they were. Never mind, this was good haha. Taking Betsy's suggestion, it was best when partnered with the Yangchow rice.

◆ Yangchow Rice (₱220, small/₱320, large) - it had smoked fish bits which gave this rice a distinctive flavor and aroma. I liked this one. I'm glad this wasn't too salty or too flavorful and therefore it would complement any dish.

◆ Thai Suki - This is the Thai version of the hot pot. we were given two individual bowls for each of us -- one was the Chicken Broth and the other was the Tom Yum. The Chicken Broth was one of the mildest things we had there. As for me, I added the hot chili sauce into it hahaha and it made the broth better for me hahaha. The Tom Yum was good... it was not just spicy but also a bit sour and a bit fragrant too at least to my senses hehehe. Good combination.

◆ Pacific Sunset (₱1,950) - this was obviously the star in our table! This enormous platter consisted of live king crab, tiger prawns, squid, pork sausage, corn and a variety of spices. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to crab and prawns so I only tried the squid. This dish packed a whole wollop! This was spicy! Hahaha I liked it! The squid was not rubbery or chewy at all. I could have enjoyed the entire dish if not for my food allergies. 128533

◆ Galorgee (₱250, small/₱450, large) - this is COCA's signature dessert and there's no wondering why. This was one of my favorite dishes! Crunchy, sweet, nutty, and the flavor of the sesame seed and the peanut brought in a delightful combination. It's like our palitaw but with a crunch and nuttiness. I am also allergic to peanuts, but I get a violent allergic reaction only when I eat *too* much of it. Kung konti, ayos lang, no itchiness or rashes whatsoever. So I was lucky I got to enjoy this dish.

The restaurant was mutedly lit -- I know this subdued type of lighting might put some people off, but I liked it dimly lit. It gave the restaurant an overall intimate ambiance.

Food servings were mostly good for sharing, and were quite right for the pricing.

Restaurant staff was friendly, helpful, and all smiles. 🙂

Manager Betsy was a really nice lady, it was a pleasure to meet her hehehe. I learned a lot of stories and other things from her as we dined along. 128522

It was also a pleasure to meet other Looloo reviewers (although I wasn't able to talk to the others at the other end of the table hehehe) 128522

Thank you Roegan T and Peanut D for inviting me and the other reviewers 128522128522128522 ( too bad wala si Ms. Peanut. I hope to meet you if I have the chance to be invited to another rendezvoos!)

It was a very eventful first Looloo rendezvoos for me, thank you so much Looloo and COCA! 128522

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Annechile S.
4.0 Stars

It was my first time to join a looloo rendezvoos, and I was really happy I did despite all the hurdles a day before.

Right after work, I went straight to SM Aura to avoid being stuck in traffic. I did a little bit of window shopping and met with Nikki C. A few minutes, Unisse C arrived, and then Roegan T so we went inside the restaurant. When we got in we were ushered to our long table, ambience was really nice. It has a posh feel that one might think the place is really expensive. Then the Amyxal V arrived, followed by Christina R Mary Love S Abe C and Clarissa P. Then we started the feast!

The Feast:

Salmon Grapow: (180php) I find it too salty, but it was good. ✅✅✅

Roast Duck Salad: (380php) I lost count as to how many times Inna A said it's refreshing. Lol, and she's damn right! Really good! ✅✅✅✅✅

Squid with Salted egg: (380php) OMG! This one really hits the spot! So good with the Yang Chow Fried Rice (S:220php L:320php). ✅✅✅✅✅

Red Fire Platter:(1400++) the tom yum soup, I liked but the chicken uh not so much because I find it so plain. One can add condiments to it though, but yeah. 9996🏼️✅✅✅

Pacific Sunset: (1950php) I would say this one the is the star if the night. The king crab and the shrimps oh dear, well allegies you have to take a back seat for now. Lol It's a bit spicy, but loved it. Super good! ✅✅✅✅✅

Galorgee:(S:250php L:450) It's COCA's best-seller dessert and I woulf have to agree. Who knew crispy palitaw is good? It's really something new. ✅✅✅✅

My first looloo rendezvoos was really great! Nice meeting everyone, hope to bump into you guys in one of our food trips here there and everywhere. Thank you for the invite Peanut D! Thank you, COCA for this sponsored dinner. 128525128525128525 Mary Love S finally my questions about your floating photos have been answered. 128523

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Coca Restaurant is a popular restaurant in Thailand famous for their suki, otherwise known as hot pot or shabu-shabu to us. This was established in 1957 by Srichai Phanphensophon and his wife, Mrs. Patama, a Chinese immigrant who labored and created their own family recipes to be used in the restaurants. They are famous for their own “Coca Sauce” which you use as a dip or condiment for the suki. They have about 10 international locations under the Coca name.

Tonight’s rendezvoos was a seafood fest of Thai-Cantonese food thanks to the hospitality of Betsy from the Mother Spice Food Corp / Mango Tree group. Thank you!!!


Here’s what we had:

Roast Duck Salad. 380. 127775
I loved this. Duck was not too salty, with a little vinegar/lemon for acidity, cucumber for freshness, and a watermelon for sweetness. Oh and there’s a few slivers of chili in their too. Will definitely order again.

Salmon Grapao. 180.
Toasted salmon skin and flakes with basil on a fried wanton cup. It’s like mini taco bowl. The salmon reminds me of tuyo flakes, it’s a bit dry and salty for me. It tasted better when I added their signature Coca Sauce. But sorry, I didn’t like this so much. Let’s say I prefer to eat this with champorado.

Suki / Hot Pot / Steamboat
You can choose between the traditional sour-spicy Tom Yum Goong and plain chicken broth as a base for your hotpot. We were able to try both and if you want Thai flavors please ask for the tom yum. It’s not as sour and as spicy as what I’ve had in the past, which I prefer. I forgot to ask if you have the option to request for the spice level of the tom yum.

Pacific Sunset. 1950. 127775
Live king crab, squid, tiger prawn, pork sausage, corn with a hint of spices from around the world. This is a showstopper. Such a beautiful platter of food. Everything was fresh. Too bad they didn’t give out gloves, I would’ve loved to use my hands. Served with buttered garlic bread that you use to soak up the spicy sauce, which I prefer. Will order again with a group.

Squid with Salted Egg. 380. 127775
Anything salted egg is just pure love. Large rings of squid were coated in a soft salted egg batter. Unlike the typical Chinese version, this is less salty and less crunchy, but still good nonetheless. They also use real salted egg, unlike some restaurants that might use powdered flavoring. Will definitely come back for this.

Galorgee. 250 (s), 450 (l). 127775
This is a classic Thai-Chinese dessert that was served to us at the end of our meal, somewhat of a fried palitaw as described by Betsy. Reminds me of a thin fried suman. Slightly crunchy exterior, soft inside, with a generous sprinkle of nuts. Will order again.

Thai Iced Tea. 90. 127775
Ah, perfect creamy, milky drink. Their other drinks looked very refreshing too with their pretty colors.


Overall, I will be back. I really thought this was just a bar, which, by the way, has a fantastic location by the Sky Park.

Glad to have finally met people I've been talking to! Abe C, Amyxal V, Annechile S, Clarissa P, Inna A, Mary Love S, Nikki C. Thanks "Roe" Roegan T for babysitting us.128516

Some things I learned from this rendezvoos:

- John Lloyd is gwapo. Very gwapo. Sorry Derek, you had my vote.
- Even big men have a soft heart for rom coms.
- Uber costs 20 pesos this week. But if you’re first in the pool you’ll probably be the last to go down.
- Tips to visit Beijing - when and where to go.
- Pokemon is a way of life. For half the table and the 50-something owner of the Coca empire.
- Hyperacidity is more common than I thought. Plus a readily available stash of tums for some.
- Must try Cucina Peruvia.
- Forget about seafood allergy, YOLO.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

A message from Peanut D never fails to make me smile like that creepy cat from Alice in Wonderland. It was an invite for COCA, a Thai restaurant under the same group as Mango Tree. I immediately typed "YES!" faster than my next heartbeat. And after a week of waiting, I finally found myself in front of Mango Tree's baby sister.

Hello, COCA!

I had an impression that this place is a seafood restaurant as its ads before kept on highlighting its humongous crab dish. I'm a fan of crabs but I absolutely hate removing its shell just to get to the delectable white meat. And so, I shunned the idea of dining here… till I got a COCA gift certificate from looloo. And my plan to visit was moved earlier thanks to looloo and COCA’s generous invite.

I guess all of us were excited to indulge in a Thai feast as everyone was already in SM Aura before 7 pm. I thought I’d be able to get back my early bird title but some were already around as early as 5 pm!

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by shades of browns and maroons which somehow reminded me of Mango Tree. It still exudes a fancy feel but it was more casual with its brighter lighting.

Clarissa P, Abe C and I were the last ones to arrive and appetizers were already on the table.

We first sampled the Salmon Grapow Cups (PHP180) which confused us if we were indeed munching on salmon. The color and texture were different from the salmon I know. The salmon bits of this one were tougher and quite close to ground beef. However, if you try to slowly enjoy the filling, you’d get the salmon flavor. It was just a bit too salty so make sure you eat it with the cup.

I enjoyed the Roast Duck Salad (PHP380) more than the first appetizer because of its interesting play of flavors and textures. The crunchy skin and cucumber strips went well with the watermelon chunks and duck meat. It had a light taste and was refreshing at the same time! I had to get two to three servings of this one.

Next served was the Squid with Salted Egg (PHP380) which was my instant favorite that night. The generous dollop of salted egg yolk on battered squid rings made it a winner! I could definitely taste the salted egg taste and the squid used was fresh and far from being called gummy. I also lenjoyed it with the COCA Yang Chow Fried Rice (PHP220, small | PHP320, large) which was perfectly cooked. A commented though that it would have been nicer if the batter was crunchier to create a nicer contrast with the grainy and mushy salted egg.

Next served was the Red Fire Platter (PHP1,400++) where we chose a combination of chicken soup and tom yum soup as our broths. I’m not exactly sure if you could do this on a normal day as Betsy was semi expecting us to decide in one. But our beautiful eyes worked and she let us try both broths.

The chicken soup broth was a bit on the bland side but I loved it! It reminded me of the broth soup served in Chinese restaurants that served as great palate cleanser given the rich flavors of the dishes served.

But I loved the tom yum soup more than the chicken soup! Yes, I enjoyed a bowl of hot and sour soup! Okay, it wasn’t really that hot. I couldn’t even put it under level two in terms of spiciness. I also bet that R wouldn’t even notice the hotness of this one. It was perfect though for people who have low spice tolerance.

Just when I could feel my tummy screaming for me to unbutton my pants, the mouthwatering Pacific Sunset (PHP1,950) was served.

It was a gigantic plate of king crab, tiger prawns, pork sausages, squid rings and corn swimming in spiced sauce. An order also comes with a basket of bread. I was told that this dish was a lot spicier than tom yum so I nibbled with caution.

It was indeed spicier than tom yum but it wasn’t too spicy to make me cry and gasp for water. The sauce was very thick and went very well with the seafood.

The prawns were delightfully fresh! It had a nice slight sweet taste and lovely snap per bite. The squid rings were just as fresh as the ones from the salted egg dish. The crab meat was great too though I would have appreciated if they remove the meat for us. (I’m not spoiled. I’m just lazy.) I wasn’t able to get some pork sausage or corn so I couldn’t really comment on those.

And just when we were about to let out a big burp, Betsy asked us if we want dessert. We quickly said yes and soon, two plates of Galorgee (PHP250, small | PHP450, large) were served.

Betsy introduced the dessert as fried palitaw and true enough, it did taste like palitaw. It had sticky rice inside while the outside was fried and topped with rice and pinipig. It was quite good though I still like the real palitaw more than this one. I was a bit bothered with the oiliness of this dish.

Overall, it was a fun night over great food and company. Service was top notch and something I’d expect from Mango Tree’s sister. Thanks again looloo and COCA!

It was nice to meet you Unisse C Christina R Nikki C Inna A Annechile S and Nieva (I couldn't find you!128557)

Nice to see you again Roegan T! Sige na nga, kayo na rin Clarissa P Abe C. 128514 Thanks Cla for the iced tea and Abe for the ride. 10084

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Nikki C.
5.0 Stars

A |ooloo rendezvoos is a great way to meet new friends who share the same passion of eating, writing and taking good photos of food 128522

Our dining experience tonight was at SM Aura Premier, Taguig. So far, this was my second time to visit the place 128517 #mejomalayokasidplace

Our dinner host for the evening was COCA restaurant. Betsy, from Marketing joined us for dinner as she happily relates to us the history of the restaurant and answers to our many questions. 9786

COCA is basically a fusion of Thai and Chinese cuisine. The owner or founder comes from a background of both countries thus the creation of this wonderful restaurant. 128522 Some from the group last night have traveled to Thailand and have seen the original concept of COCA, the food is as always amazing as they described the ones they have tried 10084️ #soinggit #suddenlywantstogotothailand
It is known for its Thai sūkî or hotpot or tomyam. Guests who are familiar of suki will right away order for it, but for those who have no idea what is it, this is merely Thai's tomyam hot pot 128521128077🏻

The theme for the night was seafoods! 128525 I am one happy girl 128513 #naderiveofseafoodskasiako 128517

|Thai Lemon Iced Tea (90php) 11088110881108811088

|Roast Duck Salad (380php) 1108811088110881108811088️ -- one of my favorites! Very delicious and refreshing. A combination of salted duck, cucumber, crunchy fish all sliced in thin strips and cubes of fresh watermelon 127817

|Salmon Grapao (180php) 11088110881108811088️ -- I liked this one as well. The salt level for me was okay. It's stir fried salmon (including skin) with basil leaves,chilies placed on a fried wanton cup

|Squid with Salted Egg (380php) 1108811088110881108811088️ -- generous portions of salted egg with a calamari-like squid rings. Sarap!! 10084️ Betsy suggested that it's good to partner this with the Yangchow Rice 127834

|Pacific Sunset (1,950php) 11088110881108811088️ 🌶🌶🌶 -- yes maanghang ang sauce! One big seafood platter, very generous servings of: squid, tiger prawns, pork sausage, corns and one king crab 🦀 Garlic bread was also served and is good for dipping with the sauce, it balances the spicy flavor the dish brings out 128521

|Thai Suki 110881108811088️ -- both get to try the Tomyam and Chicken broth flavor. The tomyam is really 🌶🌶🌶 and very flavorful, unfortunately, I am not a fan of spicy food. The chicken broth is like a regular broth. I like this one because it neutralizes your tongue from all the spice 128077🏻

|Galorgee (Small 250php/Large 450php) 11088110881108811088️ -- COCA's signature dessert. It is made of glutinous rice topped with toasted sesame seeds, peanuts, and sugar. It resembles to fried palitaw. The taste also reminded me of a snack in Carcar, Cebu called ampao. 128522

Food servings is good for sharing. 128076🏻
The restaurant might have the fancy appearance but that doesn't go with the price of the food. The prices seemed just right for the serving per dish (IMO) #lookscanbedeceiving 128517

My overall dining experience was super amazing. Calvin one of the servers were very helpful and diligent in serving us. 128079🏻128079🏻 The restaurant staff were also very friendly. Service was excellent. Hope they keep it up for their future guests. 128521

I met new friends where one side of the table discusses about Pokemon Go (which I don't play 128517) and the other side of the table about food. 128522 #masayaumuposagitna #yougetthebestofbothworlds

It was a successful #looloorendezvoos 128522 I went home with a happy tummy.

Thank you |ooloo crew for inviting us - Peanut D & Roegan T

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Inna A.
4.0 Stars

Friends! Ang saya ng looloo Rendezvoos. Thanks sa Lord di lang ako ang nag hindi nag lalaro ng Pokemon Go. Haha!

Anyway, two words: Pacific Sunset! Wow. As in. The serving was majestic! Ang sarap nung sauce na spicy, it goes really well with the bread. Though I wish they had deveined the shrimp, not for hygenic purposes, para mas madali lang balatan. Hahaha!

The Calamari with Salted Egg was amazeballs. As in, wild! I've never had anything like it. Usually pang ensalada lang ang itlog na maalat for me e. Haha! Pero mayroon din pala siyang ibang pag gagamitan. And social yung salted egg dito, it was bright orange. Parang tokneneng yung kulay nung dish.

And one of the most refreshing salads that I have had is their Duck Salad. The watermelon livened up the dish! Nakakatuwa talaga. I kept saying the whole time na napaka refreshing niya. Unlimited. Haha! Nakaka tanggal umay.

Last but not the least is their dessert. Ang sarap! Para siyang crispy palitaw. Well actually, crispy palitaw talaga siya. Pero usually kasi hampas lupang palitaw lang yung nakakain ko. Ganun pala yun lasa ng sosyal na palitaw. Ang sarap nung sesame seeds, di overpowering.

Overall, I would definitely come back, and recommend it to friends!

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

When we had our rendezvoos in Mango Tree, I learned that they also own Coca, Cucina Peruvia and Slappy Cakes. I loved our Mango Tree experience so I was looking forward to try Coca!

Right after my movie date with my daughter, we went to Coca. I also took advantage of my GC from |ooloo! I was surprised to see that their space was so huge!!!! Lots of tables very spacious and very elegant place! Warmly lit, tables with installation for shabu-shabu and very nice interiors.

We checked their menu and got the following---

> Steamed Kurobuta in Soy Sauce and Ginger for 650Php

The little girl wanted this. Thin strips of flavorful pork, bacon cut, in a light soy and ginger sauce. Each strip was tender! We loved this! Nothing too strong, just the right ginger kick!

> Prawns with Salted Egg for 680Php

This could have been knock out if they took out the shell of the shrimps already! I liked the salted egg smothered into the huge shrimps because it was just so hard to appreciate the two together! I had to remove the salted egg from the prawns, peel the shell and marry them together! But then again the prawns were juicy and succulent!

For dessert, I opted to get their Mango Sticky Rice (250Php). I was thinking that it'll be the same brown rice sticky rice as that of Mango Tree but it wasn't 128532 They used the regular white rice but nonetheless it was good. Warm sticky rice, thick and sweet coconut milk sauce and fresh mangoes!

Also tried their Thai Iced Tea and it was good! Same taste as Mango Tree lol

Overall, we liked our dinner here. Servers were friendly and made sure to assist us with all of our requests.

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Allana J.
4.0 Stars

After brunch and hours of shopping, I asked my sister if she's game for some drinks since we still have a lot of time to kill before the movie starts. Haha, I'm such a good influence to my little sister. She was hesitant at first because she said it's hot outside but lucky for me, it was kind of windy that night so outdoor drinks were just perfect.

It's good to chill here at night because it's the perfect spot to look at the stars. They also play chill music like love yourself & one last time that sets the mood for a "mahaba habang inuman" but I wasn't feeling like getting drunk that night so I just had a glass of their mango sangria.

Our server did not leave my side until I decided what to order (haha kuya, i need space). I panicked so I settled for the one with the "chef's recommendation" mark, it's the one with the stiletto.

I never had a sangria before so I have no idea if it should be served like that but it has sliced fruits (apple and mango) and mint. It was alcohol at the bottom and sprite on top. I know it's sprite, I tasted it haha! At first, it was good! But as I'm almost done with my drink, I tasted the what felt like vodka (or stronger). I got a little bit tipsy after one glass. Whatever they put in there, it's not for me! Haha

My sister ordered the minty lemonade which tasted like lemon juice. She said she didn't like it but she finished it in less than 10 minutes. Liar. 128514

If I ever come back, I'll make sure to try their margarita's instead. Their sangria is too strong for me. Also, I read in other reviews their mouthwatering dishes so I'll definitely come back for that!

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Mye F.
5.0 Stars

We ordered the following:

127860 Pork Belly Flakes (P230) - I enjoyed this appetizer. It has pork belly flakes, mango salsa and chili sauce/mayo(?) served on top of a nacho chip.

127860 Egg Noodles with Seafood (P300) - This is almost our staple noodle order from Coca. Yum.

127860 Prawns with Salted Egg (P680) - Quite pricey but a winner dish for me. The dish has a generous serving of the yummy salted egg sauce. It's not salty or nakakaumay. Really yum!128539128076🏻

I've always loved the ambience in this place. There's enough privacy per table. Service was also good128522

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Shelly R.
4.0 Stars

We were craving for shabu shabu and we came across rhis resto in Aura. We tried the Emperor's platter with tom yum soup and it didn't disappoint! Food was great! My only setback is the price since the serving was quite small.

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Sabrina P.
4.0 Stars

We were a group of more than 20 and we had our post dinner here. Don't know the food that we got but they all matched our red wine and tequila shots. 128077🏼

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Lia B.
4.0 Stars

Loved the Emperor's Platter even if it was messy to eat :)

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Lizanne S.
4.0 Stars

Celebrated the hubby's birthday with the family. We were a large group of nine. Perfect for hotpot. Was craving for their Tom yum soup base (which I had in BKK several years ago), and to my utter delight, it's as good as the original. Sa Tom Yum pa lang, panalo na. The hotpot meal we had was filled with lots of sahog and for a while there, it was the gift that kept on giving! Since we weren't seated among the normal tables (with the hotpot maker at the middle of the table) a waitress cooked our hotpot for us.

Aside from the glorious hotpot, we ordered other dishes, which could have fed an entire army: jellyfish trio & fishcakes (damn good) as appetizers; a bokchoy dish, steamed garoupa (worth ordering), salted egg prawns, salted egg squid, stir-fried beef, and yang chow fried rice. Little did we know that a heaping bowl of congee was included in our hotpot meal! Guess it was our fault that we were takaw-tingin, but the staff should have told us that congee was part of the set, before we went berserk in ordering the other dishes.

Service was ok, although towards the end, it was hard to get the server's attention. It could be better.

But the food -- good! I had reservations on whether I should book this place, thinking that the food might not be as good as that of the BKK branch. But to my surprise, it felt like I was back in BKK again. 128512

No pictures because like Great Whites, we all went into a feeding frenzy last night.

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