Cocina Peruvia

G/F Bonifacio One Technology Tower, 3030 Rizal Drive cor. 31st St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Cocina Peruvia
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
5.0 Stars

My brother, Chef Him’s newest resto is probably his best. With South/ Latin American gaining more interest this year, this place prides itself with legitimate Peruvian food. Their chili is even imported from far away Peru. The menu names are hard to pronounce and the waiters say them with Peruvian tongue.

As per Chef’s recommendations, we had Adobo Peruvia which is very tasty with the right amount of spices. We had Pollo Parilla with really nice 2 sauces to chose from. Meat is juicy and crispy at the same time. The Aroz Verde rice was green and so much alive! The Oso Bucco is highly recommended as well with soft meat. Last we had was Mushroom Saltado for vegetarians. It tastes fresh and the portions were really generous.

What made this place a must try is their cozy Peru experience in their ambience. And oh, the price is affordable for the serving and quality of their dishes!

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Jae-t M.
2.0 Stars

We went ther around 5:30am. We weren't allowed inside, the waiter said there's some leak they need to fix. Ok. Although there were people inside, we heeded his advise. Then we surveyed the few tables occupied on the al-fresco area and they surely can accommodate us. Not that the waiter asked us to wait or OFFER ANY OTHER SEAT! So I asked. He said he'll check if he can set up a table for us. I had to go back to the same waiter after 5 mins or so BECAUSE HE WASN'T DOING ANYTHING! I had to point to him the vacant chairs and tables and space where he can have us seated. Of course he wasn't the most pleased waiter in town!
If not for the beer promo, I'd rate it 1.5 11088️. The squid the you see on the picture, cost almost P300, plus vat & sc! Ok, I'd have to check the ++. Bit still. The squid was soooo chewy, either over fried or just not fresh!
The rice was, well, ricey. Herby at most.
I'd like to come back but really that unpleasant experience is what's keeping me.

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Uael C.
4.0 Stars

Peruvian cuisine perfect for post work R&R. 1108811088110881108811088

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Foodie F.
5.0 Stars

Seco de Osobuco by Cocina Peruvia: YEY

This is the awesomest Ossobuco/Osobuco I've ever had! Ever! Ever ever!!! The meat was soft and broke into strings at the slightest pressure. The resulting gravy from the beef simmering in red wine is so exuberantly flavorful that we were short of licking the bowl dry. Seriously. You could say we can use the same description to any other stew dish out there and you're right. So there is no way for us to convince you how good this was except maybe to insist that you try it out for yourself.

The tacu-tacu ball is made of rice and beans, seasoned and spiced, and is served as the starch component of the dish. It's a bit strong but it complements the relatively light flavors of the stew (relatively lighter to maybe a caldereta and maybe made even lighter because of the sweetish taste of the wine). The Seco de Osobuco was so light that I was curious if this was really Peruvian or Peruvian inspired. I also got confused about the translation as Ossobuco (with two "s") is an Italian dish which has veal and wine. On the other hand, Seco means wine and Osobuco is shank (osso for bone, buco for hole). So technically, Seco de Osobuco, the Peruvian dish is almost the same as Ossobuco the Italian dish.

Nevertheless, when you go to Cocina Peruvia, don't forget to order this one. Try it and you'll see what we mean when we say it was awesome.

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Foodie F.
5.0 Stars

Causa con Avocado by Cocina Peruvia: YEY

Mashed potato, shrimp, avocado, aji amarillo, lemon, mayonnaise. This was cool, light and clean, a perfect pair for the Anticucho de corazon which was warm, spicy and hearty. The potatoes are chunky and the shrimps sweet and meaty. The aji amarillo and lemon give a kick while the avocado provides a fresh finish. Best consumed while still cold.

Some pampahaba. Causa traces it's history from pre-hispanic Andes, where in it's basic form, is just boiled potato and aji. Causa comes from the Quechua word kausay which means "life" or "sustenance of life".

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Foodie F.
4.0 Stars

Anticuchos De Corazon by Cocina Peruvia: YEY

They tasted like bite-sized steaks. We can't think of any other way to decribe it. Maybe just a little bit more heavy on the palate because of the spices. They were wonderful. So, this is Peruvian food. Me like. 128515

P.S. My shortest review ever. Yay. 128515

Longer reviews on the next dishes.

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Cha V.
5.0 Stars

A healthy alternative to pork chicharon ... Skin Salmon Chicharon is my new favorite .. great if served with cold drinks .... Beer match ! 127866 Skin Salmon Chicharon - Price 180.00

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Jonathan R.
4.0 Stars

Pollo Ala Brasa Special @ 250Php

It's a roasted chicken! The chicken is moist. It's good pero parang may kulang and I don't know kung ano.

I like how accommodating and attentive the servers were. So I'm giving a 4-star rating.

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

After having beer at BBW, we decided to have dessert. Jayson J suggested Cocina Peruvia since he was there the night before and he told us about Galera de Chocolate.

So we walked from Burgos Circle to Bonifacio One Technology Tower. We ordered two desserts, Galera de Chocolate and Alfajores. Kristin A also ordered croquetas.

I found the Galera de Chocolate a little expensive at first. However the Dark chocolate tart, with the corn crisps and potato crisps, was just heaven. Sulit na sulit. It wasn't overly sweet. I also liked the Alfajores, which comes with dulce de leche, pulvoron and ice cream. The croquetas were good as well!

I saw a lot of things that I wanted to try in the menu - the Costillas a la Parilla was one of them. But I was really full and super sleepy. It was almost 1am but we were still out on a Thursday night slash Friday morning. Damn. Hahahaha.

Overall, the place looked great. Great interior. Great food (Well, great desserts kasi yun lang natry ko.) I will definitely come back to try other things on their menu! 128516

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Cocina Peruvia is not new to me anymore as I've dined here thrice already. This sponsored |ooloo rendezvoos is the 4th, and I can say that the quality service they provide is consistent.

Let me start this by thanking Peanut D for the invite. I'm sorry that I confirmed late. 128584

Cocina Peruvia is operated by Mother Spice Food Corporation, the same team who brought Mango Tree, COCA, and Genki Sushi in the Philippines. Its motto is "quality first" and I think that's the reason why their food are delicious. In fact, they are very meticulous with the ingredients that they're using in their dishes. We were even told that the pepper that they use, aji amarillo, is being imported from Peru. Interesting for me! This restaurant serves legit Peruvian dishes as they had Peruvian chefs as consultants.

During this rendezvoos, we were served:

🔵 Appetizer

Ceviche Nikkei (290php)
Salmon • Jack fish • Coconut milk • Citrus juice
Since I love salmon sashimi, this became an instant hit for me. Every bite of the salmon cubes was heaven for me. The meat was very soft, and I think "melts in the mouth" is the best way to describe it.

🔵 Mains

Lomo Saltado (450php / 1190php)
Beef tenderloin • Onions • Tomatoes • Fried potatoes
I love this dish being a meat lover. My officemates and I usually order this whenever we're here. I love that the meat was not hard to chew. I also enjoyed eating the onions in this dish.

Adobo Peruvia (400php / 1190 php)
Pork belly • Cream sauce • Tomatoes • Onions
This is my ultimate favorite here. This is their version of our Pinoy Adobo, but they use cream sauce instead of vinegar. The combination of all the ingredients was superb. I kid you not. It's so good that I can eat a whole order on my own. Yes, exaggerating.

Pollo a la Brasa (380php / 750php)
Chicken • Fried potatoes • Aji cilantro sauce • Chimichurri • Salsa creole
This is their version of Roasted Chicken. I actually liked this dish, although some said that this dish needs improvement. True enough, the chicken was a little dry, but I found it flavorful. I like mixing all the sauces! And the fries on the side were just delicious.

Arroz Verde con Pollo (320php / 790php)
Rice • Chicken • Cilantro puree
It was my first time to try this here. I was kind of surprised that this tastes good. Well generally I like anything with cilantro. It's just a little salty for me, or let's just say I prefer eating my meats with plain rice instead. Don't get me wrong, this dish is actually good. Its smell would make you go for 3 servings.

Arroz con Mariscos (450php / 1190php)
Rice • Shrimp • Mussels • Shrimp • Aji amarillo
This is their version of seafood paella. The rice here was wet and sticky. I learned in the past that Asians enjoy their paellas this way than the usual thin and al dente as what Spanish people prefer. Tbh I didn't enjoy this dish as it's too bland for me. It lacked the "lasang dagat" I usually search in any seafood meal.

🔵 Desserts

Galera de Chocolate (350php)
Dark chocolate tart • Figs • Corn crisps • Potato crisps • Syrup
This is HAPPINESS. I swear. I loved every bite of this dessert. The chocolate was not too sweet. I loved the potato crisps. It went well with the bittersweet taste of the dark chocolate. I can probably finish 2 orders. Hi, fats.

Alfajores (180php)
Dulce de leche • Alfajores • Pulvoron • Ice cream
This was also good that it made me think that they can open a separate dessert cafe. I loved the combination of everything.

🔵 Drinks

Pisco Sour (320php)
Our hosts told us that this drink was made with brandy, egg white and some citrus juice. This actually tasted good with very subtle alcohol taste.

Thank you Cocina Peruvia for being generous in this rendezvoos. I enjoyed the experience! 128517

P.S. Cocina Peruvia is open 24hrs making it a good tambayan for those drinking sessions after work. Be sure to order their best selling Salmon Chicharon as pulutan. You're welcome. 128541

Until our next |ooloo rendezvoos, Jayson J Denise A EJ B Midz S Unisse C Trina H Bernisse C and Christina R! 128591🏻128523

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Peruvian Cuisine is one of the most underrated cuisines I know and I can think of. (Haha!) If not for Looloo, I wouldn't have even known about its existence.
I was invited to be part of Cocina Peruvia's Looloo Rendezvous and I got so excited cause I knew then it would be another foodventure for me!

I love eating out but trying other cuisines is something so atypical for me. I always get afraid of trying something unusual because I get so intimidated and scared that I might not enjoy it. I'm a an emotional foodie, so I use emotions first to judge if it's a go or no before trusting my tastebuds. Haha!

Cocina Peruvia is located in BGC and has this very festive color palette that is so eye-catching and very inviting vibe.
I love how the restaurant interiors makes you feel at home, with its warm light bulbs and artistic wall designs and paintings, colorful chairs, even the music they play makes me wanna dance!

Cocina Peruvia is owned by Eric Teng who is also the CEO of Mother Spice Food Corp who owns famous restaurants like Mango Tree & Genki Sushi!
128205The store is open 24/6! It is closed only on Sundays 11PM until Monday 11AM.

Peruvian cuisine is best described as diverse and heavily influenced by Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Chinese etc. because of its geographical situation. It's not surprising that most of their food are quite familiar and has similar traits with Filipino Food because of the multicultural situation.

Ms. Nerissa and Deej were kind enough to place menu cards on our table so we would know what would be served during the night. They are as follows:

128031Ceviche Nikkei P29011088110881108811088
Salmon and Jackfish basking in Coconut Milk and Citrus Juice.
Ceviche Nikkei shows the diversity of Peruvian cuisine and how it has been influenced by Japanese cuisine. Most of us agreed that this resembles to the Pinoy version "Kinilaw" which is anything that's marinated with vinegar.
I honestly am not a fan of anything raw and was kinda hesitating to try this at first but I was so surprised to LIKE it.

Midz and I were not fan of Raw foods but we both enjoyed it. It means, masarap talaga. I liked how it didn't taste fishy, malansa. The coconut milk/ gata, made it tastier and gave it a hint of sweetness.

127860Lomo Saltado • Beef Saltado P450 110881108811088
Stir-Fried Beef Tenderloin garnished with Onions and Tomatoes sided with marinated Fried Potatoes.
Lomo Saltado is said to be the traditional Peruvian Dish with Chinese influence. It looks like Tapa with garnish but tastier! The beef didn't actually make a mark on me and tasted quite ordinary but I could imagine eating this with a cup or two of rice. It's just the perfect ulam!

I would have to commend the fried potatoes too since they nicely sopped up the juices from the stir-fry! I remember I keep telling Deej how they're fries were so good I couldn't get enough of it!

127860Adobo Peruvia P400 1108811088110881108811088
Pork Belly bathing in white creamy sauce, tomatoes and onions.
MMM! Everyone agreed that this was the SUPERSTAR of the night. It was the most familiar thing on the menu because of the word "Adobo" but it didn't resemble anything much of the Filipino Adobo at all. I like how the cream balanced the saltiness of the dish. Actually this is way over-seasoned, it tasted too salty but can be perfectly paired with a plain rice or even the Cilantro Rice to balance it all out. I must say whoever thought of adding that creamy sauce is clever! I was happily dancing side to side while eating this. Will this be an addition to my comfort foods?128525

I seriously still am head over heels on this and i'm dying to bring my boyfriend here to have a taste of this particular dish bec. He love bellies!

127860Pollo a la Brasa •Roasted Chicken P380 1108811088
If there I would have a least favorite dish, it would be this one. The roasted chicken was just okay for me though the I like the softness of the meat. Good thing they added the Aji Cilantro Sauce and Chimichurri to give it a little kick but if it weren't for the sauce this would be ordinary.

127860Arroz Verde Con Pollo P320 11088110881108811088
Presenting my first CILANTRO CHICKEN RICE, my soulmate. IT'S NOTHING BUT A DREAM. I'm a huge fan of cilantros and wansuy, herbs with aftertaste and most people I know hate it but dang I LOVE IT! It's always being used as garnish, my mom uses it as an additional vegetable on our meatball soup but I never thought Cilantro mixed in RICE would be possible. If only I knew, I would ask my mom to cook one for me every day.

Most of us loved it but commented that it's over-seasoned too and became too salty that I had to drink water every few servings. BUT, this can obviously be improved so I will definitely order this again.
I remember eating this even without any viand. Ang dami ko talagang nakain nito and if it wasn't just embarrassing enough I would take all the left overs haha!

127860 Arroz con Marizcos P450 11088
Seafood Rice - Shrimp, Mussels, Squid and Aji Amarillo
Also the least appetizing dish. Jayson got it on point when he said the texture were like those of the rice cakes. Malagkit lang siya pero walang lasa. It quite resembles to that of a Paella but flavorless. This really needs more improvement.

127860 Galera de Chocolate P350 1108811088110881108811088
Dark Chocolate Tarte + Corn Crisps + Potato Crisps + Figs + Syrup is like the ultimate combo breaker. Obviously Jayson J and EJ B wasn't able to get enough of it and enthusiastically waited for the next batches to come because they consumed the first batch in a jiffy (LOL!) These guys are FAST.

This is like the YIN (Yin & Yang), the dark chocolate tasted so authentic and rich. It was my first time to try figs and despite hating raisins which had the same texture to that, I loved it. The corn crisps added that kinkiness to the texture making it enjoyable to munch on! And yeah, agree with Bern that this looks like a Dino-Dessert. Haha!

127860 Alfajores P180 1108811088110881108811088
Dulce De Leche + Alfajores + Pulvoron + Ice Cream
This is the YANG (Yin & Yang). The total opposite of Galera de Chocolate, this one tasted so light and creamy which is perfect for the not so sweet tooth's. Adding the dulce de leche and pulvoron made my heart flutter, the slight crispy texture of the pulvoron made the whole dessert more enjoyable to eat.

Having tried both desserts, it brought balance to all the food we've eaten. It was a good ender!128523

127863PISCO SOUR 128171 P260
BONUS! Thanks to Christina R inquisitiveness we were able to try Peru's classic cocktail drink. It has a white foamy texture on top made from egg whites and had a lime / lemon-ish taste with a tinge of sweetness. Love it! I rarely drink alcoholic beverages but this is a WIN! Papasang ladies drink!

‼️They have a BUY ONE, GET ONE HAPPY HOUR DAILY and 20% discount on selected items.
128205One order are usually good for 2pax.
128204Deej told us Cocina is mostly full on wee hours til 11am because most establishments beside it are call centers/BPOs.

10084️Peruvian food and Filipino food definitely are similar in many ways which makes it feel like special and unique at the same time. Thanks to Looloo for being that mischievous buddy who keeps on dragging me to unfamiliarly great dining experiences.

Thanks to Nerissa and Deej of Cocina Bgc for having us and Peanut D for inviting me to Cocina Peruvia's |Rendezvous I was finally able to meet the Institutions of Looloo (Haha Jk!) Jayson J , Christina R & EJ B, also Midz S, Norman Lester T, Unisse C, Bernisse C and even a long time no see friend Trina H 128523 hoping to see you guys again!

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Trina H.
5.0 Stars

Being a foodie has its perks but being an active Looloo user sure makes you feel really grateful. Not only do they invite you to 'rendezvoos' but they also give you a chance to meet other people who has the same passion as you do.

I am not really up-to-date with the new restaurants in the south area (i.e., Makati and Taguig). I have to admit, I rarely go to the Stopvover and I don't even know what's inside the new mall Uptown. I am usually roaming around Burgos Circle, The Strip, High Street and Central Square. So hearing about this Peruvian inspired restaurant down 31st street by Rizal Drive is brand new information.

As I was on my way to meet the other Looloo peeps on a Wednesday night, I noticed how busy restaurants and cafes could be in BGC on a weekday. Then here comes Cocina Peruvia, across the right side of the Stopover, with its colorful setting and cozy ambiance. Reminding you of what Latin America could be like when friends come out to eat good food while catching up. I was instantly greeted by the attendant outside maybe recognizing the aura I had since she asked me, "Good evening, Looloo po ma'am?" Walking in I saw some familiar faces from those countless helpful reviews I've read through the years that made me instantly cheery and felt uttterly welcome.

We started our dinner with the CEVICHE NIKKEI (PHP290). "Ceviche" means a South American dish made of raw seafood that is usually served as an appetizer. It tasted really fresh and to our surprise, the small cubes of Salmon and Jack Fish were soft. I think a good description of that would be eating marshmallows. Oh yes, it gave me that 'sensation'. Another surprising observation about it was that it smelled less fishy. I think the chef did a good job with the 'citrus juice' and the coconut milk.

Other dishes that caught my attention were the LOMO SALTADO (PHP450/1,190) and ARROZ VERDE CON POLLO (PHP320/790).
The former reminded me of Beef Salpicao while the latter was my ultimate favorite for that night. Having eaten Lomo Saltado gave me that nostalgic feeling of my mother, who was then an avid fan of cooking turned taster, making Beef Salpicao on a special day such as a nonworking holiday. He he he! The chicken rice dish called Arroz Verde Con Pollo was a major thing for me. I love how the spices were mixed and incorporated into the rice along with the chicken and the vegetables. Some might say that it was a bit salty, but to me it was divine. Pure bliss just by itself. I am not usually into rice meals but this is something different.

Our table's number one favorite, if I remember it right, was the ADOBO PERUVIA (PHP400/1,190). Not only was it really tender but the 'cream sauce' sure made it taste even better. Maybe it wasn't for me though since I am not really into pork. But hell yeah, give it a try. I am sure Filipinos would love this (obvious naman halos simot siya nung kami-kami lang).

It breaks my heart to give a negative response to an attractive dish such as the POLLO A LA BRASA (PHP380/750) and ARROZ CON MARISCOS (PH450/1,190). Some parts of the chicken was somewhat dry and I really didn't get the herb-y sauce (there were 2) that came with it. While the seafood paella was a big let-down. I was expecting a different taste since the Arroz Verde Con Pollo was a success, but then it lacked flavor. I thought I was the only one who noticed it but most of us agreed that there's something missing.

We ended our pig-out session with dessert. The ALFAJORES (PHP180) was plated like a painting. It was a deconstructed type with an ice cream sandwiched between the triangle-shaped cookies and the Alfajores filling being scattered all over the plate. It was perfect for me since it wasn't so sweet unlike other Alfajores cookies I've tried and the ice cream was a bonus. Last but not the least, the GALERA DE CHOCOLATE (PHP350) was a sure hit! I believe I described it that night as the perfect dessert for the ladies when the monthly visitor arrives. Gosh I think am craving for one Galera right now. Hmm..

Ooh we had this one drink also but I forgot what that was. It consisted of brandy (if I am not mistaken) and something else. A cocktail that provided both warmth to our evening.

Cheers! And that was the end. But come to think of it, this is what I love about Looloo. That nourishment is not only achieved through food but also through human connection and passion. The Cocina BGC Looloo group of reviewers were amazing not to mention really funny and very approachable.

A big thank you to Ms. Nerissa and Mr. Deej of the Cocina Peruvia BGC, Peanut D and Pam L of Looloo..and of course am looking forward to more rendezvoos with my fellow Looloo users; Midz S, EJ B, Bernisse C, Unisse C, Christina R, Jayson J, Denise A, and Norman Lester T.

1) Ceviche Nikkei
2) Adobo Peruvia and Arroz Verde Con Pollo
3) Galera De Chocolate, Alfajores and Lomo Saltado
4) Galera De Chocolate
5) Pollo A La Brasa
6) Arroz Con Mariscos
7) Flat Lay brought to you by EJ B (thank you!)
8) EJ B and others in action
9) Norman Lester T. and others in action
10) The 'brandy' drink

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5.0 Stars

YES! Another invitation for |ooloo Rendezvoos from Peanut D
7PM at Cocina Peruvia, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

As our host for this event was not available (hello Pam, get well soon!), the Looloo ambassador and ambassadress, Jayson J and Christina R greeted me as I arrived at Cocina Peruvia and wait for the other loolooers. When we were almost complete (waiting for Norman Lester T) Dee J and Nerissa of Cocina Peruvia greeted us and tell something about their restaurant.

Cocina Peruvia is under the management of Mother Spice Food Corporation, the team behind Mango Tree and Genki Sushi. The restaurant is open 24/7 but closes on Sunday at 10PM and be back on Monday again. From the name of their restaurant Cocina Peruvia, yes… they offer Peruvian cuisines.

I am impressed with the special 8-course menu on our table, specially made for this event and how prepared and ready Cocina Peruvia for us.


128032 Fish
Ceviche Nikkei for Php290.00 (Salmon, Jack Fish, Coconut Milk, Citrus Juice) – 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“It’s Peruvian version of Kilawin. This is my favorite last night. I really like the salmon and jack fish soaked in the coconut milk sauce.”

Main Course:

128046 Beef
Lomo Saltado/ Beef Saltado for Php450.00 (Beef Tenderloin, Onions, Tomatoes, Fried Potatoes) – 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“The dish taste good but they should lessen the salt.”

128055 Pork
Adobo Peruvia for Php400.00 (Pork Belly, Cream Sauce, Tomatoes, Onions) – 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“This is my second favorite. Cocina Peruvia’s version of adobo is so ADOBOrable! The pork meat is tender and the cream sauce… aghh! Masarap!”

128020 Chicken
Pollo a la Brasa/ Roasted Chicken for Php380.00 (Chicken, Fried Potatoes, Aji Amarillo Sauce, Chimichurri, Salsa Creole) – 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“The chicken taste good but it’s dry and thank you to the sauces, it compliments with the roasted chicken they just need to improve their marination process. By the way, I like the potatoes.”

127834 Rice
Arroz Verde con Pollo/ Cilantro Chicken Rice for Php790.00 (Rice, Chicken, Cilantro Puree) – 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“Another favorite. I like the combination of chicken tidbits and vegetables in cilantro rice”

Arroz con Mariscos/ Seafood Rice for Php450.00 (Rice, Shrimp, Mussels, Squid, Aji Amarillo) – 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“Is it paella or jambalaya? According to Nerissa, it’s paella but the taste is more on jambalaya.”


127851127856 Galera de Chocolate for Php350.00 (Dark Chocolate Tart, Corn Crisps, Potato Crisps, Figs, Syrup) – 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“Every ingredients compliment with each other. I really like the dark chocolate”

127846127850 Alfajores for Php180.00 (Dulce de Leche, Alfajores, Pulvoron, Ice Cream) – 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“It’s a deconstructed Alfajores. If the Galera de Chocolate is so heavy for dessert you can go with Alfajores, it’s very light. I think I can finish the whole plate of it.”


127865 House Blend Iced Tea for Php90.00 per glass – 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127864 Pisco for Php320.00 per glass (Pisco Sour, Ponche de Pisco, Chilcano) – 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“Thank you Tina for this! Hahaha”

All of the dishes were served well by their attentive and alert staff. And all of their dishes were truly delicious they just need to lessen the salt of their main course.

Thanks to Cocina Peruvia for sponsoring the event and |ooloo for the invitation. I really enjoyed the company of Jayson J, Christina R, Bernisse C, Unisse C, Trina H, Midz S, Denise A and Norman Lester T. See you again guys! Cheers!!!

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

When I was invited to this |rendezvous, I was so excited that the days passed by in a blur! I really wanted to be part of this, that I had to leave my car at the office (coding), and ride an uber to Cocina Peruvia during rush hour (terrible traffic), and it was worth it.

I arrived at the restaurant past 7pm and rushed to greet EJ B and the rest, who I just met this evening. Representatives from the restaurant, under the Mother Spice Group( who is also behind Coca, Mango Tree, Genki Sushi, etc.), were also there for the night.

This 24-hour restaurant has a warm and mellow vibe perfect for unwinding after a stressful day at work.

I was amazed to see a little card of what we were having for dinner on the table as I sat down. Hihi. Can't wait for all the dishes they have in store for us! 128513

128077🏻128077🏻CEVICHE NIKKEI P290
Salmon and jackfish (talakitok) cubes with coconut milk and citrus juice. The dish is commonly known as kilawin. I enjoyed this appetizer since I can't stand eating raw food, but this one was an exception. The texture of the raw fish didn't really taste like it's purely raw. I happily swallowed more than one bite of this dish that made me have a change of heart.

Stir-fried Beef tenderloin with onions, tomatoes, aji amarillo and potatoes. This was an okay dish for me. The tender beef captured the strong taste of the spices which I guess is what the Peruvian dish is about.

128077🏻128077🏻ADOBO PERUVIA
Rich, creamy sauce tomatoes and onions
This might sound like a regular dish to us, but don't be fooled, because although the name adopted the staple Filipino food, you'll be surprised on how different they are from your first bite. It's a dish made of thinly sliced pork smothered in their rich, creamy sauce and topped with tomatoes and onions. This made its way to the top of my list.

Cilantro rice with carrots, green peas and chicken. This was an absolute winner for most of us. It's amazing how one herb can make such a great impact to a dish. This, together with the chopped chicken pieces and vegetables, is a carb that's hard to beat.

Sticky seafood rice, shrimp, mussels, squid, and aji amarillo (peppers). This was also okay for me. My first taste of the dish reminded me of a burrito.

Chicken, Aji cilantro, fried potatoes
This is chicken with salsa and chimichurri sauce on the side and some potato fries. I wasn't impressed with their chicken as I found it a bit bland. Having it with the sauces helped add that missing flavor, but didn't make miracles to rescue the whole dish.

You are in for a treat! We loved the desserts! I can't even choose a favorite as I liked them both equally. These desserts is a perfect example of the yin yang - different desserts that complemented one another. I'm not saying that both should be eaten together, but since we had both of them, we noticed how each made eating the other better.

128077🏻128077🏻GALERA DE CHOCOLATE P350
Dark choco tart with potato crisps and figs
(Sweet and salty) Sweet and salty, crunchy and soft combination. The thick and heavy dark chocolate, but not to numbing of the tongue extent, was a good match with the figs and potato crisps. I suggest that you share this dessert with your companions. It'll be hard to finish it on your own.

Polvoron, dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream. If the galera de chocolate was the something thick and heavy for dessert, this was the light version. The three aspects of this dessert made a sinfully good treat that will make you stop worrying about your waistline and just give in!

The desserts aren't too sweet as well, so I guess it's perfect even for those who are not dessert fans. Here in Cocina Peruvia, as they say, there's always room for desserts.

White brandy, egg whites. Unfortunately, I don't drink alcohol, and I had no intentions of breaking my no alcohol since birth status last night, so I wasn't able to try this, but they all enjoyed this one.

I can say that the dishes in this restaurant all use strong spices, which kind of clashes when consumed altogether, but I don't really mind, as long as I end it with these desserts, then I'm good. 128513

Overall, I had a memorable night of good food and great company.

Thanks to |looloo and Cocina Peruvia for this fun rendezvous! It was nice meeting you Jayson J, Christina R, Bernisse C, Unisse C, Trina H, and Denise A! And nice to see you again Norman Lester T! 128522

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

My first time to attend a |looloo rendezvous and it was so much more fun than I thought it would be. I love how the |looloo community is very friendly and easy to get along with. It was nice to meet everyone 128149 Thank you also for the Marketing Team of Cocina Peruvia (Nerissa and Deej) for their hospitality and great choice of food 128077🏻

Cocina Peruvia offers Peruvian food. At first, the Peruvian cuisine may seem bizarre, but that's not the case. Peruanos enjoy the freshest seafood (it's located at the bountiful coastline of the Pacific Ocean127754 - lucky them!), exotic spices, and peppers. Because of Peru's multi-cultural heritage, their food is a fusion of Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and Incan dishes. So their food is far from exotic since the locals have already been strongly influenced by the Spaniards, Japanese, and Chinese. Although the similarities are evident, the distinct Peruvian flavors still shine through. Don't you love the idea❓For me, trying out new places gives off that exciting feeling and this one was no different. I've heard so many great reviews about this place and I'm so glad that | looloo finally invited me! 128518 Thanks to Peanut D and my sister Unisse C 🤗

The place had a resto bar feel to it. It's the perfect place to eat and chill out with your friends especially on a Friday night. Also, Cocina Peruvia is open 24/6. They close at 10pm every Sunday until Monday 11am. Furthermore, the location of the resto is perfect. There's around three to four parking lots surrounding it 128077🏻

Service was great. The servers were very polite and friendly. They were very supportive of our inspiring shutterbugs' photo session too! 📸

On to the food ⬇️

127865HOUSE BLEND ICED TEA [P90] 11088110881108811088
The juice may taste a bit sweet at first but once the ice melts, it's perfect. My advice is to let it sit for a while before drinking it.

127819 CEVICHE NIKKEI [P290] 11088110881108811088
Salmon • Jackfish • Coconut Milk • Citrus fruit
I liked everything about this except for the Jackfish. It wasn't bad but the salmon was just so good that it overshadowed the Jackfish. The dish was cold but you could taste that the salmon was very fresh! The tangy flavor from the citrus fruit matched the seafood so well while the coconut milk did a good job in toning down the acidity and balancing the whole dish.

12804610084️ LOMO SALTADO [Regular P450 • Grande P1190] 1108811088110881108811088
Beef Tenderloin • Onions • Tomatoes • Fried Potatoes
This dish is on my top 3 for the night. I loved how tender and flavorful the beef were. The potatoes (more like fries 127839) were not soggy even if it did absorbed the sauce. You still get that crisp texture of the fries with the bursting flavor from the sauce. I wish there was more sauce though. I think this dish would go so well with plain rice 127834 because they went a bit heavy handed on the salt. But nonetheless, I recommend ordering this 128077🏻

12805510084️ ADOBO PERUVIA [Regular P400• Grande P1190] 1108811088110881108811088
Pork Belly • Cream Sauce • Tomatoes • Onions
The star 10024 of the night! Everyone loved this. I think this was on everyone's top 3. The pork belly was tender and the sauce was nothing short of amazing. There was no description indicated on their menu regarding the type of sauce it was but if I had to describe it based from my trusty taste buds, it had a blend of coconut milk, lots of spices, soy sauce, and a hint of tomato paste. It's not accurate because I know for sure that I'm missing certain ingredients. But the point is, the sauce was just incredible.

In Peru, it's not actually called adobo but it's the same concept. Since adobo is almost like a staple dish in any Filipino household, naming the dish after it would entice the locals to dine here. Little did they know that the dish would be that good. Actually, it does not taste anything like adobo but to be honest, I love this more. 128149 Again, the chef did go with a heavy hand on the salt so pair it with plain rice to enjoy that perfect meal 128077🏻

128036 POLLO A LA BRASA [Regular P380• Grande P750] 110881108811088
Roasted Chicken • Fried Potatoes • Aji Silantro Sauce • Chimichuri • Salsa Creole
I really am not a fan of chicken whether it be roasted or fried. But if I had to, I'll get fried chicken (only if it's good) 128514 I think if you're going to dine here with kids, this is a good choice. The chicken was not moist as how roasted chickens should be but at least it's not dry. The two sauces are supposed to be mixed together before smearing it on the chicken. But the individual sauces are already good on their own. So I suggest tasting both first then decide which suits you're preference better.

127808 ARROZ VERDE CON POLLO [P320] 11088110881108811088
Cilantro • Rice • Chicken
This smells so good. It has that fresh scent similar to the fresh air of some provinces. Most of us had this is our top 3 but sadly it didn't get into mine because of the overpowering salty taste. Unlike the Beef Saltado and Adobo Peruvian, you can't tone the saltiness down with plain rice since its already a rice dish. Deej suggested to pair this with the Adobo. It's actually good together but it's hard at the same time because of the salt content. But you can definitely just eat this on its own because it does have chunks of chicken in it. Nonetheless, this dish has the potential to become a bestseller one day (if they reduce the salt 128514)

127834 ARROZ CON MARISCOS [Regular P450 • Grande P1190] 11088110881108811088
Rice • Shrimp • Squid • Mussels • Aji amarillo
When this was first served on our table, I thought it was seafood paella. But it's just plain seafood rice. I did like that the seafood were not overcooked and perfectly seasoned. Some said that the rice lacked seasoning but it was fine for me. There's nothing to go crazy about this dish but it's not bad.

12785110084️ GALERA DE CHOCOLATE [P350] 1108811088110881108811088
Dark chocolate tart • Potato Crisps • Corn Crisps • Figs • Syrup
The plating of their dessert is just stunning. It looked like a chocolate rhyhorn (you know, the ancient dinosaur 128514) But anyway, the chocolate was sooo rich. I really love dark chocolate so it was perfect for me. It's also my first time to try figs. It tastes like raisins but with a crunchy texture. This dessert plate just had so much going on. You get that smooth, rich chocolate, then you have that soft and flavorful fig, then you also get that crispy, crunchy texture from the potato and corn crisps. But the thing is, everything just well so well together. Bravo! 128079🏻

12784810084️ ALFAJORES [P180] 1108811088110881108811088
Dulce de leche • Alfajores • Pulvoron • Vanilla Ice Cream
I can't believe this. This had all the ingredients that I love. No questions asked, dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream are perfect together. But who knew incorporating Alfajores and Pulvoron would make it even better? Aside from the creamy ice cream, you also get that hint of crunch. I loved this. I literally scraped every last bit of this goodness off the plate 128069 The plating, btw, was also spectacular. That black and white contrast gave it that classic, sophisticated look.

127864PISCO [P260] 11088110881108811088
Pisco Sour, Ponche de Pisco, Chilcano
Thanks to Christina R, they offered to serve us this light, fruity drink. It didn't have that strong alcohol taste which is perfect for social drinking. I liked how they served with enough ice to mellow down the flavors.

To summarize, my top 3 are:
1️⃣ Adobo Peruvia
2️⃣ Lomo Saltado
3️⃣ Alfajores

Overall, I really loved the experience and food. Everything was just amazeballs 128149 It was nice meeting everyone! Trina H, Jayson J, EJ B, Midz S, Christina R, and Norman Lester T! Nice to see you again after xx years Denise A! 128516
Thank you for Cocina Peruvia for sponsoring our delicious dinner 128079🏻

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

I've been wanting to try Cocina Peruvia ever since it was mentioned during a |ooloo rendezvoos at Coca. The group who manages Cocina Peruvia is the same group who manages Coca, Mango Tree and many more. So when Peanut D asked me if I was available for another |ooloo rendezvoos at BGC for Cocina Peruvia, I immediately said yes. 128584 Hihihi.

My sister, Bernisse C and I got to BGC at a little past 6PM. There's an open parking lot at 31st Street cor 1st Avenue and it's only 1 block away from Cocina Peruvia.

When we got to Cocina Peruvia, we were greeted by their Marketing representative, Nerissa. She was really friendly and helped us learn more about Cocina Peruvia together with Deej. 128522

While waiting for the food to come out (and some more of the |ooloo reviewers), they served us their House Blend Iced Tea [Php 90] which was sweet at first sip but after letting the ice melt, it was better. 128518

★ CEVICHE NIKKEI [Php 290] 10084
salmon • jack fish • coconut milk • citrus juice
I liked this appetizer because the salmon and jack fish were so fresh! The mixture of the coconut milk and citrus juice was also spot on. The salmon was so soft! It almost just melts in your mouth. This was the first time I've tried raw jack fish and it was okay. It was a bit tougher than the salmon.

rice • chicken • cilantro puree
The cilantro flavor was very evident in this chicken rice. So take extra precaution when ordering since I know cilantro is not something everyone likes. For me, it was good and it goes well with the Adobo Peruvia. The only issue with this that I found it salty.

rice • shrimp • mussels • squid • aji amarillo
This seafood rice wasn't a crowd favorite but it was good to have as an alternative to the other rice. This was a bit bland despite having that fragrant spices aroma. The rice was a bit too mushy.

★ ADOBO PERUVIA [Php 400] 10084
pork belly • cream sauce • tomatoes • onions
One of their best selling dishes and I can get why. The pork's well cooked, the cream sauce was quite unique and I really liked it. Although a suggestion would be to lessen the salt too.

★ LOMO SALTADO [Php 450] 10084
beef tenderloin • onions • tomatoes • fried potatoes
I really liked this! The beef is so tender! Couldn't stop eating it.

★ POLLO A LA BRASA [Php 380]
roasted chicken • fried potatoes • aji cilantro sauce • chimichurri • salsa creole
The chicken itself lacked a bit of flavor and was a bit dry but I liked the chimichurri sauce with it. The aji cilantro sauce was not for me. However, Deej did suggest to have the chicken with the 2 sauces together, but the aji cilantro sauce overpowered the chimichurri so I ended up just eating more chicken with the chimichurri instead.

DESSERTS!!! 128525

★ GALERA DE CHOCOLATE [Php 350] 10084
dark chocolate tart • corn crisps • potato crisps • figs • syrup
I LOVE THIS CHOCOLATE DESSERT!!! 10084️ Can I have more please?? Dark chocolate goodness! It was my first time eating figs (I think) and it was delicious! It pops! Haha! The corn and potato crisps were a good contrast to the chocolate.

★ ALFAJORES [Php 180] 10084
dulce de leche • alfajores • pulvuron • ice cream
This goes well with the Galera de Chocolate! 128077🏼 The vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche and mix with the chocolate!!! 10084128561 Best combo ever!

★ PISCO [Php 320]
pisco sour • ponche de pisco • chilcano
After all the food, Deej mentioned that they import this Peruvian cocktail! And when they offered, how could we say no? It was topped with this frothy egg white and it was sweet and good!! 128525 Thank you Cocina Peruvia for this treat! 128513

Overall, it was a fun |ooloo rendezvoos with familiar faces - Christina R, Denise A and new friends - Jayson J, Trina H, Midz S, Norman Lester T! Missed Pam L!! 128557

Thank you to Nerissa, Deej and Cocina Peruvia for all the great food and |ooloo for the invite! Till the next rendezvoos!! 128518

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

Cocina Peruvia is a wonderful 24-hour restaurant along the corner of 31st cor Rizal Drive in BGC. It has been open for quite some time now and there have been many good things said about this place. Acclaimed Chef Him of Nomama helped conceptualize the restaurant so you know you’re in good company. I love Latin cuisine, and Peruvian food hits the spot for me.

*disclaimer* Sponsored dinner courtesy of Cocina Peruvia and |. Special thanks to the hospitality of Nerissa and Deej. The printed menu for the night was well appreciated.

Here’s what we had:

Ceviche Nikkei. 290. Salmon and Jack fish in coconut milk, citrus.
I think if Peru had a national dish, a ceviche would be it. The economic trade has transported this dish from Latin America to here, where Kilawin is the local adaptation with using vinegar instead of lemon/lime/fruit juice for the Latin ones. Very similar in theory, but I like the ceviche more than the kilawin. It was my first time to try one with coconut milk, and I enjoyed this one! It gave the dish a subtle creamy consistency. I do miss the traditional addition of choclo and sweet potatoes, and would prefer it to be spicy. The fish was soft and fresh.

Lomo Saltado. 450. Beef tenderloin with onions, tomatoes, fried potatoes.
Foodies are very familiar with the lomo saltado. Aside from ceviche, it’s this one and the pollo a la brasa that are the most popular Peruvian dishes that can be found. Beef was very tender, perfect with fries. Wasn’t too saucy which I didn’t mind. Was saltier than what I’m used to.. If the adobo weren’t available, this is what I’d order.

127919Adobo Peruvia. 400. Pork belly with cream sauce, tomatoes, onions.
Yum, yum, yum! A Peruvian adobo is marinated like the Pinoy version, but theirs does not use vinegar like ours. This was amazing. Pork belly was thinly sliced, very soft. A tad over seasoned for me, but the cream sauce cut through the saltiness. I can eat this with potatoes. But I think this goes really well with the cilantro rice. Really well.

Pollo a la Brasa. 380. Roasted chicken with potatoes, aji amarilla sauce, chimichurri and salsa creole.
Another very popular Peruvian dish is their marinated roasted chicken, made better with the accompanying sauces. I have yet to eat chimichurri I didn’t like. DJ suggested eating the chicken with both sauces in one bite. I would like this to be juicer, but naubos sya sa table so it’s all good haha. Potatoes originated from Peru (thank you Peru!) and they have many dishes that are served with it.

127919Arroz Verde con Pollo. 320. Cilantro chicken rice.
I was shocked when I found out there were actually people who hated cilantro. Buti na lang I’m not one of them because my world is a much better place with this herb. So if you don’t like cilantro, pass on this one. I normally order plain rice with my food, as I like my mains being the highlight of my meal. However if you like cilantro, you must, must, must order this with the adobo. Perfect pairing! It was everyone’s favorite for the night. I think I can eat this on its own, it already has a few bits of chicken.

Arroz con mariscos. 450. Seafood rice with shrimp, mussels, squid and aji amarillo.
Overshadowed by the cilantro rice which was served first, most found the taste of this one too subtle. But I still liked it. it even had a few octopus tentacles in it. Considering the flavors of the mains are more aggressively seasoned, I think this will still please people who want rice that’s not overpowering.

Galera de Chocolate. 350. Dark chocolate tart with purple corn and potato crisps, figs and syrup.
Seemed like Jayson and Ej really liked this one. i could hear them looking at both sides of the table for left overs. This should be shared as it’s a a dense tart. The figs added sweetness to the not too bitter dark chocolate. This is an adult dessert, kids who like it sweeter might not like it. Their desserts are a work of art, they’re really so pretty to look at.

Alfajores. 180. Dulce de leche, alfajores, pulvoron and ice cream.
Good try, though I prefer the traditional alfajores, then add the ice cream. If you don’t like overly sweet desserts, this is the one for you. We scraped all the dulce to eat. I literally switched from eating the chocolate and this one as I couldn’t decide which one I preferred.

127919Pisco Sour. 320.
A Peruvian dinner won’t be complete without their signature cocktail. When they offered this, we couldn’t say no. The traditional concoction is topped with frothy egg whites, so those with egg allergies probably shouldn’t order this. Even those still getting used to appreciating alcoholic drinks enjoyed this one. Salud Cocina! Salud |!

I truly enjoyed our dinner here. Serving is generous and can be shared by 2-3 people. Beer is very affordable. Highly recommended.

Had a great time with you guys - Bernisse C., Denise A., EJ B., Jayson J., Midz S., Norman Lester T., Trina H., and Unisse C. Thanks Peanut D., everyone was in high spirits last night. We missed you Pam L. , hope you're feeling better.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Thank you Cocina Peruvia for choosing looloo to let everyone know what's good to order here. Thanks looloo for inviting us and express our love for food and friendship. Cocina Peruvia belongs to Mother spice group (mango tree, genki sushi...) and is planning to open it's second branch... at palawan!

First time i was first to arrive at the place and nerossa and Deej greeted me quickly. but lo and behold! Photography queens Midz S Unisse C Denise A arrived and bigla akong nahiya sa phone na hawak ko. Lol. They started to take pictures of the place.
The ambience was warm and southern. There were hanging bulbs everywhere, abstract paintings, and that reggae/merengue sounds was just perfect! There's a few seats for al fresco.

128204 ceviche nikkei @320php
This ceviche is made of two kinds of fish: salmon and Jackfish or talakitok in tagalog. The salmon has a fresh, soft texture while the jackfish contrasts the previous. It's an 8 hour marinade with the coconut milk and citrus juice. It initially tastes sour (which was good) but then it immediately looses its sourness and all of a sudden becomes salty. EJ B really liked this appetizer

128204128525 lomo saltado @450php
It's a super tender beef lomo or tenderloins and is a common (national) dish of Peruvians. The mix of onions, tomatoes, and fried potatoes gives the dish the right moisture and that southern taste! Meat lover like Norman Lester T usually orders this whenever he visits. There's also a chicken counterpart of this dish.

128204128525 adobo peruvia @450php
There really is no adobo in Peru. It was a creative dish from their Peruvian chef who once stayed and served an adobo dish. The 250g pork belly(that's right!) is good for 2-3 pax. It has cream and soy based sauce then garnished with tomatoes and red onions. This was the winner and guarantee will not disappoint if you order this.

128204 pollo a la brasa @380php
This is their version of peruvian roasted chicken that goes with the perfectly cooked fries and garnished with salsa creole. It goes with the aji and chimchurri sauce. I like their chimchurri. marketing head deej said the taste of this dish is usually learned for it to be appreciated. I find it okay. Not so dry, if you want something safe to eat then this is an entree for you.

128204128525 arroz verde con pollo @320php
"Green rice with chicken" -- cilantro chicken rice. It's cilantro infused rice. For a moment i was hesitant to try it because as we all know cilantro, it's a strong herb-- good thing this one is not bad. The chicken in it was tender and moist. The mix of carrots, green peas and corn made the special rice dish festive. It has the right cilantro taste followed by a salty ending.

128204 arroz con mariscos @450php
This is seafood paella. It got mussels, shrimps, squid, and aji amarillo spice. For me, this was the least favorite. We told them to improve on this one as it does not taste anything but bland with a hint of tomato-ish taste. The texture is completely different than the previous rice dish. Well, this should not stop you from ordering this dish as you should see its improvement.

128204 alfajores @150php
This is truly a southern dessert. Alfajores are cookies usually filled with dulce de leche. Cocina Peruvia offers this dessert deconstructed, with ice cream and polvoron! Sweet tooth craze as Bernisse C became its dish finisher! 128518128518 personally i find it too sweet. But i like the alfajores cookies itself. It's milky and light to taste.

128204128525 galera de chocolate @350php
Dark chocolate tart, corn crisp, potato crisps and figs! I love this! This is just so divine Trina H and i literally became balimbing which group we would share this dessert. The texture of the figs and the crisps were really awesome. The dark chocolate tart just explodes in your mouth! Aww! I can eat 3 orders of this!

128204128525 pisco @260php
Yay they offered! Thanks to Christina R queen AA asked about their drinks! What you got here is a peruvian cocktail-- mix of pisco sour, ponche de pisco and chilcano. BOGo happy hour every 2-5pm so if you want to try this sweet fruity cocktail (guarantee no amats), go visit!

128204 houseblend iced tea
Sweet at first but it got that tea flavor which is a little bitter at the end.

They have a reliable wifi and a nice common CR (no urinals though). Some seats were cushioned, some seats are wooden.

** really glad to meet half of the group for the first time , enjoyed the chitchats** Pam L ndi k nkpnta 128533

This place is open 24 hours so drop by anytime. 128540

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Joy and Lance x.
4.0 Stars

#JLJustLanded recommends:

Adobo Peruvia / Lomo Saltado
--these pork and beef dishes respectively are some of their lunch specials 128076 their Peruvian twist added more flavor to your normal Pinoy pallet.

Follow our food/travel-ventures on Instagram:
@jljustlanded 128107128156

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Cocina Peruvia, BGC

Visited Cocina Peruvia last month with Clarissa P. and Mary Love S. when they had the buy one get one promo.

We ordered the following which were included in the promo:

🔹Salmon Skin Chicharron. Deep fried salmon skin served with chimichurri aioli and lemon juice as dips. This was just okay for me.

🔹Galera de Chocolate. Dark chocolate tart, figs, with corn and potato crisps. This was good. Sweet, but it's the chocolatey sweetness that I like. The texture, as you can imagine, was a little complex. Something was gooey, something was chewy, something was crispy, something was crunchy. 128518

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