CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

4/F SM City Manila, Concepcion St. cor. San Marcelino St., Manila, Metro Manila

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice
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Roy T.
3.0 Stars

I've been a Coco addict recently and I dropped by SM Manila because I did not want to go home just yet. I was happy about their enclosed shop. Compared to the two other Coco shops I've been to, this is a legit stall and it's more spacious inside. The Fisher Mall and Lucky Chinatown Mall shops were both just a stall and you'll sit along the hallway. Too much for those who have privacy issues.

First thing I noticed was the not cleaned up table. Only one person, a lady, was manning the store. She was too busy that she just looked at me by the counter, perhaps waiting for me to call her attention. A big no no for me. Minus points for the not so accommodating-ness. I was not on the perfect mood because of stress from patient work the whole day and I did not want to deal with another behavioral issue. 128527 she got my look and quickly rushed to get my order. not really friendly person....

Also observed how her behavior changed when someone looking Taiwanese went inside the store. He had the Coco logo on his polo so I was sure he's one of the bosses. She smiled but the boss noticed her not wearing his cap. Oops tsk tsk. Napaghahalataan na. I think the boss will notice the no-no's about the staff so I hope they manage that.

I got the Pearl Milk Tea and it was consistently good as usual. I love their milk tea! A must try for Coco first timers!

Again, biggest Coco store I've been to. A three star for the not so good service and cleanliness!

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Mica C.
5.0 Stars

Coco Milk Tea was my first. It was the first milk tea I’ve tried when I had the chance to travel to Taiwan and it set the bar for milk teas very high. The tea was the most prevalent taste in this concoction but it still maintained the sweetness associated with desserts. The pearl is well cooked and provides a “fight” that will keep you chewing as you savor the taste.

Anchored by that experience, I was a bit disappointed when the milk tea craze became prevalent in the Philippines, for me, Coco remains unmatched. I was so excited when I heard that they will be in the Philippines but a bit dismayed as they didn’t have branches in my favorite spots. When I was at SM Manila I jumped to the chance to try their Panda Milk Tea.

Its their typical milk tea but instead of the regular black pearl, they had white pearls as well, hence the name. Before I tried it, I psyched myself thinking it might not be the same. Like our high school experiences, first major disappointment and childhood memories, we have the tendency to romanticize our past. I was expecting the same. <Pardon this #hugot-filled and wax-poetic post on the merits of milk tea.> But when I sipped it, it was the same taste and feeling, like rediscovering an old friend. Seriously, if you get to have a chance to see a branch, head on over and try it. For me, its still my favorite version of milk tea.

It’s also very spacious and I saw some couples on a date. It seems like a good place to bring someone you want to know on a deeper level.


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Jennifer Lea U.
4.0 Stars

Its #SummerOnTheGo for Coco fresh tea.

It's my 1st time here and it has been more than 5 years since my last visit to Sm Manila. Lots of yummy food choices here at d 4th floor.

I had the Matcha Tea Latte while my husband had the Lemon Yakult.

I was apprehensive drinking the green tea concoction but we all need to try new things. And i enjoyed it! Have a new favorite flavor.

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Celine V.
4.0 Stars

Good place for tambayan :)

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Cyrene Bless C.
5.0 Stars

Green tea, my ultimate fave 128571

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