CoCo Ichibanya

G/F One Rockwell, West Tower, Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila

CoCo Ichibanya
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Most Recent Reviews

Anna d.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Angel U.
5.0 Stars

It's best japanese curry in town!!!! Promise128536 !! No other words! All perfect

  • No. of Comments: 4
Louie Y.
3.0 Stars

Fried chicken (karaage) curry + Regular size rice + Medium hot spicy level (P310)

Taste 127835:127775127775127775 The curry sauce tastes the same as the one I tried in Japan however the fried chicken is not as good.

Price🤑127775127775127775 I consider it pricey for its size.

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Shermaine C.
5.0 Stars

Japanese curry lovers all hail!!! Loved the chicken patty rice something something!!! 128525 customizable spice level, rice amount and meal type!

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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

Finally was able to try this, the largest Curry Restaurant! I love their curry because you can taste the freshly prepared sauce that is light, and its richness.

I ordered Pork Cutlet Curry (P320) with level 3 spiciness with standard rice 200g.

TIP: The standard sets come with 300g of rice, but you can order less rice at 200g (less P20) or double the rice at 600g (add P120).

Definitely will be back! 128076🏻128525

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Sergi R.
4.0 Stars

Good value comfort food . Place is very clean

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Des F.
5.0 Stars

Loved how customizable their curry dishes are 128149 so many yummy add-ons to choose from. Pork's tender and the curry sauce is just right, not too overwhelming 128076

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Karen C.
5.0 Stars

My favorite curry so far 128525

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Dastine S.
5.0 Stars

The house of CoCo.. Ichibanya, that is, first opened its doors to me when i was karen to the tasting in their flagship branch at Estancia mall. CoCo is a japanse curry house franchise brought to the +63 by the group behind UCC coffee and Mitsuyado Sei-men. I am now back for another round with the SaturGains Carla M and Kirby G. Thank you to Chichi T for tagging us along 128077🏼128513 127881

You can essentially create your rice + curry + topping combination since almost everything- from the toppings, spiciness level of the curry to the amount of rice can be customizable.

Our SaturGains comprised of:

Hashed Beef Omelette Rice
A non-curry alternative in a curry house 128513 beef slices, tender to the bite, swimming (yes, swimming) in a sweet brown sauce topped with a soft scrambled egg. Perfect. Love it. 128076🏼128074🏼128525

Pari pari chicken
Lovely fried, flavorful chicken cutlet. A promising render to the usual chicken curry.

Shirmp cutlet
Shrimp in cutlet form? Why not? It's a spot on partner for curry.

Cheese hamburger
Get this: a beautiful hamburger patty on the outside, with a surprise cheese center. Yummeh. 128525

Seafood curry
Japanese curry pairs well with seafood. I thought that the seafood flavor will be drowned by that of the curry's, but it turned out to be a harmonious symphony.

Japanese sausage
Juicy to the bite. A wonderful flavor with just the right amount of sausage spice.

So, if you're in the Estancia or Rockwell area during the rush hour, instead of spending the time being highblood in your car, burning away precious fuel, wait out the traffic and eat here. They will be opening another branch at BGC soon, so all the more reason to stay inside the house (of curry). 128514 127968

-curry tastes meh when it isnt served hot, you can ask the staff to have your dish reheated when, say, 'documentation' took a tad bit longer than the usual 128523
-to add a little bit more flavor to your meal, add pickled plum (the curious-looking condiment on your table).

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Elmer R.
5.0 Stars

Coco Ichibanya, a byword for Japanese style curry dish from Japan now has its second branch at Rockwell. See that generous amount of curry sauce they poured on my pork katsu omelette rice!

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

Not a fan of any dish with curry, but when Chichi T invited us for lunch after our badminton sesh, we can't say no. 128518

Coco Ichibanya opened their second branch in One Rockwell a week ago. They offer a variety of Japanese curry dishes. You can customize your orders by choosing your preferred size of rice, spiciness level of the curry sauce, and toppings.

Chichi got there ahead of me , Kirby G and Dastine S so we asked her to order for us already while waiting.

127835 Hashed Beef Omelette Rice (511088️)
This was my favorite! Rice wrapped in fluffy omelette with tender, thin beef slices and sweet brown sauce. Order this if you're not a curry fan like me, or if you prefer non-spicy food. The sauce was so yummy. Sauce palang, ulam na!128523

127835 Cheese Hamburger Curry (511088️)
Another winner dish! The thick patty was oozing with cheese. Mix it with some curry. I like that their Japanese-style curry sauce was mild yet flavorful.

127835 Pari Pari Chicken Curry (311088️)
Their version of fried chicken cutlet. This was okay. Breading wasn't too thick (YAY!) but it wasn't that crispy anymore when we ate it.

127835 Shrimp Cutlet and Sausage Curry (411088️)
I didn't get to try the shrimp cutlet but I liked the sausage. It was not too spicy but has a little kick to it.

127835 Fried Squid and Stewed Shrimp Curry (311088️)
This was just okay. Food has gone cold already (HAHA it took us x minutes to take photos 128517 oops!) so the squid was a bit rubbery. It probably tastes way better if you eat it as soon as they serve it.

We were informed that they are opening more branches soon, and one will be at Burgos Circle. Woohoo, will go back for the Hashed Beef Omurice and the Cheese Hamburger Curry. 9757🏼️

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