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G/F Vista Hub, 21st Drive cor. 5th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

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Raisa Z.
4.0 Stars

There's something about Coffee Project that will make you keep coming back, for me I think one of the many reasons would be the place! It's beautiful, I swear! You can have a date, meeting, study place or it can even be a workplace, all in one - the place is really home-y, you wouldn't wanna leave 10024

We tried the following meals:
Pepperoni Tortilla Pizza, Godfather Tortilla Pizza, Sardine Pasta, Shrimp Pesto Pasta, Chicken Parmigiana and Hot Pepper Rice, Beef Tapa, Continental Breakfast.... My top picks would be -

1) Sardine Pasta and Shrimp Pesto Pasta 127837
I like how the sauce was very light! I am not a fan of saucy pasta or any saucy food in general. So this really soothes my taste bud. Both sauce were really good.

2) Pepperoni Tortilla Pizza 127829
You can never go wrong with cheese!!! The tortilla was thin crust, and yet I was surprised how thick the cheese was. Cheesy and good for sharing.

For dessert, we tried:
Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Banoffee Golden Flare, Chocolate Mousse.... and the winner is Salted Caramel Cheesecake!!!! It was my first time trying this, I heard this cake is really famous. I love how thick the cheesecake is, you could really taste the cream cheese goodness 🧀

And last but def not the least, the beverages, we tried: Vietnamese Coffee Jelly, Berry and Pomegranate Green Tea, Strawberry Melon Medley, Vietnamese Latte, Ca Phe Sua Da, White Chocolate Mocha - and my fave was the VIETNAMESE LATTE. I like how creamy it is yet you could still taste the caffeine kick in it. I would definitely go back to order this, good coffee means a good day right??? 9749

Thanks Looloo team for the invite and also for the super duper creative flat lay! Roegan T and thanks Coffee Project for being so accommodating 9786

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Christina R.
3.0 Stars

Came in here as they were open late, even on a Sunday. They close at 12, yay. After a trip from Tagaytay with family, the H & I wanted some us time to cap the weekend.

There’s parking in the building. Had to wait for manong guard to wake up from dreamland to let us in. As we exited the elevator on the ground floor, another guard just told us we had to park on the 4th floor, when we parked in an empty 3rd floor. He was apologetic but ano yun. Walang tao ha. 10 PM na. So we went back up to repark our car. Payment of your parking is on the 5th floor. Oo, paikot ikot kami.

I was surprised this branch was bigger than what it seemed on the outside. It’s elongated and there’s a lot of room inside. I like that it has a smoke free outdoor seating area where we stayed. It was a cool, windy night and we enjoyed sitting here.

There were many savoury items not available on the menu. We ordered a mushroom omelet which was pretty good. The cheesecake was good but the topping was just too sweet that we scraped it off. They didn’t have my default Salted Caramel.

Sadly, my iced matcha was also disappointing. I’ve had the same order in another branch and it was just soooo good. This one wasn’t as creamy and it was also too sweet. It wasn’t blended / mixed well as I could feel the sugar granules. Double sad is that half of it was foam. You can see it in my photo.

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Coffee Project is one of those Coffee Shops that took the Metro by storm. Their first ever glamorized space in QC made such waves because of how they designed it - a little rustic with a lot of chic-ness! Garden themed but without any "real" plants or flowers - exaggerating the faux blooms made them famous! Imagine stepping into a dreamland full of hanging lamps, covered with colorful plastic flowers, dangling so charmingly it's almost hypnotic. You would want to take pictures of every corner! I haven't really heard a lot of good stuff about their coffee and food and it took me ages to try Coffee Project!

Sweet Cold Brew, Vietnamese Latte, Salted Caramel Cheesecake (found in every Villar food establishment), Carrot Cake - these are my faves. I haven't really tried anything but these!

Expanding aggressively across the country, they're now up to at least 27 branches and they're opening more soon! Their theme varies from one place to another, depending on the audience that they are trying to capture. So yes, it's not all flowery every branch but the overall "Coffee Project" signature ambiance and feel is always there. Take for instance the Coffee Project that I recently visited in BGC, Vista Hub. Thanks to a |ooloo rendezvoos, I found the best Coffee project yet!

Sitting quietly in a less visited area of BGC, just in front of Essensa, the place was amazeballs! I can't even begin to describe it! I was in awe when I got in. It looked seemingly simple from the outside but as you get in, speechless! Bricks and wood dominates the interior. Drop lamps made of thick ropes and those modern-industrial looking ones, spot light and mood light can be found everywhere. Long tables ideal for big groups, cushioned chairs for those opting to be alone, cozy corners ideal for working, heavy and long drapes that separate several "dining rooms" from each other - there's so much to absorb! Overall, there's a "manly" vibe here toned down by shelves with faux flowers and plants. Seriously, a coffee place this HUGE and pretty - this place is way better than most restaurants!

While waiting for the group, I had my usual Cold Brew which was as awesome as I know it. But when we started the rendezvoos, food started to flood!

Okay, let me set your expectation with their food. They didn't serve a single stand out dish. Most of them were good, but not "wow" good. Simple food that you can get elsewhere, nothing that I can say you'll find only there.

|Sardine Pasta was my fave that night (let's talk dessert later, shall we?), but again it's the same as that of Figaro's, they only changed the meat here from Tuna to Sardine. Still good IMO, no fishy taste or smell. Not an original but I can reco this one.

| Shrimp Pesto can be better if: it was a tad saltier because it was almost bland. Maybe add a bit more salt or cheese, a little bit more of Pesto and maybe pine nuts.

| Chicken Parmigiana with the orange rice was a fave of the group. I found it good - tender chicken, crunchy coating, a good serving of cheese plus the rice! The Hot Pepper Rice was not spicy but it was flavorful with lots of carrot bits

| Godfather and Pepperoni Tortilla Pizza - their pizzas are simple, no fuss just straight forward. Nothing too grand, simple flavors too but they were okay. I kinda liked them maybe because of the crust. It was thin but soft and chewy.

| Beef Tapa was my 2nd fave. Well marinated beef, leaning towards the sweeter side - I also liked the hint of garlic.

| Continental Breakfast had the usual - scrambled egg, Hungarian Sausage, waffles, bacon, and this weird looking toast slice that we later found out was a Croissant Loaf slice. It's was kinda weird and they tried to explain why they went for such but seriously, they could have included small pieces of croissant.

Before I move on to the desserts, let's discuss their drinks. Seriously, none of the drinks they served stood out. I mean, I liked the Vietnamese Latte but I liked that even before this rendezvoos. And oh I liked the Berry and Pomegranate Green which had a refreshing finish but a background taste of tea.

Their Summer drinks tasted like candy, the Caramel Coffee Jelly needed a stronger coffee flavor, the Ca Phe Sua Da needed more sweetness and more coffee - it was a little watered down.

The main game for me during the rendezvoos were the cakes!

| Salted Caramel Cheesecake is HIGHLY recommended but you can get this in any of the "Villar" restaurants - Cafe Voila, Another Story and Cheesecake Fairy. But this is the chiz of all Salted Caramel Cheesecakes! Unlike others where it's usually the normal New York Cheesecake topped with Salted Caramel sauce, this one has salted caramel in the cheesecake itself giving you an indulgent treat every bite! It's soft and creamy and thick and sweet and ahhhhhh...delicious! Finished off with a generous serving of salted caramel on top - even our #fooddsocietyph food tour customers LOVE this!

| Banoffee Golden Flare is my number 2 fave cake in Coffee Project. If I want something light and refreshing, this is what I'll order! Two layers of Banana Cake that's more like a Banana Loaf because it's so moist and compact with a good banana flavor, sweet cream with fresh banana slices and some caramel in the middle, frosted with light cream, topped with more caramel, crushed banana chips and walnuts. Not too sweet and insanely delicious too!

| We also tried their Chocolate Mousse with a layer of white and milk, this was okay. Nothing special and it's that type that you can get elsewhere.

Ambiance + Overall Restaurant = 5 Stars
Cold Brew + Vietnamese Latte = 4 Stars
Salted Caramel Cheesecake + Banoffee Golden Flare = 5 Stars
Food/Beverages/Cake not mentioned in my rating above = 3 Stars

Overall = 4 Stars

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Bea Patricia J.
5.0 Stars

I frequent coffee shops to work or blog. In my 5 years of exploring, only a few have ALL FIVE :
✔️ GREAT coffee && non-mediocre cakes
✔️ Satisfying (yet reasonably priced) savory options
✔️ Good lighting (plus pts for comfy couches)
✔️ Power outlets for devices
✔️ PEACEFUL crowd (the non-boisterous type)

Coffee Project used to be a hit or miss for #1 and #2 in recent years (I think I tried most of their coffee variants, cakes and sandwiches already ‘14 to ‘16) so I was hoping for something refreshing. Thank you for this looloo rendezvoos! Thank you CP team, and Roegan T for the invite!

THIS BGC BRANCH. Seemingly quaint by placement, yet a very elating feel of wonderland in every corner!!! I was really in awe with so much eye-candy that added so much bliss to the entire experience!!! Literally a HIGH FIVE!!!

The hot pepper rice was a fiery complement to the chicken parmigian (with oozing cheese!!!) only comment though is that the serving could use an upgrade, but it’s probably for main-eaters like me! (vs rice-eaters)

10024 PIZZAS (godfather & classic)
The BEST savory item you could order for meetings or a solo feast!! It’s lightweight too if you’re carb-conscious (cue: tortilla dance). For 210 /195 that’s usually P350++ elsewhere - you’ll have 8 inches of simple, yet satisfying goodness.

PERFECT for breakfast eaters!! Jampacked with lightly spiced hungarian sausage, soft bacon strips, creamy scrambled egg, milky waffles, and CROISSANT BREAD!

Understandably a pinoy favorite for breakfast because hello beef! Not bad for a rice meal, but just make sure to eat it WHILE IT’S HOT!!!

🤔 Sardine Pasta && Shrimp Pesto Pasta
Same comment for both : would be better if there were more strips/bits of sardine & shrimp. It was ok, but it’s something I won’t really order again (other loolooers loved em though!)
Extra tip : make sure to use the their condiments especially parmesan cheese!

Definitely my top pick for coffee because of the perfect balance of creamy-sweet-and-bold coffee! But the taste is of course bolder when HOT, so here’s a #loolooTIP : when already lukewarm, add ICE! Enjoy both in a day!!

There’s an option for this to be served traditionally, but either way - vietnamese coffee just has this addictive effect!

10024 CARAMEL VIETNAMESE COFFEE JELLY (blended). For a sweeter variant, with a roasted effect plus chewable coffee jelly of course, GET THIS!

I’m also a tea person and THIS, my friend, IS BETTER than any similar drinks “out there”. Perhaps it’s because of the jasmine tea base, or the sour punch of pomegranate, or the distinctive berry medley, or ALL OF IT actually🤷🏻‍♂️ perfect pair to any of your savory plates!! Sooo good 128557 ahhh if only they had bursting bubble add ons too 128517

128076🏻AVOCADO , STRAWBERRY MELON ( blended ) Im not really a fan of blended non-coffee beverages but this honestly tastes like milkshake - without the heaviness of cream, and overpowering sweetness! Get this if you want a childhood trance

Ahhhhh this is like 3 desserts in one, depending on how it’s served!!! When fresh from the counter, it’s like frozen icecream!! After a while, it’s thick and tarty cheesecake!! And the last state is like leche flan 128557 I love how the cheescake itself is fused with caramel already!! Just have it. You’ll see!!!!

The icing is a bit too heavy for me, but the light glaze of banana preserves was a perfect complement to the cake itself! The base isn’t crumbly banana cake, so that’s a plus!

Not what I expected it to taste like because of how it looks. It’s too “mousse-d” up without the flavor. Perhaps it’s better to go for their cheesecake, red velvet cake, or banoffee cake!

THIS BRANCH is a sweet haven for folks who want quiet time to read a good book; those write for work or leisure, study or get work done; those who want to make a good impression when meeting clients for the first time, or those who simply want to find inspiration while creating something amazing!

I’ll be back!! See you soon then?

It was great seeing you all Jairus d Clarissa P Salie D Will C 128149 Nice meeting you Abby M Karla Niña M Raisa Z 128149


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Abby M.
3.0 Stars

It was my first time at Coffee Project. I have never been to any other their branches (though I’ve always wondered and, at one point, almost did go to their Lakefront branch) and I didn’t know what to expect from this #LoolooRendezvoos.

When I got there on a rainy worknight, I was surprised at what I saw. Yes, I didn’t know what to expect, but I sure wasn’t expecting that. Coffee Project’s interior is reminiscent of another food place, Another Story — a place that has always enticed me, but I was too scared to go inside. I found both of them... enchanting, to say the least. They both give off that “Come here. Stay a while.” vibe (which is true to Coffee Project’s goal of being a meeting place), yet on the verge of saying “Stay here. Don’t leave.” Personally, it was a little scary... but definitely IG-worthy. (Also, similar interiors because they have the same owner).

Now, onto the food.

(A unanimous favorite) Salted caramel cheesecake - because OMG. Two of my favorites! But more than that, their cheesecake is served fresh from the fridge so it has a cold, solid cheesecake base that is sweet compared to the usual NY cheesecake base. As if that isn’t enough, the salted caramel is a thick sauce covering (nay, overflowing) the entire cheesecake. Yum! Other dessert options would be banoffee cake (Wasn’t too awed by it since I was used to another coffee shop’s pie version. And I don’t really like banana bread...) and chocolate mousse (nothing extraordinary).

Continental breakfast - Being a morning person, this was a plus for me since it’s a full heavy breakfast containing waffles, Hungarian sausage, bacon, a fluffy omelet, and, apparently, croissant toast. The latter was just a weird addition to the plate. At first glance, I wasn’t sure what to do with it — it is going to be hard? It looks like it’ll taste bland; will it? To answer both questions — no and yes.

Pepperoni Tortilla Pizza - it’s a super thin crust (hence, tortilla) pizza with a hefty cheese topping and pepperoni. I liked it because it’s not too heavy; almost a guilt-free pizza. Other pizzas would be cheese and the “Godfather” (i.e. manager’s choice).

Sardine Pasta - Can’t figure out why, but I liked it. It wasn’t too tomato-y; not too sardine-y either. I guess it was really just well-balanced. They also have Pesto Pasta (obviously not my thing, haha!)

Beef tapa, and Chicken Parmigiano with carrot rice - I can’t choose between the two since they both have their pros and cons. I liked the small tapa cuts. Makes it crunchy and easier to chew. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to enjoy it that much because it got cold. First time to try rice with bits of carrot. It was surprisingly good, but, paired with the chicken parmigiano, I found both tastes too strong, as if fighting each other. Also, it looked like the rice overpowers the viands in terms of size, for both tapa and chicken.

For drinks, personal favorite would be:

Vietnamese Latte - though I did like their first serving. It was creamy, it was sweet (but not too much). Perfect for my non-coffee-lover self. Their second, smaller serving though was far from the first one (found it too strong), so I guess there might be a question on consistency.

Berry pomegranate Tea - I thought it would be too sweet, too sugar-y for me given its color, but it was really good. Quite refreshing!

Strawberry Melon Medley Frappe - Coffee Project’s making me like berries.. haha! I liked this one because I felt like I was drinking strawberry milkshake. Their avocado medley would have been good too (milkshake thick frappe as well), but the I wasn’t a fan of the avocado taste.

There are also other drinks (probably must-try) like their Ca Phe Sua Da, Vietnamese Coffee Jelly, and Caramel Coffee jelly. These were serves to us too, but I didn’t like them either because they were too strong or too ordinary for me.

Definitely going back for the cheesecake too. Thank you, Looloo, especially Roegan T for inviting me to another event and introducing me to the Coffee Project. It was great meeting a different set of fellow foodies. 128522

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Unshakablefoodie L.
5.0 Stars

I've been to Coffee Project's QC branches, and Macapagal Blvd branch. I enjoyed both visits due to the most effortful and IG worthy places. So how much more for this enchanting CP branch in BGC?!?
My wanting to come back here again soon will never stop until I do so. 128525

Anyway, I'm really getting addicted not just to a cup of coffee but on how the coffee shops these days were made so lovely.

This rendezvous in particular, made me soo excited pagpasok, I was telling myself...Woah! ang ganda...let the photo ops begin!"
I did not waste my time and took everything I could to take photos.

As soon as we began, I'm thrilled to know everything we're told about and even more excited when the beverages and food started to came in one by one.

Starting with the Coffee...Chef introduces us Caphe Sua Da, Famous Vietnamese Latte, Caramel Coffee Jelly,
Berry & Pomegranate Green Tea,
Strawberry Melon Medley...
as for me, I liked the Viet Latte and Melon drink the most.

They serve Solo or for sharing Godfather Tortilla Pizza a best seller with olives, salami, bell pepper and cheese.

The other one is Pepperoni Tortilla Pizza. Both have thin and crispy dough - I personally like Pepperoni may it be thick or thin sliced.

For Carbs heavy eater, you'd probably enjoy the Sardine Pasta it is topped with a piece of Sardine Meat on a Spaghetti Pasta. We thought the sauce flavor is too light and maybe better if added more flavor to it.

Shrimp Pesto Pasta Green
a healthy Pasta with Fresh Shrimps on top & Big Butter toasted Bread. Also better if more Basils on Pesto sauce for more thickness of flavor and taste.

Chicken Parmigiano & Hot Pepper Rice
-Chicken Breast in an orange sauce paired with Healthy Carrot Rice.
Beef Tapa meat's a little tough. I'm a certified fried rice silog lover so I definitely enjoyed this rice meal.

Continental Breakfast is one on my top three list! It is a fully loaded Brekky with fluffy and moist scrambled Egg, French Toast, Waffle, delicious Hungarian Sausage and slices of Fried Bacon that could be more enticing if it's crispy.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake
Banoffee Golden Flare and Choco Mousse has made a special finale and put a delight on our eyes each bite esp this very creamy cheesecake.128525 Tis really unforgettable and definitely make you come back for it.

Thank you for making me part of this CP rendezvoos experience Roegan T, Nice meeting you all Looloo peeps! Will C Raisa Z Abby M Jairus d Clarissa P Karla Niña M Bea Patricia J Thanks for the table flat lay Jai & Cla! 128522

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Karla Niña M.
5.0 Stars

Level up your IG game in this cafe 128525

So inlove with this place! Thank you looloo for my 1st ever #looloorendezvoos 128512

Coffee Project
128205 Ground Floor, Vista Hub, 20th Corner, 21st Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

For more detailed info:

My top picks:
> Salted Caramel Cheesecake (THIS IS THE BEST PROMISE!)
> Godfather & Pepperoni Pizza
> Continental Breakfast
> Vietnamese Latte

Contact Number:
128241 09102331801

Social Media Accounts:

Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday, 7:00 AM-11:00 PM
Friday to Sunday, 7:00 AM-12:00 MN

Use the hashtag #CoffeeProjectPH to be featured 🙂

Follow me on IG:

#KNBMeats 127860

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Coffee Project is a promising new player in coffee shop industry, it seems very popular for the south peeps that several branches beginning to sprout here and there that seems to have a striking bold interiors. Ive been to 2 of their branches and their interior does impress me but this branch was probably the biggest and had a striking design that somewhat feel rustic/vibrant/earthy/not your typical cafe vibe so i suggest picking your fav corner on this cafe shop as each corner exude different vibe, dont worry theres not much people yet as of the moment so its perfect for work and for meeting with clients.

So onto the foods, i wont go over all the items but ill touch over what my taste bud remembers and this includes those items that needs improvement and those that really stands out.

- sardine pasta, probably my fav as the dry light tomato sauce was perfect blend for the 1 pc sardine, the pasta was cooked well as its not too dry nor too tough. I would prefer them adding more than 1 pcs of sardine.

- shrimp pesto, i was impress with the tanginess of their pesto probably from lemon ingredient but pesto flavor itself was good if your mix the bottom part but it was a little oily. Shrimps were freshly.

- Tortilla Pizza was good but i would prefer if each slices were better seperated.

- Chicken Parmigian and Hot Pepper Rice, what can i say about this dish? The hot pepper rice was really good. It probably steals the show from the chicken parmigian. It was a mild spicy tasting tomato based rice. Chicken was abit tough and had a small portion though but defintely worth the try.

- Continental breakfast, i like the juicyness of their sausage as some of its fresh juice came bursting out when i try to slice on it.

- Salted Caramel Cheesecake, this was the bomb here. Dont forget to order this when at coffee project as among the cakes that ive tried here this was the least yummy looking one BUT probably my reason to keep coming back to coffee project.

- Promegranate and Berry Tea, legit tea were used and flavors were perfectly fused as it was not too sweet nor taste too heavy on the palate.

- Vietnamese Latte, im not too familiar with an authentic vietnamese coffee but i love this one as it has this bold flavor and was not too sweet. Something that im familiar with 3rd waves coffee shops.

Overall im definitely coming back to this place and bring my friends, families and clients. As its perfect for late night chat or dinner.

Again awesome night. Thank you Roegan T for the invite and happy seeing fellow loolooers. And coffee project for the sponsored items.

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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

Another awesome rendezvoos happened tonight thanks to Coffee Project! First off, I’m 100% sure everyone would marvel at their interiors. The ceiling are made up of steel, and old school wood paneling with industrial bulbs. It works well with classic cabinets, bicycles and tons of artificial flowers and greenery that you can see in every side of the coffee shop.

Loved the fact that each table is different and some can be covered by curtains if you’re eyeing for a private setting. Coffee project made sure they are nothing but homey, chic and intimate.

The food spread tonight was generous enough for us to have an overall feel of their menu:

127829Godfather tortilla pizza
127829Pepperoni tortilla pizza
127837Sardine Pasta
127844Shrimp Pesto Pasta
128020Chicken Parmigian and Hot Pepper Rice
127856Salted caramel cheesecake
127820Banoffee Golden Flare
127851Golden Flare Chocolate
128046Beef Tapa
🥓Continental Breakfast
9749️Caramel Coffee Jelly
127827Berry and Pomegranate Green Tea
🥝Strawberry Melon Medley
🇻🇳Vietnamese Latte
🇻🇳Ca Phe Sua Da
🇻🇳Vietnamese Coffee Jelly

My top picks would have to be the following:

Salted Caramel Cheesecake - For being one of the best cheesecakes ever! The salted caramel is not just graciously drizzled on top but also infused in the cheesecake. This is major!

Sardine Pasta - For being simple yet divine and its on the sweet side too! No fishy taste thanks to the herbs that they don’t want to disclose lol.

Banoffee Golden Flare - For surprising me with the almost tres leches texture of the cake. Adding more yema icing on top and lessening the white icing/cream will make the dessert even better.

Beef Tapa - The meat was quite tough but I blame it on the time we spent in taking pictures. Taste wise, their tapa was a clear winner in my book for being marinated well.

Continental Breakfast - The bacon and Hungarian Sausage are surely delish. A good amount of melted cheese on the toasted croissant will improve one’s experience even more.

I was very vocal in saying that they need a legit caphe sua da. The iced coffee needs to be stronger and creamier. Reducing the size in half to mirror the usual iced coffee being sold in every street of Ho Chi Minh will greatly improve the overall taste of the beverage.

I will definitely come back as a paying customer if I’m near a Coffee Project branch. Thanks again to |oo|oo (Roegan T woot!) for the invite and to the awesome mix of new and resident Loolooers!

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Denise R.
4.0 Stars

I’ve heard much positive things about Coffee Project, specifically on its equity of being instagrammable. So glad that there’s a newly opened branch near where I live, so I had the chance to experience its ambiance (and coffee and food), first hand.

Went here one evening and I was in awe at how ornate and playful its ambiance was—fluffy seats, wooden tables, a bicycle or two that hung in the walls, coffee-related decors, graceful lights, the overall smell of “new” of the place.. I could go on and on. There was also barely any customer in their spacious area, which I was happy about, as we almost have the place to ourselves and I can appreciate the designs and take pictures to my heart’s delight.

We ordered the iced Cafe Mocha, Beef Tapa and Clubhouse Sandwich. The coffee was served quickly, but our food took forever to arrive. Upon follow up, one of the staff members eventually served our orders, along with a slice of their mango cake—complimentary, as it seemed as if they forgot our orders. Which was very puzzling for me, as there was, what, 5 customers, then. But anyway, the staff member was quite apologetic, and she definitely got me at “complimentary mango cake.”

Coffee tasted okay, sandwich was fine, beef tapa was so-so, cake consistency was likable to a mamon.. it was not costly, price-wise, so I’m not complaining (that much) about the mediocrity of the food.

I actually would have given a 5, if not for the fact that I (and my companion) ended up with an upset tummy that night. Must have been the too-chocolately coffee, probably? But still, will definitely return, if only for the very relaxing, rustic and whimsical overall look and feel of the place.

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