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G/F Vista Mall Sta. Rosa, Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Rd., Santa Rosa, Laguna

Coffee Project
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Nievs G.
2.0 Stars

On my first Coffee Project visit in Mandaluyong a few weeks back, I was wowed by the cafe's eye-popping, Instagram-worthy interiors. But I was otherwise underwhelmed by its food and drink -- salty arrabiata pasta, hard and flat-tasting cookie, and matcha latte that was too sweet and milky to my liking. However, their free and fast Wi-Fi resurrected it from being a completely "thumbs-down" dine-in experience.

Here at its branch at Vista Mall, Santa Rosa, Laguna, I was hoping for a better Coffee Project experience.

Interiors -- I was about to visit this branch at that time but I already took for granted that it would surely have the same eye-popping, Instagram-worthy interiors like the Mandaluyong branch.

The Santa Rosa branch looked magical indeed. Once again, I could not resist myself from taking pictures after I stepped into the cafe.

There were lots of people so finding for a seat was difficult. But we eventually managed to get a decent and comfy seat.

The first real problem was their Wi-Fi. We had difficulty connecting even though we had the password already. We tried to connect (and re-connect) our devices to their Wi-Fi but all for naught, and we gave up in frustration. So instead we continued to use the mall's limited-time Wi-Fi instead.

Their Vietnamese latte is purported to be one of the most recommended beverages. It is also the most expensive among all the other hot coffee drinks on the menu -- one "tall" cup already cost ₱175 so I kind of expected highly of this beverage. I liked the addition of cinnamon powder but the coffee lacked some "ooomph" of flavor.

The cakes and pastries line at this branch was pretty limited. In the end we had the ube cake and the butterscotch bar (or something like that). They both tasted flat. While I appreciate that cakes and pastries should not be sickeningly cloying, the food we tried here at Coffee Project was otherwise bland, almost tasteless, like they didn't see any sugar 128514.

Overall, we were overwhelmed by Coffee Project's interiors but we were otherwise underwhelmed by their food and drink, again. 128528 Parang laging me kulang o sobra sa pagkain at inumin nila. You know -- "it's getting there but it either falls short or goes overboard." It just doesn't hit the right notes, so to speak.

At this Vista Mall Santa Rosa branch, everything we tried was kind of insipid in comparison to the stuff I had at its Mandaluyong branch, na nasobrahan naman sa pampalasa. But I hope it's just me. 128513

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Foodcrawl P.
3.0 Stars

Opens early morning and is good stop over place for travelers going south. It's on the right side of the road if you're heading to Tagaytay or Batangas. Parking is available outside the cafe. Cozy ambience and service is close-to-home. The interior style is worth posting on your instagram. Though Coffee Project also serves Pasta and Sandwiches, food is just average. Coffee is not even high standard.

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

It's obvious wherever there's All Home, there's Coffee Project.

And so not to procaffeinate, i just have to stop by this branch on my way to Calaca to get extra caffein aside from my usual McDonalds black coffee. The interior here is less flamboyant but there are still presence of flowery chandeliers like as other branches that i've been to.

Surprised too see they dont sell croissants here. The manager told me they only sell cake slices here. Only QC branches sell pastries daw

128204 Ca Phe Sua Da @155PhP
It's just their Vietnamese latte over ice.
I still find their viet latte too sweet. I think the best viet latte still belongs to wildflour. I get that little cringe every sip. 128541

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Maureen S.
3.0 Stars

Are you one of us? 128514
I ordered the strawberry (i think) frappe and it was sweet, sweet and sweet hahaha. I feel i gained so much calories from this drink 128513128513128513

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Gen S.
5.0 Stars

I love the place cause it's very comfy, cozy and instagram worthy. like most coffee shops it has free wifi with a good speed. we saw some students studying because it was a quiet place before we came, maybe because the mall was new. we will be watching a movie that day so we had to have our orders to go. i had cafe latte which is just right for a cold movie house. price range was 130 to 160 as i remember. they offer cakes that are mouthwatering, i'll come back for that. overall this place was great if you just want to hang out, study or have a sip of your caffeine. 974910084128077

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Norman Lester T.
1.0 Stars

Tagaytay with friends on a weekend is always a good idea, right? Last Saturday, my high school friends and I planned a quick Tagaytay adventure. We planned to meet at 9am in QC, but since I went to a party the night before, I arrived at our meeting place 10:30am. Boo me.

Being really hungry, we decided to eat first anywhere in Sta. Rosa. We saw Vista Mall is already open so we decided to try Coffee Project, based on my recommendation. I was the first one to order at exactly 3:02pm. I ordered hot Cappuccino and Sardine pasta. The coffee was so-so. Not really the coffee you would want to have everyday. After 20 minutes, my pasta came. It was delicious. I immediately consumed it. 10 more minutes, and the orders of my friends were still not on our table. Therefore, they're waiting already for almost 30 minutes. Geez, that long? They just ordered the cafe's all day breakfast - garlic longganisa + egg + rice. Since I don't want to ruin our day, I told them to still wait for 10 more minutes. Maybe they're still cooking rice? But the staff could've advised us that the orders may take longer-than-usual to be served, right? Anyway, around 3:47 pm I did a follow up on the orders. The staff told me that we still have to wait 10 more minutes. So around 3:57 pm? Ohh geez. So almost 1 hour for longganisa meals. Let me say that again. Almost 1 hour for longganisa meals. Being really HANGRY, my friends cancelled their orders and transferred to a nearby Jollibee.

P.S. I love the interiors of this cafe. Every corner is IG and looloo worthy. I just hope they improve their service.

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