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G/F Wil Tower Mall, E. Lopez Drive, South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Coffee Project
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Most Recent Reviews

Cyris T.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Piya S.
4.0 Stars

I love the ambiance. Their Blueberry Cheesecake was okay and the Caramel Latte. 128076🏻

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Ea A.
5.0 Stars

Note: Parking is a bit limited, and so are the seats

Ambience 97499749974997499749
Coffee 97499749974997499749
Food 97499749974997499749
Crowd 97499749974997499749

It has a mezanine that isolates a few tables from the bigger crowd hence ideal for meetings.
There’s a big rectangle table that can accommodate 8-10 people and still have ample space for extra things.

Other than work, it is so picturesque as well.


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Jam C.
3.0 Stars

Very instagram worthy place. Their dark chocolate frappe is good.

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Rosey D.
4.0 Stars

It was Tuesday aftee done running errands with hubby when he asked me if I wanted to have coffee date with him. Immediately thought of this place as we were near the area. Fell in love with the interiors first time I stepped in. Felt like I was attending a wedding. 128522 All the flowery on top of the ceiling as amazing and as we sat next to their message board, can't help but read all the notes.

Price of coffee was okay just like famous coffee shop that we are used to hang around with our family or friends. Asked the barista which cake is ok either the ube cake or the banana-carrot cake so I opted to have what she told me which is the banana-carrot cake that I super liked as well as hubby. He is not really into sweets but he liked the taste of the cake. I had vietnamese coffee and hubby got the mocha frap. My bad as I didn't steer well my coffee and all the sweetness of the latte was left in my cup after I was done sipping it.

Will def be back as my daughter wanted to check and have her selfie here soon.

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Mark L.
4.0 Stars

took out a cup of black coffee 128077128077128077128077 before heading to clark international speedway for the nissan gtr track day. i only had the time to drink it was when i arrived at san fernando pampanga. hehe

*sorry no pic of the coffee. 1285569996

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Melody T.
5.0 Stars

Loooooved the place! Who wouldn't?? The first time I came here was on a Sunday afternoon and it was suuuuper quiet; all tables were occupied so I just decided to come back on another day.

Went back on a Saturday night and it was livelier haha Found a new favorite cake - their banana carrot cream cheese cake! Serving size was huge and taste and texture were on point!128076🏻 Wish I could say the same with the rhum cake - which was dry. :(

I loved the super pretty artwork on the coffee cup too! Even their trashcan has letter-works! So cool!

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
4.0 Stars

I was really excited when I received the invite for my first Looloo event as I have been meaning to try Coffee Project's food. My visits to their Antipolo branch were just for drinks and desserts. This branch near ABS-CBN is as gorgeous and intricately designed as their Antipolo counterpart although not exactly the same.

The very generous people from Coffee Project - Cheche, Jessica and Andrea - spent some time chatting with us, answering questions and feeding us almost their entire menu. I have broken down my review into categories as this will be a very long post.

For the Tapa and Longganisa, you can inform the servers if you want your egg scrambled or sunny side up. You can also ask for an extra egg without any additional charge. I liked the Garlic Rice that came with the Tapa, Longganisa and Bangus.
🔹Beef Tapa - tasty and my first pick if I wanted rice. This is their bestseller and they could rename their Shaw branch to Tapa Project for the volume of tapa they serve during lunch hour of the nearby call centers.
🔹Garlic Longganisa - loved the crunch of the skin and the prominent garlic flavor.
🔹Boneless Bangus - a sizable portion that was seasoned just right.
🔹Mushroom Omelette - a thin omelette packed with mushrooms and cheese (I think). Not the first thing I would order but it's nice to know that it is available.
🔹French Toast - I couldn't make room for this but I heard the French Toast was surprisingly good.
🔹Continental Breakfast - I was able to grab a bite of just the sausage and it was delicious.

🔹Sardine Pasta - not your ordinary pasta dish. It was sweet, spicy, salty and sour. Loved the balance of flavors.
If you like tomato based sauces and pesto, you must try this.
🔹Carbonara - very creamy, flavorful and familiar. Comfort food type of dish.

All sandwiches come with yummy addicting potato chips. I wasn't able to try all as I was starting to get full. German Sausage, Bacon 4 Cheese and Tuna Melt were also served.
🔹Clubhouse - packed with a lot of delicious fillings. A huge serving that is best shared.

🔹Chicken Pot Pie - creamy tasty filling
🔹Pulled Pork - this was ok but not outstanding.
🔹Char Siu - their take on pork buns which I'm not really a fan of. The meat was sweet and the bread was big and soft.

🔹Caesar Salad - i thought that the dressing drizzled on top was too little for the serving. After tossing the salad, it was just the right amount. Loved the bacon bits and the overall taste of the dish. I would have to get this as an appetizer as the serving is not enough for my hefty appetite.

I'm not a coffee person and I figured I would have a hard time falling asleep if I drank coffee. I opted for English Breakfast Hot Tea as the aircon was on full blast. I kept on rubbing my hands together while waiting for my drink. They let us try their Summer Refreshers as well. I'm not a fruit person either but I liked the refreshing Raspberry Lemon Fusion. The Green Apple Cucumber Slush had a slight bitter aftertaste. I wasn't able to try the Strawberry Banana Smoothie but the others found it way too sweet.

I absolutely love chocolate but for this round of desserts, the Salted Caramel Cheesecake was the star of the night.
🔹Salted Caramel Cheesecake - I can't put my finger on why I like it but this was just different. It was sweet and salty and one bite just wasn't enough.
🔹Signature Cake - lovely layered light & airy mousse.
🔹Chocolate Cake - plain and straight up chocolate cake.

🔹Fish and Chips - this will be launched sometime during this Lenten season. It was good and the slightly sweet dip was dusted with perhaps cayenne pepper. The batter was crunchy, the fish was soft and moist. This was a crowd favorite as well.

Stepping into the place, it feels like going into a flower shop instead of a cafe. There are so many different flowers, arrangements and decorative details. Although some of the items have price tags, you have to visit their sister company All Home to purchase them. This is a brilliant marketing strategy. There are numerous instagram worthy areas, I was just too shy to wander around and do a mini photo shoot with the food. We also couldn't help but ask how they clean the place. They bring in a team once a month that fumigates the place and wipes everything one by one. Hearing this was quite a relief.

We had our #LoolooRendezvoos (yes, that's really how it is spelled) in their function room which can accommodate 30 people. You can book it for 3 hours for 5K (morning/early afternoon rate) or 7K (late afternoon/evening rate) then each succeeding hour would cost 1K. The rate is consumable and can also be converted into GC's. If you plan on booking this room, you might want to ask the management if they could lock the door leading to the mall.

They opened about a dozen Coffee Project Stores in 2016 and they plan to do the same this year. They will start with Villar owned malls and establishments, then put up shop in other malls and locations.

In no particular order
🔹Salted Caramel Cheesecake
🔹Sardine Pasta
🔹Beef Tapa
🔹Clubhouse Sandwich
Oh and the Snickers Cake which I tried in Antipolo 128516

I'm excited to have a Coffee Project lunch or dinner date with the husband real soon. Or maybe we'll go with the whole fam.

P.S. Thank you Peanut D, Roegan T and Looloo for the invite, the fun photo shoot and my very own Looloo keychain. Loved the handwritten note too! Thank you Cheche, Jessica and Andrea of Coffee Project for the overflowing food & drinks and the cute notepads. It was so nice to meet fellow food lovers Julie L Ruth D JC T Mark L Unisse C Patrick V Isha S

*wi fi available and unlimited but I didn't try to connect
**basement parking, don't forget to have the parking ticket validated
***I brought that silver/metal straw

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

Coffee Project has been gaining popularity lately over social media because of the picturesque interiors. Beautifully styled flower chandeliers hang over the ceiling of this café and people have been posting it all over Instagram.

A friend of mine who works in Quezon City invited me once to have coffee and maybe a light snack here but the plans never pushed through.

When Peanut D invited me for a |ooloo rendezvoos here, I said GAME! Despite it being all they way over in QC. 128517

After braving EDSA traffic for an hour and a half, I arrived at Wil Tower and parked at their basement. Parking's P55 for the first 3 hours but you can get validation at Coffee Project when you dine there and show the receipt.

127800 INTERIORS 127800
As seen in photos, this place really is very Instagrammable. 128514 Decorative flowers everywhere! It was really well arranged and the floral chandeliers reminded me of being at weddings with elaborate floral arrangements.

They also had a lot of typography distributed all around the walls. One of my favorites was the chemical diagram of caffeine. 128514 It's a bit geeky but it's cute. Another one that caught my attention was this #hugotTrashCan! Damn! 128514

One thing I love about this particular cafe is that they have this small hallway leading up to The Loo at the back. It's very well lit and there's a long high table by the wall. I can imagine myself sitting there away from all the crowd and noise and just work or study.

9749️ DRINKS 9749
When we started to gather, a server came to ask for the drinks we wanted. I got a Vietnamese Latte which is only available hot. It came in a cute cup with a bicycle printed and a quote, "coffee makes everything better" 10084️ Agree!

The coffee was okay. Vietnamese coffee is distinct but this particular blend was a bit plain. It had a dash of cinnamon on top, which is quite strange but since I liked cinnamon, I don't mind.

They also gave us the summer refresher drinks they have: apple cucumber slush, strawberry banana smoothie and raspberry tea infusion.

We all pretty much loved the apple cucumber slush. Someone mentioned it tasted like a margarita! 128514 But if you're aiming to get refreshed during the scorching Manila summer, then the cucumber slush is the way to go.

The strawberry banana smoothie was overly sweet and I didn't like it very much.

The raspberry tea fusion was said to be over ice, but the drink was half crushed ice. 128517 I thought it'd be ice cubes. It has a similar consistency to the apple cucumber slush. But this was a bit sweeter but not over.

🥓 FOOD 127859
They had so much food! 128561 Since there were so many, this will be my legend:
128077🏼 It's good.
128076🏼 Really liked it.
10084️ Loved it!

We started with some Chicken Pot Pie 128076🏼 to stop our stomachs from grumbling from the travel. The pie was really good! Baked well! We also had some Pulled Pork with Onions 128077🏼.

Their Caesar Salad 128077🏼 was well portioned and the dressing was not too much. It was just right.

For the pasta, they served us Carbonara 128077🏼 and Sardines Pasta 10084️. The carbonara is a safe bet when you're not sure what to order and like carbonara. It has a hint of bell pepper. The Sardines Pasta was really good. It had a hint of spiciness and I liked that.

For the sandwiches, there were so many! I wasn't able to most of it anymore. 128517 The French toast was 128076🏼!

Rice meals, TAPA 10084️ is their best seller and also one of the night's favorites. It's affordable and filling. You can ask for 2 eggs and request for the cook of the egg when you order. 9786️ as well with any other rice meal.

127851 DESSERTS 127856
Since we were already quite full, we were given 3 slices of 3 different cakes. 128513

Salted caramel cheesecake 128077🏼
I probably don't like salted caramel as a flavor for cheesecake that's why I didn't enjoy this as much as the rest. 128584 It wasn't very sweet which was good.

Nirvana chocolate cake 128077🏼
It's a good chocolate cake but there's no wow factor to it. Plus I'm not a huge fan of chiffon cakes.

Special Coffee Project cake 10084
This multilayered chocolate cake hit home run for me since it was a cake that gave different textures in a fork-ful. 128514 Each layer was well made and compliments each other. Just keep a cup of warm water with you since it can be a bit sweet.

Coffee Project is a great place to dine and hangout alone or with friends. If you need a place to chill or just have a quick shot of coffee, it should be a good spot. They have tons of food choices that are prepared fresh upon order.

As for coffee, I would have to come back and try other drinks to be able to give a verdict. Really looking forward to that Makati branch opening soon. 128521

This feast was sponsored by Coffee Project (Ms. Cheche, Ms. Jessica and Ms. Andrea) 128513 Thanks for the great company, Peanut D, Roegan T, JC T, Mark L, Julie L, Triggerhappyfoodie C, Ruth D, Isha S, Patrick V! It was great to meet new faces and see old ones 128541 Hihi! 9996🏻

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Coffee Project! So pretty, as always. I attended a looloo rendezvoos (ganyan talaga spelling, #doubleOforbranding 128517) last week and it was loads of fun. Loads din ang food. Food coma right after but no regrets. I’ll just indicate my top choices in this review.

🔹 Tapa. Yes, they have tapa and it’s so good. Really interesting given that Coffee Project is a café with such flowery interior. According to our hosts, Ms. Che, Ms. Jessica, and Ms. Andrea, this is actually a best-seller in their Shaw branch.

🔹 Pasta. We were served Carbonara and Sardine Pasta. Both were good. If you prefer some spiciness, then Sardine’s for you.

🔹 Fish and Chips. I liked this. Instead of fries though, they use potato chips.

🔹 Summer Drinks. Green Apple Cucumber Slush and Raspberry Cooler were my favorites. Absolutely refreshing.

🔹 Desserts. We were served 3 cakes, Chocolate Cake, Coffee Project Signature Cake, and Salted Caramel Cheesecake. The crowd favorite was the Salted Caramel Cheesecake but the other two were good too. It's just a matter of personal preference actually.

As always, thanks looloo, Peanut, Roegan, and Coffee Project!

Nice to meet all the loolooers!🤗

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4.0 Stars

My first ever Offish LooLoo meetup/gathering/gluttony trip.

What a way to kick it off!

First off, big shoutout to Peanut D for the invite, you’re so cool dooooode. 

On to the review of COFFEE PROJECT:

I’ll be honest, I’ve passed by this place many a time when making my round around the ABS-CBN area, and from outside, it didn’t look like much. I thought it was just another Chain Coffee shop (nothing wrong with those btw) so I never thought to venture inside. 

Stepping into the café, it’s like you’ve entered the garden of _____ (insert mystical/famous garden in here). It is simply a spectacular sight to behold.

We found out that the café is an extension of sorts to the All Home store (known for selling *surprise surprise* Home goods), so for landscapers who love to window shop at their stores, the Coffee Project was initially founded as a place for shoppers to have a place to have a cup of Joe (who is Joe btw?) and maybe a nice pastry after buying their goods. 

Long story short, the company is known for being a staple to landscapers due to their variety of goods/equiptment in that field, and it really shows in Coffee Project. Beautiful Flowers grace the walls, tables, and ceilings. I’m not easily impressed by flowers, and I couldn’t tell you the difference between a tulip and an orchid, but from a non-flower loving person, it’s just something that you have to sit back and admire (with coffee in hand to boot!).

We were fortunate enough to be given a wide variety of different foods (both current/potential new items). A lot to name (too many in fact), but let me start with the highlights of the evening.



-CARAMEL CHEESE CAKE: Can I just say this is one of the best desserts that I’ve had in my LIFETIME. This is not an over exaggeration people, let’s get this clear, this is a MUST GET. 

Case in point: After stuffing myself to the point of combustion, I kept eating this cake. ‘Dessert Stomach’ aside, that’s how incredible this wonderful dessert was. Would go back for this alone. GET GET GET GET GET


-FRENCH TOAST: French toast is often the forgotten breakfast food here in the Philippines. Think of it as the middle child in a breakfast family where pancakes/hotcakes are the favorite youngest child and silog meals are the respectable older sibling. Besides known breakfast places (a la IHOP, Denny’s etc.) you’d be hard pressed to find places that serve French Toast (or am I just imagining the lack of love for FT?). But Coffee Project hits the spot for these, and I would like to take the opportunity to shamelessly plug it #FrenchToastMatters. Get em if you want a bread-based breakfast meal, which leads us to…

-BEEF TAPA: If you’re like 99% of the Filipino population and rice is a daily breakfast staple, you CANNOT miss their Beef Tapa. It’s delicious. I can’t quite put my finger (or tongue) on it, but there’s something distinct about its taste. I’m not sure if I was imagining that while eating it, but it has a very ‘fresh’ taste to it, if that makes sense. Try it for yourself and I think you’ll known what I’m getting at; it’s a very ‘classy & fresh’ take on the classic Pinoy dish.

-CLUBHOUSE SANDWICH: Not much to say about it, but out of all the sandwiches that we got to try, this was my personal favorite. It had the best combination of ingredients, and was well balanced in terms of meat/egg/veggies. If you’re craving a sandwich, cop this one.


-BREAD: Their bread is great. Whether it be on their sandwiches or as a side on their pasta. It has that ‘just baked fresh’ taste, and was one of the highlights of the night.


-SARDINES PASTA: A final standout, which would be my ‘dinner’ recommendation if you were to spend a late evening at Coffee Project. It was a good size for the order, and the sardines were yums, but not overwhelming like some fish based pastas tend to be sometimes. I preferred it over the carbonara that was the alternative offered to us.


-CUCUMBER ICEE DRINK: Tbh I forgot the name of the drink, but it’s the bright ass green one served like an Icee. It tastes healthy, which always helps, but it’s not oversweet like a lot of these ‘healthy sounding’ drinks tend to be. Would recommend for lovers of juice fusion style drinks


What needs work (PASS)


I would pass on the following (for now) until revisions are made:


-PORK BUNS: Too Bready. As much as I love the bread here, there’s gotta be a fair balance of meat/bun ratio. This was heavily favoring the bun side. 


-SWEET BEVERAGES: I’m not sure if you can adjust the sugar levels of some of their smoothie like drinks, but they were overly sweet (perfect if you have a sweet tooth though!)


There honestly was too much food for me to go into detail, so I picked a select view above (plus the ones to skip for now). I’m sure the other LooLoo’ers (shoutout to all the cool peeps I met too!) Will cover them in their reviews, so make sure to peep their reviews.

The TL;DR (Too Long Didn’t Read) Version:

Coffee Project is a stunning, visually appealing coffee shop, perfect for studying, business meetings, and hot dates. They have various tasty dishes and drinks, as well as one of the best desserts I’ve had in my young adult life. Some dishes/drinks missed the spot, but overall this is a highlight Coffee Shop in a Metro filled with generic coffee shop experiences. GO!

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Mark L.
5.0 Stars

so after a disappointing dinner at kko kko, i wanted to feel good so we headed here even if it's far from where we came from.

when we arrived the place was packed, mostly with students. good thing someone just left and we got that table.

i ordered salted caramel cheesecake 128077128077128077128077128077. still good.

and green apple/cucumber cooler 128077128077128077128077128077. still refreshing.

perfect to end the day.

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

I was super excited to get an invite for a sponsored looloo rendezvoos for Coffee Project! I have always wanted to visit the place as I have seen great reviews and amazing photos.

I arrived a little later than 7PM last Thursday and I was already overwhelmed by the salads, bread and pastas on the table!

I loved the 127837 Sardine Pasta! It was a little spicy, which I liked as I have really low tolerance to spicy food. It was just right! 128076🏻

And before we knew it, they were already serving more sandwiches! My personal favorite would be the 127838 Clubhouse sandwich. It was really tasty! The 127838 French Toast is probably one of the underrated things on their menu. It was good! Yet they told us that it's not one of their bestsellers.

And then came the Summer Coolers! 9728

You may choose between the Strawberry Banana Smoothie, the Rasberry Lemon Fusion and the Green Apple Cucumber Slush. The 127827 Strawberry Banana was the prettiest, however it was too sweet for me. It tasted like cotton candy! The 127819 Raspberry was okay. The 127823 Green Apple Cucumber was the best! It was refreshing! Definitely perfect to beat the heat!

Oops.. it's not over yet! May rice pa!

The 127834 Beef Tapa was sooo good. It was flavorful! I would definitely come back and order this again!

I was about to raise a white flag 'cause I just couldn't eat anymore, then they brought out desserts!

We had their Chocolate Cake, Coffee Project Signature Cake and the Salted Caramel Cheesecake! 10084️ If heaven was a dessert, it would probably be Coffee Project's Salted Caramel Cheesecake! It was sooo good! The Chocolate Cake and the Signature Cake were good as well, not too sweet. I just fell in love with the Salted Caramel Cheesecake kaya hindi ko sila napansin masyado. 128514

Although I wasn't able to taste everything and there were a few I didn't like that much, I was really satisfied with majority of the things that they served! I am planning to visit their Shaw branch soon to get my Tapa and Salted Caramel fix! 128522

Again, thank you to Peanut D, Roegan T and the generous people behind Coffee Project for an amazing night! It was nice meeting you Mark L, Triggerhappyfoodie C, Isha S, Unisse C, Julie L! It was nice seeing you again JC T and Ruth D

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Isha S.
5.0 Stars

My second sponsored looloo rendezvoos of the year! 127881127881127881

I've always been meaning to visit a Coffee Project branch, especially the ones they have in the south. How funny is it that I get invited to one in the north? 128514

I was coming from Manila and made sure to leave early so I could make it on time (I did! Yaaay!). First thing I noticed upon entering the place were ALL. THE. FLOWERS. Like seriously, it was like spring in there haha. Flowers in pots arranged on the shelves and the blossoms hanging off the ceiling.. 128144127799127801127802127800127803127804 Super nice and pretty! Apparently, they were going for a different concept per branch but they noticed that the flowery theme seemed to be their biggest hit.

As soon as a bunch of us were there, we got introduced to our hosts for the evening: Ms. Jessica, Ms. Andrea and Ms. Cheche! They were super nice and generous and overall great hosts! Thank you again so much x 1000! 128591

Soooo, let's get on to the food and drinks! They all appear to be priced reasonably, within the 100-200 peso range.

They offer all-day breakfasts, salads, sandwiches and pastas. And I got to taste them allll!! Pilit na pilit hahaha. Kinaya ko naman, bes. I kept getting surprised as plate after plate was brought to our table. Much food such stuffed too wow. 128514128560128514128560 The following are a few of my honorable mentions:
127831 Chicken pot pie sandwich - warm, comfortable, soft, filling and yummy! Everything a good sandwich should be!
128032 Fish and Chips - Cream dory all battered up nicely for the right amount of crispiness on the outside and soft goodness on the inside. Loved this, hoping they make it a permanent addition to their menu.
128031 Sardine Pasta - This had just the right amount of spiciness for that nice kick, but the underlying flavor wasn't overpowered.
127830 Beef Tapa - One of their best sellers! And for good reason. The tapa was fairly tender and quite flavorful. This order comes with rice and an egg. You could request for another egg free of charge, cooked to your liking.
127838 French Toast - Didn't think i'd like it, but it pleasantly surprised me! Fluffy and tasty plus it comes with a side of bacon. Yes please!
128681 Clubhouse - Packed with ingredients and has chips on the side pa, pretty sulit!

One of the misses would have to be:
⚫️ Pork Buns - mostly bread and I wasn't a fan of their pork filling.

127811 Matcha Frappe - I ordered this and found that it was quite sweet and the matcha flavor was light and not too heavy.
(Following are their drinks from their "Summer Refreshers" series)
128155 Strawberry Banana Smoothie - Veryyy sweet. I like sweet stuff but this was a bit too cloying even for me.
10084️ Raspberry Lemon Fusion - This was okay for me, quite tart but not overly so.
128154 Green Apple Cucumber Slush - My favorite from the series. Light, refreshing and surprisingly flavorful!

Just when I thought I couldn't eat anymore, we got offered to try the three cakes they had on offer and my dessert stomach opened up hahaha.
127851 Chocolate Cake - tastes like a warm hug haha. Easy and uncomplicated.
127856 Coffee Project Signature Cake - dat mousse and dem layers tho haha. I liked this, too!
♥️ Salted Caramel Cheesecake - BEST THING EVERRRR. I loved this so much, I kept shoving forkful after forkful of this sweet piece of heaven into my mouth. Creamy and not too dense with the sweetness and texture practically begging you to keep coming back for more. Highly recommended!!

So there you have it! Thanks for the invite, Peanut D and Roegan T! And thanks once again to the awesome Coffee Project team and our hosts!

As usual, always fun meeting people from the app IRL. Looking at you guys Triggerhappyfoodie C, Unisse C, Julie L, Patrick V, JC T, Mark L! Nice seeing you again, Ruth D hihi!

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Julie L.
5.0 Stars

It's always a pleasure being invited to Looloo Rendevooz.

It's my third time to go to Coffee Project the first one was with my family. We were attracted to the fact that it has this whimsical yet cozy vibes and had desserts after having lunch somewhere in Tomas Morato. Then the second was I had a meeting with a client. Both times I only got to try their coffee and desserts. I was ecstatic that I got to try their dishes. Jessica and her marketing team in the Villar Group, they were very generous with serving us with almost everything on their menu. We appreciated that it was served promptly and made sure our needs were met.

It's their 3rd branch for Coffee Project and aiming to open 11 more this year all over the country.

Pulled Pork sandwich and Chicken Pot Pie Sandwich were both good and perfect for on the go snacks. It worked well with the bread they used which can make or break any sandwich's composition. It didn't disappoint with the filling. 1108811088110881108811088
Pork buns the same idea you can find at Tim Ho Wan. I personally didn't like this one because it was mostly bread which was also tough and lacked the pork filling inside. 1108811088
Of course meal wouldn't be complete without some greens. They served us with Ceasar Salad (Php140) for the amount it was worth it. 11088110881108811088
Fish and Chips - Lenten seasonal addition. Hope they will add this on their regular menu. Love the batter and sauce. 1108811088110881108811088

Carbonara (Php180) it was creamy yet filling. 1108811088110881108811088
Sardine Pasta (Php210) if you want something different yet tasty this one is a must try. I'm not a fan of spicy dishes but it has the right kick of spiciness. 11088110881108811088

Clubhouse (Php215) for those with huge appetite but want something on-the-go this this one is best. It's filled with ingredients that are healthy and delicious. 1108811088110881108811088
German Sausage (Php160) for meat lovers like me, I like the combination of ciabatta and sausage. Yum! 1108811088110881108811088
Tuna Melt (Php160) was my least favorite because the tuna wasn't evenly distrusted in the sandwich. 1108811088
Bacon 4 Cheese (Php190) the cheese didn't overpower the bacon which was a plus. 11088110881108811088

BREAKFAST (Served all day, everyday! As long as supplies are available 128556) You can also request for another serving of egg free of charge and how you like your egg served (whether scrambled or sunny side up)
Beef Tapa (Php175) their best seller. It was really good! Another must try. 1108811088110881108811088
Garlic Longganisa (Php175) it was salty enough that it wasn't overwhelming. 1108811088110881108811088
Boneless Bangus (Php195) a bit dry. Make sure to request for vinegar. 11088110881108811088
French Toast (Php155) surprisingly good. The bread wasn't too thin or too thick. I wish I could add ice cream with it 128514 1108811088110881108811088
Continental Breakfast (Php225) breakfast of champions with all time breakfast favorites and not bad for the price 1108811088110881108811088

Vietnamese Latte (Php155) it wasn't as strong but I still liked it. 1108811088110881108811088

They are now offering SUMMERS drinks:
Green Apple Cucumber Slush - hands down my favorite among the three. It was refreshing and delicious. 1108811088110881108811088
Raspberry Cooler - perfect for that warm afternoon. 11088110881108811088
Strawberry Banana - it was too sweet for me. Tasted like cotton candy and I'm not a fan of cotton candy drinks. 1108811088

Salted Caramel Cheesecake it was a winner for me. Soooo good! 1108811088110881108811088
Coffee Project Dome cake - 4 layers of cake goodness! 1108811088110881108811088
Chocolate Cake - if you want something familiar and you love chocolate cake try this one out. 11088110881108811088

Thank you Peanut D, Roegan T and Looloo team for the invite. Also a huge thanks to our generous host Coffee Project team for hosting a delightful and scrumptious event. Truly one for the books. 128518128556128513

Nice to meet everyone last night Triggerhappyfoodie C, Patrick V, Unisse C, Mark L, Isha S and JC T. Nice seeing you again Ruth D. 128556128522128513

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Mark L.
5.0 Stars

09 March 2017

Coffee Project
G/F, Wil Tower
E. Lopez Drive, Quezon City

first i want to thank our hosts for the evening Ms Cheche, Ms Jessica, Ms Andrea and Christian (our server). they were very accommodating and generous.

i also want to thank the looloo peeps, Pea "Stinking Tofu" 9996️Dela Cruz and Roegan "Oregano" 9996️Taron for inviting us (Ishi S, JC T, Julie L, Patrick V, Rissa C, Ruth D, and Unisse C) to an another successful rendezvoos. Peanut D big thanks to you for not forgetting me, nice letters too!!

when i arrived, i parked in basement 1 of the building and the guard told me to ride the elevator to the upper ground floor. when the elevator opened (on the upper ground floor), you can enter the back entrance of the coffee shop. before you enter, you'll see that the function room had a wonderful ambience and there's lots and lots of very beautiful flowers too. this room was where we stayed the whole night.

when i entered, of course Pea and Roegan was there already. Pea introduced me to Ms Jessica, Rissa C, Julie L and Roegan. i hope i didn't miss anyone.

what i noticed with the place (aside from lots of flowers) was there were a lot of nice quotes as well either written on the wall, vases, glass, mirrors, or picture frames. some examples were "Good Coffee for Good People", "First Coffee, Next Carpe Diem", "Happiness is a not a Destination, It's a Way of Life", and my favorite "I Hope You Realize How You Treated Me When You Look at this Trash Can ".

Christian asked us which drink we wanted and i had one of their bestsellers Coffee Butterscotch Frappe 128077128077128077128077128077. it just had the right sweetness and coffee buzz. it also has the smooth texture and had the right drink temperature.

the next thing i know was they were serving the food left and right. i hope i remember them all. there. was. too. much. food!! and i. am. so. full!!

the first i tasted was the caesar salad 128077128077128077. it was ok. sorry, i'm not a salad eater 128556. good thing with the salad was the greens were not drenched with the sauce.

the next i ate was the chicken pot pie sandwich/bread 128077128077128077128077. the bread was kinda sweet and the filling was not salty. the chicken was tender.

the carbonara 128077128077128077128077 was creamy but i hope there were more bacon. hehe but i think my daughter would like this.

i liked the sardines pasta 128077128077128077128077128077. it had the exact amount of spiciness. i gotta eat this again.

i tried the fish and chips 128077128077128077 but i didn't like it too much. maybe i just got the wrong portion. there were more breading than the actual fish itself.

the bread of the huge pork bun 128077128077128077 was very tasty. i couldn't really taste the pork inside.

the favorite of mine that i ate a lot was the tapa 128077128077128077128077128077. very very good!!! the daing na bangus 128077128077128077128077 was also nice. i think it was marinated in vinegar because it had a vinegar taste to it.

for the drink, i liked the cucumber/green apple cooler 128077128077128077128077128077. it's a very refreshing drink. i also tried the raspberry cooler 128077128077128077128077. this lacked some raspberry taste but still good. though

for the dessert, the salted caramel cheesecake 128077128077128077128077128077 was awesome. i'm not a cheesecake eater but this i can eat everyday. the chocolate cake 128077128077128077128077 was moist and sweet (am not fond of chocolate cakes as well 128556). i liked the house special cake 128077128077128077128077128077 as well as this reminded me of the tartufo of italiannis. this cake had 4 layers of goodness (compared to the 3-layer of italiannis).

some of the food i wasn't able to taste were pulled pork sandwich/bread, ham and egg sandwich (i may not eat eggs 128557), clubhouse sandwich (too far from where i was seating), frankfurter sandwich (no more space in my stomach 128513), tuna melt sandwich (too far 128556), and french toast with bacon (too full to eat 128513).

nice to meet new bloggers. thanks again to the hosts and @looloo officers.

gotta go back soon!!

looking forward to the next rendezvoos!!

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Salie D.
5.0 Stars

I flooded my IG posts because of this particular visit. Sorry but I'm still in awe of this coffee hub! I've been meaning to visit this place a couple of moons already until yesterday. 128525 a cup of coffee isn't's really good!
I love the owner's decorative mind in fulfilling his coffee project. It feels like I'm in my dreams. 9786
You'll surely feel their effort once you get inside and no space was left untouched or wasted and the entire ceiling beautified with hanging flowers and plants!...just stunning.... and cozy... and hmmm I wanna go back!!!!! 128541128514128525 Nakakainlove every detail especially the coffee cup's designs!:)

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Daylight M.
4.0 Stars

a quiet place to do homework 🤓
the place is home-y with nice staffs, they serve not only coffee and the like, they have meals (rice and pasta) to get you going through the day! 128077🏻

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Seeing the pretty interiors will pique your interest... Surely, you will want to visit Coffee Project due to the cutesy garden ambience... I loved hanging out at this place because of the delightful flowers all around... I did not expect to enjoy the iced Vietnamese latte, but I did. So, it wasn't a stretch that I wanted to go back with my fiance (then bf, this is a very late post)...

I wanted coffee but not from any of the second wave coffee shops. He doesn't want to go back to Kandle Cafe... Coffee Project it is! We shared a salted caramel cheesecake and it was really good! My fiance, who is not fond of desserts, liked the very creamy texture of the cake... The salted caramel sauce kept it from being too sweet and cloying. A slice is good enough to be shared by three people; we weren't able to finish the cake... I re-ordered the caphe sua da, which was still good...

Overall, it's such a pretty place to hangout in...128144127800127804127802

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Cindy S.
4.0 Stars

Happy to have finally visited The Coffee Project in Tomas Morato. Been hearing good things about this garden-inspired coffee shop for quite some time now.

I love the place! It's cozy, charming and feminine. It's a great place to study or catch up with friends. The ambiance was just so relaxed and laidback that you wouldn't mind staying for hours! ♡ The interiors were just lovely. I mean who doesn't love flowers? And Coffee Project definitely have plenty! Their flower displays hanging above are so pretty. I also love the various quotable quotes all around the café plus the comfy sofas on the 2nd level. ♡ Visited the place with the boyfie on a Saturday afternoon and the place was packed. Luckily there was one table unoccupied and I'd like to think it was meant for us. Lol. 128513

We ordered Vietnamese Latte (155php), Thai Tea (135php), Grilled Cheese Sandwich (because I was hungry) and Smores Cookie (45php). The coffee was good! Not too sweet nor too strong, just right. The Thai Tea though was too sweet for me. But the boyfie was fine with it. The Smores Cookie was also TDF! It was served to us warm and it just melts in your mouth upon taking a bite! I'm kinda partial on the Grilled Cheese though, I mean seriously, my 12-year old niece can probably make better grilled cheese. 128566

I'd probably have to be back just to ty their Nutella Cheesecake and some of their pastas. (and just to give the food a second chance.) The staff were friendly and even Kuya Guard was very courteous! 128588 Overall, it's a lovely place to hangout on a weekend. ♡

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