Comfort Tuesdays

2/F Venice Grand Canal Mall, Upper McKinley Rd., McKinley Hill, Taguig, Metro Manila

Sorry! We're closed for good.
Comfort Tuesdays
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Most Recent Reviews

Janina M.
2.0 Stars

Subpar food, especially considering the expensive price. Service also leaves a lot to be desired.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Wiljohn M.
1.0 Stars

It does not live up to its name. No comfort whatsoever. Service is very poor. Facilities are bad ( my sister in law was practically doing the waiting for us), and the food so-so. Imagine having to sit down in place where the table has a hole (check out the pic). And horrors they dont even have diet soda. I will not recommend this to anyone and will never return to this place. This resto is better off it it closed down.

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4.0 Stars

Look at that cheese! That's the El Taco Flatbread from Comfort Tuesdays. We had that in celebration of Abby's Birthday. By the way, you can get that El Taco Flatbread in Buy One Get One Promo every Tuesday for Php445.00 only. Aside from the flatbread we also tried the Buy Three Get One Mains/Highlights Promo of Comfort Tuesday. We had Sinigang, Crispy Pork Belly, Roasted Chicken and Sukiyaki Beef Tapa.

El Taco Flatbread - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Comfort Sinigang in Sugar Beets - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Sukiyaki Beef Tapa - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Comfort Roasted Chicken - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Crispy Pork Belly with Liver Sauce and Balsamic Vinegar - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

You can visit Comfort Tuesdays in Century City Mall or Venice Grand Canal Mall.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Aaron Lee A.
3.0 Stars

It was meh. I brought my family to this place since we were really hungry by walking through the scorching heat in Grand Canal. I had my eyes on the Sinigang na Pork in Beets but it was not great - bland I guess. The Roast chicken was good in my opinion. And yeah, I may come back for beers but not really for the food. But in fairness, it wasn't that bad.

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Kiko G.
1.0 Stars

Comfort Tuesdays. Just by referring to the name itself gives anyone an idea that they serve comfort food. I was suppose to eat at Rice and Dough but they open at 6PM. It was an hour and half early and I was hungry. I decided to settle for Comfort Tuesdays and just have some dessert at Rice and Dough.

I got the BBQ CAJUN CHICKEN. It came with rice and a choice of side dish and I chose to have fries. It also has some dyed chips that gives a fiesta feel to this set. After all, it is served on a banana leaf. I was already getting a strong feeling that the food will disappoint me. The chicken did not look good at all. The bbq tasted too commercial and was sweet. The chicken was soft but not in a good way. Parang joke ang chicken. It did not have the qualities of a good one, warm and moist on the inside. For a moment I was staring at it and asking myself, "totoo kaya to?" 128514 (refer to the photo). Parang rubber duckie 128514128514128514 murdered rubber duckie

The chips were no good too. The salsa that came with it was super bland. What's the point? Also, the fries were very soggy. BTW it is the first thing I ate when my platter was served. How can fries be soggy and cold if it was just sent out from the kitchen. It was flavored and I think BBQ. Wala akong nalasahang BBQ. Parang powder lang.

I ordered Crispy Pork Belly but it was not available so I went for their Savory Porkchop. The pork was swimming in oil. The portion was very small and wasn't even cooked well. It looked pale for a grilled meat. It came with kalkag rice which is the only thing I enjoyed. I paid PHP325 for this. The platter was also around that price. Math and all, around 700. 128542

Patience is a virtue.

They have a lot of beer options and alcoholic drinks too. Perhaps a good place to chill and drink wag ka lang magpulutan.

I was the only customer at that time and they have 6 servers. 1 was assisiting me and the rest were lounging. Dont have a problem with that but they were so happy and loud. I was surprised when one shouted "Hoy! Punta ba tayo?!" 128558

  • No. of Comments: 2