Common Table at Salcedo

2/F Fraser Place Condominium, Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Common Table at Salcedo
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Most Recent Reviews

Marie H.
5.0 Stars

Wagyu beef cubes rice bowl. If you’ve ever had the Monday blues, having dragged yourself to the office, feeling desolate as most people are wont to feel at the start of a workweek (most especially at the start of the Holy Week when people’s brains just generally shut down), this just might make you sit up (or hunch over for a closer whiff) and marvel at how so much happiness can be contained in one bowl. It’s a generous serving of rice topped with wagyu beef cubes, mushrooms, cherry tomato, and sous vide egg. I could talk about how tender the beef cubes were or how sweet the cherry tomatoes were or how delicate the egg was. But I suppose the true testament to how much I enjoyed this dish is that I finished it all, not a kernel of rice in sight.

Macadamia and white chocolate skillet cookie. We had to wait 15 minutes for this heart-warming dessert. I could almost imagine myself eating this while cuddled up in a nook on a cold rainy day.

Their food transports you to certain places in your mind where happy memories reside. Definitely coming back for more.

  • No. of Comments: 8
Louie A.
2.0 Stars

We were billeted at the Fraser Place and had late breakfast in this restaurant which was “annexed” to the hotel. Service was slow. It may either be due to lack of crew inside the kitchen, or there were less servers attending to customers on a Sunday. When my food came, it wasn’t worth the wait and I have been waiting for the refill to my coffee for 20 minutes now. Perhaps, this place is better for drinking not eating. There were bottles of spirit lining up the shelves. You may be better off going here at night for a drink or two, but do it after having dinner elsewhere.

  • No. of Comments: 4
Christina R.
4.0 Stars

It’s hidden, but not really. You go up a short flight of stairs to reach the restaurant. The glass door opens up into a venue with high ceilings, a somewhat industrial feel with its concrete walls, metal accents and open concept. I like the ambiance of the restaurant. Very adult for an adult person like me. I like places like this. Casual, a good place to visit after work, whether alone or with friends.

Chef Ian is an experienced chef who has made the rounds in Paris, New York and was at the helm of 2 French restaurants her in the metro - La Girolle and Brasserie Girolle. He shared to us that the food in Common Table is based on his travels, somewhat comfort food still made with a foundation of French cooking, but definitely not fusion.

Here’s what we had:

batard, roasted garlic butter, aged cheddar, mozzarella, and rosemary
Good appetizer to share. I can eat this with the bone marrow or the salpicao.

house chorizo, 5 cheeses, garlic cream, tomato salsa, jalapeño
Winner!!! This was awesome. The molten cheese was swirled in a hot pan in front of us and poured over the nachos. They didn't scrimp on the cheeses on this one. That cheese sauce was thick and gooey, not that watered down chess whiz like nacho sauces you get in watering holes. Must order.

toast, oxtail jam, red onion parsley salad
Talk about YOLO. This one is pure marrow simply seasoned with salt and pepper, I think.  The sweet jam adds an extra flavor. Theres salad on the side, pa healthy. Put a little of each on top of the bread for that one good bite.

Wagyu beef cubes, roasted garlic, tomatoes, Shitake
Legit beef, very tender, not processed like Spam. Served on a hot plate.

crispy potatoes, fried egg, chorizo, garlic aioli
Good option to go with your selected drink. Potatoes, egg and chorizo are always a good combo.

cripsy sisig, chicharon, toasted shallots, sunny side up egg
Everyone liked this one, but I found it just ok. Only because I was full already so I think I only took one bite.

ebiko, pickled vegetables, nori, furikake, coriander
Was wowed when I saw this. It’s so colorful. But I found the salmon to be a bit dry. I like the flavors though.

Chocolate cake with Cerveza Negra caramel whipped cream.
Rich, hot off the oven. To share.

🖍St. Francis
I liked it. Some found the cardamom too strong. Alcohol goes well with their food here.

Overall I really liked the place. Great venue for dinner or drinks. No obnoxious loud music. A place teens might probably not visit and try to get a drink, which is a good thing for me. They have a second floor area you can reserve if you want a more private setting.

I will probably return to try their other food. Their oysters with uni sound interesting.

Parking is free around Salcedo after 5PM. Just make sure you stay between the 2 white lines.

| Looloo Rendezvoos |

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

#looloorendezvoos at COMMON TABLE 128131🏼128131🏼

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Kung gaano ako kalate ng araw na ito, ganun din kalate ang review na ito #consistent hahaha!! 128514128514128514


For this eat up, we were able to try the following:

127860 FOOD 128104127859

| PULL APART BATARD BREAD (450) – batard bread with roasted garlic butter, cheddar, mozzarella, and rosemary. 127775127775127775.5

My feed would always show and play various video recipes (since I follow tasty and buzzfeed) and whenever I see these videos, I would always always crave and would want to try make it myself but because no time (aka tamad) and the ingredients are not always readily available, I never had the chance to try making this at home. Anyway, it's just my way of saying that I'm super excited try this!! Haha! 128518

First look and you'll instantly fall in love with this one. It's simple and plain looking but the smell was so inviting! When we finally got the chance to try this, I was kind of disappointed (blame tasty and buzzfeed videos!!! 128557128557). It was good, I liked the flavor, the cheesy buttery garlic taste and the soft bread. But this was just different from what I expected. I tried pulling the bread but huhu naputol. 128528128517 Try not to expect and just enjoy the flavor and the smell. Best to eat this while still hot/warm. 128521

| COMMON TABLE NACHOS (450) - chorizo + cheese + garlic cream + tomato salsa + jalapeño.

I got excited when this was served to us since the presentation is not like your usual nachos. The hot cheesy meaty topping was poured on top of the nachos. Ugh, I can't even myself while watching!! 128525 It looks so good and exciting to eat. I loved the first few pieces I tried but because the cheese was only placed on top, the other nachos at the bottom were left sad and plain. Also, the chips they used is not the usual nacho chips. 🤔

| ROASTED BONE MARROW (470) - Deadly and sinful yet everyone loved this. Oh, I liked the jam! 128518

| PATATAS BRAVAS (350) - potatoes + egg + chorizo = garlic aioli. 127775127775127775.5

Yummy!! I liked the potatoes and how perfectly they were cooked! Even without the egg, garlic aioli and chorizo, it was good already but with them added, the dish became tastier! Imagine all the flavors together -- salty, sweet, garlicky.. they all worked so well together. I just don't think I can eat everything (or a lot) because this dish was too rich and kind of salty for me. But kung tikim lang, masarap siya! Haha! 128518

| WAGYU BEEF CUBES SALPICAO (420) - Wagyu beef cubes + roasted garlic + tomatoes + extra virgin olive oil.

We got all excited when this was served to us because wagyu + salpicao!! Diba diba?? Buuuut sadly, it wasn't that great. The taste was too much that you don't get to appreciate the awesomeness of salpicao and the goodness of wagyu anymore. A different type of meat, I guess? ☹️ Also, this would be better with plain rice.

| COMMON TABLE SISIG FRIED RICE (310) 127775127775127775127775 -- sisig made better because hello chicharon + sunny side up egg. This rice dish was very flavorful and tasty. Almost everyone liked this especially Peanut! Hahaha! 🤗

| ABURI SALMON (390) - ebiko, pickled vegetables, nori, Furikake, and coriander. 127775127775127775127775.5

My favorite!! I still love Your Local's but this was a pretty good salmon dish. If you love salmon, you may want to try this one. I just wish the salmon was thicker and the dish was spicier. 128517

And for dessert...

| WARM CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE FONDANT (320) 127775127775127775127775.5

Not a dessert loving foodie but this I enjoyed. I liked the rich chocolate taste. This perfectly ended our night! I just wish they added ice cream instead of whipped cream. 127846127851

128129🏻: FAVORITES - Aburi Salmon and the dessert. 128155


As always, it was a fun fuuuuun night. Nice seeing you guys -- Denise A EJ B Norman Lester T AlwaysHungryPh P Christina R Vinny L Gene G and Josette P.

And hello to my #FoodSocietyPH Homie, Reich T !!!! 🤗

Thank you Chef Ian and Peanut D !!!! 128153
PS: besh, anyare na sa #fitnessgoals natin? 🤔128517

  • No. of Comments: 5
Vinny L.
4.0 Stars

Salcedo Village is home to a lot of restaurants offering comfort food. Be it gastronomic fusions of different cuisines, or traditional recipes with a twist, you’re bound to find a place for every kind of craving here. Each of their best-selling dishes are just waiting to make it to your list of favorites.

And it’s no surprise that included among its ranks is Common Table at Valero Street, Makati. Their specialty? Comfort food that upgrades a recipe’s common ingredients for a remarkably satisfying dining experience.

We had a looloo rendevoos here and I’m sharing a list of must-tries on a Common Table visit:

1. Sisig Fried Rice

Each grain of rice is perfectly enveloped with the distinct savory taste of sisig, made interesting by the sweet crunch of toasted shallots and crispy chicharon bits. Even the pork rinds were made from scratch at Common Table. Once they have this ingredient, they dehydrate it to ensure its crispiness til the very last bit of your sisig rice bowl. The cheek chunks are what make this sinful bowl the perfect hangover chow, but we’d have this sober any day, too.

2. Wagyu Beef Salpicao

Tender wagyu beef cubes were carefully seared in Worcestershire, and in a sizzling plate it sits with roasted garlic and cherry tomatoes. It’s bathed in its own beefy juices, and each bite is packed with flavor that it gets quite addicting. It will go well with your choice of beer, but if you’re up for a more indulgent night, pair it with the Sisig Fried Rice. You’d end up with an incredible mix of textures and flavors that is the very definition of comfort food.

3. Common Table Nachos

Skillet cheese nachos is often offered in various food parks around the metro, but this rustic gastropub concocted an unforgettable 5-cheese blend. The cheese that blanketed the nacho chips are a mix of every good texture of cheese as we know it—stringy, creamy, and gooey. It is also topped with Spanish chorizo bits cooked like carne asada, and the varying textures and flavors were all united by tangy garlic cream.

4. Roasted Bone Marrow

A simple delicacy that has been transformed by so many gastropubs into a go-to beer (or any alcohol for that matter) pair. Common Table’s version is cooked and salted just right for that sink-your-teeth-in marrow texture. This dish is simple, yet so good you won’t mind that it’s highly caloric. It’s served with buttered toast and oxtail jam where you can easily taste the mixture of red wine and sugar.

5. Patatas Bravas

You can never go wrong with potatoes. The most famous carb of all time is tossed in traditional Spanish garlic aioli. At first bite you immediately get the smokey taste from paprika, the subtle tart of tomato puree, and the smoothness of the combination of egg yolk and olive oil. The crispy potatoes are also served with chorizo bits and a runny sunny-side-up egg.

  • No. of Comments: 0
Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Wednesday Night. I got to explore the part of Makati that is proof of my ignorance in navigation. Salcedo, Rufino, H.V Dela Costa is synonymous to confusing to yours truly. There is only one reason why i decided explore unchartered territory — Looloo Rendezvoos, Baby!

This is my nth time and i still feel giddy as the first time. So what makes a |oo|oo RendezvOOs special? Simple, you get to meet amazing people who share the same love for food. I met my homies #FoodSocietyPh via |oo|oo (except for Jairus d - we’ve been friends for quite sometime now)

Ever heard of The Common Table? I am hearing a coupe of Na-ah’s. Fret not, i have never heard of ‘em either. Our ignorance is perfectly acceptable as they are relatively new in the scene.

Before i give you the 411. Lemme tell you how my navigation impaired self got to Salcedo Street. Here goes:

128241Booked a Grab Car around 4pm
Waited for five minutes.
I never bothered checking the name of the driver as I was tinkering with my phone (editing photos).
128665 Car arrived
Got in
Used pleasantries “Good afternoon Sir”
Then i realised driver was female
Too late to retract the “Sir”
Sheesh. This is awkward 128566.
128678Circled around BGC for an hour praying for a traffic free route to Makati #WishfulThinking #AGirlCanDream.
128694🏻‍♀️Contemplated twice if i should get off the car and walk.
🤷🏻‍♀️ Scratched the idea off, crossed my fingers and hoped for a miracle.
Waited for another hour to reach Salcedo.
🕰 Voila! Two hours travel time
Aint life grand?

Sorry, I wanted to vent out on how ridiculously long it took to travel from BGC to Makati and how horrendous the traffic is #CommuterWoes

Okay, back to Common Table. The signage is a lil misleading. I was sashaying in my platform pumps when the guard told me it’s upstairs. I guess they need to add and arrow up sign for first time customers.

The place is spacious. The place reminds of Felicity’s loft (Keri Russell’s claim to fame). If we talk interior design, this is a marriage between industrial with a hint of minimalism. I love the high ceilings and the bare walls.

And yasss! I finally found a place who plays good music. They are playing my jam. The 90’s is one of the best decades in Rock Music

Note: The 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is good too but i cant give you a blow by blow account as my knowledge is a lil limited. I was still in my nappies when New Wave was born. My knowledge in 60’s and 70’s music is based from the vinyl records my relatives used to play.

I listened to NU 107 all my life and i am familiar with tunes from the 90’s. I got really giddy when i heard Gwen Stefani’s ex beau belting out Glycerine. To sum things up, Common Table Rocks! I give them five stars for their awesome playlist.

Enough with the music. Let us talk about the food, shall we?

I spent my sweet time inspecting their menu. They offer quite a handful of dishes from different cuisines - American, Asian, Italian and a lil bit of Japanese.

And can i just say that the drinks menu is super extensive. From 127865cocktails to 🥃 single malt whiskey. My old self would have a field day with dem cocktails. But the party girl is retired. I only drink wine (because it is good for ze heart).

We got the chance to speak with Chef Ian (owner and head chef). He shared a lil bit of insight of how how Common Table was born. The inspiration and how the menu was conceptualised. He also shared interesting stories about memorable customers.

The following dishes were served:

| Pull Apart Batard Bread (Php 450). Batard bread, roasted garlic butter, aged cheddar, mozzarella, and rosemary.

Useless Trivia Time:

Batard" is the French word for the English "bastard". In both languages, these words refer to illegitimacy, or what states as "something of irregular, inferior, or dubious origin."

Batard, in bread circles, refers to an inferior baguette, typically half the length and many times the width of a classic baguette. (Traditional baguettes are about 2 inches in diameter and anywhere from 15 to 40 inches in length.) The long slender shape of a baguette maximizes the crus-to-bread ratio, but requires more time and labor to achieve than its squat batard cousin.

This dish is a treat for your senses. Yeah, it smells really really good. I can smell the cheese from where i was standing. Batard has a doughy consistency hence the infusing it with cheese is perfection. This is the king of all breads!

| Common Table Nachos (Php 450). House chorizo, 5 types of cheese, garlic cream, tomato salsa and jalapeños.

As soon as this was placed on our table, we all waited while Chef Ian poured the gooey cheese mixture. I swear i heard everyone gasped in unison.

I love how flavourful the cheese x chorizo concoction is. The subtle sweetness from the chorizo blends well with the saltiness from the cheese. I wish they added more though.

| 128046 Roasted Bone Marrow (Pho 470). toast, oxtail jam, red onion parsley salad.

Useless Trivia Time:

Oxtail jam is a sweet dish, sweetened with brown sugar and rich with red wine and red wine vinegar. Basically, this is marmalade with oxtail. Making this requires massive amounts of patience as it takes roughly 6 hours to make. And i quote thehungrymouse:

“And the most expensive. And the most time consuming. And the most primally…viscerally…carnivorously satisfying.”

The last time i had bone marrow was at Cue (ages ago, i know). Bone Marrow is a decadent meal and is not meant to be consumed regularly. According to Chef Ian, this is best consumed immediately as the bone marrow will be a solid mass made of fat in a matter of minutes. He also gave us insight on how to consume it.

Step 1 - Spread some marrow on your toast
Step 2 - Add some oxtail jam
Step 3 - Add some red onion parsley salad
Step 4 - Take a bite
Step 5 - Enjoy!

I am diggin the texture of the jam and veggies, it somewhat tones down the richness of the marrow. And can i just say that the oxtail jam is dynamite!

Word of the Wise: Eat Bone Marrow in moderation.

| Patatas Bravas (Php 350). Crispy potatoes, fried egg, chorizo and garlic aioli.

I love potatoes of all shapes and sizes. My love for this veggie knows no boundaries. I got giddy when this was served. I asked Chef Ian how it was prepared. To be honest, everything is a blur now but i remember bits and pieces.

Step 1. Peel and cut potatoes
Step 2. Soak in water to remove starch
Step 3. Fry ‘em (half cooked)
Step 4. Freeze
Step 5. Fry again the next day

The Patatas Bravas is phenomenal, i can taste all the garlic aoili! The way it was absorbed all the flavours making it super duper awesome.

| Common Table Sisig Fried Rice (Php 310). Crispy sisig, pork rind, toasted shallots and sunny side up egg.

This THE best mixed rice dish I’ve had in a while. I love how each element of the dish works well with each other and elevates the flavour. Na-ah, it is not too rich and there is a perfect balance of flavour. This is wow on every spoonful. And oh, everyone in the group love this.

| Wagyu Salpicao (Pho 420). Wagyu beef cubes, roasted garlic, tomatoes, Shitake, extra virgin olive oil.

This falls under the “Just Okay” category as i find it too rich #MataasAngUmayFactor. Don’t get me wrong, i love wagyu but cooking it in the “Salpicao Way” is my preference. The meat is flavourful to begin with, adding a lot of elements and strong flavours somehow made the wagyu cloying. The flavours are competing with one another and wagyu is lost along the way.

| Aburi Salmon (Php 390). Ebiko, pickled vegetables, nori, Furikake and coriander.

I am a lil iffy when it comes to any cooked salmon dish. I usually eat ‘em raw and the only salmon dish that i like is from Your Local. The salmon is sliced razor thin, lying atop a bed of pickled veggies, nori, furikake and rice.

The first thing i noticed is how thin the salmon is. Chef Ian said they prepare it Parmigiana style. It involves a mallet and a lot of pounding. I saw this a couple of times in Master Chef.

The million dollar question is “How did i find the dish?”

Well, i liked it! The salmon is cooked perfectly and the pickled veggies added a wonderful flavour contrast to the dish. I admire the boldness of the dish. It is a different take on salmon.


| Warm Chocolate Truffle Fondant (Php 320). Cerveza Negra caramel, and vanilla bean ice cream.

If Chocolate Lava Cake made sweet sweet love with Half Baked Cookie, Warm Chocolate Truffle Fondant is their love child.

Who would’ve have thought that beer would make wonderful caramel sauce! This is pure genius! Why? Well, caramel is on the “OhMyGodItIsSoSweetSide” and the bitterness from the beer toned down the sweetness level. A level that is acceptable to my non-sweet tooth.

Oh, drinks were also served.

Billy (The uber friendly mixologist) showed his mixing prowess and created unique cocktails

| St. Francis. A lovely concoction of Apple Juice, Fresh Fruits, Ginger Ale, Bacardi and Gin. The rest of the gang tried this while me and Peanut D opted for the virgin version. I gotta say, this is one refreshing drink - it reminds me of summer.

The Verdict.

The Common Table passed with flying colours. Dinner was fantastic! All of the dishes served delivered in the taste department. My favorites are: Sisig Fried Rice and Patatas Bravas. Service was flawless, the staff is friendly and accommodating.

Competition is tight in the restaurant business. Makati is one of the key cities in the Metro, competition is cut throat. There is a new restaurant opening everyday. The question is what sets The Common Table apart from the other restaurants? Two Words —> Bold Flavours. The dishes they serve is unapologetic, daring and original.

Oh, it was to meet new faces.

Vinny L
Gene G

Nice seeing you again

Norman Lester T
AlwaysHungryPh P
Christina R
Denise A

My homie Ruth S #FoodSocietyPh represent (shameless plug)

Massive thanks to Chef Ian for having us.

Thank you |oo|oo for my nth RendezvOOS.

P.S. i love the handwritten note! 128525

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

They say that when God closes a door, he opens up a window. Such was the case for Chef Ian Padilla when he had to give up two of the fine-dining restaurants he used to own in the past – La Girolle and Brasserie Girolle. He took a hiatus from the local restaurant industry to be with his wife who had a difficult pregnancy at that time. Later on, he decided to put up a new restaurant where most professionals in Makati can have their cravings satisfied. This paved way for his new establishment, The Common Table at Salcedo.

Chef Ian admits that although French cuisine is really his first love, he decided to focus on cooking dishes that he particularly likes to eat. Their menu is made up of casual fine American, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cuisine.

I feel fortunate having been invited to visit the Common Table by Looloo for another foodie meetup. This spot is situated on the 2nd floor of Forbes Tower, where Project Pie and Chef Sau’s Bistro Vert used to be. You gotta look for a big white sign beside a set of stairs so you wouldn’t miss this one out.

Inside, you will find a long dining table as its centerpiece, where you can dine and converse face to face with your family or friends. I like how the place looks very inviting and homey with its natural light, high ceiling, and minimalist furniture.

Judging from all the dishes served that day, it seems like Chef Ian is continuously looking for ways to take meals in general to the next level. For one, I got to try his take on the classic Pinoy Sisig Fried Rice (Php 310) . It had crispy sisig, chicharron, roasted shallots, and a sunny-side-up egg. What made it different was the touch of sweetness in it.

We also had their soy glazed Wagyu Salpicao Beef Cubes (Php 420). It’s USDA beef combined with garlic, tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, and sous vide egg in extra virgin oil. The meat’s flavorful juices burst into your mouth on every bite. It's extra fatty and rich so watch out on a spike of cholesterol here.

Although I am not so keen on anything that’s fatty and greasy, I must admit that I kind of liked their serving of Bone Marrow. It came with a petite salad (to balance it maybe or for color) and jam. The sweet jam is what whet my appetite. It's a must to spread this on warm crostinis!

One of their latest additions to their menu is the Patatas Bravas, which is made up of crispy potatoes, spiced up tomato sauce, house chorizo, aioli, and yes more eggs. The potatoes gave off a fluffy texture on the inside while its flavor offering a kick and tanginess. Some of our foodies turned to this appetizer as their top pick of the night.

I also enjoyed their Pull Apart Batard Bread. This loaf is stuffed with roasted garlic butter, gruyere, parmesan, manchego, aged cheddar, and mozzarella cheese. The bread is airy and fragrant, and it was just brimming with a variety of taste – the rosemary in it gave it an earthy taste, and it had a fusion of sweet, salty, and garlicky flavors that linger on your palate.

Aburi Salmon on rice was the last savory plate to arrive and this was hands up my favorite. It had tobiko, nori, furikake, and pickled vegetables in it. This plate was a beautiful symphony of flavors, which was emphasized on the thinly sliced but with striking salmon pieces. It's also a colorful plate and rather filling thanks to its warm rice.

Capping off my food course was their Choco Lava Dessert, which could have been better off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream instead of whipped cream. This was rich but lack the chewy fudgy edge as well.

Throughout the night, our team was also served a series of alcoholic concoctions by their in-house mixologist and bartender. I don't drink so I have no comments on their signature creations. The other foodies, however, gave it a mark of approval, showcased by their multiple servings in the bar.

All in all, this was another experience worth sharing to among friends and family. The Common Table is yet another adventure that you should put on your must eat and/ or drink list. I hope I gave you enough preview to salivate.

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Denise A.
4.0 Stars

It has been a long time since my last |oo|oo rendezvoos and thankfully I was invited by Peanut D to join them this time and attend an eat up at The Common Table which is a Gastro Pub located along Salcedo Street 128522

I got super excited when I saw the menu, it seems like all of my favorites and the usual things that I crave for are all in one menu! The common table serves mostly European, Asian and Filipino cuisine, but not never a fusion.

We were introduced to Chef Ian, whom I was surprised is also a Looloo Reviewer himself as told by Pea. This is the first time that I felt quite comfortable talking and listening a Chef without feeling intimidated. Chef Ian is so accommodating, I like how he told us that being a Chef, he knew that he won't be abke to please everybody and with that he just gives his very best in all of his works.

I like the overall design of the restaurant - the high ceiling, the wood and metal accents, black and brown color scheme, which are all very industrial and modern. I like how simple yet sophisticated it looks which adds a classy feel to the ambiance.

127865St. Francis 127775127775127775
We started off with a drink, yes! Even though our stomachs are still empty we just can't resist the charm of Billy the Mixologist so we tried this without hesitations.
Apple Juice + Fresh Fruits + Ginger Ale + Bacardi and Gin is what it is made of. I didn't like it so much because of the Cinnamon after taste it had which gave it a kick of spiciness.

127864Salcedo Sunset. 127775127775127775127775

127838Pull Apart Batard Bread 127775127775127775
First thing I thought of when I saw this was, OMG Buzzfeed Pull Apart Bread? Lol. I've only seen pull apart breads being made in Buzzfeed's DIY clips and finally I am seeing one in person. The bread was soft, garlicky, buttery and oozing with cheese on the side. Just the perfect appetizer! P450 for a bread is a little overpriced though.

🌮Common Table Nachos 127775127775127775127775127775127775
The star of the night!
5 cheeses with chorizo, garlic cream, tomato salsa and jalapeno on the side - wowowow. I kennat!
I can't explain how I feel about this dish, I love it so much no words can define how GOOD it is. Scooping the cheese with taco shell and seeing it being pulled and stretched is just like watching food porn! Lovely dish!

128052Roasted Bone Marrow 127775127775127775127775127775
One of the newest on their menu - made with oxtail jam, petite salad and toast. Sumakit talaga yung batok ko literally because of this dish. So bad yet so good! Best eaten when served hot. I like the idea of adding toast bread and oxtail jam which is the perfect contrast to the fatty, slightly gelatinous and creamy texture of the bone marrow.

127832 Wagyu Salpicao Cubes 127775127775127775
The Beef Salpicao is pretty tender inside and has a crispy outer core which is just what I was looking for.. Though taste wise, it is not oozing with juice rather a little over cooked and the real wagyu taste isn't so noticeable. It tasted a little too salty and over-seasoned. Best paired with a plain rice rather than the sisig rice or any flavoured rice.

127839 Patatas Bravawas 127775127775127775127775127775
One of the most photogenic dishes during the night. Placing the egg on top is a really great idea! Ruth and I both love eggs so we couldn't help but feel kilig when this was served. When we sliced through the yolk, it spreaded out slowly on the crispy potatoes and it looked like heaven! Woohoo! It tastes good too! I like the crispiness of the potato skin which contrasted the softness of the egg, ultimate combo!

127834 Common Table Sisig Fried Rice 127775127775127775
This dish is quite spicy for me. I'm not a fan of spicy food so I wasn't able to enjoy it fully like the other foodies, especially Pea who even took the bowl and kept munching on eat as if she's inside her house walking around talking to Chef Ian LOLOLOL128514 kulang nalang pajamas and slippers. Nasa bahay lang besh? Haha jk 128514
The crispy chicharon bits made really interesting to eat!

127843 Aburi Salmon 127775127775127775
The salmon is sliced thinly covering the humongous serving of rice beneath. Not a fan of this dish because I didn't like the pickled vegetables especially the cucumbers on top combined with umami and laver. I wish this was served on a smaller bowl cause I bet no one can eat the whole thing in one seating. Plus points for the plating though!

127847Warm Chocolate Truffle Fondant
Ahhh! Warm Moist Chocolate Cake Topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce. Who can even resist this dessert? I can even finish one order on my own! 10084️ not a sweet tooth but this is a must try!

This is a really good find in Salcedo! A good place to drink, hang out and chill after a tiring day at work. 128522 masakit lang talaga sa batok pero bagay sa beer so why not?
Had a great time as usual seeing fellow looloo foodies and Pea! 128525

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

Common Table is a gastropub located at Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati. It doesn’t have a specific type of cuisine. It has Korean, French, American, and Filipino food in the menu. However, Chef Ian emphasized that it’s not fusion.

The restaurant has an industrial design with all those exposed metals and wood. I’m really a fan of this particular type of interiors. As one of the websites I read put it, “What other styles are at pains to hide, industrial design boldly puts on display.” Yeah, it’s rebellious like that.

Peanut D messaged me 2 weeks ago if I was G for a |ooloo rendezvoos here. Oh yes. I immediately googled the place and became excited as the photos in IG are all very inviting. I particularly saw a photo of their Wagyu Salpicao and secretly wished they serve this to us during the event. I also saw a photo of their Pork Belly and Kimchi Rice and that alone made me want to fast forward the days to the event.

I arrived super late at the venue due to the crazy traffic. However I still found time to take photos of the place. Gaaaahd, though it’s not too big, it’s spacious. It’s a perfect place to unwind after work.

For the food, we had he following.

** Pull Apart Batard Bread (450php) – batard bread, roasted garlic butter, aged cheddar, mozzarella, and rosemary. Denise A and I were really eyeing this as we were both super hungry by that time. The bread was soft and has a nice cheesy taste. It was a good starter, tbh. I just found this a bit pricey compared to all the food that were served that night.

** Common Table Nachos (450php) – house chorizo, 5 cheeses, garlic cream, tomato salsa, jalapeño. The toppings were cooked in a sizzling pan and were put on the nachos in front of us. It was a truly beautiful sight! It’s one of my favorites during the event as I loved the combination of cheese, cream, and chorizo. Actually, I think I was the one who consumed most of this in our table. Uhm, yeah. Judge me.

** Roasted Bone Marrow (470php) – toast, oxtail jam, red onion parsley salad. This is actually one pretty dish. But it’s deadly. If you love bone marrow then this will be heaven for you. Just remember to eat in moderation, or else, you’ll go literally to heaven after. Joke! Kidding aside, this dish was good. Too good that it’s bad already. Huh?! Eat this while it’s still hot!!!

** Patatas Bravas (350php) – crispy potatoes, fried egg, chorizo, garlic aioli. I enjoyed this dish so much as the potatoes were cooked perfectly – crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. It was a bit spicy but the egg balanced it out.

** Wagyu Beef Cubes Salpicao (420php) – Wagyu beef cubes, roasted garlic, tomatoes, Shitake, extra virgin olive oil. Exactly what I saw in the photos. This made most of us say “woooooow.” I enjoyed every bite of this wagyu goodness. The taste was on point.

** Common Table Sisig Fried Rice (310php) – cripsy sisig, chicharon, toasted shallots, sunny side up egg. My ultimate favorite during the event! The sisig taste was very evident and not overpowered by the rice. I loved the egg and crispy chicharon bits as these added texture to the dish. More order of this, please?

** Aburi Salmon (390php) – ebiko, pickled vegetables, nori, Furikake, coriander. I love anything salmon so liking this dish is not a surprise. I just expected more salmon slices and this dish was kind of sour due to the pickled vegetables.

** Warm Chocolate Truffle Fondant (320php) – with Cerveza Negra caramel, and vanilla bean ice cream. We ended our feast with this baby. This was so chocolatey which sent me straight to chocolate paradise. I don’t think I can finish one order tho.

And before I forget, we also had drinks before devouring the dishes above. I had their St. Francis. As per their mixologist, Billy, this has apple juice, and fresh fruits with cardamom-infused gin as base. It had a weird aftertaste tbh, it’s kind of spicy but different from cinnamon spice.

My overall experience was generally good. Chef Ian and the staff were all smiles and really helpful. I just wish for faster food preparation and service. 🙂

Fun night as always with |ooloo people Denise A EJ B Christina R AlwaysHungryPh P Reich T Ruth S and nice meeting you guys Vinny L Gene G and Josette P! 🙂

Thanks again Peanut D and |ooloo! 128153

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Gene G.
4.0 Stars

After 5 years... FINALLY I was invited to a looloo rendezvoos. Thank you for the invite Peanut D! 128513

On September 20 (during a Wednesday night), off I went to Makati. Traffic was terrible as usual but I still managed to attend the said event even though I was late.

The Common Table is located at the 2nd floor of The Fraser Place Condominium. It's along Valero St. but to stay on the safe side, Waze will be your best friend for this trip. The owner, Chef Ian P based his dishes on his travels. He would consistently tell us that his dishes are not fusion.

As I entered the vicinity, the concept of the restaurant is on a gastropub type. They focused on wood & metals as part of their design. You will get to see stacks of alcohol aligned as part of their restaurant's design. Their bar area is perfect for chill drinking. When you decide to take a drink in this restaurant, don't forget to talk to Billy, their mixologist. He can whip you up with a good drink that will be unforgettable.

Since I was late, I wasn't able to try their welcoming drinks. I asked Billy what drink he can actually make me. He made me the Salcedo Sunset. This drink is one of his first creations. It's gin based mixed with fresh lemon juice, strawberry & cucumber. He uses a strainer to pour the drink on the glass & puts garnish to top it off. This drink is juicy and refreshing which will make you want to order another glass.

Listed below are the following meals that were served to us:

Pull Apart Battard Bread (450php)
Common Table Nachos (450php)
Roasted Bone Marrow (470php)
Patatas Bravas (350php)
Wagyu Salpicao (420php)
Sisig Fried Rice (310php)
Salmon Aburri (390php)
Warm Chocolate Truffle Fondant (310php)

The Pull Apart Battard Bread consists of the Battard Bread with roasted garlic butter, aged cheddar, mozzarella & rosemary. I found this to be just right. Or maybe I didn't thoroughly eat it when the nachos came hehe.

The Common Table Nachos consists of nachos with house chorizo, 5 cheeses, garlic cream, tomato salsa & jalapeno. This is one of my favorite dishes that was served to us. I'm a cheese lover & when Chef Ian told us that it consists of 5 cheeses, I was ecstatic! Just make sure to eat it while it's still hot so that you can appreciate the 5 cheeses & chorizo.

The Roasted Bone Marrow comes with toast, oxtail jam and red onion parsley salad. The bone marrow tastes better when you put the oxtail jam. Don't eat too much of this though since you can get high blood easily hehe. Also eat it while it's still hot because it's going to get very oily.

The Patatas Bravas is a spanish dish that consists of onions, garlic, tomatoes, sugar, paprika and potatoes. The way of cooking is done the original way but the chef added chorizo & running egg. There's spice in it because of the chorizo & it complemented the dish perfectly.

The Wagyu Salpicao (420php) consists of a lot of flavors in it. It's chewy which I totally loved. This is perfect with plain rice though.

The Sisig Fried Rice was also good! It has pork, egg, and chicharon. I'm a sisig lover & this dish is worth ordering. Be wary that there's also a bit of spice in it.

The Salmon Aburri consists of salmon with japanese rice and aburri sauce. It was just right for me. The salmon was thinly sliced & with little serving. I was expecting the salmon to be many though.

The Warm Chocolate Truffle Fondant (310php) was perfect to cap off the night. It was very chocolatey, moist and perfect with the caramelized flavor. This would want you to order another serving.

My top 2 favorite dishes would have to be the nachos & wagyu. I can't wait to go back to Chef Ian's restaurant & try their other dishes. I tell ya, it will be worth your money & gas :)

As for my first looloo rendezvoos, it was nice to meet all of you. Til the next eatup! 128522 Norman Lester T, Christina R, Reich T, AlwaysHungryPh P, Vinny L, Denise A, Josette P, EJ B & Peanut D!!! 128513


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Josette P.
4.0 Stars

Finally a looloo rendevoos that fits my schedule! And when I read it's at Salcedo, I am thrilled soo no traffic can stop me from going! Thank you so much Peanut D for the invite 🤗

Common Table is Chef Ian P's new abode right beside Fraser Hotel along Valero St. I like their neighborhood cause they usually have a good find restaurant that suits evening chill and drink with friends. On a Wednesday evening, the place is pretty peaceful with good music to accompany your meal.

To start off while waiting for everyone, we were served with this drink called St. Francis. It has this infused gin using cardamon and rosemary. Together with a shot of bacardi, apple juice, ginger ale and fresh fruits. I like it! It's refreshing though the cardamon taste is strong that leaves an after taste every after sip.

Appetizers served are:
- Pull Apart Batard Bread (Php 450)
- Roasted Bone Marrow (Php 470)

Okay! So both appetizers have their charm. With the pull apart bread being both garlicy and cheesy at the same time not to mention how it's crunchy outside while soft and with gooesy cheese on the inside. It's good! Definitely for sharing but a little heavy as appetizers. While I did enjoy the roasted bone marrow. Number 1 on my fave list! Eat it while it's hot otherwise it's going to be very greasy!! Basically fat, it's a good compliment to the sweet-ish, oxtail jam and fresh greens plus add a pinch of salt to somehow offsets one from the other. I like it so much!!! The toast is perfect, and the oxtail jam is a big deal!!

For the mains we were served:
- Sisig Fried Rice (Php 310)
- Wagyu Beef Cubes (Php 450)
- Aburi Salmon (Php 390)

Sooo sisig fried rice + wagyu beef cubes are not a good complement. Both are flavorful and should be eaten separately. The sisig fried rice is good!! A favorite of mine as well and I would definitely ask KFC to give this a try and maybe they can improve theirs further. Hahah. The sisig fried rice is good on its own with pork, egg, real sisig taste and chicharon. While the wagyu beef cubes is good too. It's good in a salpicao kind of way that it has so many flavors bursting in one bite. It's best to have with those cherry tomatoes and it's good just right. It's chewy. While the Aburi Salmon is definitely the most colorful dish. The salmon is flattened to cover the rice beneath and it taste good. I happened to ate something with a strong ginger flavor that I did not get to enjoy this one that much. But it's good.

Bar chows:
- Nachos (Php 450)
- Patatas Bravas (Php 350)

Though they were served as appetizers I prefer to put these two as bar chows. I mean they are perfect for cold drinks if you're not there for a dinner. Oh please the nachos are divine!!!!! 5 cheese with chroizo on nachos and some jalapeno and salsa on the sides. I cannot even find the words!! Eat it while it's hot to stretch out that cheesy goodness. Unfortunately, the cheese ain't enough to cover the lowest layer of nachos but if you mix it early it might just. I love the cheese!!! It has this chili con flavor maybe because of the chorizo. The patatas bravas on the other hand is a joy to have!! Fried potatoes with cheese drizzle and egg! It's a good pair with a beer tbh. Haha. I like that the potatoes are fried and coated just right and very flavorful.

- Warm Chocolate Truffle Fondant (Php 310)

And yes!!! Definitely the cherry on top. I am so thrilled to have the dessert as it's my favorite part of every meal. Solid, and moist chocolate truffle. The middle part is even more divine with this very moist and rich caramel-ish flavor. I really liked it!!

Staffs are nice and friendly. The place is pretty spacious and I like the loft type style. Not sure but I think the second floor can be booked for private events.

I had an amazing time!! Thank you Chef Ian for inviting us and you have a great restaurant for group gatherings and evening chill. And thank you looloo rendezvoos. I can't wait for the next one!! And to the amazing reviewers I've met, wow! I am thrilled with your outmost passion in taking photos and giving the most honest review possible! Hands down!

So if you're around Salcedo and looking for a nice place to hangout, don't think twice about visiting this place.

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5.0 Stars

‪Traffic was terrible on Wednesday night. But I still managed to go to The Common Table in Salcedo, Makati for almost 2 hours coming from Bonifacio Global City. Yes, nothing will stop me to attend another Looloo Rendezvoos. Thanks Peanut D for the invite.‬

‪The Common Table is located at the 2nd Level of The Fraser Place. Occupying the outside veranda. Upon entry, I noticed that the interior of the place is a combination of rustic and casual set-up using some metals and woods as their main design.‬

‪While waiting for the other reviewers we were served St. Francis and Common Sour as our welcome drinks to pair with the following appetizers:‬

127865Pull Apart Battard Bread for Php450.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5‬
‪(Batard Bread, Roasted Garlic Butter, Aged Cheddar, Mozzarella, Rosemary)‬

127865Common Table Nachos for Php450.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5‬
‪(House Chorizo, 5 Cheeses, Garlic Cream, Tomato Salsa, Jalapeño)‬

127865Roasted Bone Marrow for Php470.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5‬
‪(Toast, Oxtail Jam, Red Onion Parsley Salad)‬

‪All the dishes we had were deliciously cooked. I like the Common Table Nachos and Roasted Bone Marrow both were best paired with the cocktails served.‬

‪The service went well, though it would be more better if they served and prepared the dishes a little bit faster.‬

‪Overall, my rating is 4.5/5. ‬

‪*The event was sponsored and paid by The Common Table.‬

‪Nice eating with you guys!‬
Norman Lester T Christina R Reich T Ruth S AlwaysHungryPh P Vinny L Denise A Gene G

‪#ilovetoeatph 12851510084️‬

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