Compañeros Mexican Grill

Multinational Ave., Moonwalk, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Compañeros Mexican Grill
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Peach L.
4.0 Stars

I've been hearing about this place from one of my compañeras Vans C for a time now and one day, we went together. I was told that the food is similar to El Chupacabra so it piqued my interest.

The place is somewhat hard to find if you're not familiar in the South specifically in Multi, but if you are, it's easy: you just go in, give your ID to the guard in the entrance coming from Sucat and drive on the right. But after you pass by the 2 guardhouses (they're almost beside each other, don't ask me, I don't know why 128513), don't drive fast because just as you drive a little to the right, you'll see this area with establishments. The landmark is Mini Stop, get inside because there are still shops at the back. There you'll find Compañeros. Yep, it's a hole-in-the-wall.

The small mexican restaurant can house probably about 20-30 people in and out. We stayed outside, they had wooden tables that are a bit thin for a group and can't accomodate plates more than 6, it's probably meant for drinking and not eating. 128513

I had the street taco Barbacoa and the Carnitas and my friends had the same and then some. I wasn't particularly impressed with the carnitas (pork) because it was a bit sweet (not a fan of sweet food but that's just me) but flavour-wise, it was also ok... sweet and spicy. I liked the barbacoa (beef), it had a better mixture of flavours and tasted better especially when eaten with a few drops of calamansi and downed with ice-cold beer. The sisig was just normal, nothing extra-ordinary.

What made me enjoy the place was of course the fact that I was with my friends, and because the servers were attentive. Probably because it's not that crowded when we went there. The one who served us came from El Chupacabra, and no, he said he wasn't pirated. 128513

I ordered me another round of Barbacoa and he made a mistake by giving me carnitas, he replaced it with barbacoa and didn't charge me for that... that's another point for good service. 128077128522

I can see the potential of this place if they improve more on the food and the selection (they have minimal choices right now and there's no grilling when we went there) but if their intention is for this to just be a drinking hangout with decent appetizers and not really a restaurant, this is good for nights that you just want to chill and not go too far (for South peeps).

In terms of the comparison with El Chups, uhhmm, not comparable...It doesn't have the same authentic feel even if some of the attendants are wearing ponchos but I give them A for Eyfort. Lol. I like Compañeros' service though, I hope they maintain this kind of warmth. Price-wise, the same with El Chups.

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Vans C.
5.0 Stars

Street Tacos and beer, the best combination 128515128077

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