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Ruth S.
5.0 Stars

In our attempt to make the night as wholesome and as alcohol free as possible for my manginginom friends 128518128514, we went around Aguirre avenue to look for a place to stay. Right after our mcdo drive thru, we went to phase 1 part since we can't think of a place.... Drive drive drive.. 128664 but as we reached the "dead end part", which is the area of Contis, Pancake House and Starbucks, we turned right just so we can go back to Aguirre again but we saw this... located in a very secluded area, with a very simple signage that is... Conceptrum.

Friend: "Ruth search mo nga ano 'to!"

So I searched and tried checking if this place in looloo and surprisingly it is.. I read the reviews out loud.. (thank you, Kate R for a very helpful and oh so enticing review!! 128518)

Do you want to try something out of the ordinary?
Do you like puzzles and mind boggling activities?
Do you want to test your analytical thinking?

And we were all, YES! YES! YES!!! 128513128513128513128588🏼

At 9:30 pm, we were their last customers since they close at 10 pm. Last minute activity. Yay to spontaneous trips like this!! 128518128521

Fee is 500 per head but the bigger your group is, the lesser the fee is (450/head) plus students get to pay 350 only.

There are 3 rooms Framed, Blackout, and Deranged. We didn't get to choose what room since there was only one room available during that time. So for that night, we were to try and experience -- FRAMED. You are to solve the case within the time allotted which is 50 minutes. A short introduction and briefing of rules/guidelines before entering the room. You are not to bring anything inside, lockers are provided for your personal things, cellphone, etc. The staffs are really nice, friendly, accommodating, and helpful. 128077🏼

I don't want to give you with so much details anymore because it's best if you experience it for yourself. All I can say is.. It is definitely worth it and super fun, exciting, and really a good experience!! You get to live your detective conan dreams even just for 50 minutes. 128521 A good activity to try with your friends, siblings, family, and/or officemates!! 128077🏼

Tip: Every thing counts. Be extra observant and don't panic. 128541

We will definitely be back to try the other rooms! 128521

  • No. of Comments: 3
Kate R.
4.0 Stars

Do you want to try something out of the ordinary? Do you like puzzles and mind boggling activities? Do you want to test your analytical thinking? With your friends, family or colleagues?

Then you should check out Conceptrum.

They offer scenario based challenges that will surely awaken your senses and will test your brain activities. They have three types of rooms with different challenges and difficulties.

1. Blackout - widespread blackout is threatening a town and your challenge is to find an alternate power source before the time runs out. Let there be light!

2. Deranged - its a mystery of the campers who never return. And ohh its Friday the 13th.

3. Framed - is the most difficult room as per the owner. In this challenge you will find your way out from being framed on something that you didn't do.

You have 50 minutes to accomplish your mission in room of your choice. And you can play with your friends! It was fun and awesome experience! I will definitely come back to try out other rooms.

Ohh btw, we tried Framed and we failed our mission 128547128547128547! But we completed it with a score of 85%. Not bad! Haha Even so, we had a great time!

Find clues. Solve puzzles. Decipher riddles.

  • No. of Comments: 8
Yina M.
4.0 Stars

As far as surprises go, this is the best one! Funny how you get older and enjoy these things. It's a first for me to try one of these mystery room thingamajigs and was it interesting!

Located in BF Parañaque, I'm glad Conceptrum opened in the south! There are two (or three) rooms that you can choose from, we got the bigger room as we were nine in the group. While waiting, the reception area has two couches you could lounge in, there were also free peanuts (wow, I felt like an elephant) you could munch on. The place is well ventilated and the bathroom is also clean. Peeing is advised before entering the rooms as some members of your team could be excitable and have tiny bladders. Orientation is about 10 minutes, then you are prepped to enter the room.

Going to these places after lunch ruins your brain because of all the food you consumed. I thought we were nerds, apparently, we were all just lazy to...solve. An activity as such is fun! You can see how your fellow teammates solve problems and react under time pressure. Obviously, I wasn't pressured at all! I had faith in my team! I just like supporting and hand holding. Hahaha! Too bad we didn't make it out. I wasn't even bummed out! 128077

Introductory price until the end of Jan is P450 a head. I want to try the smaller room though, it also means a smaller group. 128527

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