UG/F SM Southmall, Alabang-Zapote Rd., Almanza Uno, Las Piñas, Metro Manila

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Reopens: 10:00a - 9:00p


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Payment Options

Cash, MasterCard, Visa

Price Range

₱295 - ₱2,460

Most Recent Reviews

Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

When you've been craving for Tiramisu and the last one you've had was a faker, you'll start to crave for a better one even more! Then you'll see your friends post pictures of what seems like delicious versions - in IG, in |ooloo and even in FB. You'll wonder - why universe? Why?!? Then you check your phone for food pics because #loolooDroneGiveaway you know lol and the last decent Tiramisu you had pops up! You just give up!

Contis was our choice of resto for lunch weeks ago when we were in SM Southmall. It's one of our go to when we are too lazy to look for a place or too hungry to check other restaurants. Other than that, my Tiramisu quest led me here since my Food Society Homie Jairus d said that they have one of the best.

Chicken a la Kiev for me + Tiramisu & Grilled Porkchops + Mango Bravo for the hubby!

The Chicken a la Kiev was as usual good - tender chicken meat rolled with cheese and herbs, coated with breading to give that crunchy crust. Tasty and delish! Hubby was equally happy with his grilled chops, served tender with creamy thick sauce!

Hubby is a fan of Mango Bravo. I must say that this is also a fave of mine in Contis. A visit is never complete without it! Still the same sweet x light x refreshingly good combi of chiffon, merengue, nuts, whipped cream and ripe mangoes!

Then the Tiramisu... they call it the Mocha Tiramisu because of the Mocha frosting. Instead of using lady fingers, they used soft and light vanilla sponge cake. Layered with coffee cream that has a slight hint of liquor, this was actually good! It wasn't too cloying and wasn't too sweet but I would like lesser portion of the cream and a stronger coffee and liquor kick! But hey, this is not bad at all! Willing to buy a whole cake next time!

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Madz P.
5.0 Stars

Conti's Lemon Squares are to die for!!! Super duper yummy!!! 128523

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Madz P.
5.0 Stars

Conti's Gambas y Champinon al Ajillo was sooo good! I love the juicy shrimps covered in garlicky oil. Yum yum!!! 128523

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Sunday lunch date w Mommy. 128111

- So good and comforting. Mommy enjoyed this one. Tasted the soup and it was not too sour. Tamang asim. Enough to make you want to have more!! Perfect for the rainy cold day (it was raining really hard last sunday afternoon!). This was served with a small fried lumpiang ubod. Only comment was the salmon was bitin. Would be better if there were more meat added. 128517

ANGEL HAIR PUTTANESCA. Fresh tomato sauce, black olives, capers and a hint of anchovies in olive oil. 205.
- I have always been curious about this pasta ever since but because it was too plain and ordinary, I end up ordering something else. This time, since I already have a salad, I ordered this one. The pasta was indeed plain and too ordinary. Not something everyone will enjoy, IMO. 128563128529

Next time, I'll just stick w the Baked Salmon or the Pesto Pasta. Or the Garlic Sotanghon. 128518

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Jacqui T.
5.0 Stars

It’s been a while since I last wrote something here. It’s nice to be back, though I need to leave the LooLoo world again after finishing my pending reviews.

Let me do a back track to all the restaurants that I have tried while I’m in the Philippines. Let me start with this Paella from Contis.

The place was not new to me, but haven’t tried another dish from them other than their desserts. I was not aware that they have Paella Madrileña – paella rice with prawns and chicken. It was delicious and satisfying. The serving was good for one only and I bet you won’t like sharing it with others if you're into paella.

My friends ordered the NZ Mussels Pasta and Roasted Beef Bell and we all enjoyed our lunch.

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Mye F.
4.0 Stars

Symphony Salad from Conti's is so yummy & sulit for its price. Solo order costs about P150 only. It has mixed greens, apples, grapes, boiled eggs, tomatoes and almonds, drizzled by vinaigrette dressing that is not too overpowering. I really like the texture added by the almonds 128077🏻

Minus one star though because this branch has a lot to improve in terms of service, particularly in speed and management of customer queue. The servers, although helpful, seem to panic128533 Good thing they serve great food that compensates for lack of excellent service 128522

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Gennie M.
1.0 Stars

Worst Conti's branch ever! Not enough people eventhough it's just past 12nn. Since we have not been feeling well we decided to go and eat at Conti's for comfort food. So we were seated outside since inside was quite cold then came the menu and we ordered. Order taker said it should take 15 minutes and we said okay, 15 minutes came no order came so I made a follow up with the waiter who brought some water.. He said " ano po yung order niyo?" And I replied " madami paki check sa system niyo" so he went inside and talk to the other attendants nobody came after a good five minutes this girl manager attends to 2 customers and I called her to follow up my order and she said she will check when she came back she was asking what were our orders and I asked why is she asking me was it not taken the first time she said no just checking but I said I had a hunch that it was not and I stood ready to go and she blocked my way my husband said give it a chance so I took my son strolled a bitbecause he was getting antsy and from afar I saw 2 managers already approaching my husband and ASKING AGAIN OUR ORDERS! With 2 empanadas on hand when in fact there are 4 of us dining, so what do we do with the empanadas?! Anyway we left and did not turn our back but you know what is disappointing is the fact that they never aplogized and admitted that no order was punched on our behalf! Plus at some point the reason why I had a hunch because initially they were staring at us from the inside as if we were just standing by..
Maybe they think they are so big now that they never bothered apologizing and not admitting their miss well hello at some point it will come back at them.

Gravely disappointed!!!!

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