Cookout by Size Matters

EGI Albergo Hotel, 1 Villamor Drive, Lualhati, Baguio, Benguet

Cookout by Size Matters
4.5 Stars

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Anna G.
4.0 Stars

Loved the grilled porkchop, mostly because of the barbecue sauce that came with it. I'd opt for plain rice next time as I was not a fan of their wild rice. It was competing with the meat in terms of taste. Lasagna was good, a hefty serving. The Works Burger was gooey with cheese. Even the patty had cheese in it. Buffalo wings was just okay. A bit pricey but worth a try.

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Euge H.
4.0 Stars

Authentic sausage burgers and much more provided by Size Matters but with a twist of BBQ dishes complimenting the total grill experience. Cozy interior, friendly staff, and chill neighborhood suitable for a nice quiet dinner or a nightcap.

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Rocky R.
5.0 Stars

When employees, and even owners know you by name, you know that you've been going to that spot way too many times. Take me in this case. 128514

Since the opening of Cookout, I have been coming here once a week to make sure I try at least one different dish just to say that I've tried everything on their menu. Sad to say, I haven't yet completed that task; slowly but surely, I will get there. 128514

This time around, I tried The Works Burger (T.W.B.). It's a 1/3lb beef patty stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, American cheese, garlic mushrooms, veggies, and with your choice of garlic cream cheese or Bleu cheese in a homemade oat bun. That's cheese, on cheese, on cheese!! It should be a crime!! (lol) T.W.B. was delicious. The patty, like the other burgers I've tried at this spot was juicy. If you're a cheese lover, you can identify all three in every bite. The Monterey Jack has a buttery, mild flavor. The American is creamy, and the Bleu has a salty and spicy flavor. This burger was amazing!!

Another dish that I crossed off my list was their chili fries. As told by the proprietor, the chili is of their own recipe. The chili was a mix of saltiness, spiciness from the paprika, Cheyenne pepper, onions and garlic, with a thick consistency makes it a meal of its own if it were available a la carte. Alas, it's not. 128533 Let it be known, there will be no fry left uncoated. They serve a generous amount of chili and (cheese) on the fries. Did I mention they also add real sour cream?!

Never have I been disappointed with Cookout's food and service. The work they have put into creating their menu speaks volumes for itself.

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Rocky R.
5.0 Stars

I am more than excited that Size Matters is now here in Baguio under the name COOKOUT. Located outside of Albergo Hotel, near Wright Park, COOKOUT is now ready and eager to serve you! I have been waiting for this restaurant to open since trying out their famous sausage burgers during Panagbenga 2013.

Though with the new name and look, COOKOUT will still serve their signature burgers as well as new items on the menu so that we, Baguio residents can call it our own. As mentioned above, the location is convenient for locals and tourists. Taxis and jeepneys are easily accessible. There is no need to wait long for your travel accommodations.

...and did I mention the food is great?

Originality and quality is what Filipino "foodies" should look for. This is what Baguio City has needed for quite some time. Yes, we have Jollibee and McDonald's at our disposal, but to come to a place like COOKOUT by Size Matters, it opens your palate to a whole new dimension of what a burger can be.

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