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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Cebu is definitely one of the favorite destinations for Koreans, so much that a lot of them have even decided to settle here. I am happy to say that thanks to them, One can certainly put dining in Korean restaurants as part of their itineraries even for vacations.

CookPub Modern Korean Bistro and Bar is a quirky new place right the heart of Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City. You can be sure that food here is great because the chef owner of this place used to be a chef de cuisine in Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa. They serve authentic Korean food with a Cebuano twist. What I love about them is that they only use the best of ingredients and still is in keeping with affordability, especially as pricing in the island is definitely different from what I know in Manila. True to its name, the quality of their food is bistro level in presentation and taste, plus they are open from early during the day for breakfast until late for after-dinner drinks.

Their location is fantastic too. They are on the second floor of the newly opened Island Central Mall in Mactan, very near the airport. So for those looking for a place to dine upon arrival or right before departure, this may just be the place for you.

I visited this place right before my flight, around dinner time and the place was packed. It’s a good indication because there was a good mix of guests. About half were Koreans, a quarter in number were Cebuanos and there were other foreigners too. When I came, I was graced by Chef Alvin Lee’s presence and he really took care of me and my friends. Take note though that this was not a sponsored event. He’s actually very visible in the restaurant. So if you’re ever in the area, do say hello and he’ll be happy to greet you. 128568

Here’s a rundown of what we had:

1.) Bibimpan with Beef Bulgogi - PHP 258
This dish is so sulit because it’s a full meal with sides, and the portion is huge, it can easily fill two hungry tummies. The beef bulgogi was awesome, it was tender and flavorful. It tasted legit and I very well cooked. The sauce that came with it enhance the taste of the dish too. Everything about this dish is great.

2.) KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) - PHP 256
This was my favorite in Shangri-La Mactan in the past. A well kept secret recipe of Chef Alvin, this dish was definitely a head turner in the hotel before, and now he has brought it here in his new place and I can only say it has even improved in terms of flavor and texture. It was familiar but not exactly the same. The sweetness was toned down a bit but leveled perfectly with the savory pieces of chicken. The spice level is tolerable for me and I think in tune with most Filipinos’ liking for hotness in food. It was not too much, but just enough heat to make it awesome. I absolutely loved it!

3.) Cheese Tteokbokki - PHP 273
I used to not like this dish until I was converted by my Cebuano bestfriend by having me taste the dish in another Korean restaurant a few konths back. From then on, I have been on the hunt for really good versions of it, and CookPub’s was outstanding. Not only were the pieces of rice cakes perfectly done, the sauce was fantastic. The cheese was just the right amount that it wasn’t too cloying and it covered the dish well, just enough to give it a contrast in the flavor profile. It was also topped with a perfectly made hard boiled egg that gave the dish finesse and a tinge of creaminess from the yolk. The dish is a meal itself, or a great pair to any other ala carte dish they have.

4.) Soy Samgyupsal - PHP 233
This version of the familiar bacon-like dish is amazing. The pieces of meat were plump and cooked perfectly, and it was seasoned just right. The sides that came with it complemented the entree well, and I liked how it was presented too. Visually, it was very attractive, and it was equally tasty as it looked like. I really loved this dish!

5.) Korean Pancake of the Day - Complimentary (PHP 115 for every additional order)
When you dine in the restaurant, you automatically get a complimentary serving of this dish. I remember I looked forward to what flavor Chef Alvin will come up again for his Korean pancake everyday when he was still with Shangri-La Mactan. I have been a fan of this simple yet very tasty dish of his, so when I heard that all guests get to enjoy this, I was ecstatic to have every piece. I honestly didn’t want to share, but of course I did. When we visited, the pancake of the day was kimchi. It was a tad spicy and a little tangy and savory and delicious. The dipping sauce was a little sweet so it was a nice touch to the dish, giving it just a little sweetness which I loved. I was so happy because Chef Alvin gave our table an additional plate of this, still complimentary as he saw I was visiting from Manila and it was so obvious from my face that I enjoyed it a lot. Normally, you’d be charged a minimal amount for another serving, and to be honest, I would’ve gladly paid for the second helping any day.

6.) Red Calamansi Juice - PHP 95
I honestly forgot what made it red, but it was actually really pretty and very refreshing. It was citrusy but not too sour and had just the right sweetness to it. It pairs really well to their food.

7.) Cucumber Juice - PHP 90
This was a very refreshing beverage too. I liked how it was simply presented but executed well in terms of usage of ingredients and choice of quality vegetables. It was served cold as it was required, and was naturally sweetened, so I really liked it too. Again, it goes really well with their wide array of good food.

Everything we had was amazing! I definitely recommend this restaurant as they not only cater Korean food, but they give their guests an excellent dining experience. Their specialty may be Korean, but the kind of food they put on the table is top notch comfort food you’d want to have any day for any occasion. I cannot wait to visit again.

Congratulations on your new venture, Chef Alvin and continue to delight your guests with your truly heartwarming and excellent service! I will definitely visit here every time I am in the island, and I look forward to more exciting items you have mentioned on launching soon. Also, you truly deserve your new achievement on TripAdvisor, bagging the #9 spot out of a list of 143 restaurants in Lapu-Lapu City! Indeed, being in the top 10 list of restos in the island in record time is testament to your amazing work. Kudos to you and your team! Cheers! 128571

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Van G.
5.0 Stars

What I love most about the place (apart from the food of course) is the service! Staffs are really friendly and accommodating. Complimentary pancake which is made of corn and tuna is to die for! It is best paired with their tangy sauce that really brings out the flavour of the appetizing dish. Beef bulgogi and spicy pork were delectable dishes as well. Personal favorite is their refreshing red Calamansi Juice which is a delicious concoction of Calamansi and sweet potato leaves. For dessert, a serving of the Hot cookie and cold ice cream will do the trick - absolutely a sweet tooth treat!

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