Corcolon Lomi House

Lipa, Batangas

Corcolon Lomi House
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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

My friend invited me the other day to try out their famous lomi batangas. I've tried gotong batangas which I really enjoyed especially for hangover recovery. But lomi batangas is a 1st for me.

Corcolon is a rugged looking place. A place that sosyal peeps might not want to try. Their menu offer different sizes of lomi batangas and option to go extra toppings. Our group opted for the family size extra topings for only 300PHP. We were shocked how big it was once served. I think the serving was good for 7-8 people. It was also topped with lots of chicharon and laman loob. Yummy!128523 Lomi batangas version is a bit more sticky slimey. The toppings are also mostly putok batok version. I love it for that putok batok laman loob ingredients hahaha but got a hard time finishing our order. The 5 of us was so full and satisfied with our 300 pesos.

Overall I really enjoyed it but maybe next time just order the smaller variant.128522128077

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Rebecca G.
4.0 Stars

what can I say? "lungad" sa lomi, for the amount of 300 pesos.. its serving and the taste is worth the price.

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Maui S.
5.0 Stars

That chicharon overload! 128561 after a quick day hike in Maculot you can ask around how to get to this not-so small carinderia type where chicharon overflows with everything because chicharon is perfect with just about everything 128514 so we ordered the small one and its still for sharing! They will serve you this steaming hot bowl of lomi where you cannot see any noodles because they are under the overload toppings of chicharon 128561 what can I say? Its delicious and its cheap!!! Our friends ordered pancit and yes even the pancit has chicharon toppings! If you're a big fan of this fried 128055 skin? Then head out south for this chicharon noodles...I mean Batangas Lomi 128513

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Lee d.
5.0 Stars

The lomi to end all lomis. The best among the rest. The king of the ring. Thy name is Corcolon!

Just look at that. Look at it. Aren't you amazed? A mound of chicharon, liempo and pork cheek bits piled on top of ooey gooey lomi noodles. And the awesomeness doesn't stop there. Once you mix it all up (and carefully, I should say, lest you make a regrettable mess), you'll find a piece of kikiam. A piece of pork liver. Half a hardboiled egg. And then you taste it...


For mere mortals their lomi comes in three sizes - regular, big and jumbo. I underestimated the regular bowl and went for the big one. Couldn't finish it. Had to take the rest home. For immortal foodies (who can eat forever a la Joey Chestnut), families or big groups, they also have ginormous bowls of this Mt. Olympus-sized creation.

Prices were very reasonable. And I ate with my mom and dad - my dad being verrrry hard to please. And he was impressed. Actually, we all were. It wasn't just the hunger talking. We really liked this place and vow to take lomi virgins here in the future.

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Hosea I.
5.0 Stars

Lomi at its finest!!! I'd never thought they would serve in a big bowl! The lomi was super thick and even its soup. I'd expected it to be like mami 128514

It was super good! The chicharon, the pork strips and the lomi itself were flavorful.

It's located outside of the town proper, and you really have to take a long travel just to get there. But I can tell you, it's very affordable and worth it!

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Zai M.
5.0 Stars

Ala eh! Death by lomi ga kamo? Haha! As we all know, Batangas is known for it's lomi. Kahit nasaan ka sa Batangas, madaling makahanap ng malapit na Lomian! But Corcolon is different. It stands out among the lomi houses in our province because of their "putok-batok" toppings! I've been seeing IG and FB posts about this lomi house for quite some time already and they had been featured in Rated K also so we decided to give it a try.

When we arrived, we had to wait for us to be seated. Totoo nga ang mga sabi-sabi at nasa Rated K! Jam-packed and lomian na ito. It looks like a typical canteen/lomi house but there were lots of customers at mukang dinadayo talaga.

When we were choosing what to order, we looked at what other people ordered. Lomi syempre! Haha! But it comes in different sizes. You can choose from regular, big, jumbo and family size. You can also choose it you want it to have regular or double toppings. There were other stuff in the menu besides lomi such as pork sisig, liempo, and different kinds of pancit. We saw that most people ordered either big or jumbo sized lomi with double toppings. OA sa laki, parang di namin mauubos kaya we tried regular with double toppings (Php 60). It took around 10 minutes before we got our order since there were really a lot of customers.

The toppings consist of chicharon and grilled pork. The toppings alone is sinfully goood! Napakanta ako ng "A Thousand Years" kasi my "Heart beats fast" literally nung time na yun. Haha! Sa dami ba namang toppings! 128055128055 The lomi itself tastes good too! It still has liver bits and meatballs besides their deadly but heavenly toppings. Tamang tama lang ang lasa, kahit di na masyado lagyan ng toyo at kalamansi. Super sulit! Sobrang nakakabusog kahit regular sized lang! Will definitely go back to try other dishes and to have another 128055moment with their lomi 128077🏻. This is a must-try lomi house when you visit Batangas :) 128077🏻
#12Days 10084

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