Coreon Gate Cafe

Polaris St., Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila

Coreon Gate Cafe
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Nicole C.
4.0 Stars

**Review is for their Taft branch, which isn't listed on here yet. :)

I used to think that Coreon Gate was just an internet cafe. Last night though, I was able to meet up with some friends and we ended up here after having our dinner. Coreon Gate here at Taft occupies the space that used to be Holly's Coffee. On the first floor is the cafe part of the store and located on the second floor is the computer shop part. Since we just wanted to have dessert we stayed at the first floor.

There are a lot of seats, but the space does get a bit cramped. There were quite a lot of people there already when we went, and service was a bit slow too.

We ordered bingsu (forgot the name as it was Korean lol I think it's called injaelmee? Not sure), and the serving was big, good for sharing if you ask me. It wasn't really sweet and I did like how fine the ice was.

We also ordered two types of cake. Their red velvet cake and chocolate cheesecake. The red velvet was good, all of us liked this one better than the cheesecake; it's just the right amount of sweet and you can really distinguish the red velvet flavor (hehe noticed kasi some other red velvet cakes/sweets just taste like food coloring lol). The chocolate cheesecake was a bit bitter, and couldn't really tell that it was a cheesecake tbh. 128514

Each order came with a wifi password - for 2 hours, one username/password can only be used once. Internet here is supposedly fast, but that wasn't the case last night, though that may be because there were a lot of people lol.

Place is a bit dark but at least it wasn't noisy! Also, it was really cold so if you plan on staying here for a while, best bring a jacket with you.
Prices of the food is quite affordable and leans more on serving (not really authentic but pwede na lol) Korean cuisine. 128522

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5.0 Stars

Many of you may have passed by this little haven, but may have not noticed. Coreon Gate is just along Polaris St. going to El Chupacabra, Tambai, H&J, etc. CG is owned by a Korean. It's actually a 24hrs cafe, has a high-speed internet of 200mbps and friendly staffs!

They serve meals too! But don't expect that they serve authentic korean meals. Their meals are for those who are on a budget and craves for korean food. The good thing about this cafe is that, for every meal or drink you buy, you get to have free internet access of 5gb or equivalent to 6hrs of regular browsing time. They also have a smoking area inside, which also serves as their game room!

I highly suggest this place for those who kills time, or needed a very reliable internet connection. Most of the people who goes here are freelancers or foreigners who are on their vacation. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of koreans too! You will see them 24hours just playing! Haha!

They sell korean noodles, cheese sausage, korean drinks, etc. The place is very cozy! I sometimes even stay here and take a nap when i'm killing time even if my office is just in the top floor of the same building! I knoooow, i'm lucky working in this area of Makati! Hehehe! 9996️️128514128584

That's it! Why not go here and see for yourself! Oh! Before i even forget! They also serve Bingsu! I suggest you get Injaelmee, mango or the red bean mochi! Super good and not that sweet too!

모두들, 잘 먹고야! 나중에 봐요! 잘가!

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Lexi M.
4.0 Stars

Hello 200 mbps internet connection!

It's an internet cafe and bar so you can order whatever you like on their menu and surf away! There's an area for mobile devices where you'd be given a unique password only for one user with minimum purchase at the bar and the internet speed is still topnotch! I had strawberry-banana smoothie at PhP135. It was thick, creamy and delicious and they use real fruits, too! A good place to chill.

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