Coron Underwater Garden Resort

Baquit Island, Coron, Palawan

Coron Underwater Garden Resort
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Abegail H.
4.0 Stars

I had to put a separate review for the food they served us.

For lunch that day we had buttered garlic shrimp and sizzling squid. We expected fresh seafood since we are on an Island and they did not dismay us.

Sizzling squid was unique as it has this natural sweetness complemented by the nice sauce. Not the usual stirfried sizzling food and its all good! Price was around 160-180.

Buttered garlic shrimp was a bit steep at 450 but the serving size is big and the sauce is thick, just the right butter and garlicky taste although it really looked like it was mixed with cornstarch because it was a little thick, something that butter could not give.

Serving time was around 20-30 minutes, fast enough as the food are prepared from scratch.

Rice was another expensive thing as it costs 40 pesos per cup.

Service water is available though I noticed that the glasses smelled like it was rinsed with sea water or maybe it was from the drinking water itself. Tolerable though.

As I have said, the resort has no electricity from 6am to 6pm so if your getting your lunch here, expect that there would be no fans to ventilate the area but they have this big screened windows allowing sea breeze in. Another, it give a good view of the sea while dining.

Guests are asked for their desired breakfast from the menu they have (it comes free with the accommodation) and the serving time, as per the guests liking.

We had the longganisa which was something we shouldn't have ordered and the danggit that should be a must to try food by everyone who visit's coron. Garlic rice was good and the danggit is fried to crisp. :)

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Abegail H.
4.0 Stars

For the next few days I will be plotting my coron adventure that I had last last april 14. Stayed in the modest town for 4 days yet we still weren't able to clear our checklist of destinations.

For the first day, we, that's my boyfriend with me, checked-in in this resort. Our initial plan was just to lay around whole day, that's what we did but we still ended up having a lot of time left before the generator runs, meaning we have nothing to do. Oh btw, the genset runs only from 6pm6a. Good thing the resort's boat is free to use anytime the guests would feel like going to the town. although sometimes you will be asked to wait for the other guests so they'd save time and gas going back and forth but it's no hassle because the dock area is a good place to hang out (except for the street children who will bug you for some coins).

Going back, the resort have a mini pool, which was unfortunately drained that day for cleaning so we didn't had the chance to dip on it. The whole resort is basically beside a mountain on an island and thus living some of the rooms to be on stilts. They also have a man made shore and another artificial extension so guests will have a shallower area to swim on since the waters surrounding the resort is very deep. Sadly, it was low tide that afternoon so the water came very shallow and the weeds were swimming with us. We have also tried to snorkel around their man made coral garden but it was another fail because the water was just dark and we were scared to go farther because the water was deep and choppy, even though we have life vests on which were free, still it was scary!!!

Rooms, they were pretty clean and vibrant but a bit small. The sink is adjacent to the bed but it really wasn't a bad thing. They have good blinds to cover the room from the sunlight and noise. Comfort room was clean, but shower was disappointing. No curtain and not enough water, ending we have to use the faucet which in turn flooded the toilet area. And another disaster happened because the water was not draining well on that part so we have to deal with it for a few hours.

The stilt rooms were connected to a dock where beach chair are in placed and available to be used by any guests. It faces to the tail of the island giving a good view that would cheer up an afternoon of relaxation.

They may be a considerable amount of dismay, still I can say that the amount that we paid was justified by the quality service and warm welcome of the staffs. At first I had to converse with their reservations officer, Ross, and it was really pleasant dealing with her, she even gave us a free van transfer. Nice deal.

Trustworthy people, I left a suit in our room and they even called me for it. They handled things so they can give it back to me, thanks to their front desk officer Ashirette.

We stayed only for a night because it was a hassle going back and forth from the hotel to the town.

Overall, I can recommend this resort for those who would want to pass on with the tours and just lay around instead. Affordable compared to twoseasons, not as luxurious but good enough.

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