Costa Villa Beach Resort

MacArthur Highway, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

Costa Villa Beach Resort
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Hazel A.
3.0 Stars

Team building in LU!

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Will C.
3.0 Stars

Woooh, first one to review but im not surprise at all, ive even had second thoughts if they even had entry at looloo database. Anyways, i stayed at this resort earlier this year, ive always love la union for the food, attractions and surfing though ive never been to baler yet, la union had always been my goto place for such activities. So it all started with my bro and his gf, they had invited several people to join them to surf here, but i was the last to confirm that i will join i fact i just confirm 1 day before the date so naturally most of the resorts here would already be booked. I wouldnt bet in san juan resort to still had any available room nor i want to stay at a famous hostel nearby since ive already past the age of bunker bed coed. So i scour the net for a resort and thats where ive found this.

They still had 3 available rooms when we inquire so it was perfect, we booked all those 3 coz there are some of us who wants to have their own room for themselves, ehem 128516

When we arrived, i was given a room on the back of the resort, my room was just so so. Im not really thrilled in fact i requested if there are any more rooms left. They still had 2 more rooms, one smells like a pet room, in fact the personnel acknowledges that its the room for families with pets. The other one was no better than mine. So i settled with my current room, the beach area in front of the resort was just okay, be sure not to step on dog poop. 128529

When at night if your just taking a jeep from nearby resto be sure to turn off any flashlights as this would irritate nearby dogs, which happens to us.

Wifi is limited to the reception area. So theres always a congregation of people at the reception area. Breakfast included but dont expect much.

I plan to give this a 2 stars but ive stayed at worse resort at la union before and the owners of the resort were nice to us so its okay to give it a 3. Well if you are just looking for a no frill place to sleep and want something on budget then heres one for you. 128559

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