Cozina Authentic Spanish

Station 1, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Cozina Authentic Spanish
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Most Recent Reviews

Lou C.
3.0 Stars

My Paella looks sad. :(

Actually it's tasty, kahit medyo hilaw pa ang rice. We thought that big pan of paella will be enough for us kasi mukhang madami, to our disappointment when Kuya mixed it, pang isang pinggan lang.

We don't know if gutom lang kami, nasarapan kaya nabitin or talagang kaunti lang serving niya.

Price: around 500-600.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Cozina. If you plan to book abroom at zuzuni, you'll get you breakfast here in this quaint spanish resto.
They offer filipino or spanish breakfast. If you want heavy, choose filipino. 1st day my friend had spanish, it was just two hard boiled eggs, veggies on ciabata bread..
Filipino breakfast has two eggs (either boiled, scrambled or sunny side up).. Garlic rice and choice of bangus, beef tapa, chicoen tapa, tocino, longanisa. Comes with either coffee or tea or mango/orange jiuce

Garlic rice.. The garlic obviously came from precooked garlic slices. So thwy just add it into the oily rice.. The garlic slices were quite thick and crispy on the edges... Really like how fresh the garlic is.

They also include this green (garlic and parsley puree in olive oil) thing. I loved it as well, giving the dish additional herby taste.

The tocino wasn't the traditional one. It's not sticky nor sweet. Twas just rightly glazed cooked pork. Thumbs up.

The chicken tapa was wow too. Super tender but not that moist. Right saltiness. Good version of tapa na chicken. Thumbs up

The beef tapa was not cooked to its full tenderness.

The longanisa was great as well. 3 pieces. Not sticky hot dog ang texture niya. Thumbs up.

They also serve lunch and dinner entrees.
One evening when it was raining, we have no choice but to eat there. We had callos soup... Oxtail with tomatoes base soup... Didnt like it too salty... We had chicken chorizo rice and squid ink paella. Both were really good. Pero the chicken chorizo is more tasty.
We alzo had the grilled seafood platter l. It comtained tanigue, squid,. Scallops. Thumbs up.

Pricey btw and not that nakakabusog. Servers are all very friendly

  • No. of Comments: 3