Craft Coffee Revolution

G/F West Avenue Residences, West Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Craft Coffee Revolution
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Street, Parking Lot

Most Recent Reviews

Heni O.
2.0 Stars

Not quite sure if this branch is new, but service was bad and SLOOOOOW.

A lot of the menu (food) items were not available during our visit too. :(

9749️ Cafe Mocha
The usual. Good and sweet.

127860 Croque Madame
This only sounded delicious, but we didn't like the taste at all! The texture and melty goo sauce was just bland and weird.

The only saving grace was the spacious lobby and parking space.

  • No. of Comments: 12
Noel F.
3.0 Stars

If you want a quiet meeting or study place, yes, this can be one (your mileage may vary though). Area is very spacious, there's a small chance that it will be as crowded as the nearby Starbucks. There are many power outlets for electronic devices. I just hope that the service and food will be better - it took them 20-30mins to give me my change and I had to request for the OR (this should be SOP already) too. Coffee (Iced Blended Mocha) and pastry (Sausage Pie) was just so-so. Lastly, I opted to try this instead of my usual work area because of the Free WiFi. Oh, the good thing about their place - it's open 24hrs!

  • No. of Comments: 1
Mich M.
5.0 Stars

Their Affogato is one of the best! 2 big scoops of vanilla ice cream, So creamy and blends well with the espresso it had on top. It was perfect to cap the night.

It's so convenient for me to even walk it from my house. I'm definitely going to be a regular there.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Serena M.
1.0 Stars

Worst coffee experience.. Didn't like the flat white.. It was not hot enough and it's too sweet!! The lava cake is not delicious. Place is too dark!
I don't think it's appropriate to see staff holding cellphone during work especially in the cashier area while customer is ordering. I guess she's the owner coz she's not in uniform... Sometimes, the owner itself is a major turnoff! Won't be coming back!

  • No. of Comments: 5
Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

Early morning i was suppose to go to Coffee Empire but then my bad i did not check their opening time which was 9AM everyday.. A little too late for that breakfast feel.

A breakfast saver at west avenue is craft cafe. It's open 24 hours!!
The space here is a lot bigger because it's connected to a condotel lobby--which makes it part of the cafe's dining area. The ambiance is really cozy, and a good stay if you have CR emergency especially at night.

I ordered the same stuff that i ordered at their hemady branch

128204 croque madame
No way! The béchamel sauce was not good! It tastes like watery starch. and it kinda has small bits of lumps. The rest were ok. Nonetheless Thumbs up for the perfectly cooked sunny side up.

128204128525 piccolo latte
Default order for me kapag craft. I just love it. Good thing the coffee was good. Love this "vintage" heart latte art. 128518

  • No. of Comments: 2
Marianne P.
3.0 Stars

Coffee wave this time!
At last a branch near to my place.. And luckily my friend paid our bill128522128522
Not in the mood for black coffee now.
I ordered Cookies n' Cream- like a milkshake however vanilla ice cream is just on top so you need to manually mix it to the drink for a better taste hihi.
-Blueberry cheesecake has this lemony taste!!! Honestly too sour128528 Didn't enjoy it128532

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