Crave Park

Blk. 3 Lot 22-24 Mayor Gil Fernando Ave., Sto. Niño, Marikina, Metro Manila

Crave Park
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Most Recent Reviews

Joy Vee A.
5.0 Stars

We had a great time!

We ordered Crispy Pata, Pasta, Burrito, Tempura, Chicken Wings, Rolled Ice Cream, Juice, Coffee

Crispy Pata P495 - The Archiepelago by Barrio Fiesta, affordable, big serving, super crispy and ang lambot!

12pcs tempura P115 or P135 Tokyo Tempura, affordable, soft batter and ang sarap papakin!

Half Basket P185 each flavor - KM 128 Wing Joint, Classic Buffalo (spicy hehe! mejo nagulat ako sa anghang), Garlic Parmesan was good!

Carbonara and Pesto P120-150 each - Flat Bread, yes they served pasta since my friends craved for pasta and it's the only one with available pasta, pricey per cup pero tasty and creamy naman

Burrito - Hungry Burro, big serving, tasty, and filling!

Mixed Lemonada P120 - Strawberry and Lemonade combo group to share, mejo hesitant pa makishare mga friends ko since may mga sipon sila 🤣 for experience pero mas pipiliin nilang individual drinks na lang lol 128514

Go Matcha P140 - rolled ice cream, generous matcha powder with mango, first time to try this combo, ok naman, nag enjoy ako since it's matcha! But hope they add azuki red beans 128522
Pocky Road P140 - rolled ice cream, custard ice cream, scoop of nuttella, oreo, pocky, nuttella drizzle

Coffee P140 - Nitro (sipped from friend's orders well coffee nothing special except ang mahal)


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Aica C.
4.0 Stars

If you want lots of "pika pika" foods to choose from, try crave park. Foods are delicious. But my only bad comment is that you its so hard to find seats coz its always full, you need to have lots of patience to wait & find an area were you can seat & be comfortable in eating. Those are the foods we order. 128070128523

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Mei O.
5.0 Stars

There has been a lot of reviews already for Crave Park so I won't go into details about their stalls. My cousins and I braved Gil Fernando Street for some food park adventure!

It was raining last night so coming from Lilac, Crave Park is the first on the street, then The Truck Park, and finally Carnival Food Park.

Carnival Food Park is NOT weather friendly. There were puddles since the place is not fully covered which made us decide after 2 rounds of looking for food and seats, that we'll be better off at Crave Park.

So. There. Crave Park! The first time I went to Crave Park was when my friend and I were donning our formal gowns coming off a wedding. Uncle Moe's and Nitro Coffee with your alahas? Keri. Hahaha.

Now, we can move freely! First stop is Nitro Coffee. We also had tofu and squid from Lil Taipei, tempura (Tokyo Tempura) that tastes like pancake, nachos, burger, and ribs (Pub Express). And we had a bucket of Smirnoff Mule to wash it down. Good times.

Why I like Crave Park - the drinks are reasonably priced, the area is not that busy vs Carnival or Truck Park, the bathrooms are well-maintained, they close late, and the roof. There is a freaking roof!!!

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Ig Plummer S.
4.0 Stars

Finally, natry ko din ang Crave Park. This food park is streets away from our house. This place is nice compared to the other food park because this one is covered.

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Gj A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

I spend my weekends at 'Kina.  There are limited options in the Sto Niño area.  I'm gonna join the bandwagon for a lil bit and say that Change is Coming.  Change came in the form of a food park.   Lemme introduce the newest foodie destination in Marikina.... Crave Park.

This is relatively near the batcave and very accessible via walking.   We arrived a lil after 5pm.   The place is almost full.   As soon as we secured a table,  i was on my feet and summoned my inner Dora.

There were a couple of familiar stalls.  The food park regulars -  Tokyo Tempura.  If you are in the mood for Japanese,  a stopver at  Torii Donburi is in order.  There's a burger,  pizza, and wings joint,  I didn't take note of the names.  A food park will not be complete without some Filipino Food!  Head on to Archipelago for some local grub.   If the aforementioned choices aint enough,  you can swing by the stall that serves nachos,  Korean,  Cuban sandwiches and Taiwanese grub. 

The number of stalls available and the diversity of the food will capture every discerning foodie.  The design captured the attention of thr millenials.  Come on,  the hipster music and the graffiti art is a dead giveaway. 

Head on to Crave to experience Change.  Sorry,  i had to stick with it.  Give me an A for effort.  128513

Peace Out! 

~ Reich

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

I know. Crave Park has opened just this October and it's like I have visited the food park for almost once a week. Haha! And yes, whenever I visit, the place is always full and alive with cravers. What do you expect? It's really one of the nicest hangout places that you will get to experience in Marikina.

Okay. This was last Thursday when my high school friends and I went to Riverbanks Center and spent the night at the perya where we used all our coins and won chips, drinks, cups haha! We were looking for a place to chill after and yes, Crave Park's the top choice.

Aside from being accessible, the food and art destination is really a must visit because of its welcoming and inviting vibes. Despite of having a number of establishments inside, what I really love about the establishment is that you can still breathe and move well without feeling suffocated despite having too much people inside because they created the space in such a way that comfort is still there as compared to other food parks that are too tight.

As it's surrounded by trees and greens outside, you will also feel as if you are not in a city given its perfect spot at the heart of Gil Fernando Avenue, near the center of the city.

So, for this visit, as always, we ordered chicken wings from KM 128 Wing Joint, fries from The Hunger Buster and finally, I got to try the talked about corn from Dabs & Popcorn. I ordered the Three Cheese flavored as seen in the photo.

I always want to recommend ordering wings from KM 128 Wing Joint as they do serve generously. The taste is not compromised too. I love their BBQ and Honey Lemon flavored wings the most!

Nothing too unique about the fries. It's like Potato Corner's version though.

And the star of that night was the corn. You have the option to have it shredded or sliced into two. For 98php, it may sound too expensive but it was nicely presented and the cheese tasted really fresh and high end. I will be definitely trying some more of their flavours when we come back, probably next week.

Aside from the items that they serve, you will also enjoy looking at the different wall murals that gave the place a really unique look and character.

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

It was last Saturday, October 22, when Crave Park finally had its grand opening to the public. Marikina's Mayor Marcy Teodoro along with other celebrities in the name of Ramon Bautista, Sam Pinto, Boy 2 Quizon, Itchyworms member Kel attended the event.

This famous food park located at Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue in Sto. Niño, Marikina has been talked about by a lot of people for a long while now given the looks of the foodie destination and of course the number of food stall there are.

The park was jam-packed with people! Despite having many parking spaces within the vicinity, it was really hard to find one because a lot of people were there to join the celebration.

Upon entering, the place was really alive and kicking. A lot of people were moving around, checking what the food stalls have to offer. Some were highly energized in singing and moving along with the park's upbeat, hip music and of course, a lot were staring at the wall mural artworks that gave the place a very unique character.

We decided to secure a spot first before we moved around to check the food. From tempuras to pizzas to pastas to wings to street foods, Japanese items and desserts like shaved ice, frappuccinos, nitrogen ice creams, etc., you will surely find it hard to decide what to eat and drink so good luck on that.

We ordered the following items to devour on:
Full Smores Flatbread from FlatBread at 130 pesos
Half Basket Honey BBQ Wings from KM 128 Wing Joint at 185 pesos
Strawberry and Lemonade Tea for 120 pesos
Ham and Cheese Sandwich from Kwatro Cubanos for 180 pesos
Red Light Special Cocktail from Spin The Bottle worth 220 pesos for 2 glasses

The Honey BBQ wings tasted yummy but what I liked the most is the Honey Lemon flavored ones. Every serving piece was really big and it was juicy and tasty but quite oily. It's good that they give plastic hand covers to make the eating process not that messy.

The flat bread was a different version of a pizza that gave it a different twist. The dough was really soft and tasty paired with rich and authentic chocolate paired with soft and fresh marshmallows that's a good choice for dessert.

The huge serving of the mixed lemonade and strawberry teas was really sulit given its price. It can actually be shared by 4-6 people. I swear you won't be able to finish the whole tun because it was really generously served.

The sandwich from Kwatro Cubanos took a while to have been served to us, probably because the place was packed but it was worth waiting for. The bread was soft, tasty, and smelled really good. The ham, cheese and vegetables made everything so good altogether.

The Red Light Special Cocktail from Spin The Bottle was a crazy, sexy, cool Lychee-inspired drink that came with cherry. I kind of didn't enjoy it because I wasn't able to taste the Vodka that much but their servers were nice and really warm.

Overall, Crave Park has a lot of potential and given the way that people are embracing it, it'll definitely come a long way because it definitely has a lot to offer. Come on cravers, visit it now!

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Kirby G.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

Finally, a street food park located in Marikina, what a delight to know! Yay!

Crave Park is the newest food and art destination located at Engineering Street in Marikina City. As far as I know, the food park just opened this October and after passing by there one night, I immediately invited my best friend Marqui S to try out the place with me. We went there on a weekday, just this Thursday and we both enjoyed the experience that we had.

We arrived at around 8PM and the place was quite full already. Take note that there are a lot of streets near it so you don't have to worry much on the parking spaces. From afar, you'll instantly feel the cool, casual and artsy vibes of this food park.

Upon walking through the main entrance area, I really enjoyed taking photos and staring at the wall murals that gave the place its distinct and identified artsy character. The entrance areas had different colorful artworks that you'll surely enjoy looking at. Once inside, get to enjoy a foodie haven as you can choose a variety of dishes from different cuisines.

Starting from the right side, enjoy some ribs and lechon kawali. Some Italian favorites like pizza and pasta will come from Flat Bread. If you're craving for some staple chicken wings, KM 128 Wing Joint has a lot of choices for you. Kwatro Cubanos offer yummy paninis and sandwiches that will surely make you full. For the tempura madness, Tokyo Tempura can solve that craving of yours. Hungry Burro has the Mexican dishes for you. Hunger Buster and The Archipelago by Barrio Fiesta has the usual Filipino dishes that will always make you feel at home. For desserts, Cream Co has fried ice cream,
Nitro 7 Coffee has sweet drinks and Quench's milkshakes will surely make you make you ask for more.

For our orders, we tried the following:
- Creamy Lechon Kawali with Rice
- Crazy Tempura
- 1 dozen Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings with Bleu Cheese and Ranch dips
- Chicken Pesto Flat Bread
- Red Light Special Cocktails

The lechon kawali was the usual, there's nothing too special about it. The cream was quite usual too but I appreciate the combination so it's still a good choice. For 120php, it was a good buy.

The tempura was yummy! The batter's definitely the best part of it because I can taste the butter in it that made me fall for it more. It was drizzled with nori, onion and tokyo sauce. For 100php, it was really sulit!

The wings were really good for sharing! Per piece was really big and it was juicy and tasty but quite oily. Aside from the Garlic Parmesan flavor, they have Honey Lemon, Cajun, Hickory Smoked BBQ and a whole lot more.

The flat bread was a different version of a pizza that gave it a different twist. The dough was really soft and tasty paired with milky cheese and large chicken slices with pesto in it. For a half serving, it's 90php. For a full serving, it's at 180php.

The Red Light Special Cocktail from Spin The Bottle was a crazy, sexy, cool Lychee-inspired drink that came with Vodka. For 220php, this cocktail is buy one take one. I kind of didn't enjoy it because I wasn't able to taste the Vodka that much but their servers were nice and really warm.

For my first visit here at Crave Park, I really enjoyed the experience given the nice ambiance of the place, its cool and casual vibes and the good music that actually gave the Marikina food scenerio even happier and livelier. Will definitely come back here!

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

The newest food and art destination in Marikina! Now in its soft opening for the past week, this is the coolest, best food park I've been so far! Located at my beloved city , Mayor Gil Fernando St. Centro Buenviaje Sto. Niño Marikina City.

Opens from 4pm to 12am Monday-Saturday

Honestly this is the most decent food park I've seen, it's very spacious, seats were nice, the floor was well cemented and most of all its not smoky!

They have sets of good tenants there. You can check this follow on food stalls.

128204 hunger buster
128204 creamco
128204the archipelago by barrio fiesta
128204dab and popcorn
128204hungry burro
128204torii donburi
128204Tokyo tempura
128204KM 128 wing joint
128204 Lil Taipei
128204nitro 7 coffee
128204pulled meat bar

And more soon to open. It has two floors by the way. Then about the parking you can't park on the streets so no need to worry.

Luckily I've got chance to meet the owner of this successful food park. He is a very hands on man and he makes sure that the food establishment built were in good quality.

Prices were adorable and nice place to hangout with family and friends. New food trip destination for us Marikeños. I'm proud that aside that Marikina were known as shoe capital, I could say that Marikina has a lot of nice and good places for you to visit!127860

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4.0 Stars

There's a new Food Park in Marikina called Crave Park. The grand opening will be on Oct. 22, 2016 7PM. Like the other Food Parks, Crave Park offers various food stall to cater your desire when it comes to food. And the place is "PRESKO and not that mainit". Crave Park is Marikina's premier food and art destination which is located at Mayor Gil Fernando St, Centro Buenviaje, Marikina City.

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