Creamco Creamery

Crave Park, Blk. 3 Lot 22-24 Mayor Gil Fernando Ave., Sto. Niño, Marikina, Metro Manila

Creamco Creamery
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Joy Vee A.
3.0 Stars

Pocky Road (140): classic custard + oreo + nutella + pocky + nutella drizzle = i like this one, sweet pero hindi nakaka umay, bitin nga lang for its size.

Go Matcha (P150) Custard + Matcha Powder + Mango = hint of matcha and sweetness of mango, first time to try combination. hope they add adzuki beans as alternative toppings.

Since phuket's rolled ice cream price is 100baht per cup, this one can compete with the one in Thailand.

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Reich T.
3.0 Stars

Stir-fried ice cream, or "ice pan" ice cream, is a dessert made on a teppan, or steel, grill, that is chilled to -35 °C. A choice of soy or dairy milk is poured onto the cold grill and mixed with fruit, green tea, coffee or other ingredients, the mixture is chopped and stirred while crystallizing, until creamy.

Source: Wikipedia

Frankly speaking this is the first time I have heard of stir-fried ice cream.  Like any other gastronome,  i am intrigued. 

"How do you fry ice cream??? " The ignoramus in me thought that frying involves the usual -  a heated pan and some oil.  Don't you love Wikipedia and the information they provide. 

Crave Park is the new kid that joined the competitive market of food parks.  And what do you know,  CreamCo Creamery specialises in stir-fried ice cream...

I got myself a cup of Matcha Dreams (php 150) because Matcha is everything.  I watched intently while the prepare my frozen treat.  It is fascinating.  Unfortunately,  my fascination ended after my first spoonful.  There is not enough matcha and it's a lil bland.   As for the texture,  it is creamy but it melts really fast.

Albeit the lack in flavor,  i still liked the experience as i got a first hand account on the process.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

I'ce cream you can't resist!127848

Finally tried Creamco creamery at the Crave Park last Oct 24 for my dessert. Got their best seller Pocky road, indulge with this Nutella flavor ice cream. Price is around 170-180 pesos.

Made with Italian style custard and served the Thai way. Fresh treats and curated flavors constantly in the works !

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