Crisp on 28th

G/F Alveo Corporate Center, 28th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

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Crisp on 28th
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Jae-t M.
4.0 Stars

I think everything we ate was good.
Well, very good.
And very expensive.
It's one of them places where its like getting a blouse at an exorbitant price as compared to something that looks really really similar to...forever 21, or topshop.
Designer fees baby.
So we have chef fees.
Ok, imma stop right there.
Their food was good, period. Im not head over heels about it, but it was a good meal.
Wanna try it? Budget up!
Php100-1500 for 1 for a full meal.
I had a little discussion with the staff because their drink promo did not indicate there was a specific time availability. The manager obliged.

But you can get a sandwich, or salad. And water.

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Joey G.
4.0 Stars

Tried their Egg Omelet for breakfast. The picture does not do the dish justice as it's really better tasting than it looks. Surprisingly, the combination of fresh cherry tomatoes, Carabao cottage cheese, and sweet potatoes worked really well. The portions were also ample. I'd say the dish was quite reasonably priced given what you're getting.

The only drawback was that it seemed the staff was having difficulty filling their customers' orders on a timely manner. Admittedly, the place was quite busy. Still all-in-all a good dining experience.

Probably should have been a 4.5 star rating if not for the strained service.

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Thea Gil B.
5.0 Stars

My go-to place when in BGC & needing some brunch.
There's both outdoor & indoor seating.
Relatively quiet so one could get some work done here.

As for their food, I get their adobo flakes that already contains brown rice, pickled veggies & egg. Serving is more than enough that I couldn't even finish it 128514

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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars


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Jayson J.
2.0 Stars

We did not like my experience here. I was only invited by foodie chef friend Michelle Ann Y. Basically, the restaurant knew we were there to try their food. It was lunch time and believe me, it was a full house; this might give them an excuse but their service really sucked hard.

Food was not served until after an hour of waiting-- we are not ungrateful, but i'm just saying that if this is a sponsored event, i think they should have brought their A game. Even just for the water that we were asking. It took them about 20 minutes. All servers looks like they were uninterested. They were not even smiling. So this is why i hated the experience.

Save it. Here are some good food finds

128204128525 Osso Buco ala iloco PhP430/ 760 (solo/ sharing)
Braised beef in ilocos basi wine. It's tasty. The meat could improve with regards to tenderness. I got some good parts. I like the baby potatoes to go with it. They could use less cilantro btw.

128204128525 Lemongrass Tinola Bowl @390PhP
Really thick lemongrass and ginger broth! I loved the taste of the pan seared chicken thigh. The seared spices were still in the meat. The pearl couscous were also added different texture.

128204128525 Salmon and Cauliflower Tabouleh Salad @520PhP
Between the two salads served, i liked this better. The roasted pumpkin, cumin seeds, and coriander tasted great together.

Here are some "okay" dishes
128204 Kansi Nasal PhP360/ 680 (solo/ sharing)
Salty sour spicy. The braised beef could improve its tenderness.

128204Asian Waldorf Salad @280PhP
Apples and greens tasted a little bland. I may suggest to add more dressing on it.

128204 Manila Ramen
The broth tasted like packet noodles--lucky me-- sorry, but it's that salty. But what i loved is the the mushroom-grilled pork liempo tasted great! Kwek kwek? Why not

128204 Sizzling Kare Kare PhP360/ 680 (solo/sharing)
Ang bland!!! Ang kunat ng meat. But the shrimp paste was good. It's a little sweet and great to pair with the kansinasal meat.

Anyway, mahal dito. I think only those who're super rich can dine here everyday. Haha.

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Pao A.
4.0 Stars

I want to eat a lot so I have this for Lunch.

cheese steak sandwich - it was good. big serving. i love the steak it was really delicious and the side salad and chips.

mango shake- hahahaha im not sure mango choo-choo. help!!!!

kalamansi cake - it was ok for me but im not if i will order it again

salad- i think its salmon salad... again help!

service very good. price ok. ambiance nice. i will definitely visit this place again.

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

I know Crisp 28th but I have always shuffled off because I thought this place only serves healthy food. I got a chance to sample their dishes and I was surprised that it's not purely healthy plates.

This right here is a very creative dish, incorporating Fililpino ingrediens to this favorite Japanese bowl. It has grilled pork liempo, chicharon bulaklak, kwek kwek, woodwear mushrooms and grilled corn. I love the egg noodles that they used and the hint of spice from the garlic chili oil. Superb dish! Innovative and delicious!

The greens in this bowl were so crisp that it seemed like it just got picked from the garden. It's a combination of asian pear, apple, celery, red cabbage and fried vermicelli topped with a delicious grilled chicken fillet on top. They tossed in some walnuts for aromatics and added texture and finished with roasted sesame dressing. Bango ng salad na to.

This is one expensive salad but if you have a deliciously cooked seared salmon on top. Then I think it is appropriately priced. Also, let's not forget that this restaurant is in BGC. Napakain ako ng isda and Iove the salmon. That says a lot about this dish. 128514 The salad has mixed greens and pickled cauliflower, parsley, coriander, cumin seeds, roasted pumpkin and lime yoghurt.

Namumuro na tong Crisp on 28th at napakain ulit ako ng isda. 128514 It's a filling salmon dish compared to the Salmon and Cauliflower Tabouleh Salad because this has a mongo and red rice stir fry with coriander and pickled package. The 5-spiced salmon is pan seared to perk up the flavors. Delicious!

This is a pasta dish with, of course, manila clams and smoked tinapa. It has basil and fresh cherry tomatoes for a fresh kick. They use linguine for the pasta and cooked al dente so it's firm to the bite.

I was really surprised and at the same time impressed with their food.

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Jackie M.
5.0 Stars

They had an awesome menu by the way.
Great night paired with a free dinner are two of the best things life has offered me.

First thing that caught my attention was those ceramic plates they're using was too nice to be unnoticed.

Serving a new menu for their 2nd year anniversary they had a lot of asian fusions, breakfast, pastries and a whole lot more! Better if you would go ahead and try it!
Aside from that, let's go get some foodness!

I gotta choose my drink and made it to something healthy with Mango Acai Shake.

Appetizers were:
|Chicken Adobo Nachos was out of league of the usual nachos128077🏼
|Asian Waldorf Salad was fresh, light, and crisp.
|Mangga at Chicharon with bagoong the thoughts pf it made me cringe sa asiiiiim but it's so good!

On to the mains were:
|Pancit Pad Thai made me reminisce my life in Thailand, although it taste different from the authentic one I've had in the streets of Bangkok and Suratthani it sure is a good innovated version with pancit as the noodles although it dried up faster than expected from all the time that we got to take photos of it.
|Kaldereta Bolonese was one of my favorite dish that they served to us. I love it! That's all!128525
|Manila Ramen having all these street foods in it made me the excited eating it. Chicharong bulaklak (my ultimate fave flower), kwek-kwek, are just some.
|Kansi Nasal was their mix Ilocano version of our loved sinigang.
|Pan Seared 5-spiced salmon was also my favorite! It ain't only healthy but also flavorful and yummy. Btw, the rice at had was red and munggo mixed I like how the flavors is not distinct still it blends well, I could finish the whole plate but I've got to share it with my fellow bloggers.
|Salted Egg and Ham Sandwich with matching condensed milk on the side has got everyone's attention because we didn't expect that the combination of both compliments each well! Crown favorite indeed128077🏼

Desserts are the cutest part:
|Rainbow Cake was so cute and ig-worthy but tastewise not that special
|Banana Squash cake was more like it, creamcheese leveled it up even more although I hate that I could taste cinnamon (I'm allergic to it btw) I could have finish it and let my tummy burst out with fullness from all the foooooooods!

Busog and happy that's what important!128149127881

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

Wednesday night catch up with an old friend leads me to BGC. Traffic from Makati to BGC is pretty bad after 6PM. 128547 But managed to arrive an hour later. 128517

It was hard to choose what to order from their menu because there's so many interesting dishes. But I was craving some noodles and soup so I got the Manila Ramen. My friend's pretty health conscious so it was the Protein Bowl for him.

The "ramen" is a twist on the Filipino mami, which had grilled liempo, quail eggs, corn and chili oil. It was a bit too oily, but it wasn't very spicy so I assumed it's not the chili oil that made it that way. As for the taste, I would have to say it was good. I enjoyed slurping the noodles, eating the flavorful chunks of pork, biting into the quail eggs which partially satisfied my craving for street food. 128514

The Protein Bowl is really a bowl filled with protein rich food. You have a choice of salmon or chicken, but we chose chicken. It also had quinoa and rice (Why?!). I got to taste this dish and I would have to say it's also good. The chicken has this really good sauce!

For dessert, as per my sister's, Bernisse C, recommendation, we got a slice of calamansi cake. Even though my friend wasn't a fan of calamansi, he enjoyed it. Though I did eat more than half of it. 128584 I really liked the cake since it's sour and sweet at the same time. The blend of the two flavors is just right. 128076🏼

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4.0 Stars

First off, it was a Friday night, and the place wasn't packed. This is GREAT! Too often you find places in BGC that are crowded around the 7-8pm hour, especially if the establishment is as fine and 'hip' as Crisp.

So what does this mean for you? Well it means you get a nice cozy atmosphere, not filled with too much chatter, but not too quiet that you don't feel like you're dining at a restaurant no one wants to go to.

I've heatd their lunch hour is packed (due to it being on the ground floor of a corporate building), so best to avoid the lunch rush if you don't want to hear business chatter and the like, but if that's your thing, go for it!

I was lucky enough to be offerred to try these foods free of charge, so I won't comment on the pricing, but you do get what you pay for (assuming I had to pay).

Let's start with the beverages:

Cold press juiced was great. Tried the cucumber lime mint trifecta. And it was refreshing as you'd expect. This is a GET.

Next up, appetizers, and Adobo Nachos are a great way to tease your appetite. Definitely for sharing (well...except for me, I could finsh this all by my lonesome), I'd GET this as well.

The Asian Wolford salad was kind of a miss for me, and not for lack of dressing mind you. It was just average, not bad, but I won't be lining up for it in the future. I'd PASS on this.

The Flat Iron steak was fabulous. Well plated, tender and just the right amount of chewiness. The sweet potato mash complimented the meat well. Definitely a GET!

The Five-Spice Salmon was by far the standout of the night. The munggo red rice that it is paired with may have been even bettet than the fish. It has a distinct flavor that I can assume may not sit well with others, but I LOVED it. GET GET GET!

Overall 4 stars, less one for the Salad. I'm kinda new at this review game, but I don't think we should be handing out 5-star reviews all the time. But rest assured, the service and atmosphere was five-star worthy!

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Cheska G.
5.0 Stars

Manila Ramen is a total comfort food!! 100841008410084

Imagine all your pinoy favorites in one bowl - kwek kwek, chicharon bulaklak, and grilled liempo. It also have veggies and corn. All that on top of a beef -based soup and noodles. Very unique twist on the usual ramen. 100% Pinoy!! I think this is also one of the unhealthiest meal they have. Hahaha! Because I thought this place serves healthy food. I'm not complaining though.

It was so good I finished the whole bowl by myself. Haha! Normally, I have to share it with the hubby or he'll ate the leftovers. 128514

Hubby ordered the solo chicken barbecue and he also loved it. He said it was very tender, flavorful and a bit spicy. He also liked the rice that came with it and even ordered an extra rice! Serving was generous.

I expected the place to be big and intimidating. But it wasn't. We almost missed this because you can't easily notice it from afar.

Staff were very nice and our order came within a reasonable amount of time.

Kid-approved: Yes! My daughter (1.5 yo) liked the ramen (soup and noodle only). And even had some rice on it. Talk about carbo-loading. Chicken barbecue is spicy so we didn't let her taste it.

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Kevinross B.
4.0 Stars

Finally got to try this after so many attempts! 128514

What we ordered:
Asian Waldorf salad - Loved the crunch in every bite! Slices of celery where perfect so that it didn't overpower the other greens.

Crispy sisig - It's so good! I liked how they added coriander to give it a different taste as well as to combat the "umay" from the pig's fat. 128077🏼

Calamansi Cake - Didn't really like it. I found it to be too sweet for my taste. My gf liked it though.

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Anna d.
5.0 Stars

Char-grilled Hanger Steak - 1108811088110881108811088

Salmon sliders - 1108811088110881108811088

Chipotle Quinoa Salad - 11088110881108811088

Tres Leches Rum cake - 11088110881108811088

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Mervin M.
5.0 Stars

This is the perfect place if you are looking for comfort food. The menu changes every now and then so you wond be stuck on the same old line-up and be open for something new everytime.
The ambiance was so calm and peaceful when we visited until a big group of Titas of Manila swarmed the place and suddenly became the New York Stock Market.

Please make your iced tea glass bigger please.

(photo: Sisig Rice)

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Mark L.
4.0 Stars

saturday dinner with friends..
crisp beef tapa 128077128077128077128077
green mangoes with bagoong 128077128077128077 super sour. lacked bagoong. extra bagoong for 50 pesos
quesadilla 128077128077128077128077

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Denise R.
4.0 Stars

Either I was super hungry and have been seriously craving for tapsilog for some days now, or Crisp on 28th’s Crisp Beef Tapa 2.8 was exceptionally good, as I was internally dancing with delight with the each bite.

As per the menu, it was comprised of the marinated tapa, sambal peanut rice, sunny side up egg, seared tomato, pickled cucumber, shrimp kropek, with spicy vinegar as condiment. Although the dish was extremely busy, all the ingredients surprisingly worked perfectly together.

One area of improvement—would have wanted the beef to be more spicy, but they had chili flakes available so I just happily peppered my dish with spice. I finished the tapa in a snap with a portion of the rice left. Since the rice itself was tasty by itself, I had to prevent myself from eating everything as I was supposed to be on diet. 128556

Service was satisfactory. The staff was attentive, which I hope will be sustained even if the place is packed. Overall a great experience, so I will definitely be back. Can't wait to try their other breakfast dishes, even the pasta or sandwiches!128522

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Bernisse C.
3.0 Stars

I heard from some of my friends that Crisp on 28th served great food so I went to see if the hype was true.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we were greeted warmly by the staff and ushered to our seats. Place was quite small but looked upscale. It had a small bar in front while pastries were displayed right beside it. It was quite late so we were hungry already and rushed to order. We ordered the following:

128046 ASIAN BEEF BURGER [P380] 110881108811088
Angus Beef Burger • Soy glaze • Sunny Side Egg • Togarashi Mayo • Japanese Pickles • Nori
The burger was average. It didn’t taste special but it wasn’t bad either. What I did love was their sweet potato 127840 fries on the side. It did not have that oily taste nor that guilty feeling you get when you eat normal fries. The fries were very thin so it was very crispy. It was so addicting!
128055 CRISP’S SISIG RICE [P410] 1108811088
Pork Belly • Sisg Pig’s Mask • Pickled Quail Egg • Crispy Tokwa • Ali
My friend really liked this one but I beg to differ. It was just a bit off for me. Never ordering this again.
127819CALAMANSI CAKE [P160] 1108811088110881108811088
I am a big fan of lemon desserts and I thought calamansi is part of the family. It was love at first bite for me, the icing at least. The icing itself gets 5 stars because it’s just so perfect that I could eat this on a monthly basis. I believe the cake was intentionally made not too sweet to balance out the icing which I think was just right. I will come back here just for the Calamansi Cake and maybe try out their other better dishes.

My verdict is that maybe I did not select the best dishes today so I will give it another chance. Til my next visit!

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Ivy R.
5.0 Stars

First off, I think it is a clever idea to put little images of their bestsellers on the back cover of the menu. We eat with our eyes as well as our mouths, after all. For appetizers, we ordered the chipotle chicken and quinoa salad, which is very good. The blue cheese and the spicy chicken provided really good contrasting flavors. I also liked the beetroot diced into little pieces. For mains, I ordered Sambal chicken and my friend ordered chicken barbecue. Both equally good. It was really a dinner celebrating their chicken dishes, so we'll probably try something different next time. For dessert, we had banana squash cake. The cream cheese layer elevated that cake and made it special. Will definitely come back.

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Wendell H.
5.0 Stars

Cozy Ambiance. Great food and refreshing drinks.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Because of the voucher my officemates and I bought online, we ate lunch here one Wednesday afternoon.

Whenever we eat here, I just can't help but order the Chipotle Chicken Quinoa Salad. I love how refreshing, tasty, and "heavy" this salad is. There were so many ingredients (veggies + fruits) used but still, they all worked so well together. Even without any dressing, it's very good already. But the citrusy dressing made the salad even better and yummier. You should definitely try this one!!! 128076🏼

My two other officemates ordered Cubano Sandwich and the Beef Burger. I was able to taste both and they were just okay? Hmmmm. Nothing really extra special. The pork in the cubano sandwich was burnt giving it the bitter weird taste. 128529 The beef burger was good but for the price (almost 400 ++), I was expecting something super good. It felt and tasted kulang. Though the bread was super soft which we all liked, the beef patty was okay, kinda dry and lacking that extra "flavor". Plus it would be nice if there were more cheese and veggies added.

Then for "dessert" we tried two milkshakes -- Nutella Brownies Milkshake and Black Forest Milkshake.

My 2 officemates enjoyed their milkshakes. They were both sweet but milky and creamy. We weren't expecting to get a huge chunk of brownie and black forest cake added but they loved the added treat. It's like drinking milkshake with a small cake/brownie on the side. Again, I only tasted it and for me, both tasted the same -- milky (good thing) and too sweet (bad!!). 128517

Service was just okay. Felt like they were not that happy to be serving us and they were in a hurry. 128564128530

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