CrossFit Ortigas

Emerald Mansion, Garnet Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila

CrossFit Ortigas
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Paul G.
5.0 Stars

TBT. Dec 2016
Did a photoshoot of Coach Jason, one of our endorsers for Relispray Plus/Fast Aid.
We had spare time after so we tried some crossfit exercises.
I managed to dead lift 180lbs, then did some box jumps and the easiest for me was the rowing machine. Struggled at rope climbing though and I could barely pull myself up.
My teammates tried the beginner's workout and since they are a lot younger than me they did pretty well.
It was great meeting Coach Cylin and Kris as well as Ms. Therine.
Home of the Ortigas Ninjas, they are serious contenders at the bi-annual competition organized by Affiliate Alliance - The Fittest!

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

I could still recall the first time I did crossfit at Primal Ape Crossfit Gym in Makati. It was intense, and I almost felt like I'm gonna pass out in the middle of our workout. Whenever I thought of trying it out again, I couldn’t help but recall everything that has happened the first time I did it. And it left an impression that it’s not for me – or not meant for me! </3

So when I learned that Zia M. was doing crossfit, I was more than amazed, to be honest! She told me stories about how it changed her lifestyle, how it helped her boost her confidence, and gained her more friends – aside from their workout of the day. And I realized that it’s one of the goals of CrossFit – having fun while working out!

No hesitations nor second thoughts made when Zia told me to try doing Crossfit at their box. The place was a bit smaller than the first box I’ve tried, but it was spacious enough to do the workouts. I was introduced to some crossfiters, and other bootcampers like me during the briefing.

The session usually starts with full body stretching to warm up those tight muscles (which is very important before working out) before the routines. Then we started with EMOM (every minute, on the minute) – which means performing a specific movement everytime the clock hits: 00. Next is the WOD or simply, workout of the day!

I already forgot what we did on my first visit, but on the second visit, what we did were the ff:

EMOM – 20kg Kettlebell deadlifts (12) + 45sec. wall rest

WOD – 20lbs. Dumbbell Manmakers (combo of DB Pushups, DB row, modified DB clean and press) (3)

It challenged me to the point that I almost fail to complete all sets, especially the WOD. Doing ManMakers for the first time was really hard, but it’s fun and it's new in my list of body workouts!

Everyone was very enthusiastic and eager to achieve their goals via CrossFit. Also, everyone was there to support and encourage you whenever you’re losing your grip. It’s actually fun and enjoyable, and brings out a lot of energy in a span of one hour overall. Will surely go back here to do more of crossfit via KFIT app.

Ruth D. G!

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Zia M.
4.0 Stars

Tired of your usual workout? Why not challenge yourself and head over to one of these box to test your limits.

It starts with a warm up routine, although at warm up, you'll think it's the workout already! 128517 Then test your skills, and then the workout of the day. Sometimes they do have cash out (the post workout exercise) and sometimes they don't. Still based on what's the WOD.

You'll meet cool people and awesome coaches! 128077

Also what's good about this place, it is near to food establishments; and I'm talking about Army Navy, The Breadery, and FAST FOOD chains! 128514

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