Crown Regency Hotel & Towers Cebu

Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City, Cebu

Crown Regency Hotel & Towers Cebu
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Stay for free if using existing bedding.
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Stay for free if using existing bedding.

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Most Recent Reviews

Liezzy M.
3.0 Stars

hotel experience/stay can be rated 3/5.
rooms spacious and comfortable but the windows were not regularly cleaned. sayang yung view from our room. 128528 the breakfast buffet was "so-so". mostly international cuisines were served, local food/delicacies were limited. i don't recommend their corned beef... 128530

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Marilou C.
5.0 Stars

For a city stay, especially for first timers or adventure seekers, I'd recommend this hotel. The goal during the stay here was the Sky Adventures, of course. 128516 I think I booked an extra night just in case I get the jitters up there, but it was a successful late afternoon-night mission of Walk and Edge Coaster. 128522

Also had a room upgrade! Awesome view at night. Courteous staff and good buffet, too. 128077🏻

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Rigor M.
5.0 Stars

"Don't be afraid" that's what I told to myself while walking 400+ ft high above the ground around the Crown Regency Tower in Cebu City. Gahhhhd! I'm really shaking when the guide took that picture of mine. For only 700+pesos you will have a chance to do the Extreme Sky Walking and Edge Coaster (you will seat on a coaster like chair with two safety locks and will bend so that you will see the city lights and down there hahaha)

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Udnshsjsn H.
5.0 Stars

Cebu is one of the most historical place in the country, as it is the place where the Philippines was said to be first discovered by Spaniards which was led by a Portuguese Explorer Ferdinand Magellan on April 7, 1521. Magellan, however, was killed in the Battle of Mactan, and the remaining members of his expedition left Cebu soon after several of them were poisoned by Rajah Humabon, a Filipino, due to threats of foreign occupation. This ends my short recap of our history....

Last May 29, 2015, we went to Cebu to explore the very historical “Magellan’s Cross”, as well as the oldest university in Asia, the University of San Carlos which was founded in August 1, 1595. After exploring the historical places in Cebu, we tried to have the wildest adventure in Crown Regency Hotel where I experienced the scariest part of my life… The sky adventure – sky walk and edge coaster where we were able to see the entire Cebu City as well as part of Bohol. I really got scared on this adventure because I’m an acrophobic (fear of heights), I was just convinced by my siblings and friends to try these because according to them this is one of the must try activity in Cebu. I can barely move when we are already on the 38th floor of the hotel.. Can you imagine that an acrophobic like me went to 38th floor.. Walk there for like 20mins but it feels like I'm there for 2 hrs!

On the other hand, the edge coaster experience is also scary for me.. Even if we are just riding a ride which circulates around the hotel it still scare me because of the view. For me, it it's scarier than walking around the hotel with clear glass flooring...
I'm really sweating a lot and could not really talk to anyone, and I didn't have any decent pic at all! Lol.

Here are the Rates and Schedules of The Sky Experience Adventure (35th to the 38th Floors) Operating Schedule:
Monday – Friday 2:00PM & 12:00AM
Saturday 10:00AM & 2:00AM
Sunday 10:00 AM & 12:00 AM

Sky Adventure Rates
Combo 1 – P600
Combo 2 (2 rides) – P 1200
Combo 3 (3 rides) – P1800
Combo 4 (4 rides) - P2400

Sky Rides Rates
Entrance – P250 per person
Ride – P300 per person
Paramount Climbing – P600 per person – entrance to sky extreme adventure and 3 attempts on climbing wall
Entrance with one ride – P550 per person
Entrance with two ride – P750 per person
Student Entrance – P200 per person
*Student must present valid school ID to avail of student rate
*Graduates, Doctorate, and Law students are not entitle for student’s discount
Student Entrance with one ride – P450 per person
Student Entrance with two ride – P650 per person

Ride Ticket Rates @ 37th & 38th:
Student P250 per person but with no inclusions
Adult P300 per person but with no inclusions
Sky Group Day Tour
P 5,500 / 10 pax (Daily 10am to 6pm)
Package includes:
*10 entrance passes
* 1 Edge Coaster and 1 Skywalk for each person
P 3,500 / 10 pax (Daily 10am to 6pm)

Package includes:
*10 entrance passes
* 1 Edge Coaster or 1 Skywalk for each person

06:00 PM – 12:00 AM 06:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Sky Fiestaventure Dinner Buffet:
Not valid on special events (Sinulog, Valentine’s Day)
Buffet (6pm to 10pm, Daily)
Live Band (7pm to 11 pm, Mondays to Saturdays)
International Buffet (P1000/ pax) with free 1 ride either edge coaster or skywalk

KID BUFFET PHP600.00 One (1) 6D Movie
Sky Rides are transferrable and can be changed to 6D show.

All Buffet tickets are inclusive of One glass iced tea.
MON. – FRI. : 06:00 PM – 01:00 AM
MON. – SAT. : 09:30 PM ONWARDS Mondays to Saturdays
RATES : PHP500.00


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Pamela M.
5.0 Stars

Backlogging once more!! Hahahahhaa!! 128514 Of course this should be on your list if you're planning to visit Cebu. 128513✔️

Tried the Edge Coaster and Skywalk Extreme with my parents and it was nerve wracking hahahaha!! 128514 But its super worth it not to mention the price it was just below 1k for those 2 adventures. 128077🏻 Great deal isn't it? 9786

The Edge Coaster was superb I almost felt crying because I can't stop laughing coz I'm too nervous huhuhu!! It was night time when we tried this so they say it was a lil less nerve wracking coz all you'll see are city lights and more.. 128522 You can control the ride but for me and my dad we didn't do anything hahahah so the whole time we were tilted coz I'm worried we might fall or what hahahah!! Paranoid me tho! 128514 I keep shouting too lol!

The Skywalk was good too my parents and I tried it all together and it was super fun hahahaha!! 128513 Our tour guide was super funny and kind he tried to do tricks like he's about to fall to the ground or what like it was indeed fun!! 128588🏻128523 BTW, at the end of your experience you get to have a souvenir which I think you'll pay at the counter afterwards.. And another perks of it is that you get to have your own certificate as a proof that you've accomplished both adventures.. 128513978610084

PS: Forgive my face hahaha!! 128514128514128514

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Tommy E.
5.0 Stars

Crown Regency Hotel offers lots of activities like Skywalk Extreme and Edge Coaster. I mentioned those 2 rides because that's what my friends and I tried when we went to Cebu. They also have different packages that you can choose from. The package we got was just 900 pesos, it includes the Skywalk, Edge Coaster, and a Buffet in Sparks.

In their basement you can also try Ultima Sharp Shooters Club, they entertain members and walk-ins. Unfortunately we were not able to try it, but I would still suggest that you do because I really wanted to try it.

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Catherine C.
5.0 Stars

The hotel has a zipline, jetcaster and skywalk on the top. They said it is the tallest Hotel Tower in the philippines. I actually have an acrophobia, but still, I made it to the finish line (coz there's no turning back). Best experience, I must say. I got high in Cebu!

Another check on my bucket list.128522

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Zela C.
5.0 Stars

Their rooms are elegant
A lot to choose from their BB
Pool was clean and fantastic
Nice bar
Friendly and helpful staff

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Jorelle F.
5.0 Stars

Second time to check in at Crown Regency Hotel Cebu. 128522. I came back because the room, hotel ambiance, crew service and etc is just superb!!128522. Our room is very big for the 2 of us. We got the room with breakfast buffet at cafe Glo, I was overly happy with the food and the choices were really too many for me to try it all. Once you checked in, they also offer welcome drinks in Fifties Cafe. Money wise?? Its worth it and Try Metro deal128522128522

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Shiela S.
5.0 Stars

I can sleep in my hotel and I am just near this place so I tried the Skywalk all alone by myself with a very funny staff

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Rosey D.
5.0 Stars

During our Cebu adventure, trying the Sky walk and Edge Coaster was on our list. My hubby and I did the Sky Walk while my kids did the Edge Coaster.

It was scary but fun. I was afraid of heights but I still did it. Though I didn't make it near the edge, the fact that I was able to walk looking the cars, streets and houses down below made me proud of myself.

View was amazing and spectacular especially at night. An experience which I won't ever forget. 12852210084

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Reicell P.
4.0 Stars

First time to taste Americano.128514128514 ps not a drinker !

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Ron E.
5.0 Stars

They have a breakfast buffet that is alot for the price . Cereal and pastries station , filipino entrees , congee station , omlette station salad station fresh fruit station juice station . All for about 250 peso s a great deal .

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Melinda Grace L.
5.0 Stars

I was never a fan of something extraordinary, out of this world and life changing experience. In short, I am a boring person who'd rather stay at the hotel and watch cable tv whenever I'm out of town. But this was an exemption.

Crowne Regency Hotel offers his nerve-wracking Sky Walk and Edge Coaster ride to Cebu locals and tourists. I can't remember how much it costs but you can get them with or without a lunch/dinner buffet.

Before you do these stuff, there will be a short briefing. They will tell you the do's and dont's. You will not get scared during the briefing because the staff have their way of making it sound easy and enjoyable.

Overall, it was fun! The scenery was breathtaking. Though the picture shows I didn't get close to the edge. I was still a bit nervous and scared thinking that the harness would break and I would fall from 40th floor and die into pieces. Sounds morbid, right? Lol!

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Anrey C.
5.0 Stars

pwede bang dito nko tumira..everything is here..

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DarkstarM D.
2.0 Stars

The roller coaster edge ride and the skywalk was booooring!!! I thought I could literally stand on the edge of the tower and have a photo that as if I was about to jump but no, they just allowed stunts wherein one of your legs is on the platform and the other can be raised, isn't that lame? For me, this is not worth it!! We went there for the once in a lifetime adventure and I was so diappointed! I also heard that their food was not good so fortunately, we didn't take their promo that time (buffet + 2 rides).

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Jorelle F.
5.0 Stars

Staying at Crown Regency with my mother while my brother is staying at Sarrosa International.. 9786128525
I like it here because of their sky adventures..!
Tried 2 rides (edge coaster and zip line) and sky walk extreme 128536128077128077

128078 lobby receptionist- not sooo accomodating, we need to wait for them finish their small chit chats before they assist us.
128077 elavators are very "sosyal" hahaha- you need to badge in your key before you can select your floor number
128077 nice, clean and cozy rooms
128077 swimming pool

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Darius P.
3.0 Stars

You should try getting your picture with Bruce the Tiger!

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Hannah G.
3.0 Stars

The hotel is a nice place to stay especially for adventurous people like me. Visitors can enjoy the rides they offer like Edge Coaster and Skywalk Extreme. The staffs are friendly and also it is accessible. But sadly, their restaurant/buffet wasn't that good. But all in all, it is nice to stay here! 128522128077

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Camille Kay A.
3.0 Stars

It was okay. Got promotional coupons from the internet but get this - book in agoda and pretty much you'll get the same package at the same price. :)

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