Crystal Cove Island Resort

Crystal Cove Island, Caticlan, Malay, Aklan

Crystal Cove Island Resort
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Mae A.
4.0 Stars

Back when this island wasn’t a hotspot for parties, I was able to see it at its raw form. I was very young then but I could distinctly remember the serene life with the gentle hush of the sea waves. Crystal Cove was very much present then, and has always welcomed its guests. This is usually part of island tours. It’s just nice to go back here and feel the waves.

It’s still one of those top things to do in Boracay. It’s easy to go here as most boat tours have this on their itineraries. A more apt time to go here would be during summer time where the waves in the coves are calm and perfect for swimming. 🙂

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Steffhanie S.
3.0 Stars

It was our last day in Boracay when we decided to do some other activity to make our stay even more worth it.

As it was my fourth time to be in Boracay, I've already tried most of their activities --- from banana boating, fly fishing, parasailing, island hopping to Puka Beach and Magic Island where we did cliff jumping --- I wanted to try something else with the gang and good thing there's always something to check out.

We decided to ride a paraw boat going to the Crystal Cove Island Resort yay! Riding the paraw is always a nice experience for me. This is my second time to do it so and I always get excited to sit on the paraw, let my feet feel the water while enjoying the sights of the pretty beach.

We rode for almost 20 minutes to reach Crystal Cove. It was a big island resort as seen from afar and it was actually beside Magic Island.

Upon entering the island, we needed to pay a group entrance fee. From there, a huge guide map shows what you can do in the island. There's a trail leading to different areas including Coves 1 and 2, their museum and mini sanctuary for eagles.

We walked through the trail and were first led to cove 1. We walked down some stairs and reached it, seeing an underwater cave like looking area where we swam. The water was actually deep in that part so better to still wear your life vests from the paraw.

From there, we walked to cove 2 and passed by a lot of areas. We saw the sightseeing part of the island which was also a good photo background. We saw the area where the eagles were stationed and it was sad to see them locked in there. We also passed by the island's mini eatery that offers a few items, mostly snacks and drinks.

When we reached cove 2, the initial area had shallow waters. When we passed through a cave that would require you to crawl a bit, we were then led to the part where we can swim. The only difference of this part from cove 1 is that the waves here were wild that it seemed like you were in a wave pool. There's a lifeguard in this area to guarantee that everyone's safe.

We spent almost 2 hours in the area as we were rushing for our flight back home. Well this resort can be part of your island hopping itinerary anytime soon that you visit Boracay. Its simplicity and welcoming vibes shall make your stay even more worth it.

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Jenna L.
5.0 Stars

Love it!!!

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Mye F.
5.0 Stars

Crystal Cove was the first stop during our island hopping. My review of this place is quite limited since we only stayed here for 1hr.

This place is huge! One hour is definitely not enough to explore the different coves. We didn't get to dip in the beach because the waves were too strong when we went there. Plus swimming in this island could be too extreme for us (though I could be wrong) 128540

Nonetheless, this place offers a lot of good areas for photo op 128077🏻 Medyo effort nga lang sa pag-akyat akyat to get the best shots 128522

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

This is our first stop during our day tour in Boracay. Instead of getting a tour package where you'll fit all activities in one day, we decided to do few activities per day since we'll be here for 5 days, and could do activities for 3 whole days.

We went to Crystal cove as the first stop of our Island hopping. Upon entering the island, you'd need to pay for the environmental and entrance fees. The place wasn't crowded yet when we arrived around 8:30am. The tour guide took us to the significant spots of the island like the 2 coves and a lot more.

The first cove was my favorite! A little dangerous but was quite fun! We went down and dip on the cold water where the waves weren't that strong yet, so we climbed up to the rocks and had our photos there. There was quite a challenge because the waves will pull you back, but the real challenge was going back. It's almost deadly or let's just say, risky because the waves were stronger that time. It'll really hit you right on the face so be a little cautious when you're up for this. The waves made us stumble a lot of times and my friend almost hit the rocks but luckily, he had such skills to escape the bitter fate. We had few and minor injuries like bruises after though, but still a great experience!!!

The second cove was a little challenging as well. You have to pass through a small cave to get through the second one. Imagine how much I struggle to pass that cave? Lol. The flat was full of pebbles, small rocks and even some small shells so it might be harmful to yer feet. The waves weren't that strong but enough to make you stumble on the ground. Lol. 128517

We also had some more insights to the place. Thanks to our patient tour guide for taking us there and taking photos of us.

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Rufina C.
5.0 Stars

our activity last year, island hopping.. the best island we saw in our tour.. using their bangka, 10mins to go here.. ang ganda, ang linis.. picture picture.. after this, snorkeling.. amazing experience here! 9786️ I was referred by Kuya J. to join the #loolooiPhone6giveaway!

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Zia M.
5.0 Stars

Donya Pose 128131128131128131

I'm still not done with reviews in Boracay so here goes my Crystal cove island review.

This is a short stop during our Island hopping in Boracay; upon entering you need to pay for the environmental fee and entrance fee.

Once inside, you can roam around the area, check put their map so you'll know what to expect. They have cottages available, different statues to take photo opt, and the best part is you can go and swim and even do snorkeling in their cave. 128077 be careful on the rocks (or reefs) though, it's slippery.

When you'll reach the top, you'll see how tropical storm Yolanda affected the whole area. They are still trying to bring back the beauty and restore its structures, so I do not contest for the payment of environmental fees, but I do hope the LGU will assist them for tourism development.

PS Make sure you have enough memory space and battery so you can take a lot of photos in here! 128526

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Paul P.
4.0 Stars

Exploring the 2 coves.

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