Crystal Dragon

UG/F Crown Towers Hotel, Asean Ave. cor. Roxas Blvd., City of Dreams Manila, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Crystal Dragon
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Most Recent Reviews

Lizanne S.
4.0 Stars

Really fancy Chinese place. If you love Chinese food and want to impress someone, this is it. From the fancy cutlery to the ambience to the courteous staff, this place is very high end.

Gold leaf on dumplings -- literally kumain ng ginto! 128518

The starters were very bongga, indeed.

The set meal itself was ok too. Not mind-blowingly delicious but quite tasty and the portions were generous.

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Jaypee D.
5.0 Stars

If you're after a quiet ambience while you savour premium-tasting Cantonese food, I highly recommend Crystal Dragon in Crown Towers Hotel. It's hidden somewhere in the VIP gaming section of City of Dreams that's why not too may crowd pass by or flock in here.

When you've literally enjoyed every food you ordered, it's really hard to tell which one is your favorite dish, right? I suggest you try a little bit of everything each time you visit and let me know if my conclusion made sense.

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Eboy D.
5.0 Stars

Located at the Crown Towers Manila of City of Dreams, Crystal Dragon is a moderately sized Cantonese fine dining restaurant that features a turn of the century interiors. Heavy wood doors will greet you and a darkly lit hallway will lead you to the reception's desk. As expected, I was very early and immediately felt the welcoming presence, although the restaurant was still closed. I was never turned away, instead I was ushered in to our private room and was immediately attended. Hot Chinese tea was served and boiled peanuts for appetizer. I love the opulence and the intricate detail of the room. Even the main dining hall has that same old world charm.

We had the following:
Cantonese Steamed Three Dimsum Combination
● Steamed Abalone and Pork Siu Mai
● Steamed Crystal Prawn Dumpling
● Steamed Crab Meat and Abalone in Squid Ink Dumpling
The dim sum platter served pipping hot. They restaurant spared no expense! The seafood was fresh, shrimp was plump. Abalone was exquisite and the added gold leaf was a nice touch!

Braised Supreme Sea Treasures and Spinach in Broth - filled with mushrooms and crabmeat, I love how they retain the crabmeat given its delicate nature. It was not mushy.

Steamed Rice Roll filled with Crispy Seafood - this is a great presentation because the crispy roll is wrapped in a layer of delicate rice wrapper, steamed to perfection.

Crispy Golden Swan Dumpling filled with Salted Duck Egg Yolk - the presentation alone is swoon! Crisp and the duck yolk was salty but not too sweet.

Wok Fried Turnip Cake with Spicy X.O. Sauce - perfect meat alternative! The turnip cake was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, the shredded carrots gives a refreshing taste to the rather oil heavy dish. The added X.O. sauce is a wonder of spice and heat.

Wok Fried Egg Noodles - a small portion for one, filled with shrimps, pork and sauteed vegetables, seasoned well to satisfy the Filipino palate.

Mango Sphere Coconut Mousse - the light mango yolk in the middle explodes with more sweetened Philippine mango flavor. The toasted desicated coconut lends a delicate taste of summer.

Had the pleasure of speaking with Chef Bong Jun Choi, Executive Chef of Crystal Dragon. His exclusively created dim sum creations for the restaurant are great channel for this creativity. His take on well loved dishes are also of note - I love the egg noodles. His jolly disposition and passion for food showed when he explained the dishes. Service was quick, cordial and non intrusive. The private rooms can be reserved so long as you meet the number of heads required. The good news is they do not charge a minimum consumable (not yet) for the private rooms. Perfect for intimate family dinners or birthdays with your closest of friends. Recommended.

Disclaimer: Meals sponsored by City of Dreams Manila, Crystal Dragon.

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

Just like the first reviewer, we found ourselves back at Crystal Dragon after just a few days. 128514

Tried something else this time:

Yu Sheng Shredded Roasted Duck with Fresh Fruit Salad in Dressing - (Php 880) (whew! Long Title! 128514) Yu Sheng or Prosperity Toss is a tradition where the diners mix the ingredients and toss it high enough for blessings and wishes for the coming year (I hope I got that right, tanong natin kay Jayson J 128513). Aside from fresh fruits and duck, the dish also had Jelly Fish in it and some crisps that added variation in texture. A pretty solid Salad for starters!

Peking Duck - (Php 3,880) It can be served 3 ways but we opted for just 2 since they would charge for the 3rd. You can also watch how they prepare it tableside.

1st way is as pictured, traditionally wrapped with greens and a dash of hoisin I presume. The skin is just magnificent! The meat, succulent! Not even a trace of the duck's gaminess. Just perfect, I can't get enough of it! 128525

2nd way is minced with vegetables and served with Lettuce Wrappers. Quite similar with the first but with different textures, care of the lettuce, veggies and crisps. Oddly, I had to request for Hoisin as they don't serve it with. I guess they properly seasoned it already, but we preferred more hoisin for added flavor 128513.

Braised Tofu - (P550) Loved this one also! Soft Tofu and mushrooms in their special sauce!

Chicken Walnut - The staff also recommended it the last time we were here. I guess it's one of their specials? Kinda on the sweet side with the sauce. I liked it although I didn't find anything special on it.

Baked Scallops - (P980) How could you go wrong with Baked Scallops and cheese? 128525 I would suggest to eat this fast as the crisp shell that holds it ain't too crispy anymore as it sits too long on the table. I ended up scooping the insides instead of munching on it altogether.

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

127879 Xin Nian Kuai Le 127878

It just so happened that the wifey and I had a lunch date a day before the Chinese New Year at a very posh Chinese Restaurant tucked away at the City of Dreams' VIP lounges. We didn't even realize it til the servers handed us their Chinese New Year Specials Menu. 128513

128525 Crispy Barbecue Pork Bun; (230) Looks pretty much like those trending Pork Buns. Even the crust tastes similar, but the filling is not as sweet which makes this more savory and more appealing for me.

128522 Deep Fried Crispy Pastry Roll Filled with Cod Fish and Foie Gras; (300) So crispy that it will break down if you hold it wrong, I prefer to use my hand instead. Filling was creamy, although I kinda didn't get to taste the Cod that much. It got overpowered by the other ingredients. Oh and the Foie Gras? We almost missed it because, well... You see those teeny weeny drops of mousse? 128514

128525 Wok Fried Fragrant Rice "Yang-Zhou" Style; (410) One can't go wrong with Yang-Zhou and this is no exception. Eerily reminiscent of my favorite Yang Chow over at the (now closed down) Mandarin Oriental's Tin Hau. The wifey then told me that the Chinese Chef at City Of Dreams was the one who trained the Chinese Chef at Mandarin Oriental (which is our Ninong BTW 128513). This is how Yang Chow should be, simple but packed with flavors and hindi lasang sunog. 128525

128525 Barbecue Meat Platter; (668) Oh my! That Lechon Macau is splendid! Crunchy Skin, Juicy Fat, and Melt in your mouth Meat! My only rant is that the slices are too thick. I prefer it to be more bite sized. Canton Road got that right.
The Asado on the other hand is tender and is more on the sweet side. It goes really well with the Yang-Zhou

128525 Oven-Baked Marinated Cod Fish Fillet with Fragrant Golden Garlic; (980) This was my star! Part of their CNY Special but I can't really tell if it's Chinese Cuisine as it uses Cheese and Baking like that of Conti's. The Oven-Baked Cod with Cheese Crust is served over what seems like Fruit Salad consisting of Grapes and Melons, etc.

As for the Service, it was a bit laid back and our orders came out randomly even though we ordered dimsum before even looking at the mains. The Meat Platter was the first to arrive. 128514 Oh and they do charge for the house tea which is why we just settled for Water. 9996128513

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Monique A.
4.0 Stars

And seriously ... We ended up at Crystal Dragon once again coz the family of my client wanted to try the new place. He booked a private room this time coz he has little kids & won't like to disrupts the ambience at the main dining area 128514 thoughtful 9786

Interior is very subdue,almost nondescriptive... none of the typically loud red & gold Chinese embellishments but instead they used paisley green leafy wallpaper prints , a few small humble paintings & the usual big red fabric Chinese lantern/chandelier as ceiling accent.

I get to meet the entire family , a better way to gauge and hv a clearer perspective as to how to design according to each persons wants & Needs & personality...

We started with some dimsum :

Siomai topped with abalone ... sounds so luxurious??... Taste's bouncing & pillowy.. Flavor burst with each bite.. nicely presented but I've tasted better abalone... The one used has more chew to it ... & not that tasty

Again we had the bbq bun which I still find too sweet to my liking but the kids seem to enjoy it & ordered for seconds

Seafood treasure soup which was nothing of a standout , not that it's not delicious, taste was familiar & no oomph in it.

Again we ordered the meat platter which I seriously love, maybe coz it's just so little ... We each ended up with just a single piece of the scrumptious belly ... And I want the entire plate all to myself 128514 #siba

Fujian chicken was some kind of a weird spicy chicken dish that u can totally do without

Turnip cake with xo sauce , I love this dish way better than lung HIN , simply coz it's more flavorful yet not high on the greasy feel with the perfect spunk of the xo sauce. some crisp veggie strips for the texture play on our palate... simple yet very lovely

Chicken with walnut was unexpectedly a dish I enjoyed, it's slightly sweetened & perfectly seasoned... Glazed & fried & crisp on the outside & totally flavory & tender in the inside with big chunks of glazed walnuts ... Yummy much

Stew pork rib with some kind of herb or wine... soft & very tender, savory plus gorgeous plating

Will be back to try ordering myself ... Coz all I've tried were ordered & paid by my thoughtful client 128525128525127881

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Monique A.
5.0 Stars

Newest in town located at the upper ground floor of Crown tower , a 6 star hotel located at the city of dreams gaming entertainment city... serving authentic cantonese cuisine at its finest

Upon reaching crystal dragon ... Ull be ushered tru two imposing gold metal studded heavy door ... so majestic...stroll down a dimly stretched walk adorned on both sides with rose colored ceramic urns & greeted by a beautiful & tall receptionist at the very end of the walkway & when escorted in... ull be surely surprised that the place is actually smaller than what I hv anticipated ... Haha...First word that came to my mouth was.... Is this it?lol128552

I thought Ive entered the wrong place ... But not likely coz I'm being ushered from the minute I entered the lobby till I reach the restaurant ... My client told me... Not impressed huh?.... How right is he?9786️...The design was actually very simple , ceiling was completely occupied by a gigantic Chinese themed fabric & wooden chandelier ... 2 private rooms , 6 or so wooden latticed booth seating running on both sides of the entire banquet room that can probably sit 4 each & the rest are all traditional round luriat tables spread evenly out. The entire place can probably sit only 100 or less

The usher hand me 3 menus ala cart, set & beverage menu ... Prices on the higher end typical of hotel standards... List is average & not a lot to choose from... Since there's only me & a client ... We opted to try a few highly recommended dishes

We were seated in one of those booth seating niche & started off with some appetizers ... Table setting was something artfully done with the compliments of the finest of chinas used... They charged u too if u order tea

Seafood roll .. 6 pcs of plump rolled shrimp or crab wrapped with noodle strands & topped with roe or caviar looking delicacies ... The red ones are spicy... This dish I enjoyed a lot

Bbq pork bun .. 3 pcs of the flaky crusty pork bun but more on the sweet side... So not much to my liking inspite of the generous filling

Soup I chose ..,,the garoupa cooked in Fuji Apple broth intrigued me... And I love the concoction immensely ... The light , clear & sweet savory refreshing soup was simply divine to the tastebuds... Approximately 700 per cup...I'll say it's worth the price tag

Meat platter was a plate of delicately roast succulent meat dish ....beautifully plated , tender juicy with each bite & the pillowy crisp of the perfectly cooked skin was nothing less than exquisite ...I simply want more after devouring my first piece 9786

We paired this with a plate of Yangzhou rice which was fine but nothing special.. Serving thou was probably good for 5

Was too full for dessert after & nothing catches my fancy too ... That ends my food adventure yesterday ... And need to scurry back to my tons of work waiting ...

Though I can't hold my excitement when I see that Crown city of dreams has Pangaea, which pioneered the “Ultra-Lounge” concept in the 90’s, is known for its bespoke furniture and custom-made dance tiers.

Chaos, meanwhile, is credited for being the world’s first ‘bottle service’ night club and was declared as "The Hottest Club in New York" by New York Times Magazine when it opened in 1996 will be places I'll love to visit soon

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