Crystal Dragon

UG/F Crown Towers Hotel, Asean Ave. cor. Roxas Blvd., City of Dreams Manila, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Crystal Dragon
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Most Recent Reviews

Monique A.
4.0 Stars

And seriously ... We ended up at Crystal Dragon once again coz the family of my client wanted to try the new place. He booked a private room this time coz he has little kids & won't like to disrupts the ambience at the main dining area 128514 thoughtful 9786

Interior is very subdue,almost nondescriptive... none of the typically loud red & gold Chinese embellishments but instead they used paisley green leafy wallpaper prints , a few small humble paintings & the usual big red fabric Chinese lantern/chandelier as ceiling accent.

I get to meet the entire family , a better way to gauge and hv a clearer perspective as to how to design according to each persons wants & Needs & personality...

We started with some dimsum :

Siomai topped with abalone ... sounds so luxurious??... Taste's bouncing & pillowy.. Flavor burst with each bite.. nicely presented but I've tasted better abalone... The one used has more chew to it ... & not that tasty

Again we had the bbq bun which I still find too sweet to my liking but the kids seem to enjoy it & ordered for seconds

Seafood treasure soup which was nothing of a standout , not that it's not delicious, taste was familiar & no oomph in it.

Again we ordered the meat platter which I seriously love, maybe coz it's just so little ... We each ended up with just a single piece of the scrumptious belly ... And I want the entire plate all to myself 128514 #siba

Fujian chicken was some kind of a weird spicy chicken dish that u can totally do without

Turnip cake with xo sauce , I love this dish way better than lung HIN , simply coz it's more flavorful yet not high on the greasy feel with the perfect spunk of the xo sauce. some crisp veggie strips for the texture play on our palate... simple yet very lovely

Chicken with walnut was unexpectedly a dish I enjoyed, it's slightly sweetened & perfectly seasoned... Glazed & fried & crisp on the outside & totally flavory & tender in the inside with big chunks of glazed walnuts ... Yummy much

Stew pork rib with some kind of herb or wine... soft & very tender, savory plus gorgeous plating

Will be back to try ordering myself ... Coz all I've tried were ordered & paid by my thoughtful client 128525128525127881

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Monique A.
5.0 Stars

Newest in town located at the upper ground floor of Crown tower , a 6 star hotel located at the city of dreams gaming entertainment city... serving authentic cantonese cuisine at its finest

Upon reaching crystal dragon ... Ull be ushered tru two imposing gold metal studded heavy door ... so majestic...stroll down a dimly stretched walk adorned on both sides with rose colored ceramic urns & greeted by a beautiful & tall receptionist at the very end of the walkway & when escorted in... ull be surely surprised that the place is actually smaller than what I hv anticipated ... Haha...First word that came to my mouth was.... Is this it?lol128552

I thought Ive entered the wrong place ... But not likely coz I'm being ushered from the minute I entered the lobby till I reach the restaurant ... My client told me... Not impressed huh?.... How right is he?9786️...The design was actually very simple , ceiling was completely occupied by a gigantic Chinese themed fabric & wooden chandelier ... 2 private rooms , 6 or so wooden latticed booth seating running on both sides of the entire banquet room that can probably sit 4 each & the rest are all traditional round luriat tables spread evenly out. The entire place can probably sit only 100 or less

The usher hand me 3 menus ala cart, set & beverage menu ... Prices on the higher end typical of hotel standards... List is average & not a lot to choose from... Since there's only me & a client ... We opted to try a few highly recommended dishes

We were seated in one of those booth seating niche & started off with some appetizers ... Table setting was something artfully done with the compliments of the finest of chinas used... They charged u too if u order tea

Seafood roll .. 6 pcs of plump rolled shrimp or crab wrapped with noodle strands & topped with roe or caviar looking delicacies ... The red ones are spicy... This dish I enjoyed a lot

Bbq pork bun .. 3 pcs of the flaky crusty pork bun but more on the sweet side... So not much to my liking inspite of the generous filling

Soup I chose ..,,the garoupa cooked in Fuji Apple broth intrigued me... And I love the concoction immensely ... The light , clear & sweet savory refreshing soup was simply divine to the tastebuds... Approximately 700 per cup...I'll say it's worth the price tag

Meat platter was a plate of delicately roast succulent meat dish ....beautifully plated , tender juicy with each bite & the pillowy crisp of the perfectly cooked skin was nothing less than exquisite ...I simply want more after devouring my first piece 9786

We paired this with a plate of Yangzhou rice which was fine but nothing special.. Serving thou was probably good for 5

Was too full for dessert after & nothing catches my fancy too ... That ends my food adventure yesterday ... And need to scurry back to my tons of work waiting ...

Though I can't hold my excitement when I see that Crown city of dreams has Pangaea, which pioneered the “Ultra-Lounge” concept in the 90’s, is known for its bespoke furniture and custom-made dance tiers.

Chaos, meanwhile, is credited for being the world’s first ‘bottle service’ night club and was declared as "The Hottest Club in New York" by New York Times Magazine when it opened in 1996 will be places I'll love to visit soon

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