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AlwaysHungryPh P.
5.0 Stars

I’ve been seeing Crystal Jade Dining In restaurant in Bonifacio High Street whenever I pass by that area, but I never had the chance of stopping by at the placeto check it out. After quite some time, it was only until recently that I got to visit the said place together with four other foodies, thanks to Crystal Jade’s marketing team for having invited me to make a review of their restaurant. Originally from Singapore, Crystal Jade in BGC is the sole franchise of the restaurant here in the Philippines. They currently do operations in over 100 restaurant outlets in 20 countries, showcasing diversity in their restaurants across the Asia Pacific and the United States.

Since Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated every May, Crystal Jade thought of adding up machang on their menu in time for the celebration. Machang is a kind of Chinese food that is made from glutinous rice. The machang are available in three varieties, and is served in a fancy box.You can tell from the food’s taste that Crystal Jade uses ingredients of the finest quality in their dishes. The machang is already good on its own, but I feel like, you would appreciate it even more if you pair it up with other Crystal Jade offerings. The machang, which is a better alternative to fried rice, is also available in Crystal Jade set meals.

Aside from the machang, we were also served other savory dishes. Their double boiled chicken wanton soup was light and heartwarming. The pechay stalks in it gave it a nice flavor. Another dish that was served to us that became my instant favorite was their steamed stuffed scallops with black bean sauce. There was this nice contrast of flavors to it which came from the combination of tofu, scallops, and brocolli in the dish.

We also had their infamous Peking duck for appetizer, which came in as a surprise. The idea alone that we have this fat duck all to ourselves overwhelmed us all. The duck meat was just lean and tender. Since us foodies were all so into the dish, we finished the whole thing in a jiffy.

As for their dim sums, we got to try Crystal Jade’s famous Xiao Long Bao. We also shared their salted egg buns amongst ourselves. Theirs were one of the best ones I got to try yet with the salted egg flavor. You should come check these out at Crystal Jade as they are definitely worth the try.

We also had their delicious serving of braised beef ox tail, as recommended to us by their chef. If you see yourself dining here at Crystal Jade, I suggest for you to try out this dish. The beef was just so tender and it was seasoned well. It was just the perfect thing to have alongside your order of glutinous rice.

If you wanna have something to cool you down, you may choose between their strawberry or avocado fruit shake, or settle with a pitcher of their milk tea.

Crystal Jade’s array of dishes were prepped up according to the main principles followed in cooking Chinese cuisine – that food should inspire and nurture relationships, and nourish people today and the next generation of consumers to come.

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Liezzy M.
5.0 Stars

bbq combination 128077🏼1108811088110881108811088
sauteed fish and tofu 1108811088110881108811088

service 1108811088110881108811088
place 1108811088110881108811088

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Rach J.
5.0 Stars

Xiao Long Bao is something to die for. 100841008410084

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Dark H.
4.0 Stars

The place was nice. Fine dining ambience. The food was good and not pricy.

Baked Bo Lo was liked the pork buns of tim ho wan but jade's is better.

I forgot the name of this palitaw look a like lol but it was nice too.

Chinese cuisine, that's all 128512.

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Maureen S.
5.0 Stars

I only managed to snap a few quickly as I was here for a business lunch 128513128513128513

It was my first time to eat here; though I was able to try the Greenhills branch, which was just so-so. Thus when I heard that we were eating here - I wasn't so excited. And I checked the prices too - it's expensive.

Had the pleasure to order on behalf of the group, I chose beef dish which turned out to be my most favored dish among the rest! I forgot the name though 128532 it was basically stir fried beef cubes, BUT the meat was sooooo tender and tasty! 128523 i also went for the lemon chicken with mango and vegetables with crabmeat sauce. Love the flavors!!

Apart from these, we had their hakaw, siomai and xiao long bao as appetizers. We also had cereal prawn (which was just ok for me), fish&tofu hotpot (another fave 128523) and hot&sour soup (i prefer Gloria Maris')

Was pleasantly surprised that I love and enjoyed food! But not the price tag that came along he he.

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Yina M.
5.0 Stars

Even before the holidays started I've been hankering for good Dimsum. We celebrated the last weekend of festive season dining in Crystal Jade. Well what do you know, those words are in the name of the restaurant. My cousin did the ordering since we trust in his excellent taste buds. After all, we are related by blood and by stomach.

Dimsum orders were:

Hakaw - fresh and succulent shrimp in a rice roll.
Siomai - this is tender steamed pork and huge, I might add!
XLB - I am not a super fan, hence, DTF doesn't appeal to me. I can't say much about it but it was good. Also, I did not get into an accident with the soup which happens to me all the time.

They forgot to order the shrimp and scallop dimsum, which is divine!!! So with me frowning in a corner, they decided to get more.

All dimsum had a very thin slice of carrot underneath so it doesn't stick to the bamboo container. My cousins were funny because they disliked the carrot and were pestered about it. I ate everything which is an understatement because I think I ate the whole world that day.

Other appetizers included the:
Crispy pork belly. This is true to its name - crispy. pork belly. It's not very oily and when you here the first crunch between your jaws, your eyes will widen. Serving is quite small which is why you are meant to order other items.

Aaaand this is why we also ordered the Deep Fried Bean Curd with Salt and Pepper (and garlic, I think). The tofu is silken (was it?)! It felt very much silken because if you pop these in your mouth they just melt. Plus, that fried garlic at the end matches well with steamed rice.

Another one of my favorites is the double boiled crab claw soup with superior mushroom in fresh coconut. If you think about it, the crab claw and the coconut are impressive when served. This does not disappoint because I absolutely love the clear broth and the mushrooms inside. For someone who isn't fond of coconut, I enjoyed the mix. It takes 20 mins to prepare so it's best to order this ahead. The soup serving is one per person.

Mains were:

Peking duck two-ways. This duck skin and meat wrapped in small pancake wrappers is divine! Each of us had about two to three pieces and no one refused! The second way was salt and pepper I think, I didn't have any.

Baked prawn with salted egg yolk is one of Crystal Jade's best-sellers. It comes also in a variant of squid (I saw on their IG) and lobster. This dish NEVER, ever disappoints. I like it better when it's cooler so it won't burn your tongue and the roof of your mouth. The mixture of the salted duck egg is excellent! It's coated well that you get a taste on each bite and its saltiness is not very overpowering that you are unable to finish this prawn. It doesn't leave you wanting more, but I do.

Birthday Efu noodles. The difference with this one is that it is bathed in truffle oil and the shrimps are prawns. My cousin skipped three dishes to accommodate more of this. She had my share and several more! I liked that there was a discussion on truffles when this was served. I had my cousin expressing affirmations in between chews. The truffle did not taste like gas and the noodles were peppered just right.

There was another beef and chicken dish which I completely forgot because the ones listed were my favorites.

Dessert was another story. I did not know we were going to swim in it.
They had already ordered:

Buchi, which did me a solid because it was huge, not full of air, non-oily, just fried to perfection and crunchy

Mantao buns, another deep fried addiction of mine, hence they ordered it. Wiped out in a few minutes. We were going to steal the remains from the oldies table as we thought they did not have a fine appreciation of it but we were surprised that that too was gone!

I asked for coffee jelly because i had tasted it on a previous visit. My family did not expect this to taste better than the usual. The coffee jelly was strong but in between the coffee jelly was creamed jelly which balanced the flavor of the dessert. Lovely!

Since we were celebrating two birthdays, they brought out lucky buns which looked like a female body part. It was funny! The oldies enjoyed this more.

Ahhh, mood definitely changes with good food and good company. I would say with good food. I think I may have satisfied my dimsum craving but I am not going to shy away from the other food here.

P.S. Quite pricey.

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5.0 Stars


Beancurd with Minced Pork - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Xiao Long Bao - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Braised Beancurd - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Pork BBQ Bun - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Chinese Style Fried Chicken - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Mushroom Noodles - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Oolong Tea - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5


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Jeffrey S.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Kat L.
5.0 Stars

Crystal jade my number 1 favorite fine dining because of their super fresh HOT PRAWN SALAD...
Ummm yummy... 128525

I think this is my 2nd time reviewing this and this restaurant never disappoints me...
its my birthday last May (wow been months ago) I've been busy that's why ngayon Lang na upload but anyway I want to share with you their other menu.

Crispy skin chicken with mango really good I fell in love... Though the birthday noodle didn't catch my expectation but it's ok. The rest super good. It's really expensive here but man worth the money. Wala naman yata ng murang may high end quality hahaha ne be yen!

But seriously everything masarap, the interior on this branch is class! The food is fresh, the preparation is class with high quality... 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

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Yina M.
4.0 Stars

Lunched with the family. Again, i was late. But the best part is I didn't need to wait for the food! Everything's been served! We were not the complete bunch but it was fun. We got a different menu today but still the usual favorites.

- peking duck two way - always a hit, never to be missed!

- platter of cold cuts - i got leftovers nalang

- soup that resembled egg drop soup, i still prefer the clear crab soup in the coconut shell

- steamed lapu-lapu in soy sauce - tender and yummy

- yang chow fried rice - theirs to me, isn't the best, i'd upgrade to the multigrain fried rice, it's tastier and has more fiber

- birthday efu noodles - didn't have any

- fried tofu - a dish i am going to end up fighting my niece for as this is her faaaaaavorite!

- baked prawn with salted egg is THE BOMB! I was cleared for cholesterol and this was something to celebrate by adding to the lost cholesterol!

- a mushroom dish that i'm not sure what it was but good! 1up!

- desserts ordered were the almond jelly with longan, i didn't want any but they placed it in fronna me. It was good i tried it!

- another dessert were the buns, one with the custard in it (the one i'm holding) which, to me, is YEAUM! And another bun called the infinity bun. It had some duck egg and red bean, didn't bother tasting it, i got full with the lucky buns (was it?)

Always good to go back! Those three look like sisters even the way their hands are positioned. You can't deny family!

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Saul Aurelius Isidore B.
3.0 Stars

I still need to look for this restaurant here in our country that will blow my mind with MSG overload. Haha! For now I can accept what crystal jade can offer me. Well I guess I need to explore china town in old Manila to get what I am craving for.

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Kat L.
5.0 Stars

Went here with my family to celebrate graduation. The first branch I've tried was in hongkong. I feel like there again, same everything even the concept and the motif. Anyway the place is cozy, the food still the same I fell in love. Super sarap everything the yang chow, garlic spare ribs, Lechon Macao. And my super favorite hot prawn salad! This hot prawn salad is the best of all chinese restaurant I've eaten. Lahat na natikman ko but this one ugh! SUPER!!!! must try... Pricy but so much quality!

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Candice C.
4.0 Stars

I have never said this before. This is the closest place we have in Metro Manila to approximating the experience of dining in Hong Kong. It's not just the food. It's the ambiance, the buzz of the place. Certain dishes not only look like the dishes they serve in Hong Kong, the mere fact that it is served at all makes it legit. You walk into the restaurant (where everything looks expensive and breakable..), look at what other diners have on their tables. It is so easy to imagine HK.

And the food..? Fantastic. We haven't even gone after the dimsum yet. Elegantly plated with the use of similar ingredients presented in different taste combinations. It was like seeing a good Ms. Universe pageant where all the finalists were beautiful and you didn't care who won.

Our food list in the order they started disappearing from the table..

-Stuffed Scallop and Minced Shrimp
-Braised Prawn and Homemade Tofu in Thick Soup
-Stir-Fried Beef with Fresh Mushrooms and Capsicum
-Sea Cucumber / Sea Whelk Soup
-Birthday Noodles
-Seabass Fillet with Pasley and Vermicelli
-Ampalaya with Plum Sauce (this one's a gamble, some will like this cold appetizer others will find the pairing weird)
-Coffee Jelly, Avocado Pudding

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Pepper B.
5.0 Stars

Since I'm so hungry, I'll make a ninja review....128522128512128522 It's first time here so I made a keen observation while waiting for our food to be served.. The place is nice, fast and very good service the food is a bit pricey but taste yummy. It's a Chinese restaurant and the food are all authentic.. Xia Long Bao and pork buns are so yummy! 128522128522128522 the buns of their porkbun is so soft and the filling is yummy..

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Jayne Marie W.
4.0 Stars

Whenever we think of eating Asian, nothing crosses my mind but just Chinese food. If you are looking for authentic Chinese food similar to those like Mr. Choi or Gloria Maris, Crystal Jade is one of the good choices.

Baked Bo Lo B.B.Q. Pork Bun
I do not know any person who does not love pork bun. It's a thing right now and while Tim Ho Wan is popular for dishing out one of the best, Crystal Jade also takes pride for serving people their own version of it. What I love about this pork bun is the bo lo (pineapple) crust that crowns the bun.

Steamed Cream Custard Bun with Salted Egg Yolk Aside from the steamed rice rolls, this custard bun is also reason enough for me to return to Crystal Jade and avail of their promo. A sweet salty treat for those who has an affinity for that flavor combination, this custard bun will make one crave for me with its soft and fluffy bun and downright flavorful filling.

Steamed Glutinous Rice with wrapped in Lotus Leaf
Although I am not the type who enjoys machang, I must say that Crystal Jade's well worth the try. The ratio of filling to the glutinous rice is just perfect.

Baked Mini Egg Tart
What I love about these mini egg tarts is the fact that it wouldn't kill you with excessive sweetness. It has the right balance between sweet and creamy.

Their dishes are not that cheap, but the prices are worth it because all their food I have tasted so far are all delicious! 128571 We’re definitely coming back to try other noodle variants and possibly the other dumplings.

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Theresa L.
5.0 Stars

Crystal Jade Dining IN is a fine dining restaurant that offers extensive Cantonese dishes that will blow you away from the appetizers down to their desserts!128557

- From outside, you may think that the place was small, but it's pretty huge when you get inside. They can accommodate large number of customers. 128522

- Since this is a bloggers even, I don't want to put any comments on the service, but I just can't help it. The service was impeccably impressive! 128077

- Okay, moving on with the food, this coming November, Crystal Jade Dining IN will launch different mouth watering set meals that is available starting November 01 - November 30. Below foods are different dishes from Set A, B and C. (See the last part for the complete menu) 128522

- Roasted Peking Duck - Definitely the star of the feast! You can never go wrong with Peking Duck wraps! By far, these babies over here is the nicest Peking Duck wraps I have ever tried. No kidding! 128525

Fried Crispy Chicken with Goose Liver and Mango Sauce - Foie Gras on a crisp lettuce, mango and crispy skin? Healthy and Sinful. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!127835128561

Double Boiled Cabbage Soup with Bamboo Pith and Fresh Mushrooms - A clear soup with different fresh mushrooms, bamboo pith and cabbage. I really loved that the soup was light and not heavy127861.

Sauteed Prawns in Wasabi Sauce - Imagine a giant prawn that has a crunchy texture outside yet soft and flavorful inside? I loved the mild wasabi flavor on this one, just enough flavor to linger on your tastebuds. 127844

Live Garoupa Served in Two Ways - *photo attached* Garoupa fish that has chorizo inside, while the other one was filled and flavored with herb. 9786

Braised Pork in Special Sauce - One of Crystal Jade's Special dish. I loved how they presented this one. It was tied up so that the natural juices of the meat will not come out of the meat. The servers will remove the strings, then cut it into chunks. It was really soft and tender! *make sure to eat the friend mantou! 128525

Sauteed Shredded Duck with Beansprout - Remember the first dish above when they used the duck skin in that gorgeous Peking Duck wrap? Ofcourse, the meat is all yours as well! Reminded me of my favorite beef hoafan! I really loved the smokey flavor of this dish!128517

Chilled Red Wine Jelly with Mixed Fruit. - Yup, you read it right, Chilled Red Wine. Since I don't drink and not fan of those, this was just so-so to me. But others went gaga on this. 128514

Creamy Salted Egg Yolk Bun - I really thought this was super salty, but infact, it was smooth, creamy and perfectly sweetened yolk inside. Heaven! I can eat this one any time of the day! 128525128557128525128557

Crystal Jade Bolo BBQ Buns - I hate to compare, but even if you just look on this one, you can clearly say that this pork buns are meatier and saucier than others. I didn't expect that all throughout the bun was filled with barbequed pork! Really awesome!128170

Crystal Jade's November Set Menu Price:

SET A: 5,288+ pesos
SET B: 10, 800 + pesos
SET C: 12, 888 + pesos

Available from November 1 - November 30, 2014 priced at 5,288+ pesos (good for 4 pax), 10, 800 + pesos (good for 6 pax), and 12, 888 + pesos (good for 12 pax.).

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Janet L.
4.0 Stars

Get your dimsum fix - the following are quite authentic:

- roast pork buns
- pork spare ribs
- ha kao
- turnip / "carrot" cake

The shrimp cherng fun was good too but I thought the rice sheet too thick.

There were only 2 of us this time so looking forward to trying the rest of the dishes.

2 - 3x's more expensive than Wai Ying but worth it in my opinion (as a Canto-American).

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Anne P.
4.0 Stars

A few weeks ago, I tried the Weekend Dimsum Buffet of Crystal Jade in Bonifacio High Street. The buffet is from 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm. Basically, you get a piece of paper where you check everything that you want and then they'll cook it for you. That's actually a good thing because at least you know that they prepare it fresh for you.

The photo above shows the dishes that I tried. It was a lot! There were a lot of varieties of dimsum, pork buns, and rolls. I left Crystal Jade feeling very happy. 128523

I read reviews that the waiting time was pretty long so I prepared myself for the worst. However, I was actually pretty surprised that the food started coming in after around 15-20 minutes. Not bad at all. The staff was pretty attentive too.

The price being advertised is Php 688+. Taking into account the other charges, total is Php 840/person. For me, it's worth it because if you total the individual prices of each dish that we got, that would be so much more than our total bill.

All in all, this buffet is definitely worth trying especially if you're a dimsum lover like me. 128513

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Yvette E.
4.0 Stars

If you love Xiao Long Bao, then Crystal Jade is the place to be. If you want a break from the normal Xiao Long Bao flavor, then you should try their different flavors which come in different colors too. Of all the flavors we've tried, I loved the Cheese Xiao Long Bao the most!

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Monique A.
3.0 Stars

The 840 dimsum buffet is worth it .. The steam radish is almost as good as the one in hk, but all the others taste just okay.

For ala carte ( which I opted for coz I don't want to pig out again & regret it later 128522) .. A little expensive .. Better yet Dine in Shang palace for more quality, better ambience and comparable price.

The pork bun on the upper left of the pic is not even warm, very disappointing

Poor service 128532.... Verrrrrrrryyyyy SLOW128012128012

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