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141 Katipunan Ave., White Plains, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Cup Fiction
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Most Recent Reviews

Faith M.
4.0 Stars

From the first time I tried Cup Fiction, I instantly loved it. From the chic chairs with mismatched patterns, to their shelves of books and records and board games from pop culture, and of course, dare I not mention about their playlist? Co-owned by Cheats frontwoman, Saab Magalona, you can't go wrong when you choose to hang here for some sountrippin' while working, having a meeting, dining, or just having a plain ol' cuppa joe.

In my past visit, I tried a glass of their Off-white Iced Latte (150php), and boy, their shot of espresso was strong. It comes unsweetened so for those who prefer their coffee sweet, you may ask for brown sugar from the counter.

On my next visit after 2 days, I and a couple of friends had dinner and we sampled their breakfast fares. Out of everything we ordered, I particularly liked the Corned Beef + Johnny Hash (245php). The corned beef tastes expensive and it does not swim in oil, which is good.

The Tocino Royale (210php) tastes fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. But since I really love breakfast meals, I loved it, too.

We also got the Bacon Loco Moco (230php) and they weren't joking when they said that it was going to be a big slab of bacon. Needless to say, our bacon needs that day were satiated.

Today, I had the Chicken Steak for the Soul (195php). IDK if it's just me and that the homemade gravy was really supposed to be peppery, but I felt like it was overpowering. The chicken was ok, kinda difficult to cut though.

While they mostly get the dishes right, they seem to always run out of supplies--like the arugula. In the two times I've been there to have a meal, they substituted arugula with romaine. I also wanted to try their Samwise's Chicken Pesto also because it was promoted as the meal of the day, but at 3pm, it's already out of stock. To be fair, they use brown rice in all the dishes we sampled, which is a point for me! :)

Let me end this review on a sweet note by talking about the BFG Cookie (105php), or their famous big fat giant cookie. There are 2 variants but I got the dark chocolate one. It was sooo good that I kinda regret not getting a glass of milk that should go with it for an additional 30 pesos.

Oh and before I forget, for those concerned: there are numerous electrical outlets and free wifi... so yep, go visit!

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Camille S.
3.0 Stars

I’ve heard Cup Fiction from the Magalonas’ social media accounts a lot of times already so my impression was that the place will be packed with people. During our visit, we were the only ones there and they were still on their ‘soft opening’. Looks like the place needs to be marketed more. :) Also, Cup Fiction can be easily missed out. Aside from the fact that no one was there when we visited, they might need to consider signages visible on the streets.

I liked how the interiors give a rustic yet cozy vibe. The main accent of the whole place is the shelf on the left side which holds books for reading and one board game for playing (I guess). They also have a room that’s closed (the one where one wall is drawn/painted with Jim and Saab’s portraits) for public. Maybe they’re considering tapping private functions/groups, too.

For my food and drinks, I ordered The BFG Cookie (dark chocolate) and a cold glass of milk. The cookie was a giant one therefore its partner (the glass of milk) not enough. The dark choco cookie was not that moist and was a little crumbly halfway through eating it. Since it’s dark chocolate, the sweetness was not so overwhelming.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Carlos S.
4.0 Stars

Checked out this new place. Ambience was cool-a good hang out place to do some quiet work. I came early afternoon so it was not too crowded just the way I like it. Got the single origin coffee-I chose the Kenya blend since it was stronger than the Honduras-and also a (big) chocolate chip cookie. Coffee unfortunately had the consistency of tea and it was not strong at all so it was a disappointment for me. But the cookie was awesome! Moist and full of chocolate and I think walnuts-one of the best I've tried. Next time I come back I will just order my trusted espresso and try their savory dishes.

  • No. of Comments: 5
Kyle B.
4.0 Stars

HELLOOOOO LOOLOO I'M BACK! (wow, paimportante??) My last entry was from June pa and I genuinely apologize for that. I definitely missed reviewing! Here's my comeback entry. Char.

Went to Cup Fiction with the famous (wahahaha) Abbey A and a friend. The interior of the store is so cute! Love love! They also had a wonderful collection of books and music. I don't think they're for sale though. Another thing I liked about the place was that it had a decent amount of parking spaces. Service was okay, they only had one server, but the place is still on its soft opening so yeah. Super looooved the vibes also! Perfect for studying and catching up with friends. :) Time to talk about da fooood:

10024 Grilled Cheese Sandwich (P350) - the sandwich was alright: crispy with the right amount of cheese. I looooved the tomato soup it came with. It was rich, thick, and ang sarap lagyan ng pasta! I took a photo of this but I just realized na it's ugly so wag ko nalang ipost lol

10024 Cortado (PHP 130) - this is the perfect coffee for y'all lactose intolerants!!!!!!!!!!!! According to our server, this has less milk compared to their Cappucinos and Flat Whites. Yaaaaas no more 128169 hahaha the taste was strong but i liked it!

I'd definitely come back for their coffee, food and the vibes. 10024 Abbey A girl yung champorado mo balikan natin! Haha!

  • No. of Comments: 6
Abbey A.
5.0 Stars

Urban chic and industrial feels! Plus good vibes and good coffee. 1008410084️ The off white iced coffee I got was strong for my taste but it was good when I made the ice melt hehe! And I loved the waffles!! Wendy's waffle was crisp and chewy and topped with assorted fruits! Love love love!

Perfect for a sunny day or a rainy day! 9786

Can't wait to come back for their other all-day breakfast food!

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