CYC Island

Lajala, Coron, Palawan

CYC Island
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Herl C.
4.0 Stars

Just like what I've mentioned on my previous reviews about Coron, this place offers a lot to travelers. With its pristine white beaches, to the crystal clear water, and amazing rock formations, Coron is blessed with almost everything.

Part of the Ultimate Tour, CYC or Coron Youth Club Island is just one of the destinations that has no entrance fee. We went here as a sidetrip before we finished off our jumpacked tour of the day.

The coastline of CYC is small compared to the neighboring island like Sunset Beach. The water is so clear that I could almost see the bottom of the sea. It is surrounded by rock formations, powdery cream colored sand, and lush mangroves on the side.

We just spent less than an hour in CYC. The wind was strong when we were here, so be careful with your things that might fly away. Our lamzac was carried by the wind, good thing that one boatman got it for us. Super nice si Kuya!

Aside from beach bumming, you can do our activities like kayaking, snorkeling, or just swimming to see some corals and fishes. Just bring mat if you want to relax and appreciate the beauty of CYC Island.

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Nikki C.
5.0 Stars

Coron Youth Club or known as CYC Beach was considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in earlier times. 127796⛱ But for me, I can still say na the place is still beautiful - paradise. 128525

As far as I can remember, this was the only isle that does not have an entrance fee. 128077🏻 The shorelines are covered with a sheet of white sands, not as fine as Boracay, but it is white! 128521 The surrounding mangroves clothed the island. A mixture of green, blue and white 128522

Best to wear aqua shoes/boots when getting off the boat, though the waters are shallow, there are sharp corals and rocks at the bottom of the floor bed.

As we explore around the island, our guide/boatmen were already preparing our lunch 128513128031 It was nice that the waters were just waist level. The water is so clear that you can actually see the floor where you are walking. The area is not crowded, maybe just 2 boats including ours.

Another thing I liked about this island is that you can do some snorkeling and see wonderful fishes. 128522 You can even just squat in one area and look around - make eye contact with the fishes as they look at you as if you are an enormous treat to their environment 128517 Some fish would just look and pass by, whereas some would stare at you for a long time and then attack! 128514128031128032 #nalokaakodun ...A white clear territorial fish was around the area, it would stop and make surprising bites, I think I got bitten 4x in different parts of the legs 128544128560 and so goes with the rest of the group. #funtimes

#bewareoftheterritorialfish 128517128031

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

CYC Beach.  I dunno why the locals named the island as such.  Three letters can mean a lot of things.  It sounds like a covert division of the government, a type of computer software,  a clothing brand, internet jargon for "Can You Count" and the list goes on.  CYC for the locals is a tourist destination at Coron.

CYC is a free beach,  we killed time here while the boatmen are preparing our food.  The island exudes the Castaway vibe,  you can see rock formations,  flora and fauna,  powdery sands and the crystal clear water which is common in Coron.

One of the boatmen said sand smuggling is rampant back in the day.  They used to hoard sand and ship it somewhere else.  Despite the off the books sand trade,  CYC remained beautiful.  As the old timers would say "It gets better in time"

Disclaimer:  the trip was ages ago,  i dunno how CYC looks like now.  I am holding on to the image stuck in my head when i first gazed upon its magnificence.

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