Daddy's Toasted Siopao

Aguinaldo Blvd., Bacoor, Cavite

Daddy's Toasted Siopao
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Julie E.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Abegail H.
2.0 Stars

This boys are making its way to stardom. I've heard a lot of stories of these fast sprouting bakery that sells toasted siopao, am not sure of the brand specific to the fad but as I was on my way home I noticed this cute bakery on a purple theme that's lined up with tenths of people. the curious me just have to taste this cuties so I dropped by and started to line.

Their location maybe a bit of scary since it's on Talaba area of cavite where busses and jeepneys drops passengers but the smell of the freshly baked goodies would really pull you to their store.

after standing in line for 12 minutes finally I got to be served, told the lady I wanted a mix of pork and chicken then she nodded but the I noticed that she was already half way through filling the whole box when I noticed that she was filling it through with pork, caught her attention then she just said that there are no chicken available. grrrrrr! she should have told me at first. There was even no apology or a smile.

they flashed their food for 8pesos a piece and 210 something pesos for a box of 24. Got the big box knowing that I'd be having the babies for a little less than the promoted price. But when I got to the car and started computing I even paid more or one it totaled to 8.8 something, and I was definitely annoyed. They should have flashed the prices without putting the boxes price on top so customers would know. Then thinking right now, maybe I wouldnt be that mad if the lady just smiled. hmfff! 128545

Honestly, their siopao wasn't even that good. I got disappointed with the filling, and the bread was a little hard. this bread just isn't for me. For the 24 pieces I bought, I only had half a bun.

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Dana A.
5.0 Stars

I don't know if I'm just famished or it really tastes good! Hahaha kidding aside, it was really yummy! It's like monay with filling inside. I like both the chicken and pork 128149

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