Shell Gasoline Station, EDSA cor. McKinley Rd., Makati, Metro Manila

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4.0 Stars

I went to Family Mart to grabbed a BOGO (Buy One Get One) promo of Johnsonville's Garlic Sausage for Php65.00 only, extended until August 7, 2016 before I headed to Dakasi to pair with Creme Chocolate drink.

Creme Chocolate Php120.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

Before the typhoon reached the country, the weather was hot, hot, HOT. 128293 I decided to just take the jeepney going to the office than walking. Before heading there, I made a quick stop here to grab one cool and satisfying drink. Got my usual fave Taro Milk Tea with Grass Jelly in large size. By the time I reached the office, the ice melted already. 128514 But it was still one good drink that satisfied my sweet cravings. 128523

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Cross J.
5.0 Stars

Summer has technically ended, but for a tropical country like PH, it is still freaking hot!

Since 2009(?), the blended milk tea industry has started booming like crazy. You have serenitea, gong cha, serendipitea and I think abcd...qrstea 128514. For one, I like the fact that the name of the store doesn't end with "Tea", and second, the taste is authentic. Some just tasted too processed or something but for Dakasi, it tasted more natural.

They have a variety of teas, but I never really liked having too many taste in my milk tea coz' it doesn't make sense for me... I mean, milk + tea--that's it. However, having egg pudding would really bring the best out of it instead of pearls, so yeah, you can never go wrong with egg pudding milk tea.127862

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Zsarmae L.
5.0 Stars

I super love Dakasi. 12852210084

I was waiting for someone so to kill time I went inside the store. I was just really planning to sit down. Eh dyahe naman so I ordered a drink. I ordered Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea. And it was so good. 128522128077 I enjoyed drinking it. I didn't even notice the time. 128513

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Trixia C.
4.0 Stars

I like their nachos. 128523128523128523128523128523
Their milktea is okay. Nothing's special.
But I'm happy that they're opening a branch near to me. SM City BF Parañaque. 128518

*buti pa ang parañaque may bf. 128518128518128518

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

This is a big, spacious branch. Compared to the Market branch which is the only one Ive been to.

I was going to carpool with a friend and i waited here. Theyre open by 7am!

Crew was very cheerful and friendly. Parang nasa coffee shop ka. Like they took a shot of caffeine kasi energetic talaga! They gave me several recommendations while i was reading the menu. They were the same happy, chippy way with all the customers. 128077

I chose the honeydew with grass jelly and their signature Dakasi bubble tea for my friend. I liked my order, though I think theres more melon flavor in Magnolia Melon Milk. I also like that they alternated the color of our straws, cute.

They were playing good music too. I heard Cold Play and Sting. Found myself singing softly127926 They even had a stack of magazines, although mejo luma na by 6 months, pwede na din to help you pass the time.

This station is a bus stop for those going to and from BGC so expect to see a lot of passersby.

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