Leon Guinto St., Taft, Manila, Metro Manila

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Cayla R.
5.0 Stars

Sometimes I go to Dakasi after school to buy their Charcoal Roasted milk tea & do my hw's there. 128221 It's much better than their bubble milk tea tho. 128513

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Jam M.
4.0 Stars

This is one of the few milktea stores which offers hot milk tea in this area. Seriously, my tummy has extended to accomodate more food because i've been eating almost the whole day non stop. 128514128514128514 so i had a creamy chocolate milk which i just bought for my friend to share so that we could hang out for while i'm waiting for my other friends. I just drank a little because i already had 3 or more glasses of matcha milk tea from our class 128514 the chocolate milk is really hot, it is really creamy and it is something nice to have in a cold night. 128077 The place was nice and clean, and the staff were very convincing in promoting their products and they friendly too 128522

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Cayla R.
5.0 Stars

You get a FREE iced tea of your choice when you buy a milk tea today. I ordered their Bubble milk tea & asked for the Passion Fruit iced tea for FUHREEEE! Their iced tea was very refreshing. 128077128077128077

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Cayla R.
5.0 Stars

Dakasi's Bubble Milk Tea is one of the best milk teas I've tasted. Of course I wouldn't buy one without having extra pearls on it. 128540

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