Daku Island

General Luna, Surigao del Norte

Daku Island
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Ryan M.
5.0 Stars

The island was named so because it is the biggest among the three island destinations (Naked, Dako and Guyam) for the island hopping. ctto wayph.com. I love this island because of it's powdery sand I can compare to Boracay. It's beautiful waters really is inviting and wanna make you swim the whole day. I love thos place since it has a lot of coconut tree surroundimg the island which is perfect for a selfie, portait pic or a groufie. 127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796127796

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Bernisse C.
5.0 Stars

As mentioned in my “Patrick on the Beach” review, we purchased one of their tours called “YoHoHo tour”. This was inclusive of a day dedicated to island hopping 128048 Our first stop was on Naked Island but I forgot to take pictures for that island so no review 128517

Next stop was at Dako Island. Among the three islands we visited, this was the largest and most inhabited one. Although I mentioned that many people dwelled here, there was only a total population of less than 400 people. I loved this place as it was abundant with coconut palm trees and the beautiful sea. There were several huts too where people could stay and leave their things. Of course they charge you for your docking (P100/$2) and cottage rental (P250/$5). But no worries, a cottage could easily fit 8 people like we did.
The beach is gorgeous with its powdery white sand. We enjoyed taking pictures here since it had more structure and colors. This island offers accommodation for an overnight stay if you find that you need more time to enjoy the scenery. But do keep in mind that there is no electricity on the island.
While playing at the beach, we encountered a beach dog 128021 This dog literally was born and raised in the sea since it can swim really far into the ocean! She was really playful too. She followed my sister everywhere – when my sister ran, she ran; when my sister stopped, she also stopped! Also, it loved eating cookies. She was just so adorable 128149
We had our lunch here as most people would have. The island locals sold fresh seafood and they were all stunning! Needless to say, their bestsellers were different kinds of fishes 128032128031 but there were also spider shells 🕸128026 available or the so called “saang”. They also charge a cooking fee of P50 ($1) per kilo. Although we did pay for the cooking fee, dad couldn’t help himself but join the locals in grilling the seafood. We had more than enough fish served on our table to feed around ten people! 128561 Dad has a bad habit of ordering too much all the time and forcing us to finish everything 128529 I’m not complaining this time though because it’s rare for me to eat really FRESH seafood on the beach 10084️ To top it all off, we each had fresh coconuts! 127796 The juice and meat were very sweet and fresh. It was the perfect way to cleanse our palates. To think we also had a mountain of rice and several bottles of soft drinks, our bill was less than P1,000! Super Sulit! 128077🏻
Since it was becoming late, we had to leave the island for our last destination. But overall, I really loved this island!

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

We had our lunch at this island. We weren't able to go to market and food but good thing there was a fisherman selling 3kilos of squid for 500PHp.

There's a small community in this island that offers cooking services and they sell food and drinks.

Plus they have toilets and a place to take a shower

Docking fee - 100PHp
Cottage rental- 250PHp
Cooking fee - 50PHp/kilo
Ingredients - 50PHp

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Tei A.
5.0 Stars

Beautiful island! They call this Dako because it's the "biggest" of the 3 Tres Marias Islands in Siargao. It is also here you can find freshly caught "Saang" or spider shell. Just have them grilled. Delish! There are huts you can rent if you want to stay overnight or for the day.

Lovely. Miss this island already.

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

Feels good to be back writing a review about places I have visited. This week, I chose Siargao Island on top of my list. Finally, I was able to file a leave just to visit Siargao Island.
On the first day, I visited Daku Island. I was a bit emotional because this island is my father's favorite too, so sad he passed away without witnessing this stunning place. When I landed a step to the island, I closed my eyes and imagined that I'm in Maui, Hawaii. The folks here are very friendly. They taught me some Surigaonon Words like "Gihugma gajud nako kining Daku Isla nindot kaayo ang iyang buhangin mura pud ug pulvoron" in tagalog, Mahal ko na ang Daku Island sobrang ganda ng lugar, ang buhangin ay parang pulvoron.. Haha! Thanks to kuya Bangkero for teaching some Surigaonon words. There are so many things to do when you are in Siargao like Island Hopping, Snorkling, Surfing, and food tripping like seafood( so sad I can't eat seafood).

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