Dalitiwan Resort

Ilayang Banga, Majayjay, Laguna

Dalitiwan Resort
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Vanessa D.
3.0 Stars

Dalitiwan Resort is built around Dalitiwan River, one of the rivers passing Majayjay. Here, you could swim in fresh cold spring waters coming from Mt. Banahaw while enjoying the facilties. Rooms, cottages, tables, and a swimming pool are present in the resort.

You can bring your own food, and I suggest bring it or buy it from Manila or wherever you may be coming from since there is only one grocery in Majayjay and the prices may be a bit more expensive.

Admission fee is 80 pesos from 6am to 6pm and 150 pesos for overnight stay. You can rent a room also, I forgot the price though 128514. We came here for a day trip only. The water in the pool is cold as well as in the manmade falls and the natural falls. Literally cold as ice. The place had a parking lot which i think can accommodate not more than 15 car but without parking fee. So if you are a nature lover why not try Dalitiwan Resort!

Note: Please be careful (during rainy season) when you are in the river or falls, the water flows so strong, you can be drifted. Not advisable during raining season. Its very dangerous especially for the kids. To all mothers please always look out your kids.

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Julienne D.
3.0 Stars

My mom found this place through Facebook and thought of it as a nice change to the typical beach trips this season, and so we went.

I have to say... eh. There are parts that I liked, but also there are parts that I didn't. And as to which and why is this:

I liked the place because of the nature feels. I'm not one to hit the mountains and falls but this one is a refreshing experience. Imagine waking up to the sound of the gushing waves and the insects humming? I mean, I'm happiest at the beach but I don't mind staying in a place like this once in a while. The water is SUPER DUPER cold bte!! Man, for a moment I felt like I was swimming in a glass of water with ice on it. The current though gets strong for a time so one should really be careful. There were other fresh water falls aside from the main one so guests can enjoy that, too. I also liked that they added that platform at the top of the river because it made the water flow nicely across the whole stretch.

They also have this pool that has water coming directly from the river so its actually refreshing. Its open 24 hours unlike the river where you can only swim until 6pm for safety purposes.

What I don't like about this place was their accomodation. Apparently they built rooms and cottages around the river. Its good business but the problem is they have poor maintenance. The room we got wasn't cleaned beforehand and it even had so many mosquitos. There were also unfinished construction at some areas which I think could put the visitors at risk (more than the strong current). Also, they don't have enough waste disposal bins - that's why there's litter everywhere (but I guess its the responsibility of both visitors and staff to keep the place clean). I was even surprised when I saw that they started cleaning the pool at 8-9am while there are people in it! I mean, shouldn't you be doing that privately?

But anyway, to give credit to the staff, they were actually all polite and accommodating. I told Kuya about the mosquitos, asked for Baygon and he volunteered to help me with it.

I had really no problem with the whole experience (except that mosquito incident), and I don't mean to discourage people from going here but this is just to give you a heads up on what to expect. We still had a good time after all :)

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