Dampa's Seafood Restaurant

MacArthur Highway, Nancayasan, Urdaneta, Pangasinan

Dampa's Seafood Restaurant
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Reynaldo E.
5.0 Stars

Some of the best seafood in town. The shrimp tempura is excellent!

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Benjie G.
3.0 Stars

A bit pricy, the only edge is having the seafoods buffet for P350 per head. We just tried this place next we go back to our favorite seafoods restaurant in front.

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Glenn E.
2.0 Stars

Welcome to the Christian World McCaela. 128118

The reception of the Christening of my niece held here last October 12. We weren't able to attend the Baptism at the Church coz it's my Mom's birthday and we just came from Our Lady of Manaoag, attended a mass and gave thanks to Our Lord for giving my Mom another year of life. 128591

We went straight here from Manaoag coz it's already 11:40am and we expected that they already arrived here from the church; only to find out that they still haven't arrived. There were already 2 tables occupied by some relatives and were waiting too. Past 12, the manager asked us if the celebrant were on their way and asking for the number of my cousin. My mom talked to the Manager and was told that they will have the reserved room be used by other customers coz there's a long queue outside and the celebrant still haven't arrived. I find it odd coz my cousin did the reservation, meaning there's a specific time for the room to be used and it was paid afterall. Second, they should have my cousin's contact info and should be the one calling my cousin and not asking one of my relative to call my cousin.

After 5 minutes, the celebrant arrived and set of dishes chosen by my cousin were served immediately. The way our food served was not organized. Chicken was served first and the sauce came when the chicken plate was already empty and we're done eating it. Some tables weren't served with a certain dish. The bulalo was served cold.

All the dishes were "meh". I didn't like it at all.

The restaurant offers a buffet as well. They have a mini market inside too, where you buy the ingredients and they'll cook it for you.

I'd rather eat at Matutina's which is located in front of them.

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