Daranak Falls

Batlag Trail, Tanay, Rizal

Daranak Falls
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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

My weekdays are oftentimes busy with work. The feeling is exhausting and tiring. But the good thing, there are places near Metro Manila that I could visit to escape the hustle of adulting and stuff. Say hello to Daranak Falls.

Daranak Falls is one of the nearest places to go when you want to unwind and breath some fresh air. The place is just hundreds kilometers from Manila and could visit in a day trip. We went here as a sidetrip before we went to Masungi Georeserve.

I didn’t expect that I could fall in love with Daranak Falls. Upon entering, I could hear the captivating sound of water, chirping of little birds, and the striking rays of sun. I was happy to see that this place is worth to visit even for short period of time. Good news is that trekking is also not required. When I reached the place, I felt the urge to swim in bluish green water.

The 14-meter waterfalls is majestic in person. I didn’t expect this place to be beautiful because some says that it is crowded during weekend. Good thing was we went here as early as 8am and there were only few people in the background mostly locals of the place and their children. There were few foreigners too.

128205How to get there:
From Cubao, ride a jeep going to Antipolo. Alight at Ynares Center and ride a jeep going to Antipolo-Tanay. Proceed to Tanay Public Market Transport Terminal and ride a trike bound to Daranak Falls.

Entrance Fee: ₱50 for adults
Picnic Table: ₱200
Picnic Shed: ₱300

128204Friendly Tips:
1. Wear comfortable clothes for you to move freely.
2. Bring mosquito repellants.
3. Bring your own food but there are bbq stand and store around the area.
4. There are parking spaces around the area with a minimal fee.
5. Overnight is not allowed. The falls is open up to 5pm only.
6. Drinking of liquor is prohibited.

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Mommy Adventurer R.
4.0 Stars

This place is crowded especially on weekends but we still manage to enjoy the day. :)
Great place and near metro manila.

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SherieAnn O.
4.0 Stars

I have always wanted to go to this place after reading good reviews. it was a good 2 hour ride from manila to tanay on a sunday morning.. the place did not disappoint us..you dont nees to trek at all to see this magnificent beauty.. Though the place was a bit crowded expectedly since it was a weekend, this trip is one for the books.. The water was still amazingly clean,clear and cold despite the crowd.. this place was also clean-kudos to the locals for maintaining and protecting this beauty..Giving this a 4 because of the crowd, apart from that it was magnificent! i suggest you go here on a weekday!

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Gayla b.
5.0 Stars

Hello! My first ever Falls! 10084128525128525

Again, I 10084️ water, I'm a mermaid in my past life-- definitely! I wana live in the water. I wana stay there forevs. 128525128525

The besty decided to go on a day tour here at Daranak Falls. With her cousins and our troops, we went there and had a blast!

The besty even made lunch, and we ate buddle fight style!! But it was a terrible idea for we attracted too many flies. It was disgusting, 128532128532128561

Anyway, the water in the falls was really cold. It was perfect for me! I really like cold water. Not the super hot one, like that in hot springs that would boil my eggs-- if I have eggs. Of course I don't have. 🤣🤣

The water is very deep as well. Perfect for me again! 10084️ I don't like my foot touching any slimy or sharp surface, I love swimming around and showing off my treading! Char! 128514

Will go back here if given a chance! One of the best places I've been to. 10084128525

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Mikko F.
5.0 Stars

I'm really glad with the beauty of this place. Din't expect it.. I had a great time with friends and family. Entrance fee for adult is 50 pesos and 200-300 for the table rent. Nice place to bond with family and friends. I recommend that you go here weekdays because i heard that many people go there during holidays or weekend.

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Casey D.
3.0 Stars

#LaDaranak 128514128514128514128514

My friends visited me in Antipolo and we decided to go on a roadtrip and visit Daranak falls. From antipolo, it took us an hour to reach Daranak falls. They have a parking lot with minimal payment but people opt to park their cars on the side streets. The entrance is still quite far from the parking lot so we hailed a tricycle to bring us there for 15php each.
Woah!!!! There were lots of people. AS IN!!! entrance fee is php 50 each adult/child. As mentioned, there were lots of people outside but... I was shocked the moment I saw the falls itself. Andami talagang tao sa Pilipinas. Haha Walang puwang dito ang gusto magpasikat ng kanyang swimming skills. The moment you extend your arms and paddle your feet, for sure, you will bump to a stranger. Hahahaha
Good thing we were really not there to enjoy the water. My friends just wanted to see the falls. After seeing it, we immediately looked for a store to buy drinks. It was freakin' hot!!!! Lakas maka tunaw ng ganda. Chos 128514128521128521
better visit this place on a weekend and during off peak season to enjoy the place. The water awhile ago was kinda brown-ish on some parts unlike when I saw it years back with blue to greenish hue. They should have a limit of people coming in. We only stayed for 20 mins and upon going out there were still big groups checking in. Eh halos mabunggo mo na tao onting kilos mo lang. Hayzzz. Hoping they make improvements on the place. Hellloooo... 50php each, almost 1k people everyday.. that's huge amount of money! 128518128518128518

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4.0 Stars

Woah 128561 Ang daming tao! Its been a decade since I went here. Ang hirap din mag Park, ang layo ng nilakad namin makarating lang sa entrance. From Php10.00 entrance fee before went up to Php50.00.

Inside was crowded too, need to find your place pa. Full house. 128563

But seeing Daranak Falls is a relief, nakaka-relax. But we didn't take a chance to put ourselves into the water, ang dami kasing tao. So went up to another falls which is the Batlag Falls. 128166

Daranak Falls is located at Tanay, Rizal

#Johnkulotadventures 12851510084️ #DaranakFalls

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Edward V.
4.0 Stars

We visited this place for the first time last March 19th with friends. Travel time is 2-3 hours from Pasig to Tanay. At Daranak, entrance fee is minimal, Php50 per head. The falls is nice and the water is clear. It's a good place for those who wants to be away from the Manila traffic and pollution. 128514 You can bring your food or opt to buy from there. We got ourselves a cottage for Php300, good for 20pax. The place can get very crowded especially on weekends and this summer. They have limited shower rooms and restrooms - and every use has a fee of Php5. 128513

I just wished I had the chance to visit this place 10 years ago. Baka mas maganda at serene pa ang lugar compared today. 128533

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Cohen B.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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John Karol D.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Livi B.
3.0 Stars

Make sure you dont come here on a weekend cause it gets too crowded, some people are even washing their clothes there. The place is beautiful and quite far from Manila but near compared to other places. You can also add 100 pesos and climb up to Batlag Falls :)

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Dianne P.
4.0 Stars

It was my byenan's anniversary so we decided to have a family outing. We went here last April 19, 2015. It was summer of course and it was Sunday so we are expecting a lot of people. And indeed, there are tons of people we had a hard time finding an available cottages. We can't even swim because there are lots of people that when you try to swim you're probably going to bump another person. But the view is so relaxing.

Overall I enjoyed my stay.

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Rachelle V.
5.0 Stars

Celebrated mothers day with this beautiful gift from our nature. Its very relaxing and its really fun to unwind here. For only 50pesos you enjoy the water in the falls with almost 40ft deep. With very clear and warm water. Definitely recomend to every one :)

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Shong B.
4.0 Stars

Nice and clean falls that near the metro, go early if you want the best place to hang around and eat...
Alcohol is prohibited128532

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Steffhanie S.
5.0 Stars

For those who are in love with nature, this is definitely a must visit place here in the Phils. A twi hour drive from Manila, Daranak Falls is situated within Rizal. For 50php entrance fee for adults, you can stay within the property until 5pm. No overnights allowed. You can bring your own food inside and stay at the kubos. I suggest you come early because there can be a lot of people most esp during weekends.

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Joyce C.
5.0 Stars

Would you believe this awesome view is just 2 hours away from Manila?? This is daranak falls in Tanay :)

I actually couldn't believe that a place like this exists so near from the polluted manila! HAHA we started our journey pretty late cause we already knew from travel blogs that it would take about 2 hours from manila.

The majority of the roads were paved so its a relatively smooth 2 hr drive. But there were some roads that can get a little rocky so its best to use a bigger car. Theres parking available at the place but it gets filled when its peak season. Best to come before noon because it can get a little crowded. We learned that the hard way. Haha

We paid 40 pesos for the entrance fee and with a view like this, it was quite a steal!

The place looks so serene but since we arrived pretty late, There were already a few groups that were there and were a little too noisy for our liking. We went there on a monday pa! But we brushed it off and pretended that they werent there. HAAH

The water wasn't as clear as other falls I've been to but there's no denying that the turquoise blue water looks so damn beautiful especially under the sun light. I also like that there's a shallow part for people who can't swim that well like me. They have lifeguards all over the place so I felt safe just in case I drown. There were salbabidas available for rent if you just want to lounge around the water. Hehe

There were also some cottages that were available for rent but its a little far from the basin of the falls so we opted to just place our things where we can easily spot them.

We enjoyed our time dipping our toes in the icy cold water and at the same time, building up the courage to have our whole bodies wet since it was really freezing!! In the end, we dove in head first and enjoyed the freezing cold. I cant wait to be back and hopefully arrived earlier this time to avoid noisy groups! HAHA

-near manila
-cheap entrance fee
-has parking
-beautiful water
-lifeguards ✅

-tends to be crowded
-has bathroom for shower and cr but it was kinda dirty and gross looking. You also have to pay 5 pesos (im really oc with bathrooms)
-the signs on the way there was small so we got lost HAHA

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Ronith Jazel D.
4.0 Stars

I wanted so badly to go out Manila and feel nature but since I spent most of my money buying books and more books, I didn’t have enough to go farther so I went to Daranak Falls which is not too far from home.

It gave me a thank-you-Lord-there’s-still-places-like-this-near- the-metro vibe. The flow of water wasn’t strong, but it’s nature, and everything about nature calms me and makes me so thankful than I’m living in this world.

There were a lot of people that time and I was alone, so I felt kinda out of place. Good thing there are still people who talk to strangers when they notice that they have to.

A man, one of those who guide the place, approached me and told me more about the it. I was really thankful to him for talking to me, I needed someone to share how good I was feeling brought by the falls with. He also told me his story. And really, he's so interesting and funny.

I went around the place and saw trash everywhere, I hated it, so much. Despite all the signs, saying to throw trashes in the right place, people still throw it anywhere. Sad.

I think this place should be developed in terms of disciplining the people and guarding the place.

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Zia M.
5.0 Stars

Hidden Beauty

That's what I call it. I remember, this was one of the place for our case study back in college.

Going here was a looooooong trip from Taytay, better take Antipolo instead if you don't want to ride for about 2hrs. 128517
Hired a tryke from Tanay proper to Daranak falls and it's a bumpy and long ride too.

Once in there, you'll be paying an entrance fee of 10 or 50php? (back in 2011) and then you can do what you want. There's a better falls on the upper portion of the place, it's called Batlag Falls but during that time, Enteng Kabisote is filming their movie for the MMFF so it's restricted to public use.

We fell in love at first sight, but we didn't take a quick dip because they say it's deep. 128513 scaredy cows

Locals have built wooden tables near the falls (not sure if there's a price to pay) but you can just set your own beddings and viola! A hassle free picnic 9996

Only disadvantage: the road to take going here, no proper signs and bumpy and stiff roads

Carrying capacity: Minimal. If it get crowded, it'll look like a canteen full of people eating

(Throwback post)

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Dianne C.
4.0 Stars

The day after the wedding, my friends and bf wanted to bring me to daranak falls. It would be my first time to see a falls 128513

From sacramento condioment, where we stayed, we drove between 30-60mins. to get to this paradise.

There were so many people but I was still able to appreciate nature's beauty- picture here and there 128516.

You have to pay Php. 30 for the parking and Php. 50/person for entrance.

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Masaya S.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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